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    • By Jonathan BeWell
      Praise the Lord, hallelujah!
      Praise You, God, for your purity and perfection!  Praise You Lord, Jesus Christ, for saving me and my testimony!  Glory be to You, God, our Father who art in Heaven!  Thanks be to the Holy Spirit's comfort, teaching and guidance!  All we know, understand, experience and struggle with is for your glory, perfect plan and unquestionable will.  I shall not want or crave anything outside of Jesus Christ's way.  Let me know if so, let me understand what You want for us is best.  May I pick up and carry my own cross, denying myself for You.  I worship You as all knowing, powerful and gracious.  May I draw closer to You and keep You as top priority in my family's lives.  You are first, my family is second and I am here to serve.  May I serve you reverently, fully and completely.  May there be less of me and more of Jesus Christ instead.  Jesus, You are thee only way, light and salvation.  All I need is You.  God, You take care of the rest.  You are in control, God, making and letting everything happen.  I am in awe and wonder of your creation.  I am eternally grateful, worshipping You and your Son for thee ultimate sacrifice and act of love.  This body is your temple, use it as You will.  Bend me from my will to yours.  It is all about You, everything concerns and relates to You!  Yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever, in Jesus Christ's name, amen!
      Sincerely yours,
    • By Behold
      Do you ever just adore Jesus?
      Do you have a quiet and hidden place where you can just adore the Lord of Glory?   IN your bed, in your closet, in your car ??????
      Do you ever just say......."oh Jesus, you are so beautiful.  You are so beautiful...... you are the  King of Heaven,  the Prince of Glory,  the Prince of peace.
      Oh Lovely Jesus, you are the Lord, you are the Glory of God, you are the King of Kings, you are perfection, you are AMAZING GRACE.  YOU ARE LIFE.
      Who is like you Lord of Glory, who is your equal, who is like you......there is none Lord, You are the beautiful one, the perfect one, the Holy one.
      You alone are savior, peace, hope... You are the heart of God, and the Love of God..  You are the mighty one, the tender one, the rose of Sharon, the pearl of great price, the LIVING TRUTH. 
      You are the very Blood of God, shed as the eternal love of God freely given.
      There is none like you beautiful one, there is only you, the hope of God, the light of Heaven, the lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely, JESUS .
      Thank you for your cross, thank you for your blood, thank you for your name that is above every name.
      You name is the sweetest that ever was,  or that ever will be...
      Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU... !!!
      Jesus is SO worthy to be praised.
    • By Behold
      I thought i would finish the short teaching-message series for you i began 2 Thread's ago, and thank you for reading.
      This will be the 3rd part, regarding the same Topic, which generally speaking is regarding Eternal Security.
      To finish this 3 part, lets look at FAITH.
      First, there is a general misconception many Believers have about Faith, as THE savior.   Which of course is not the case.  Many who are not really  time invested in rightly dividing the word will never be deeply connected to an understanding of God's Amazing Grace, So,.. this type will usually  have a theologically  misguided idea about "faith" being their savior. And because of this, which is probably caused by them believing  misleading teaching that came ither from the pulpit or worse,  too much time spent over years studying theologically unsound bible  commentaries while their BIBLE became a dust magnet.   This  type believer is convinced that Faith saves them, and so, they believe and teach that the born again must hold onto their faith, or otherwise, they lose their salvation as a result of not holding onto it.   = This is not the truth, but a lot of people believe it and teach it.
      So, lets nail something down in your soul so that you can rely on the Truth.
      You are not saved by holding on to anything.  You are saved because GOD is holding on to you thru the Blood of Jesus.
      Now, from the last Thread, you'll recall (if you read it) ....that is  was centered on Philippians 1:6...... "God who began your salvation IN YOU, will  HIMSELF be Faithful to complete it"...= for you.
      So, as this is the case....then what  your faith did, is get God to release His Righteousness unto you.  So, its the Righteousness of Christ that God gives you, thru your BELIEVING, that is now counted as you being "justified by Faith", once and for all, in God's eternal perspective.
      Faith is not the Savior.  GOD is the savior, thru Christ.  And once you gave God your faith, once you BELLIEVED, then God Accepted this and this became your righteousness, that is God's  eternal gift to you,  that gave you the new birth, and put you "in Christ", and "Christ in You".
