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Baptism of Boldness - Walter Martin 1 & 2

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I was saved in 1979 and soon after, I was attending an adult Sunday School class at Melodyland in Anaheim, CA, taught by Walter Martin. I had been doing some Bible study on my own on the topic of being filled with the Spirit. In that, I had noticed that the idea of "boldness" was very frequently associated with Spirit filling. I was very privileged to hear Dr. Martin speak to how boldness can be used in our lives as Christian.

I really miss this man, but really was blessed to watch him speak passionately again in this video, about things the should matter to Christians who love the people for whom Christ died! This is Part 1, Part 2 will follow in a separate post in this thread.


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Following is Part 2 of Walter Martin's "Baptism of Boldness". If you did not see Part 1, it is here! I apologize that part 2 end abruptly, in incompletely, but that is how it is, still, you will get the point of his message.


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    • By Behold
      >Blood Bought<........ recently posted a valuable comment on "The Real Ministry" Thread that dealt with some important issues related to someone's eternal walk with the Lord and what this all means.
      Especially noteworthy was the verse posted, written in the NT  by the Apostle John, .... explaining  our Born again "pedigree",  as the performance of the holy seed within us., as the reason we don't "sin".
      Paul talks about this also, stating "how can we who are dead to sin"....
      And he says our old man, the dead one, is risen with Christ., and Paul tells us to esteem or "reckon ourselves dead".....
      But then the reality check of life hits and believers are found stumbling around in a maze of confusion about all of THAT, because they find they still commit "works of the flesh"..., often want to, and generally have to RESIST IT Daily.
      Then Paul states we are to put on the "whole armor" and stand against the wiles or plans or attacks of the devil, and of our own flesh....ect.
      So, SAINT..... If we are dead to sin,  and if John says the holy seed remains in us and whosoever is born again, "doth not sin" KJV......... then Paul says, "i am Chief of SINNERS".....
      And then in comes Romans 4:8 that says if you sin, God does not charge you with it (in eternity) if you are born again. .
      Seems like a lot of contradicting going on , doesn't it.
      How is is that We are dead to sin, yet we want to sin ?.   We are told that if we are really born again, we don't sin., yet we all have since we are saved....
      So what is the ANSWER ?
      Its simple, Reader/ Saint
      Its the spiritual/theological  understanding between "Standing" vs "State" that is missing , which is causing so much confusion.
      Its the total lack of understanding regarding the difference between being a born again Spirit who is "in Christ" , yet and while,  being trapped in a body of death, and corruption.
      Saint..... its this......Its the reality that the born again part of you is in the Kingdom of God right now "seated in heavenly places" "in Christ" ..... and one part of you is your body, its desires, stuck down here in a filthy world that is nothing but a sinner's delight., and what this all means in GOD's Perspective.
      Reader/Saint     Here is how to SEE it, so that you can understand the one main thing...
      = What you think about it all, does not matter.   Its only what GOD SAYS and THINKS about it, that matters.   So, when you are not lined up mentally and theologically with GOD's PERSPECTIVE, then you will be confused about almost everything that has to do with faith, salvation, the gospel,  eternal life, sin, the law..commandment keeping...everything.  And the reason for the confusion in so many... is that you are trying to see it from your viewpoint, and you are not understanding How God sees it, from His perspective.  
      Saint, ... If you will replace your point of view and your opinion  with His Perspective, (The Mind of Christ).... then you will have arrived into a "spiritual eyes" place in your understanding of your Salvation, that will protect you and will open more doors of Light for you.
