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    • By Omegaman 3.0
      The Universe is Revelation from God
      There is a post here which discusses the Bible as the revelation of God. The Bible has very specific information about God Himself, and about that nature of man, and the problems created by the differences between the will of mankind (as individuals) and the will of God. Much of the Bible though, is limited as a revelation, because mankind has a limited ability to understand the Bible. Some things are spiritually understood, and are understood only by those who have God’s Spirit. In this sense then, the Bible is a revelation intended for the people of God.
      The universe is different. Though it lacks a lot of the specificity that the Bible has, it has a kind of revelation that is understood (or can be) understood by those with the ability to think, and the powers of observation. This topic, explores some of that.
      Rom 1:19-21 God reveals Himself through His creation, there is no excuse to reject God
      Acts 17:28 Paul acknowledged Greek poets and philosophers, knew there was a Creator
      Acts 14:17 God testified about Himself, as a provider to mankind
      Rom 2:4 God's kindness toward us, should lead us to repentance
      Rom 2:14-15 Our conscience, tells us there is right and wrong, we understand that
      Rom 1:32 People know not to sin, yet even encourage others to sin also
      This revelation is available to all, so we call this general revelation
      Rom 1:18-3:19 God's wrath and judgement await unrepentant sinners
      What scripture reveals beyond this general revelation, and this is very important, is that man is a sinner, sin separated man from God, and this separation is permanent unless God intervenes and provides a way of salvation from our sin and the effects of it. This we call special or specific revelation.
    • By Behold
      We understand that if someone is kidnapped, and this person belongs to an important, powerful, rich, person, then the kidnappers will want a ransom. (payment)
      A "ransom" is a buying back, of something, or of someone.
      When you became born again, when you were saved, God paid a ransom for you, and this is the Blood of Jesus.
      "you are not your own, you are BOUGHT with a PRICE"....>"You are Christ's and Christ is God's".
      The Blood of Jesus, is the full payment paid for your ransom, that has "blood bought" you back to God from your "lost" , "separated from God by sin", condition.
      When a preacher or teacher uses the term "blood bought", they are referring to the ransom that God paid, ....a literal payment which is the cost of-for your sin debt that you owed God, that is Hell and the Lake of Fire.
      So, the Blood of Jesus paid the PRICE for the eternal judgement due you, so that you would not be eternally damned, and eventually end up in Hell <> Lake of Fire after you died.
      All This is the eternal consequence of the payment that God accepted on your behalf when Christ was offering Himself FOR YOU, bearing your sin, and in fact "Christ became sin".....on the Cross.
      This Blood Atomentment Payment is eternally applied to you, as a free gift, the same instant that you from your heart, "called on the name of Jesus", and "received Christ as your Savior".
      (Justification by Faith) = Alone.
      In the present, after you are born again,  there are 4 main things that you are ransomed from, based on the Blood of Christ being your accepted "payment due" to God for your LIFETIME of sinning and unbelief.
      1. You are redeemed (ransomed from- delivered from) your Adamic Nature
      2. You are redeemed (ransomed from-delivered from) Sin's power.
      3. You are redeemed from (ransomed from-delivered from) The Curse of the Law.
      4. You are redeemed (ransomed from-delivered from) The Devil.
      Now there are other things that are involved in your ransom that would be counted as part of your redemption :   Becoming an Heir of God and a Joint Heir with Jesus......and also,  health, prosperity, abundant life, prayer's answered, etc.
    • By Michael37
      Oh dear. The cost of posting a letter in NZ has just increased because the use of postal services is declining at a "significant rate". One of many things that being in the future requires us to adapt to.
      Quote: NZPOST Changes From July 1st 2019
      Why did New Zealand Post increase prices?
      The price of sending a standard letter within New Zealand increased by 10 cents to $1.30 on 1 July 2019, to better reflect the true cost of sending a letter.
      NZ Post delivers over 400 million mail items a year, but the number of letters sent continues to drop at a significant rate. We’re working hard to keep the cost of posting mail as low as possible, by significantly reducing our network costs and making big changes to how we operate.
      How did the letter price affect KiwiStamps?
      Existing KiwiStamps retained their value. You can use any KiwiStamps you have already purchased for Standard Mail after 1 July 2019, without paying any more postage. New packs of KiwiStamps purchased from 1 July 2019 reflects the new pricing.
      Why did NZ Post increase the price to send a letter or parcel overseas?
      Letter volumes around the world are declining, while the cost to process and deliver mail continues to rise. We have worked hard to keep prices as low as possible, however we need to increase the price from time to time.
      It has actually become difficult to find an actual post box when the need to actually post a letter arises. These red NZPost boxes used to be numerous and handy but they have been slowly disppearing and we have the strange situation now that when we post a letter in Hamilton for an address in Hamilton it actually gets taken 123kms (77miles) north to Auckland for sorting before being delivered back to its destination in Hamilton. This can take up to ten days now that all Hamilton's mail sorting centres have been closed down to reduce overheads.
      We do have some privately owned postal providers in NZ but they are more expensive than the state provider: 
      The State-Owned Enterprises Act 1986 required New Zealand Post to operate as a successful business and to be:
      as profitable and efficient as comparable businesses not owned by the Crown a good employer an organisation that exhibits a sense of social responsibility by having regard to the interests of the community in which it operates and by endeavouring to accommodate or encourage these when it is able to do so. The Act also spelled out the broad nature of the Crown’s ownership of the company, defining the role of directors and outlining the responsibilities of shareholding Ministers. The reporting requirements for SOEs are also outlined in the Act.
      The Act creates an arms-length relationship by distancing management tasks from political control. Under the Act, the Government must fund any non-commercial activities that the Government wants carried out.
      The decline of the postal system is not actually a big problem for me personally as I don't post many letters now, doing most of my invoicing by email, but it is one of the small things that add up to a major changing of ways in a person's lifetime. 
    • By Abby-Joy
      This song really ministers to me, especially when I'm going through a long fierce storm.  
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