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    • By Behold
      I thought i would finish the short teaching-message series for you i began 2 Thread's ago, and thank you for reading.
      This will be the 3rd part, regarding the same Topic, which generally speaking is regarding Eternal Security.
      To finish this 3 part, lets look at FAITH.
      First, there is a general misconception many Believers have about Faith, as THE savior.   Which of course is not the case.  Many who are not really  time invested in rightly dividing the word will never be deeply connected to an understanding of God's Amazing Grace, So,.. this type will usually  have a theologically  misguided idea about "faith" being their savior. And because of this, which is probably caused by them believing  misleading teaching that came ither from the pulpit or worse,  too much time spent over years studying theologically unsound bible  commentaries while their BIBLE became a dust magnet.   This  type believer is convinced that Faith saves them, and so, they believe and teach that the born again must hold onto their faith, or otherwise, they lose their salvation as a result of not holding onto it.   = This is not the truth, but a lot of people believe it and teach it.
      So, lets nail something down in your soul so that you can rely on the Truth.
      You are not saved by holding on to anything.  You are saved because GOD is holding on to you thru the Blood of Jesus.
      Now, from the last Thread, you'll recall (if you read it) ....that is  was centered on Philippians 1:6...... "God who began your salvation IN YOU, will  HIMSELF be Faithful to complete it"...= for you.
      So, as this is the case....then what  your faith did, is get God to release His Righteousness unto you.  So, its the Righteousness of Christ that God gives you, thru your BELIEVING, that is now counted as you being "justified by Faith", once and for all, in God's eternal perspective.
      Faith is not the Savior.  GOD is the savior, thru Christ.  And once you gave God your faith, once you BELLIEVED, then God Accepted this and this became your righteousness, that is God's  eternal gift to you,  that gave you the new birth, and put you "in Christ", and "Christ in You".
      God left Heaven, and became one of Us, virgin born,  just to do this for you.  Just to die for you...   Its an eternal Love Gift paid for by the Blood of God Himself, as Jesus on the Cross.
      2 ways to think of Faith would be to consider it the Channel thru which God sent His Righteousness.   Or, you could consider Faith as the transmission device thru which God  imputed His Righteousness into you, and upon you.
      But no matter how you consider faith, it is God who Saves and Faith activated Him to DO IT for you as a GIFT.  "the Gift of Righteousness"...
      THE end result is that you are SAVED. BORN AGAIN.  Heir of God and Joint Heir with Christ.      A completed SALVATION, that is ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY based on Jesus shedding His blood for you, so that your sin is removed, forgiven, and in its place what was your unrighteousness has now become  Born again YOU as "the Righteousness of Christ".  This is who you are now. You are now "in Christ" because Christ's very righteousness has become your new Eternal Identity.
      Christ is where you are, (in you)  and you are where He is, "in Christ"... forever and ever and ever.    Amen.
      So, here is the end result of your faith.....
      This is so remarkable.
      Look at this wonderful verse.  Hebrews 12:2
      '"Looking unto Jesus  the author and finisher of our faith"
      Look at that.   This is more remarkable Grace.
      As some of  you read in the Thread from yesterday, It is God who starts (in you) and complete for you, your SALVATION..... Philippians 1:6
      So, now , Praise God, you have Jesus Himself who now LITERALLY takes over your faith, within  the Kingdom of God, and FINISHES IT FOR YOU.... 
      You gave God your faith, then God takes this and starts and completes your Salvation, while Christ takes your Faith and FINISHES THIS FOR YOU AS WELL.
      Jesus is the "author" of your faith, by being the one who wrote it, in His blood.  Then He finishes it, by His Resurrection, which is your Redemption and the Blood Atonement.
      When you "Look unto Jesus", you are BELIEVING....in the Gospel.
      To "Look unto" means to place trust in, and to BELIEVE...."unto Salvation".   and then God and Christ take it from there.
      Grace is remarkable.   God's Grace is a GIFT that in all ways totally completes your redemption for you. 