      Most Christians live in a dark self righteous fog.   And some of them try to TEACH that dark self righteous fog., here, and everywhere.
      Ok, here we go...  to see you have to know where and how to LOOK.
      So....Lets get this one thing realized in your head Saint,  and then your heart will follow...
      "Standing", vs "State".   =  
      Standing = How God sees you regarding HIS perspective, which is your STANDING.
      State =  how you behave and you see yourself, which is your STATE.
      Standing........vs..........State    ARE....   Not......the.......same...........at ...........all = SPIRITUALLY
      Your Standing : is Born Again, Redeemed, and you have Eternal Life, (Jesus who is eternal life is IN YOU) so =  you are going to heaven, and God only sees you as "the Righteousness of Christ."   He only sees you as washed in the Blood of the Lamb.  This is GOD's Eternal Perspective of all the born again = "Standing"  So, when God looks at your behavior, bad or good, He is looking THRU The Blood of Jesus and the Cross.  He sees you THRU THIS, and never sees you any other way after you are born again.    ON your worst sinning day since you were born again, God only saw the blood of Jesus that has made you sinless, already.   This is your  ETERNAL STANDING... That is God's eternal perspective of you..... Its your eternal sonship position in God, in Christ.  That is your STANDING.  = That is God's perspective of you, today, tomorrow, and forever.   He only sees you THRU your Redemption thru Christ, no matter what you are doing.       And that is how John is describing how we dont sin, and that we are as Paul says, dead to sin.     They are speaking of our STANDING, our eternally PURE Born Again literal position in God's Kingdom and inside God's family.  We the born again are ONE with God and Christ.  Joined Spiritually to them, for all eternity.  That is your STANDING. That is God's perspective of YOU< if you born again.  This can't change, as its the Cross and Christ who have made you this, by Blood and Birth.
      Now your "State"........is how you are behaving at any given time as you realize yourself.  You can be mad, or glad, or full of hate, or full of joy, or fearful, or loving, or preaching, or backslidden....that is your STATE.  That is your moment by moment existence down here,   VS.... your STANDING, (God's Perspective).....as He sees you all the time.... which is "sinless perfection", "redeemed", "born again", In the Kingdom of God, "in Christ", and "eternally secure".
      So, you are BOTH.    And where the confusion come in, theologically and literally, is when a person thinks that their State is what controls their Standing.  They do not understand that your State is Not your Eternal Standing,   Your State is not God's Eternal perspective of you that He sees as the REAL YOU< everytime He looks at you.   He ONLY sees your STANDING as "the righteousness of Christ", for eternity....... while your STATE, can be anything but that type of behavior.
      Christ's eternally redeeming Blood was shed, and thru your faith in this, in Jesus,  God has spiritually recreated you by being born again by the Holy Spirit,<> THIS  has created your Standing.  And  That is  How God SEES YOU at all times.
      Your State, is how you are behaving, at any given time.
      Let me simplify it.
      Standing is Salvation
      State is daily living // discipleship
      Jesus your redeemer IS your Standing
      Your behavior, IS your state
      Those 2, are not the same.
      Standing = God's perspective of you, as He sees you THRU the Blood Atonement, at all times = born again, which is your Standing.
      State - Is how you see you, that is  based on your behavior, at all times.
      Your state, does not affect your Standing, because your Standing is created by Jesus, and maintained by God.  THEY caused you to be in the STANDING of being born again.
      Your state, your behavior, has nothing to do with this, and cannot effect your STANDING......not ever.
    • By Behold
      Casting Curses,.... this is an interesting topic.