      God left Heaven, and became one of Us, virgin born,  just to do this for you.  Just to die for you...   Its an eternal Love Gift paid for by the Blood of God Himself, as Jesus on the Cross.
      2 ways to think of Faith would be to consider it the Channel thru which God sent His Righteousness.   Or, you could consider Faith as the transmission device thru which God  imputed His Righteousness into you, and upon you.
      But no matter how you consider faith, it is God who Saves and Faith activated Him to DO IT for you as a GIFT.  "the Gift of Righteousness"...
      THE end result is that you are SAVED. BORN AGAIN.  Heir of God and Joint Heir with Christ.      A completed SALVATION, that is ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY based on Jesus shedding His blood for you, so that your sin is removed, forgiven, and in its place what was your unrighteousness has now become  Born again YOU as "the Righteousness of Christ".  This is who you are now. You are now "in Christ" because Christ's very righteousness has become your new Eternal Identity.
      Christ is where you are, (in you)  and you are where He is, "in Christ"... forever and ever and ever.    Amen.
      So, here is the end result of your faith.....
      This is so remarkable.
      Look at this wonderful verse.  Hebrews 12:2
      '"Looking unto Jesus  the author and finisher of our faith"
      Look at that.   This is more remarkable Grace.
      As some of  you read in the Thread from yesterday, It is God who starts (in you) and complete for you, your SALVATION..... Philippians 1:6
      So, now , Praise God, you have Jesus Himself who now LITERALLY takes over your faith, within  the Kingdom of God, and FINISHES IT FOR YOU.... 
      You gave God your faith, then God takes this and starts and completes your Salvation, while Christ takes your Faith and FINISHES THIS FOR YOU AS WELL.
      Jesus is the "author" of your faith, by being the one who wrote it, in His blood.  Then He finishes it, by His Resurrection, which is your Redemption and the Blood Atonement.
      When you "Look unto Jesus", you are BELIEVING....in the Gospel.
      To "Look unto" means to place trust in, and to BELIEVE...."unto Salvation".   and then God and Christ take it from there.
      Grace is remarkable.   God's Grace is a GIFT that in all ways totally completes your redemption for you. 
      Its starts with believing the gospel (faith), then God completes your Salvation and Christ "authors" your Faith after you Believe. Its a literal and eternal contract between you God and Christ.  This contract is  literally  written in the Blood of God, as Christ on the Cross.   And this contract is your Salvation, and its a FREE GIFT.
      Isn't all this Amazing?
      Its Amazing GRACE, is what it is... and the more you look at it, the more Amazing it becomes to KNOW.
      God bless,
    • By Behold
      Debp has been posting some informative  (video), recently.
      God bless you sister.
      One of the helpful videos she posted is regarding the church wide, world wide, heresy  : "Lose your salvation".   This heresy can be phrased many ways, including "walking away from God" , "walking away from your faith".  But no matter how you phrase it, the Grace rejecting aim of the people who show up on forums and in pulpits and online , who are teaching this Galatians 1:8 message, is the same.  They Want to indoctrinate you into their harmful theology.
      Now i have a strong and unrelenting point of view about this heresy, because i have seen the damage it causes churches, Christians, and the heretics themselves.   This theology is an extreme spiritual poison. Its an infection of the mind and spiritual condition.  It literally can make you crazy.  Especially if you are a sincere and  true believer who above all things wants to please God.
      The True Believers, if they are caught up in this hellish circular reasoning theology, become  more and more upset and there is NO simple remedy.  See, what happens if you get infected by the people who are spreading this spiritual deceit, is that the bible and the devil begin to work together to condemn you to the point where you will begin to obsess on the idea that you are lost, and hell bound.   The bible becomes a punishing enemy as all it seems to do is show you that you are going to hell.    Ive seen it.  Ive visited the mental health center and witnessed the mind damage and the broken spirit.   This  person,  who has been deeply mentally disturbed by the people who mean to do it,.... they can't open a bible and get any Help.  Prayer life becomes a guilt trip.  They cry  and shake and feel sick.  Their lives become so disrupted by this screaming idea that they have committed the unparsdonable sin, or they have willfully sinned their salvation away.  And all they had to do to be destroyed was show up on a "friendly" Christian Forum and read someone's Thread regarding "losing your salvation".  This particular Thread Topic is reposted constantly on every Christian Forum that will allow it.   And the next thing  this sincere believer  thinks is, "what if i did this".... and then the bottom falls out of their lives as the devil begins to work their minds into worry and fear  to try to  literally destroy them. 