      Its starts with believing the gospel (faith), then God completes your Salvation and Christ "authors" your Faith after you Believe. Its a literal and eternal contract between you God and Christ.  This contract is  literally  written in the Blood of God, as Christ on the Cross.   And this contract is your Salvation, and its a FREE GIFT.
      Isn't all this Amazing?
      Its Amazing GRACE, is what it is... and the more you look at it, the more Amazing it becomes to KNOW.
      God bless,
    • By Behold
      Before i write this Thread's simple message, i wanted to again encourage you, all of you, to go to your local Gym and sign up.
      Many people use "Planet Fitness", but, whatever, no matter which, find one, and use it.
      Your phone book, or just looking on the Web for Gyms in your CITY or TOWN, will give you several options, i would predict..
      What age should you start?    If you are 16 and over, then go to a gym.  Use a cane?  Have issues walking?  Need someone to watch your dog?    Go to a gym.
      A gym is  a fountain of youth waiting for all, reader.  It'll change your life for the better if you will go and be consistent about it.
      IN 2 weeks, or less, you'll feel very comfortable going, as you'll see the same people......etc, etc, etc.
      IN less then 2 months, you'll begin to truly realize why im telling you to go.
      In 6 months, and until a year, you'll be saying to yourself.   "why did i never do this"... "I feel SO GOOD !!!!! "
      AND IT only gets better.....Try it.  You'll see.
      So, i wrote a fairly detailed Thread yesterday "Eternal Security <> Salvation", and i hope you were able to read it and become even more secure in your Redemption if you already are, and if you are not, i hope that Thread and most of my Threads will help you to have a new understanding, a true understanding regarding God's Love poured out on you as an Eternal Redemption, thru the BLOOD of Christ.
      If you did read it yesterday, thank you, and i want to supplement it now with this Thread.  And you can recall from the previous Thread's topic...... that Jesus will never leave you.  Which explains WHY "Christ in you IS YOUR HOPE OF GLORY"..... And "hope of glory" means, you are going to heaven, expect this, look for this, and be happy about it. (HOPE).    "Glory" is eternity with God with Christ..  Its everything that you will encounter after you are either Raptured or you die.  And its all GOOD, and so good is it, that it has not even entered into your imagination, what God has prepared for those who love Him  who are justified by Christ's blood.
      As i was driving to the Gym this morning, i was thinking about teaching the simplicity of salvation, as this is not always taught in a way that allows it to be seen in its simplicity.   Now, ive taught the Grace of God all over the world, to people of many different cultures.... French, Asian, Russian, Muslim......etc..  And so, i learned that for Salvation to be understood as Jesus would want, for the benefit of the hearer, i need to be clear.
      So here is a clear understanding of becoming saved..    Lets say,  You are not saved.  This means you are not joined to God and His Family and to Christ.   The barrier is your Sin.   Your sin has made you UNRIGHTEOUS..... So, Salvation is God's method of making you Righteous.    Thats it.   Thats all it is...   You have no righteousness and so, you can't be joined to a Righteous God, whose name is HOLY.   So, you have a prob.   How do you get the righteousness that you need so that you can be a part of God's righteous family?  And this is where all ideas and false theology and "religion" bite the dust and die.   See there is nothing you can do, of yourself, to become righteous or STAY righteous.    You can't of yourself do either.     God knows this, so, He provided His very own Righteousness for you, as "the gift of Salvation", "the gift of Righteousness".   The main difference between an unbeliever and a believer is that the believer has been given God's righteousness, as a gift.
      God righteousness, functions as a completed righteousness.   Its all of it given to you, at once, and its sealed unto you, into you, and on you, until your day of redemption.  (When you meet Jesus).   God's righteousness Its Jesus on The Cross saying , "it is finished", and proving this is TRUTH by walking out of His Tomb....ALIVE.
      All of this is defined by and as GRACE.   Grace, God's Grace, defines all of it.   God's Grace, is Jesus.    God's Grace is GOD making you Righteous.   And the Righteousness He Gives you, comes from Jesus... who IS your Righteousness.