      Witches cast them.
      Unbelievers are under one ...  John 3:36. This is the judgement of God against every Christ rejector, that is created originally by the "curse of the law",....... that "Jesus has removed the curse of the Law", FROM the Born Again, because of the Cross... "Cursed is everyone who HANGS on a TREE"..(Cross).

      Also, its all about and related to, the power of the "tongue". As your bible tells you that "life and death" are IN the power of the tongue.... the words you speak.
      The words of Jesus are Truth and Life.
      When Jesus spoke, it was Truth or Life filled words.
      The word of the Gospel, preached and then BELIEVED, becomes a holy seed that can regenerate, thru the Holy Spirit, a dead spirit in a person and cause it/them to be Born Again.

      Words are very powerful.

      God "spoke" the world into existence THRU the Word.
      Jesus is the "Word", pre-incarnate and "The word made flesh, Incarnate..... and that is why He is acclaimed to be and explained as the Creator in Colossians 1:16
      In John 1:10 you are told that Jesus stood on the world He Created.
      Consider that the baby feet of Jesus, .. the very first time they touched the dirt of the earth, were touching the World that He, as God Incarnate, created when He was still. "The Word was with God", "in the Beginning".

      How do you curse yourself, if you are a Born Again Christian?
      By what you say.  
      Your words are the power of your "tongue" creating your destiny. Every word you speak is a seed being sown, and every seed you sow out of your MOUTH, will come back to you, as a harvest.
      Your NT says that you will be judged by the words that you speak, and this means that your own words will become your judge and your destiny, while you are alive, and when they profess the Faith you have In Christ, ..... God then accepts this as "faith is counted as Righteousness"...= to give you the "Righteousness of Christ" and "The Gift of Salvation".

      There is also the fact that even tho Jesus "has redeemed us from the curse of the law" on the CROSS so that all judgment due us for our sin that was previously waiting for us in Eternity, before we were saved, has been given to HIM...  YET..His death does not remove this problem..= The law of "sowing and reaping". So, you have 2 things to deal with in your life that are word based and deed based, .......harvests.  
      What you speak is a seed, and what you do is a "sowing and reaping" deed situation.
      If you are in the FAITH,..... if you are really focused on discipleship and serving God and studying to show yourself approved and daily live to please God, very God conscience, then you will watch your mouth and you will control your deeds so that you do not bring upon yourself, their bad fruit as a harvest of pain, sorrow, and worse.

      Let me show you how you can get cancer, a heart attack, a stroke, a brain tumor....etc, etc.. just using your own mouth.
      You do it like this....

      """"well, you know, my mama had high blood pressure, mental illness, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, a temper problem, blindness, AND I BET I'LL GET IT TOOOOOO""""".

      SEE THAT? You just prayed the prayer of FAITH to get SICK, and maybe DIE.
      So......Watch your mouth. Your mouth is a POWER to bring to your life, whatever you speak and BELIEVE.
      Or as Jesus said, "whatsover ye believe , you shall have it".
      "thy Faith hath made you whole".
      And your FAITH can make you SICK.

      Saint, ... FAITH can harm you, if you are using it to harm yourself.

