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Lonely. Wanting love

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Hi everyone,

I don't want to go into a long thing here and seem like I'm complaining,  and because honestly I'm tired of crying about this. And I'm also tired of people saying to be happy in your singleness (truth be told it's incredibly annoying sometimes). I am happy, but I'm lonely, and longing to meet that guy who I'll marry someday. 

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Posted (edited)

Hi Willa, I know this isn't a dating service. I also know that the perfect man doesn't exist. 

It's just upsetting to see so many friends of mine getting married and me still having that desire. I know I'm complete without a man. I dont feel incomplete.  Adam was in the Garden of Eden and was lonely. So I know there is nothing wrong with feeling like that. 

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Guest 123

Hi PurpkeOrchid...It is good to be part of a God fearing couple..like having a double portion of the Spirit...The goal is to be eternal minded and be filled with love for God and for others...God bless

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On 4/7/2019 at 6:08 AM, PurpleOrchid said:

So I know there is nothing wrong with feeling like that.

Shalom PurpleOrchid,

No there is nothing wrong with feeling like that, it's totally natural.  

But be encouraged sister.  Yahweh knows your heart and your complaint. He may well have a man currently being prepared for you and making his way across your path. 

I know before I met my wife I genuinely thought and made preparations in my heart to remain single and alone.  However, the timing of our meet was perfect (in hindsight).  I had things to learn and so did she and, when the moment was just right, we met and thought it was just a friendship at first. But it quickly developed into a confidence of "you're special".

Be encouraged sister and be at peace.  As best as you can, try to be patient.  Trust in Him and His Goodness. Have faith in His perfect Will and His loving heart towards us. and remain prayerful on the subject  If you focus your heart and time on the kingdom of God, everything else will be added unto you.

Love & Shalom

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