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Thank you to everyone who commented or reacted to posts over the past few days. I never really thought a chatsite could be of much benefit because I have an addictive personality and just becone addicted which isn't good..but it has been a different experience in here so far because I have met some beautiful, funny, caring genuine people in here both saved and not saved and it has been a blessing...I also have received some very wise advice mostly backed up by the word of God and also a lot of encouragement...the most important thing is that God gets the glory because He is worthy of all glory honour and praise! I did a post asking "where is the love" well I can tell you there is definitely love being shown in here! Honesty, gentleness, patience, kindness, encouragement, comfort, etc there is also arguments at times lol but in general there is a genuine care for eachother! It's a privilage to be here 💕

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