      Watch your mouth.
      Never curse yourself with it, or the people you love, etc, etc....
    • By Behold
      Paul teaches that you are to ""examine yourself to see if you are IN the Faith"".  This is similar to the idea of walking IN the Spirit.  If you are not IN the faith, then you are "fallen from Grace".  If you are not walking IN the Spirit, then you are walking IN the Flesh.   All of this is related to, "you are not UNDER the Law, but UNDER Grace.
       Walking in the Spirit, means you are walking in the Law of Grace.  You are "under" it.  When you are walking in the "flesh", you are "under the curse of the law".  Now, if you are born again, you can't actually ever again be under the curse of the Law. And this is because Christ has redeemed you from the curse of the law, as it is written "cursed is everyone who hangs on the Tree". But with respect to what you BELIEVE, you can put yourself out of the Spirit and into the Flesh by no longer believing that Christ keeps you saved.  Moving from Spirit (belief) to (flesh) unbelief, happens when a born again person is no longer trusting in Christ to Keep Them Saved.  Paul describes this as "falling FROM Grace"...into the Flesh.  When this happens to a born again person, their faith is "dead".
      How to understand this perfectly?   = Grace: is Jesus saving you.   Flesh: is you trying to keep yourself saved.
      Walking in the Spirit is walking in the Grace of God, as fully understood and BELIEVED.   Walking in the flesh, is falling away from faith in Christ to keep you saved, and you have now become your own savior, and you yourself are trying to keep yourself saved.
      Some of you think that walking in the Spirit means that you are living a holy life.   And that walking in the flesh means you are living in sin, or sinning a lot. But what that scripture says is that " you won't fulfill the lusts of your flesh if you walk in the Spirit".  Understand that the power to stop sinning is God's Grace working in you.  And what causes you to sin is to be away from Grace and into your own SELF Resistance of your carnal desires, and when you are there,  you'll fail every time.  Its only God's Grace that gives you the Power to stop sinning.  So, when you are fallen from Grace, you are literally at the mercy of your own strong fleshly urges, and you are going to fall and fall and fall into "works of the FLESH".....sin.    Did you ever read that verse that says, "God will give you the desires of your heart"?   And maybe you were taught that this means....> If you stay true and faithful then all the stuff you want, you can have it?  Well, not quite. This verse is actually teaching you that God will put new desires in your heart, Holy Desires, Holiness Desires, HIS Desires.  He will remake your heart to have the desires that God wants in there..... He is giving them to you.... He is replacing your carnal heart desires with NEW desires ....... HIS.
      Back to this now......
      The Truth is.... that  walking in the full understanding of the Grace of God, ....this LIGHT..... is to be walking in the Spirit which is actually the very same thing as "walking in the Light".... and when you are not doing this, when you are instead trying to keep yourself saved,  then you have stopped trusting in Christ, your faith is dead because  you have moved from spirit to flesh and you are walking in the darkness.   You have mentally shifted from heart faith in Christ, to head faith in yourself.  From Light to dark.    From Spirit to flesh.
      You  are flesh.  And the Spirit, is the Holy Spirit.   They are not the same.    When you are walking "in Christ", in THE real Faith, then you are "walking in the spirit" and "walking in the Light"..  See.... The Light is Truth, and Jesus is THE Truth. So, when you are believing correctly, you are walking in the Truth, in the Spirit, in the LIGHT,   And when you are not believing correctly, you are walking in the flesh, and in the dark.
      When your faith has shifted from faith in Christ alone to keep you saved, to faith in yourself to stay saved....=  to work, endure, keep commandments, keep the Torah, keep yourself holy..... When all THAT and more is what you are trusting in to keep you saved, then your faith has shifted from what Christ DID For You, to what you are now DOING for yourself.   Your faith in Him, is dead.   You have become your own savior.  You are in the FLESH.  The flesh has become your truth and your faith.  There is no Light in the flesh.
      Paul says to EXAMINE yourself to see if you are IN the Faith.
      So here is the test.  And be honest with yourself when you think about this.... as God already knows the answer, Saint.
      How do you find out if you are fallen from Grace and are in the flesh, or walking in the Spirit and The Light ?
      = Answer this.  :    What are you trusting , right now, to keep you out of HELL. ??
        Now, Listen, i didnt ask you what you are trusting to get you into heaven.
      See,  What  you are trusting to keep you out of Hell, is going to show you what you are trusting in, truthfully, 100%.  Its your literal  Faith examination.
      Here is the answer=  if you are fallen from grace and are NOT walking in the Spirit.
      "i am trusting in Christ, BUT........"
      "i am trusting in Christ ,...........BUT".
      "im an trusting in Christ.,.......BUT".
      Now do you see that "but"?........That ADD ON,  is your  current savior.  Its all that you will tell us that you have to do so that you dont Go To HELL, as long as you keep on doing it........ but if you stop, you will go to Hell.
      Now let me show you a few false Saviors that are on your list, ....some of you..
      1. "enduring to the end".    And i ask you, did enduring to the end, hang on a Cross for you to Save you and keep you saved?    
      2. "Not living in sin".  And i ask you, did not living in sin, hang on a Cross for you to SAVE you and keep you saved?
      3. "obey the Torah"........So, i ask you, did obeying the Torah hang on a Cross to Save you and keep you saved?
