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Marilyn C

The Declaration of Principles: Peace & Safety.

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`DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES for Freedom, Prosperity and Peace.

`We, citizens, former officials, and representatives of governments and private entities, united by common values, have agreed as follows:

For seven decades, free nations have drawn upon common principles to advance freedom, increase prosperity, and secure peace. The resulting order, built on the foundation of democratic values and human dignity, has brought better lives for our citizens and billions of people around the world.`

The above is an excerpt from the Atlantic Council and CIGI, (Centre for international Governance Innovation). These are two research institutions that influence the leaders of today.

Former officials and representatives of government such as Madeline Albright (former secretary of State, USA) Stephen Hadley, (Former national security Advisor, USA) Gareth Evans, (Former Minister of Foreign affairs, Australia) Allan Rock, (Former Minister of Justice, Canada), David Miliband (Former Foreign Secretary, UK), and many others from around the world gathered together to formulate this Declaration of Principles.

There is much talk of rights, security, prosperity, justice and rule of law. There is the real drive to get all peoples and nations to join and implement these principles. Yet hidden amid all these `fine and noble` statements we find that there is a very serious agenda.


`Principles are not self-executing. Working with all who are ready to join us, we will develop a plan of action to implement these principles and advance our common goals……

We will establish a standing mechanism to track compliance with these principles and call out those that are seeking to undermine them.

We will urge our governments to act when these principles are violated.

We will stand firm behind our principles and work together to advance freedom, prosperity, justice, security and peace for all nations.`


The Principles include -

- Ensure equal protection and non discrimination with regard to race, religion, ……sexual identity.

- Support the peaceful settlement of disputes…& refrain from use of force, except as just and necessary to advance these principles.

And much more involving climate, environment, food, water, medical supplies, etc.


We have had the Global Principles for a while - tolerance, inclusiveness, respect, etc but interpreted by man and not God. Now however we will see that anyone who does not comply with these Global Principles will be penalized. No wonder the Ruby player, (Israel Folau) in Australia was stood down from his position, for he violated these principles. He quoted the Bible of who would go to hell, including homosexuals. Thus he was discriminating against those with that sexual identity. 

And the enforcing of these Principles will not end there…….


`While they are saying, "Peace and safety."  (Note: safety & security are the same word in Greek.)



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22 hours ago, Not me said:

Scary stuff. I wonder if this is what is meant; 

“by peace will many be destroyed”

I see the two camps being separated. Those that love unrighteousness on one side, and those that love righteousness on the other. By whatever names they would be called. 

(my thinks)


Much love in Christ, Not me 


Hi Not me,

I thought I`d reply over in this prophetic section as we are now moving into discussing that. Good scripture regarding the last Gentile global leader, (the anti-Christ) and he certainly will deceive many be offering peace. Now that `peace` is, as I see it, more to do with treaties between nations. He is a Political leader and as such negotiates with other nations by Peace treaties.

This Declaration of Principles of "Peace and Safety," has more to do with citizens behaviour coming into line with the Global values of the UN, (United nations). And this declaration has `teeth,` meaning those who are coming together to uphold it will use force where they see necessary when people try to come against it. The rugby player in Australia had a million dollar contract to play, but because he posted scripture on facebook as to who would go to hell, he was penalised. He was made an example to other clubs, schools, and all parts of society that you are not to go against the world`s values. These values they believe will bring "Peace and Safety."

regards, Marilyn.

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Posted (edited)

Daniel 7:25 (NKJV)
“He shall speak [pompous] words against the Most High, Shall persecute the saints of the Most High, And shall intend to change times and law. Then [the saints] shall be given into his hand For a time and times and half a time.”

I have wondered if where it says;

“change the ~~~~~~law”

Seeing how all “law(s)”are for the defining of right and wrong. By changing the “law” could that mean the changing of peoples perception and understanding of right and wrong. For this is what we see happening in the world today. The belief in what is right and wrong are  being changed.  

This is what I see is the purpose of this “Declaration of Principles” is for. It is for the purpose of changing peoples perception and   definitions of right and wrong, It is to put it in writing to make it palatable to human reasoning not knowing that human reasoning is worldly wisdom and it stands apposed to the ordinances of God.

(my ponderings) 

Much love in Christ, Not me 

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