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19 hours ago, frienduff thaylorde said:

They forget that while it is true we are saved and kept by grace ,   that men will fail of grace IF THEY HEED NOT the SPIRIT . 

I am so worried for so many Cletus .    I mean utterly worried to the upmost for so many .    

Listen, if you are born again, then you have already "heeded the Spirit".  This is why you listened to the gospel, and trusted Christ.

So, once that happened, you are born again.   Nothing can change this, as God is the author and finisher of your Salvation.

Philippians 1:6.  "God who began your salvation, will Himself be faithful to COMPLETE it".

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3 hours ago, Behold said:

Listen, if you are born again, then you have already "heeded the Spirit".  This is why you listened to the gospel, and trusted Christ.

So, once that happened, you are born again.   Nothing can change this, as God is the author and finisher of your Salvation.

Philippians 1:6.  "God who began your salvation, will Himself be faithful to COMPLETE it".

And nothing can change the truth that if  a man continues not in HIM they will be cast out .

JESUS is the ONLY one who can keep me from falling ,   But if I don't heed HIM and start to heed that flesh ,  THEN I make myself a transgressor .

Aint HIS FAULT .   IT WOULD BE MINE .    HE gives me all I need I am also persuaded HE WILL KEEP ME ,  cause HE also persuades me , CONTINUE IN ME

CONTINUE IN ME ,  Heed not that lustful thought that just popped in your head , or Shut those eyes and don't just look at that half dressed lady .

ONLY we better HEED THE SPIRIT ,  EH .

Most go no true idea of what I speak about .     Better we all also beware the error of the all inclusive wicked ,  lest any man falls from his own steadfastness IN CHRIST .

Beware brethren lest you TOO being led away with the ERROR of the wicked ,  DO FALL .

BUT , the SPIRIT was the one who gave peter what to write and say .   SO today the SPIRIT is the same .  IT WARNS US to go and sin no more

IT WARNS us to warn others too .    It does the unctioning .   YET today all my warnings are seen as legalism ,  all my contant reminders as legalism .

WASNT IT PAULS DAY ,   WASNT in JAMES DAY ,   it wasn't ,  SO HOW COME IT IS TODAY .     Cause many have sat under the wrong men .   

That is why the approach of Go and sin no more has become , OH who can quit it ,  stop being legalistic .  OR let it not be named once , has become the same thing .

Todays mindset and pattern in almost all churches ,  well it truly stinks and is noting but death .   I stand on that too .    This man is in it for the long run

and my LORD SHALL SUPPLY ALL I NEED to continue doing so , both the desire and ability and not a one can stop me .     And I wish only good for them .

I Do want you all to know that ,  its not because I don't love , ITS BECAUSE I DO LOVE  

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4 hours ago, Behold said:

Listen, the bible teaches using 3 literary devices.

1. Literal

2. Symbolic

3. Analogy.


For example, Jesus literally rose from the dead, He literally walked on Water, and He literally ascended back into heaven.   

With analogy or symbolism you get "parables"  like "The Prodigal son".

With symbolism, you get something like....>" a sower went out casting seeds and some fell on...."

The parables have actual meaning.

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3 hours ago, Behold said:

Listen, if you are born again, then you have already "heeded the Spirit".  This is why you listened to the gospel, and trusted Christ.

So, once that happened, you are born again.   Nothing can change this, as God is the author and finisher of your Salvation.

Philippians 1:6.  "God who began your salvation, will Himself be faithful to COMPLETE it".

That IS the BEGINNING of GRACE ,  now continue in HIM ,  HEED HIM not the flesh ,   and be looking diligently lest any man FAILS OF the Grace of GOD .

As I said ,  we better continue IN HIM , HEEDING HIM and not the flesh .

Its why instead of today where those who say Go and sin no more , or let it not be named once ,   Get told OH you legalists stop tryng to earn it .

But the early church knew better .  Even Paul who had preached the gospel to more than all ,  KNEW if he did not keep that body

under subjection TO CHRIST ,  HE TOO would be cast out .    AND I don't want to hear Hermes of men that twist that too .  I done heard it .

PAUL KNEW .    THEY ALL KNEW .      IF one errs ,  BETTER RESTORE HIM ,   Better convert him , SAVE THAT SOUL FROM DEATH .

For if a man knew the true way way of righteousness IN CHRIST , cause lets face it , ONLY IN HIM CAN WE .   And then they return to the pit

and are OVERCOME ,  their latter end is EVEN WORSE man .  EVEN WORSE  ,  it had been better to have never even KNOW HIM , KNOWN the way of rigtheosness

than after knowing it to return back to the hog pen .   You might wanna help BLOOD bought out with that one .     Have you even seen what he says .

OH wait , I forgot it don't matter , none of it does , ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED EH .    MAN folks are in serious trouble .   No sense of urgency

but hey if we can go on in wlilfull sin and return to the hog pen , GUESS THEIR WONT BE NO SENSE of urgency , LIKE the early church , WHO KNEW BETTER HAD .

