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Can You Lose Your Salvation?

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21 hours ago, JLB said:


Jesus told those who are “in Christ” to remain “in Him” or be cast into the fire and burned. If anyone does not abide in Me, he is cast out as a branch and is withered; and they gather them and throw them into the fire, and they are burned. John 15:6Here is how the Bible instructs is to remain “in Him”. Now he who keeps His commandments abides in Him, and He in him. And by this we know that He abides in us, by the Spirit whom He has given us. 1 John 3:24



Show me someone in the New Testament who believes in Christ who was cast out and burned?

You can't.   As this person does not exist.

It never happened and it will never happen.

Jesus/God will never leave the Temple of the Holy Spirit.  And that is everyone who is born again.

"abiding"  as you are twisting it, is just your terrible theology..  It has nothing to do with the NT as you are misrepresenting it..  It has nothing to do with Paul or Christ.

You believe you can lose your salvation, so you run from forum to forum with the same cut and paste man made legalistic theology.

JLB, You never talk about the Cross. You never talk about the blood of Jesus.  You never talk about Jesus as Redeemer.  You never speak a sentence that has anything to do with the "Grace of God".   

You never even attempt to post any response or Thread that has anything to do with the Cross, The Grace of God, Justification by faith, or eternal life.

You have one message that you like to try to beat believers with, and not just on this forum, and your one message is....."you can lose your salvation if you dont .=____________""""" Whatever it is you think.

So, if i might offer you some kind advice.    You need to learn about Salvation, and The Grace of God,  and the Blood Atonement, and Justification by faith, and the imputed righteousness of Jesus The Christ,  and talk about this, instead of  only and always your  single minded idea of trying to save yourself by your deeds and lifestyle.

