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We had recently here as Worthy had a spirited discussion about homosexuality and discrimination in the church. The nature of the discussion did not allow for too much thoroughness in related issues, and the theology around them. I was cruising YouTube this morning, and coincidentally, this topic came up in the recommended for you suggestions, probably because I have watched some Walter Martin videos.

Anyway, I found them informational and helpful, in understanding some of the issues and background to these topics. There are several views represented, and they are moderated, so it does not get out of control. So, for you consideration are the following four videos:





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    • By Melinda12
      I used to go without fail. Then illness meant i stopped for several weeks.
      Instead i read my bible daily, pray and do my own study and prayer. I make time for it and treasure it. 
      Now i find myself asking, do i really want or need to go to church on Sundays? I found people there irritating and tedious. I was always rushing to get there, being roped in for various duties and being ignored and sidelined for other roles that i would have loved. The pastor was a pompous man, not inspiring, just did his job. I sat next to people who fidgeted, were ignorant and closed minded about God's Word. They chatted as if it was a social club. I was growing fast as a passionate Christian but getting little support. I enjoyed the hymns best and preaching kind of. I never felt the pastor truly spoke it from the heart. 
      Now i think - who needs it? I don't. How was all that bringing me nearer to God?  I prefer to have a leisurely get up on a sunday. Pray. Read Bible in the bathroom while my bath runs. Pray as i bathe - why not? Prepare a nice early roast and be all relaxed listening to hymns or watching 'Songs of Praise' later instead of a rushed mad thing! Enjoy my Sabbath. 
      So, my motivation to attend church has gone. I intend only to go for special occasions. Am i wrong? Is it God's command to collectively worship? Or is that just a personal choice? 
    • By Ryan2203
      Edit:(sorry my question was not clear enough) 
      Should I a Christian attend an Orthodox Church? My roommate is orthodox and I go to church with him almost every Sunday. Should I keep doing this? I don’t really have the ability to go to another church since I don’t have a car and I live in an area with not many Christian churches.
    • By Ryan2203
      Is it a sin if I don’t attend church? I have the ability to go to a church (it’s not very far) but I choose not too. It’s just not for me, I’d rather pray, read, and praise God on my own. If it’s a sin then I’ll happily go. 
    • By RarexxRose
      Father forgive all those who play with spiritual things that they ought not to be playing with; primarily church people. Forgive those who might have had the best intentions but got it ALL Wrong. Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Amen
    • By Omegaman 3.0
      I was saved in 1979 and soon after, I was attending an adult Sunday School class at Melodyland in Anaheim, CA, taught by Walter Martin. I had been doing some Bible study on my own on the topic of being filled with the Spirit. In that, I had noticed that the idea of "boldness" was very frequently associated with Spirit filling. I was very privileged to hear Dr. Martin speak to how boldness can be used in our lives as Christian.
      I really miss this man, but really was blessed to watch him speak passionately again in this video, about things the should matter to Christians who love the people for whom Christ died! This is Part 1, Part 2 will follow in a separate post in this thread.
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