      4. "keeping the commandments, and being obedient".......  So, i ask you, did keeping the commandments and being obedient, hang on a Cross to Save you and keep you saved?
      5. "being water baptized".....  So, i ask you, did being water baptized hang on a Cross to save you and keep you saved?   Did the dying Thief on the Cross who believed on Jesus, and went to Heaven......was he water baptized after he died on the Cross?
      6. "holding onto my faith".... So, i ask you, did  holding onto your faith, hang on a Cross to save you and keep you saved?
      So, did any on that list DIE FOR YOUR SIN or pay for them all?   = NO.   And that is because none of those can save you or keep you saved.  None of them is a SAVIOR.  And its only THE SAVIOR who can get you into heaven and keep you out of hell.
      See it?  = Who is that?
      So, what are you trusting in to keep you out of HELL?   Is it in that list?  Is it in another list?   If so, you are fallen from grace and have another Savior, and your faith is dead because are not walking in The Light, as Jesus is The Light and THE SAVIOR .
      If you are walking in the Spirit, then your only answer has to be ..."Jesus saved me, and Jesus KEEPS ME SAVED", = out of Hell.
      Thats Faith.  Thats walking in the Spirit.  Thats walking IN the Light, as all this is based on what you BELIEVE.    And that is how you examine yourself to find out if you are IN the Faith, or "fallen from Grace".
    • By yeeindi
      I dont know what to say. 
      it's like people would rather drama then an honest miracle. 
      I've seen heaps. 
      I believe in you. 
      I love you guys. 
      Merry Christmas 
    • By Behold
      Here is how to understand the "curse of the Law" and HOW God resolved and eliminated this curse from you.
      God, as Christ...... came here, to fulfill the Law so that we are no longer "cursed" by it.
      And what is this "curse"?  The curse, is that the Law/Commandments can't give you Righteousness.  This is why God said he "found fault" with the 1st Covenant. (Torah)   Hebrews 8:7.
      In other words, the law and commandments, (Torah) (Old Testament) can't give you what God requires you to have, so that He can accept you and save you.  (born again).
      He "found fault" with the Torah, with the Law, with the Commandments. Hebrews 8:7   This is the 1st Covenant. (Torah) (Old Testament)   So, He created the NEW Covenant, the NEW TESTAMENT, as the solution for this "fault" that He recognized as the "Law" "commandments" (Torah) (Old Testament)
      So, what is the eternal issue?  What is the "fault", what is the FAILURE of the TORAH, (old testament)  the Commandments, and the Law?  Why did God have to replace them with Himself on a Cross, to offer GRACE in place of works and law and commandments?
      The reason is.....all the Law can do, all the commandments can do, is JUDGE YOU.   That is what they do.  That is all they can do.    See, the reason you and me and everyone born, is a SINNER, is because the LAW and Commandments, have pronounced us to be failures at keeping them....= TRANSGRESSORS of the Law and Commandments....= YOU ARE A SINNER, as defined by the LAW and COMMANDMENTS, that you have broken.  "all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God".....SAYS THE LAW.......SAYS THE COMMANDMENTS.
      So, that is all the law and commandments can do .....is JUDGE YOU.   So, God "found fault" with this, (Torah) (Law),...Hebrews 8:7   = because you can't be given righteousness by them....So, God created a new Eternal contract with you, that He offers as "the gift of righteousness" , that frees you from the "curse of the law" that has perfectly defined you as a SINNER.   So, to do this, He had to create and did create,  a New Covenant.   God's covenants are BLOOD based.  Sacrifice Based.    As in the Old, you had animal sacrifices, and in the New Covenant you have JESUS"S BLOOD that establishes the NEW TESTAMENT, or New Covenant.   So, this New Testament, is God's 2nd and NEW Covenant that He offers as a REDEMPTION FROM the 1st Covenant, (law and commandments)(old testament)(Torah) that JUDGED you all your life as a sinner.   So, the NEW Covenant, the NEW Testament, is Jesus shedding blood and dying, to release you and to eternally free you forever from the Law  that was judging you as a sinner.
      Jesus Himself took this judgment due YOU, required by the Law,  and died in your place for it.  And because He did this on the Cross, God is able to take THAT FINISHED Redemption, and offer it as the " GIFT of RIGHTEOUSNESS" that replaces the Law, The old testament, 1st Covenant, Torah....... and establishes you as "the righteousness of Christ".....= This is God's SALVATION... Its a Blood Atonement that eliminates the Law's ability to judge you as a sinner, and establishes you AS a "new creation". "IN Christ"... as "born again" into God's family... = As the "righteousness of Christ".    You have been changed if you are born again.  You are now "in Christ", and no longer under the Law, IF you are Born again.
      Redemption, Salvation, = is the Grace of God....Its the mercy of God, where He himself, as Christ, has resolved this issue of the Law being able to judge you as a SINNER.   He has removed this JUDGEMENT..  And in its place is the New Covenant<>New Testament. = The GRACE OF GOD.  "Justification BY Faith".  "The GIFT of Righteousness".
      The "Gospel" is defining HOW He did this......  And "Grace thru faith, without the law, without works", is the Method and REASON.   Literally.
      So, when we say a person is "saved"....they are saved from "the curse of the law" that was defining them as a SINNER.  And they are also saved from HELL, where they were going, because the Law and Commandments had judged them worthy to go there.
      God's Grace has resolved ALL of  this, and this is the Eternal effect of the  Blood Atonement, that is applied to a BELIEVER,  by God, thru FAITH =  when you "believe in Jesus". And are BORN AGAIN.
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