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Who loves baseball

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I love baseball and watch it when it's televised otherwise I listen on the local radio station..

Who's your favorite team (s)? Why?

Before you ask mine is the Chicago Cubs. I was brought up on them. My father and I used to watch them.

Also I went to some games with my Dad and my ex-husband. I hope they could do it again this year. Right now for some reason it seems that every time Joe Madden the coach switches the order and who is playing they get stuck in a rut. Also he doesn't some times takes out a pitcher when he should and that's not good. He gives them the benefit of the doubt and waits for the other team to score and get out of reach.

They are going back and forth with the Milwaukee Brewers right now. Hopefully very soon they will be in first place again.

Go Cubs !!! :41::emot-dance:

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