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R. Hartono

Trump's peace plan will fulfill the Revelation, Great Tribulation is coming

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3 hours ago, frienduff thaylorde said:

Just so that we wont be continually talking about just this ,     do this thing I say next .

Go and research everyone of them .   And see who has ties with ROME .    What I say to one , I say to all, YOU WILL BE SHOCKED .

This goes way deeper than most even know .

For why would men , no matter how well and good they might appear ,  have unity with ROME .  

Why would any seasoned leader of any church have any connection with ROME .   You ask yourself that question over and over again

as you do this research I ask you to do .    IF you truly ask ,  YOU WILL get the answer .     This is all bad news .

And While I aint making excuse for trump ,     These so called Christian leaders SHOULD KNOW BETTER  .   If a wee thing such as me , BY GRACE knows better

than to be Unequally yoked ,    THEY SHOULD LONG have known this .  Of course trump don't ,   look what church he sat under , NORMAN VINCENT PEALE.

Is it any wonder he is drawn to folks like paula .     But we need to pray for HIM and pray hard and feverent He truly be led to Christ .  


Mike Huckabee is a southern Baptist minister with no ties to Rome.   I do pray for him daily.....     and to be honest I pray for you and me also...    and my wife.....    and my church....   and my whole country for it's kind of screwed up right now....

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41 minutes ago, frienduff thaylorde said:

What starts with a N and ends with a O   

Why not?

That verse shows he moves his embassy to Jerusalem just as Trump.

In fact if you study about this man you will find he has a great deal,in common with Trump.

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