That is why the sense of urgency , gravity , fast to correct , IS GONE TODAY .  swept away by acronyms ,   WHEN it should have remained IN and BY CHRIST . 

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:horse:    okay .  HI HO SILVER I am out .    Remember I only say as I say because I do LOVE and desire NONE to perish .   REMEMBER THAT .  

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1 minute ago, Firm Foundation said:

The parables have actual meaning.

Amen. You are correct. There is deep Truth contained in each one, mysteries of the Kingdom of God. 

But remember, many, in fact most, will not understand the parables. 
Jesus said to His closest disciples, those who had forsaken all to follow Him - 

“To you it has been given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God; but to those who are outside, all things come in parables, 12 so that
‘Seeing they may see and not perceive,
And hearing they may hear and not understand;
Lest they should turn,
And their sins be forgiven them.’ ”

- Mark 4:11-12

Another verse that just came to mind -

“As it is written:  
“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

10 But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God. 11 For what man knows the things of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him? Even so no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God. 12 Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by God.
13 These things we also speak, not in words which man’s wisdom teaches but which the Holy Spirit teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual. 14 But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. 15 But he who is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is rightly judged by no one. 16 For “who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct Him?” But we have the mind of Christ.”
- 1Cor 2:9-16

Most fail to read past verse 9, and so we’ve come up with grandiose tales of what we think Heaven will be like, when we have no Scripture to back it up, or even a single verse to tell us that it’s our eternal home.
Verse 10 tells the diligent saints – “But God HAS revealed them to us through His Spirit”, and verse 16 tells us “we HAVE the mind of Christ.”  Yet we so often cannot see or perceive His Word.

In one of my favorite of all verses in the Psalms we have an answer -

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing,
but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.”

- Prov 25:2

And God has called some to be kings, that royal priesthood who will serve Him, sit with the Lamb on His Throne, and minister Life to the saved nations in His Kingdom.
May we be among those who are searching for Truth, seeking God’s face, and following Jesus.

