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Pundits of the green deal have their heads stuck in the sand

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Pundits of the green deal have their heads stuck in the sand

 China plans ban on petrol and diesel cars


China looks at ending sales of gasoline cars


China to ban all petrol and diesel cars 


China to plow $361 billion into renewable fuel by 2020 | Reuters 



China Aims to Spend at Least $360 Billion on Renewable Energy by 2020 

China intends to spend more than $360 billion through 2020 on renewable power sources like solar and wind, the government’s energy agency said on Thursday.



2017 China Electric Car Sales Blow World Out Of The Water — BAIC EC-Series Is A Superstar

The rise and rise of the Chinese plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market is unstoppable, with yet another record performance in December. A total of 102,000 new passenger PEVs were registered last month, up 130% year over year.



Israel getting off of oil

The country hopes to reduce coal consumption by half again in 2022 and to phase it out entirely by 2026.

The country is also betting big on transportation by abandoning the import of gasoline and diesel-powered automobiles by 2030, allowing only electric, hydrogen, and compressed natural gas vehicles. “We are actively transferring manufacturing and power generation plants to natural gas from fuel oil, but transportation is the sector showing the largest improvement through the next decade,” Luvshis said.



German electric cars

Telekom, a large European telecommunications company headquartered in Germany are putting in place a massive plan to more than double the current electric car charging infrastructure by converting their distribution boxes. The company is in the process of updating 12,000 distribution boxes in their network in Germany.

 They plan to build charging stations out of those distribution boxes – including 500 100-kW fast-charging stations.

 The rest will be level 2 charge points capable of a charge rate up to 22 kW.

 With around 10,800 public charge points in Germany at the moment, the plan alone would double the current charging infrastructure in the country.



 BMW has committed to further expanding its charging networks in the world’s largest auto market 0 China. By the end of this year, BMW plans to install more than 80,000 public charging poles in more than 100 Chinese cities.

 “BMW is already the market leader of the premium electric car segment.

 BMW also provides a 1,680-hour or two-year free charging service to car owners who don’t have their own private charging facilities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Chengdu.

 As of 2017, BMW had installed more than 65,000 charging poles scattered across more than 90 Chinese cities

 China is the host of the world’s largest public charging network for electric vehicles, with a total of more than 440,000 charging poles in the country, including 213,903 public charging poles and 231,820 private charging poles.



 UPS believes the innovation will allow it to convert all 170 of its vehicles operating in the greater London area to fully electric vehicles.

 The team added onsite grid-scale batteries. The prototype installation utilizes new batteries but the team envisions used batteries from older electric delivery vehicles being given a second life as stationary storage at its charging depots to maximize the value it gets out of existing assets and reduce the need to purchase new batteries at every location, every time.



Wake up folks the world is passing us by ~~~~~~~~~~~

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