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POLIO- The Vaccine That Changed The World

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 I'm still that geezer old enough to have lived in the time of the iron lung, those tubes that keep polio victims alive, and especially of massive general community hospital TB wards. At seventeen years old I was the skinny kid working for a local funeral director that would wheel  the first call vehicle's cot into one of those scarry scarry places and try to find the dead body of the one that had just died out of the 84 in the long long quonset hut ward. None of the staff would go in with me. They were not about to prance on in more often than they absolutely had to. It ws a kind of hellous place just like  in the old movies where they show the pioneering medical missionary  helping dying people. Oh the stink, of that place wow.

But hey  with just a dose of vitamin C it would have been no problem at all. It was all just a big medicine conspiracy. Yeah sure. What big medicine? Some doctors were still making house calls and getting paid in chicken eggs and milk from the family cow.

My big medicine dentist,-  now there was a scam what with the foot pedal powered drill with all it's rawhide band linked pulley systems , whirrr whirrrr whir and bits of tooth being spun off in my mouth. Yep that was big medicine a scam for sure. If only I had taken more vitamin C. Here I had thought my daily slice of wonder bread sugar sandwich was doing the trick for me, building my body eight ways. :D

The "sugar sandwich"; if there was butter too and one had  gas for the oven broiler it could be heated to a slight bubbling burn, um  carcinogens galore,  going to shorten my life span I just know it. Maybe that is what kept me from getting  the polio that killed  many of us in the city. Maybe the sign at Walden Pond should have read eat sugar sandwiches for you will get lots of vitamin C in your Wonderbread, instead of POLIO STAY OUT CLOSED MAY UNTIL OCTOBER. Do not join in swimming in the pond.


Oh well  got to die sometime from something, might as well be  from a needlessly contagious lethal disease. The worst day of my life is also going to be the best one!

Most seriously, as for me I praise God for the wonder of the Salk vaccine most of all medical advances; well the titanium mesh jaw, that one is pretty cool too. It came from so called "Big Medicine", though at the cost of 30 years research time and many hundreds of thousands of dollars of researcher's personal assets. Oh those people that have one, they probably should just have been given a dribble cup instead. Terrible what Big medicine accomplishes, all a big conspiracy. Unless it is my jaw that gets blown apart by a land mine or eaten up by a cancer and I have need for one to be manufactured shaped and implanted by a highly trained specialty reconstructive surgery  truama physician team   on call 24/7 as is the manufacturer of the implant!

God is good. Life in this flesh goes on for only a little while, and yes I do appreciate the wonder of big medicine that keeps me functioning better till my allotted time is done and I can celebrate with a shout of, Hello Lord Jesus. Or maybe  He will return yet this day. May all here be ready and all tears wiped away. Maranatha!

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