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Daniel Marsh

how to make an infield grandslam

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when I got an infield grand slam.   As I stepped on first base I felt the ball get wedged partly under it and keep going.   Myself the Umpire and Third Base coach knew where it was.   Their bench was in confusion.  They were yelling it is over here and over there in the outfield.  Their whole team including the Catcher went outfield in search of it.   Half way between Second and Third both of my knees gave out.   I crawled to Third.   Since everyone was in the outfield I crawled to Home Plate.  A few feet from Home Plate I was able to get up and moon walked over home plate.   And, promptly fell down again.   I asked the Umpire does he want to tell them where the ball is?  He said, no let them twist in the wind a little.   So, He was given a chair and we all sat in the shade watching them search for a ball even thou the game was over.   As the new teams got there a little girl went out on the field pick up the ball and said something like look what I found.  At which point their whole team in the outfield fell down in disbelief.  LOL

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