      Jesus is your Righteousness.   If you are born again, then you have Jesus's Righteousness in place of your unrighteousness.  Being "in Christ" means you are BECOME the Righteousness of Christ.   This happened because God MADE YOU RIGHTEOUS when you FIRST BELIEVED.   And in fact, you are exactly the same Righteousness as Christ, right now, and forever, if you are born again.
      Being SAVED, means you have Jesus in your heart, and in your Body.  And Jesus said He will never leave you.....  Being Redeemed means you have Jesus's Righteousness, in place of your unrighteousness.   God dying as Jesus on the Cross is how God accomplished this for you.   Jesus's sacrifice of Himself for you on the Cross, is how His Righteousness is given.... God then takes this Righteousness and offers it  as "For God so loved the world, that He GAVE"..... And everyone who will call on the Name of Jesus, believing in their heart the Gospel, ... God sees each heart that does this, accepts this faith AS Righteousness,  and He then takes  The very righteousness of Himself, which is Christ's righteousness, and (imputes) GIVES IT TO YOU, and it becomes you.  You as the "new creation in Christ" is you becoming God's very righteousness.  "Christ in you", is what causes it, and you being "in Christ" is the result.
      And then it gets even better.   Thats right, it gets even better.  .....
      First lets look at some words that actually mean "Grace", which actually mean "Jesus".    Understand that Jesus is Grace.  God's Grace IS Jesus... Jesus is Salvation.   Jesus is Righteousness.   Jesus is the Blood Atonement.   Jesus is Redemption... Jesus is Eternal Life   So, if you have Him inside you, if you are born again, then you have all those inside you, also.  = Hallelujah !!  .... And because Jesus said He will NEVER LEAVE YOU, then all of those concepts, that are your "Christ in you" reality..... are also never Going to leave you.  Not ever.
      Simplified ??     =   Because Jesus will never leave you, then Redemption, Eternal Life, The Blood Atonement, Justification, Sanctification, also will NEVER LEAVE YOU.
      So, do you see how God's Grace just keeps getting better and better?   All of that is in you, because Jesus, who will never leave you, is in you.
      And here is the icing.   Here is the pièce de résistance........  Philippians 1:6
      """"Being confident of this very thing, that God which hath begun your Salvation in you will Himself perform it, until the day of Jesus Christ""
      Saint......Notice this verse carefully, as its a Gold Mine in a universe of Glorious Hallelujah's .
      This verse is one of the greatest verses in the bible, maybe the greatest verse in the New Testament, outside of  "God is Love and For God so loved that He gave, Jesus."
      This verse is telling you something, very very very important.  Seal it in your heart.  Deeply.
      Its telling you, that you can have Confidence in the reality, and the truth, regarding the FACT that God HIMSELF who started your Salvation, (made you Righteous) is Himself Going to Complete it for you..... until you meet Jesus.   
      So what is the simple understanding of this verse?   It means that God's salvation, that is given to YOU as a Gift, is all in His hands to complete for you, and He promises He will.
      It means that YOU DONT COMPLETE IT.......  He DOES !!
      What you do, is try to please God with your life, that is your Discipleship, but that is not your Salvation.  Your salvation is for God to complete, after Christ has become "Christ in you".
      Do you want the Koine Greek, and the Ghetto version, understanding?   Do you want it right across the plate so that you can give it your best swing?
      Saint, this verse means, that God created HIS Salvation, that you dont control.  A Grace, that you dont maintain.    A Redemption that you dont supervise.   Its simply means that God created His righteous merciful GRACE that saved you,  so that you can't mess it up after it does.
      And that is why you can't lose your salvation.  Its because God who started it, is the Same God who will finish it FOR YOU.
      Not you.   Him.
      Philippians 1:6
      This verse is simply teaching that The God who saved you, will Himself, keep you saved..... And as the verse tells you, you are to have CONFIDENCE IN GOD to do it.
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