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Ruach HaKodesh

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Shalom family,

I wanted to post a praise to our Father, the Creator of all things, El Elyon, for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

I know we are always incredibly thankful for this but like..... wow!   The more I think about it, the more it shakes me up.  That such an indwelling, through the work of the Lord Yahushua (Jesus), has enabled this to happen!  

Without the beautiful, precious Ruach HaKodesh, how could we ever:

  • Understand the heart of the Word
  • Feel Yahweh's presence and love
  • Have guidance and wisdom in all things
  • Live peacefully and with joy in this crumbling world 
  • Relate to other disciples with the bond of siblings
  • Be eager to share love and shalom
  • Share spiritual gifts to live, serve and praise the Father daily.

Such things are not possible without the Spirit.  Truly, there is nothing better in this whole world than the gift of the Spirit of Yahweh.  The beautiful, precious, gentle, wise, loving and all-powerful Ruach HaKodesh.

It seems superfluous to say but, thank you Father! Thank you eternally for this undeserved gift, the seal of eternal life, given to us in the name of the Lord Yahushua!  I know I cannot make it without your Spirit. My own strength would fail and my own wisdom would prove to be foolishness.  So may I never take this gift for granted and seek to be guided by the Spirit each day.

Love & Shalom  

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