      FYI.  : The Epistle to the Hebrews, is a spiritual bear trap.  Its a book that will tie a novice baby Christian in a knot for life.  This book is so strong, so powerful, that when a novice gets into it, having no sound theology to lean on, no soul anchor of Grace,  no deep understanding of Redemption,..... they will end up for the rest of their life preaching one message.  "you can lose your salvation".   That is what happens to everyone who get lost in the Epistle to the Hebrews, because they never became grounded in GRACE and "Justification by Faith" theology Truth..... BEFORE they jumped into this DEEP DEEP Epistle to the Hebrews.
      Listen Saint, the bible is not  a fun filled novel.  Its a Spiritual Awakening Experience, written as words in Jesus's Blood..  Understand?  And the unclean spirit , Satan, uses the bible to harm you, if he can.  And do you think he can't?   He was here before Adam.  He was looking over Paul's shoulder when Paul was getting his letters out to the Churches.  He sent Muslims their Bible.   He lifted Jesus up by His power and took him to a high place, and showed the Lord of Glory a few things...  Satan is alive, just as certain as Jesus is Risen.   And he is not playing with you.  He wants your LIFE if he can't get your soul, and if he can't get ither because you are born again, then he'll send a heretic into your mind, using a pulpit, a commentary, an online website, a family member, a christian forum..... who will try to make you believe that the Blood of Jesus is actually you keeping yourself saved.    
      Now you think about that.....   They will try to make you believe that the atonement is actually YOU keeping yourself saved,  OR NOT.
      There are 2 Gospels that are preached.  One is From the New Testament,  and one is from the Devil.   The bible preaches that God MADE you righteous and keeps you righteous, HIMSELF, if you will believe in Christ.  This is called being born again.  This is God becoming Jesus the Man, and taking His very righteousness and giving it to you, in place of your sin, and unrighteousness.   This is Redemption.  The Blood Atonement.
      The Devil's gospel teaches that your works make you and keep righteous, your commandment keeping keeps you saved, and your obedience is your Cross that you hang on, to save yourself.
      God's Gospel, is :  "i will save you and keep you saved. ".  using the Blood of Jesus.
      The devil's gospel, is everything else.  And everything else including  the person who is teaching works for salvation...... is Galatians 1:8
      Let me talk to you now about Eternal Security.
      Eternal security : is Christ in you.  This is your Eternal Security.    Being Saved once, and always, is Christ in you, who is HIMSELF eternal Security.  Jesus said that He gives you eternal life and you shall never perish . (lose it or be parted from it.) 
      1 John 5:13 tells you that you can KNOW that you have eternal life.   And the way you know is because Jesus who Himself is eternal life, is IN YOU.  "Christ in you, the hope of Glory".  He is in you, and you are in Him .. "in Christ".
      Now, lets get the bullseye on the target.      The heretic will try to convince you that this same Jesus, who is Himself eternal life, is not in you, permanently.  That if you decide to, you can get Him out.  That if you decide to, you can just flip a switch, do a deed and like MAGIC, you are no longer Born again.
      This teaching is a lie.
      Now understand that Jesus is Himself "the resurrection and the (eternal) life.  And if you are born again, you are joined to God, by Christ.  Christ has removed your sin, becoming it for you on the Cross, and that is the only barrier that was keeping you from being joined to God.  So thats gone.   Your sin is gone, because the shed Blood of Jesus washed it away.   The Law is gone, because you are no longer under it, you are under Grace... so the LAW can't judge you as a sinner.    This is  because Jesus Himself, God on The Cross, has been judged for you already and KILLED.  So, that is your Hell, your Lake of Fire, and your Judgement for your sin...  Its gone.  gone......>>GONE.  It can't be your eternal life situation as it is for Christ Rejectors, because your Eternal Life situation is CHRIST THE ETERNAL LIFE, who is INSIDE YOU.      You do recall that your are as a born again Christian, the Temple of God?  The Body of Christ?  You are indwelled by the Holy Spirit, or as the New Testament explains, "if you have not the Spirit of Christ IN YOU, then you don't belong to God".....  So, God, Christ, and The Holy Spirit, who are all "ONE"< are in you., if you are born again.....