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    • By Behold
      We understand that if someone is kidnapped, and this person belongs to an important, powerful, rich, person, then the kidnappers will want a ransom. (payment)
      A "ransom" is a buying back, of something, or of someone.
      When you became born again, when you were saved, God paid a ransom for you, and this is the Blood of Jesus.
      "you are not your own, you are BOUGHT with a PRICE"....>"You are Christ's and Christ is God's".
      The Blood of Jesus, is the full payment paid for your ransom, that has "blood bought" you back to God from your "lost" , "separated from God by sin", condition.
      When a preacher or teacher uses the term "blood bought", they are referring to the ransom that God paid, ....a literal payment which is the cost of-for your sin debt that you owed God, that is Hell and the Lake of Fire.
      So, the Blood of Jesus paid the PRICE for the eternal judgement due you, so that you would not be eternally damned, and eventually end up in Hell <> Lake of Fire after you died.
      All This is the eternal consequence of the payment that God accepted on your behalf when Christ was offering Himself FOR YOU, bearing your sin, and in fact "Christ became sin".....on the Cross.
      This Blood Atomentment Payment is eternally applied to you, as a free gift, the same instant that you from your heart, "called on the name of Jesus", and "received Christ as your Savior".
      (Justification by Faith) = Alone.
      In the present, after you are born again,  there are 4 main things that you are ransomed from, based on the Blood of Christ being your accepted "payment due" to God for your LIFETIME of sinning and unbelief.
      1. You are redeemed (ransomed from- delivered from) your Adamic Nature
      2. You are redeemed (ransomed from-delivered from) Sin's power.
      3. You are redeemed from (ransomed from-delivered from) The Curse of the Law.
      4. You are redeemed (ransomed from-delivered from) The Devil.
      Now there are other things that are involved in your ransom that would be counted as part of your redemption :   Becoming an Heir of God and a Joint Heir with Jesus......and also,  health, prosperity, abundant life, prayer's answered, etc.
    • By JubileeJigsaw
      I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior and told Him to come into my heart on July 28, 2019. However, my mind just started cursing towards Him. It made me miserable for days. My grandfather said to trust in Jesus; my faith is incredibly low, yet I know Jesus rose from the dead.
      Last night (August 8), I just thought, “I reject the Holy Spirit”, then boom! My body just felt a release. I felt incredibly scared, sad, and incredibly numb. I talked to my church's college & career leaders tonight and they told me that God will never leave me and He still loves me.
      Now, either I'm acting like I don't care or I'm feeling better? I don't know. I mean, when I listen to a Christian song, I don't feel much. When I listened to an audio sermon from Rick Warren's "The Purpose Driven Life", I also felt nothing.
      Did I actually commit the unpardonable sin? Did the Holy Spirit actually leave me? Am I really going to Hell? Am I not really saved? Why am I not really caring?
    • By nobleseed
      the Lord kept me from sin, hallelujah, he kept me from sinning, God be praised, he took the temptation away from me, he denied me the thing i desired, sing his praises, he kept me from compromise and saved my integrity and in uprightness of heart i will serve him, amen
    • By PeachySunrise
      Hello. I am a teenager that has been brought up in a Christian family surrounded by Christian people all of my life. I believed in God but could never say I was saved or had what some would call a personal relationship with him. I went to church, prayed, participated in church activities but never had that connection with Christ. I have struggled with this throughout my life. When I was little I used to attend church with my grandmother rather often. I used to love going to church with her until I was about 11 years old. They are the kind of church that preaches “get saved or burn in hell for all of eternity” type. Well, her church holds the belief that until you are 11 years old if you were to die you would get a free ticket to heaven and not have to be saved. After that, however, if you were to die unsaved you would go to hell. So nearing the time I was 11 in their belief my ‘’free ticket to heaven” was about to run out.
      They became pushy on trying to get me to repent and put me on the spot a lot. Although it was never said aloud they and my grandmother believed that the denomination of church we go to is “wrong.” So, when their revival week rolled around my grandmother would always try to guilt us into going even though we really didn’t want to. They would put us on the spot often and make us feel really awkward especially concerning salvation. I know they have good intentions and I love my grandmother and everyone there but their type of church is just not for me. I don’t believe that you can make someone get saved but that they have to find Christ when he is ready for them.
      Needless to say, however, the whole being saved thing has always been something really awkward for me and something I have tried to avoid mostly due to those experiences. However, if there is one thing that going to my grandma’s church really imprinted into my mind it was that I was lost and really did need to get saved. It was often something I tried to shove away but I did know if I didn’t get saved it was an eternity in hell for me. This has often bothered me throughout my life and this weight on my heart was brought about again when listening to my preacher’s sermon today. I honestly don’t quite remember what it was about but it evoked in my heart the feeling that I have had many times before that I needed to get saved. I once again tried to push it away but it lingered in my heart throughout the day. Later on in the afternoon when I was back home in my room the feeling that I needed Christ and was lacking him was brought into my heart. I decided to close my bedroom door and pray by my bedside in hopes that I would finally gain salvation.
      I am definitely not the most faithful person but I repented of sins and told him I was ready to accept him as my lord and savior. I didn’t feel entirely ready but realized that I am never going to be perfectly ready to accept him. I tried to let go of my fear surrounding salvation and after I felt I was finished I said amen and felt that a weight was lifted off of me. That feeling in my heart was gone and I felt light. However, although I felt light I was like “uh, so did I just get saved? This isn’t exactly how I pictured getting saved felt like.” All of my life I have heard that once people get saved they feel peaceful and just know they are saved. However the fact that I was questioning the fact on rather I was saved right after that leads me to believe that that may have not have been salvation. I know it can be different for everybody but I am just kinda confused. I am not really doubting the experience just wondering if that is what it is supposed to be like. It was nice and all but I think if I was actually saved I would "feel it in my heart." It’s been a few hours and I just feel like it’s a regular night. Was I actually saved or not? Some kind of help would be lovely, sorry for the long story and thanks a lot =).
      Edit: I wrote this last night and it's now the next morning. I have been thinking about it all morning and can't help but think that was it? Wow so much confusion haha
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