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God's raising up worship and teaching leadership

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Praise God for the message  in worship song and sermon last evening taken from Judges., and for the opportuity to join freely in the worship songs that  brings an older crusty man to tears of appreciation of His creator Jesus.

The message from Judges lifts me today as I look toward  examining for my own personal application, my own obedience to God.

Praise God for lifting  up serious  and joy filled song leaders/pastor/teachers so that  the word of God might be fleshed out to my better undertanding of it's reveal, and then to think , pray, read the word, and make application of it, in order to put myself to better use in my own obedience to God.

It is wondrous the power of God that raises up such leaders and teachers, may each singer- leader - pastor/teacher be greatly blessed today. Amen


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