      Are you?   Do you remember when you took Jesus into your heart?  Believing on Him.  Trusting in Him to save you, forgive you?   That is your "New Birth", day.   You are born from your mother, and you are born AGAIN = from your Father God.
      In both cases blood was shed.  The first time it was shed for you, you came to earth.   The second time it is shed for you, is the ONLY reason why you go to Heaven.  (Grace is the color and function of Jesus's Blood).
      Born Twice, die once.  if you are a born AGAIN  (2nd time) = Christian.
      And here is the final answer...  Here is why you can't lose your salvation and go to hell.
      A question or 2 :      WHO is your Salvation?       Who is it?    Who is your eternal life?    Who is your resurrection?   Who is your Justification and your Sanctification?   Who saved you?   Who is Grace?   Who is the Blood Atonement.  Who is Redemption?      Did you say  YOU?    Is it YOU?   So, if its not you, then it must be JESUS THE LORD.   JESUS THE CHRIST.   JESUS Himself.
      He  alone is your Savior, because He alone is everything that saves you, and everything that God requires for you to be saved, and in fact JESUS IS ALL GOD OFFERS YOU TO GET YOU IN TO HEAVEN AND KEEP YOU OUT OF HELL.
      THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO BE SAVED.   JESUS IS "THE WAY".     AND THAT IS ACCORDING TO GOD.  That is according to TRUTH, and Jesus is "THE TRUTH",  and Im lifting Him up right now , and so should YOU. !
      So, your salvation, is JESUS.   You being born again, proves that HE is IN you.
      Jesus is God, and God is not a man that He should or can, lie.     Jesus said.....>"I will never leave you or forsake you".   Hebrews 13:5 .     Now notice the word "Leave".   This word is explaining that Jesus wont ever do something.   And what is that?    Leave you.    He "can't Leave you, or forsake you".... He said so.   So, does the TRUTH LIE?     Now, back up and look at what we are thinking about....  Where is Jesus?  If you are saved, where Is He?   He is IN YOU.   IN YOU.    IN YOU.   In YOU.    And how is Jesus in you?   He is SEALED within you.  God is SEALED within you.. You are their BODY OF CHRIST....... that is your permanent situation.
      Now get this and you'll be forever spiritually and mentally unaffected by people who want to make you believe that you are your own savior, or that you can end up in Hell, then the lake of fire.
      Notice again that "Jesus said that He will never LEAVE YOU"... What does NEVER mean?   "never".  what does this mean?    Does it mean, as long as you keep your faith, and go to church, and never backslide, or walk away from God?
      Do you see a "unless", in that verse?   Heretics do, and they put it in there to try to harm you.    
       Jesus WILL NEVER LEAVE THE INSIDE OF YOU WHERE HE IS SEALED UNTIL THE DAY OF YOUR REDEMPTION.......because He said so, and the TRUTH does not Lie.   Jesus is THE Truth.
      So, what does this show you, and explain to you, when a heretic is trying to make you believe that you can lose your salvation?
      What is the obvious truth here, Saint?
      The truth shows you that if that were possible, and its not, but if were possible for you to hit the Great White Throne Judgement, and be Judged by God for all your sin that Jesus has already been judged for on Earth.....then when you were sent to Hell, Christ in you, who will NEVER LEAVE YOU< is going to be there burning right with you, in the Lake of Fire.
      Completely Impossible.
      There is no verse in the New Testament, that has ever even suggested that Jesus and the Holy Spirit, can leave you, or will.   Not one.   NONE.   But there is certainly a crystal clear verse that Says to the born again, that Jesus will NEVER LEAVE YOU.
      Never, Never, Never.