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    • By Behold
      I wanted to talk to you about your Salvation, which is your  personal and private relationship with God.
      Maybe you are not enjoying it.  Maybe its become a dead weight in your heart, that gives no joy, no life, and no hope.
      Many Christians are exactly like this.   They have long ago trusted the Lord, they are born again, and yet, over time, what use to be LIFE in them is now a slow torture.   Almost a misery.
      So, let me talk to you about this, and lets easily solve this so that you can once again know how it use to be when you were first saved, and life was BRAND NEW, and all you wanted to do was have more of God.
      Remember ?
      To get back THERE........is very easy to do.   Its not a slow progression back.  And in fact, i want you to see this picture in your mind....
      Take a look...
       You see a path that is leading across a  pretty field, and at the end of the path is a yard, and a small white cottage stands in the yard.  Its in the early evening, not quite dark, its Springtime and there are candles burning in the windows. In all the windows, there are candles glowing a golden glow.   The brown wooden front door is wide open, and standing on the porch, by the open door, all dressed in white is Jesus.  Its Jesus.  He is standing there.  He is looking across the yard, and into the path.   He is looking at you because you stopped just before you walked across the yard to Him.   You can see His face.    He is smiling gently at you.  You notice that His arms are open as if to give you a warm hug.   Then you see what you really didnt expect.   You see that Jesus has tears in His Eyes.   In His eyes are tears.   These tears are for you.  These are tears of longing, and hope, and joy,  because He has wanted you to come home, and has been waiting, and waiting, and waiting....    And now you are there.      So... Go to the Lord.     Go Home.
      Ok, if you are away from the Lord for a while, there are generally  only a few reasons.
      One, is that you have been sinning, and you feel so guilty and condemned in your heart.
      Two, is that you have some bitterness in your life.   Maybe a divorce.  Maybe someone you loved died.   Maybe you are just very unhappy with your life.  Its such a struggle.  But what you are feeling is that you blame God.  You blame Jesus.    You are angry at them..
      Three,  Maybe a Christian has hurt you.   Maybe a church has greatly disappointed you.   Maybe both, and you are just not wanting to be a part of any of this, anymore.
      Now there are other things i can list, but, ive learned that most of us, when we are not close to the Lord, ... its because of those 3, so, no matter what your reason might be, ..being away from the Lord is the same empty feeling, its the same sense of no direction and no hope, yet its so very easy to solve this situation, whatever it is, that is keeping you away from God who loves you.
      So, How do you get back?   Well this is very simple.   You see that picture i gave you?   You see that Jesus?   He is there all the time, just like that.   And yet what we do sometimes, is we dont see Him like this when we are not close to God and Christ.    Instead we see our feelings, our disappointments...... we feel our  guilty condemnation... and our bad feelings lead us to believe that God is upset with us, and in fact, He is not.     God is Love, you see.    And the only thing He will ever do or feel, towards His Child, which you are, is to feel Love towards you.   God's only thoughts toward you, His Child, are good thoughts.  God only and always wants the best for you.   God is love, and that is all He ever has to give you.    And this love, is expressed into your life and into your heart as His favor, blessing, peace, hope, power, self control, and Love.   
      Now, i listed 3 reasons that might be the reason you are not as close to the Lord as you were once.  And if you are reading this, it could be because you are someone who feels that God is so distant and you are so unworthy.       And.... no matter the reason, or the reasons, and no matter how you feel...... God is always at the door, waiting for you.  Jesus is never going to turn you away.   He will never require you to do anything so that He would accept you or love you.   God's love is REAL LOVE, because it is unconditional.     You see, God loves you, because that is what He does....That is who He is.... And His Love's only requirement is that you Let Him Love You.   And THAT, my brother or my sister,..... is how you return to God and Christ.    You realize His Love and you allow It for yourself.   You allow it for yourself....  And when you do, and as soon as you do, you will feel His presence, and you will know it.   And no matter what you have done, or what you have felt,   if you will just see Jesus, standing at the door, looking at you, ... then you can understand How God Loves YOU.
      Let God love you.    Allow God to Love you......   He is still waiting...... always.
    • By Omegaman 3.0
      I was saved in 1979 and soon after, I was attending an adult Sunday School class at Melodyland in Anaheim, CA, taught by Walter Martin. I had been doing some Bible study on my own on the topic of being filled with the Spirit. In that, I had noticed that the idea of "boldness" was very frequently associated with Spirit filling. I was very privileged to hear Dr. Martin speak to how boldness can be used in our lives as Christian.
      I really miss this man, but really was blessed to watch him speak passionately again in this video, about things the should matter to Christians who love the people for whom Christ died! This is Part 1, Part 2 will follow in a separate post in this thread.
    • By Behold
      Lets define "legalism" as defined by Paul, as Webster is not using the NT as context.
      "Legalism" is Galatians 1:8  ""there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. [8] But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let them be accursed. """"
      Notice that Legalism, taught or preached, "perverts" the Gospel.  It subverts the Blood Atonement.  It actually attacks the Cross, by denying Jesus full credit do for saving you and keeping you saved.  It offends God, and that is why he curses the person and the message.
      Legalism, is the teaching that "faith + works" is what saves you and keeps you saved.   And this "gospel" is a perversion of the truth.  Its actually a denial of the Lord's words..spoken from the Cross = "it is Finished"....meaning The Blood Atonement.....Salvation.
      Let me explain it more clearly....
      This verse is referring to a person (Legalist) who is preaching a gospel that is a blend of Jesus, the Cross, and their Works. (commandment keeping, enduring to the end, holding onto their faith.....etc, etc, etc.)
      Legalism, a Legalist, will give lip service, = a false presentation of the Gospel.
      And the way they always do it, is by adding 10 commandment keeping, and lifestyle, as a PART of the Blood Atonement.
      In other words, the Legalist, who is usually not actually born again, but is very apt at speaking "christianese", and uses bible verses, and goes to different Christian fourms to annoy and create chaos......will always defend the LAW and 10 Commandments as "necessary" to be saved, instead of giving FULL CREDIT DUE, to the One who died on the Cross, who HIMSELF is Grace and Salvation.

      Here is how you spot a lying legalist on a Christian forum.
      Its so easy.
      THis is how they "sound".

      "Yes, i know that Christ is the savior......BUT".

      "yes, i know that Jesus saves......BUT"

      See that "but"? That is the sign of the Legalist.
      They can never EVER agree that Jesus and the Blood of Christ is all that God accepts to save you and keep you saved.
      They can't agree with this, because they do not believe it.

      A Legalist, will always, add WORKS, 10 commandments", TO THE CROSS, and then they will all add LIFESTYLE, as well.., as this is how they are "working out their own salvation".
      The gospel of the legalist, is "faith + works".
      The Gospel of God is "The Cross".

      See their problem?
      Its a BIG One.

      A legalist sounds like this when they teach or preach....>."""now we know that Jesus saves, but, you ALSO have to ..........1. 2. ....3. 4.. 40.....do all this""

      See all that?
      THAT IS Galatians 1:8
      THat is "cursed of GOD" theology and PERSON, because it is adding to the Cross, self righteous works, and this denies The Lord His full credit due, for Salvation.
      This offends God, who is Jesus on the Cross, and that is why there is a literal CURSE on anyone who teaches or preaches that ... "The Cross + Works, commandments, lifestyle" is the Gospel.....is Salvation.

      How do YOU discover if you have fallen from Grace, and you are become a legalist. ??
      Very simple.
      You just answer this simple question.
      Q.) Do you believe that Jesus Christ keeps you saved?

      I didnt ask you if He saved you.
      I asked you if you believe that He KEEPS You saved?

      A Legalist is not being honest if they say yes, because a legalist believes that enduring to the end, keeping your faith, living a holy life, keeping the law and the 10 commandments, is what is keeping THEM saved., so that is why they preach this cursed of God gospel to others.
      So, be careful reader, as a legalist has deceived themselves, so, that is what they will also offer you.
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