      You can't take Christ to hell, because you can't go where He can't go..  And when those who oppose Grace and cast darkness on the Cross want to make you believe that you can go to hell, then just remember that The Christ in you, who is your proof of your eternal security and IS HIMSELF ETERNAL LIFE, is not  Going to Hell, ...........and neither are you.
    • By Behold
      Let me offer something that will really help a new Christian, and hopefully be a nice tune up for a pre-existing believer in Yeshua.
      So, if you want Light from God,  then you have to get this revelation inside you, first, that im going to show you.
      This one.....
      You have to get this one....in the beginning of your walk with Christ... ..You absolutely must get this revelation of the Grace of God, or you will never 
      be able to move deeper into the Light of the  word of God as found in the New Testament.
      Questions :::
      Have you ever wondered why there are a gazillion denominations, that all use a Bible, yet none of them agree?
      Have you ever wondered why there is no "unity" in the Body of Christ, no "same mind", within the worldwide world of all believers?
      Do you want to know why?
      Its because this verse posted next,  is not known to most believers, and until it is known, and followed by ALL,  there will never be any total unity between Christians in the world, on a forum, or between 2 Churches that are on the same STREET.
      The verse : Hebrews 13:9 :
       """"" Be not carried away with divers and strange doctrines. For it is a good thing that the heart be established with Grace; not with meats, which have not profited them that have been occupied therein. """
      This verse teaches and explains what happened to the Body Of Christ, regarding why you have a ridiculous number of denominations that all disagree regarding "church doctrine".
      Its simple..... you have to get the foundation LAID PROPERLY< before you can build the HOUSE correctly, so that there is harmony and unity between all Believers in Yeshua
      Now notice that this verse teaches that "diverse/strange doctrines, and meats", are all the same idea....... And the verse explains what will happen if your heart, (eyes of your understanding).. that receives the light of Revelation", ) is not FIRST ESTABLISHED with GRACE.. = (The understanding regarding  God's freely given Righteousness.)
      What happens is that all who are not established within their Heart by GRACE, will be carried away, caught up, confused by, and lost inside of HERESY.... Which is "divers and STRANGE Doctrine/meats", and there as so many of these around.   So many churches built upon them... Millions of Believers caught up in them....  And only because they were not grounded in GRACE, early in their Christian Beginnings.
      Now, i recognize that some of you are already yawning, as you are an expert in Grace, regarding understanding this central principal of the redemptive work of Jesus's sacrifice on the Cross, and THANK YOU JESUS< that many of you, long ago, "got the revelation".      However, and for the benefit of those who didnt and have lived their entire born again lives, so far, trying to earn God's approval by self effort...(Legalism)..> Let me show you why you are already Approved By God,  so that  you can stop trying to become what you have already become, that God's Grace has already MADE YOU.
      As you read your bible, you will run across this phrase a lot.   "made unto you", and this is a Key Phrase that will help you understand that everything that God has done for you, Thru the Blood of Jesus, has been "made unto you" when you were born again......That is to say... God has REMADE YOU TO BE.    Got it?   See, Salvation is to be Literally and Spiritually  "made into" something BY GOD,  that you were not before.    Many NT Verses explain this as being "translated from darkness to Light".  becoming a "child of the Light".   "as Jesus is So are WE on this Earth",  " heir with God"... "joint heir with Christ".  "New CREATION in Christ",  "bone of Jesus bones and flesh of Jesus's flesh"...and on and on.   So, you have to  see that you have become something by NEW BIRTH that you were not before you were born again, as this is the eternal effect of God's 'made unto you" CHANGE from "Lost" to "saved" , from Christ rejector to "Child of God", from "damned" to "Saint".
      Now, lets get an understanding of where you go to get what you need to know...
      You have to know where to look to find what you need to learn.
      You dont just flip open a New Testament and hope for the best, as that is a waste of time.
      So,  this means we must go to where you find all the info, the doctrinal info, that God wants you to study.
      Read a paperback.   Study a bible.
      Books are for entertainment.
      Bibles are for gaining God's Knowledge.
      The Bible is full of Light.  Study is how you turn on the Light for Life.  Its the "ON" switch.
      To do this, you run directly to Paul's epistles.   And the reason?   Its because Paul's pen, is the direct descendant of the doctrinal information that came straight from the mouth of Jesus The Christ. Paul is the only disciple and the only Apostle whom Jesus personally took aside for a long time, and instructed into him regarding  the "first hand" information that rightly divides the Word.
      You dont get the ultra-fine doctrinal details from Jude, or James, or Mark, or  Peter.  You get your Bible Doctrine, your Church Doctrine, your lifelong Theolgy from Paul, who received it directly from the Lord, himself.
      So, what i teach, is what Paul would teach you.  As this is what any true Teacher of the Word of God is going to tell you, and teach you.
      Now,  here is a golden nugget for you.   If you want to know exactly what Paul wants you to know, that Jesus taught Him,  then of course you read all his epistles.  Thats a no-brainer... But, and here is what your Pastor, Minister, Pope, and commentary never told you....If you want to know exactly what Paul is going to teach someone in person, a literal disciple of His, then you go and read Timothy 1 & 2, and Titus.. As they are both Paul's converts.   So, just become one of Paul's converts, ideally, by reading what he taught Timothy and Titus., as well as what he teaches the Church at large, in his Epistles.  As a matter of Fact, if you are called to Teach or Preach or Pastor, then you need to live inside Timothy and Titus and all of Paul's epistles for a while........like in, .......a lifetime.
      So what does Paul teach about Grace?   Well, he teaches that Sin has separated us from God.  And this is an eternal problem for each of us, that if not solved, will cause us to end up after we die, separated from God in Eternity.  Currently, if you are not born again, you are separated from God by your sin.  However, as compared to ending up in Hell then the Lake of Fire, being alive down here and separated from God, is not quit the same level of consequence.
      So, this problem that we are all born into, has been solved by God.   And its Paul who, in the New Testament,  teaches us best and most often about the wonderful love of God as expressed as The Grace of God.  Salvation, Eternal Life, Redemption, Jesus dying on the Cross, are all an extension of the Love of God as reflected in the Grace of God.
      The central issue and subject of the New Testament, is RIGHTEOUSNESS.  And the central issue between a human being and God is their lack of righteousness and how to get it.
       God is often accused, falsely,  of "sending people to hell",   But in fact, its a lack of Righteousness that is the reason that a person will not live eternally where God lives.  Hell and Heaven are simply final destinations.  They are Eternal choices that someone is going to make, by receiving or by rejecting Christ.   One is the home for the Righteous and one is the place that maintains the unrighteous dead, until they meet their final destination.
      So, this issue of how to get righteousness, is only a problem that God can solve.  Our New Testament says that we have all sinned and fallen short of God's righteousness. So, right there, ends any method or means of saving ourselves or keeping ourselves saved.  You've noted that on a Christian Forum you always find a busload of heretics trying to make you believe that you are in control of your righteousness, and that you can earn it, and keep it...otherwise you LOSE IT  The fact is, you have no Righteousness apart from Christ's because your sinning eliminated your righteousness long ago, and you can never have it again, unless someone gives you theirs.   Enter, God.   Enter, Jesus.   Enter, The Cross.  as all these have come to give you Righteousness.
      ALL this im writing is simply what Paul teaches.  He is the Main NT teacher regarding the understanding of the Grace of God as the love of God given by God coming to this earth to meet all the requirements of the law and then die offering us HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, for our sin.  Jesus did more on the Cross then just suffer, bleed, and die.   He literally became your SIN. 2nd Corinthians 5:21... and If you are born again, then your sin was lifted from you, erased for you, and in its place, you have received "The Righteousness of Christ".  Salvation is Christ on a cross becoming your sin and bearing it, sacrificially, so that you will never be judged for it, in eternity. Being SAVED, means you are saved from being Judged in Eternity for your SIN...... Christ bore all your sin, by becoming your sin.... and you were given as a gift, His Righteousness.  Maybe sometime you can think about this... God came down from heaven, to become your sin as well as your sin bearer and in doing so He became your Savior.. Jesus said. "Father if possible, let this cup pass from me".. And that cup, is God's wrath, his eternal judgment, poured out on HIMSELF on your behalf.   And that my reader, is The Love of God as well as Amazing Grace.
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