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The great Artist in the sky

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I originally penned this back in the late 90's after listening to two guys on t.v that were talking about how great some singers were and that they were the best artists of their time. And it made me think. . No, your not the greatest artist. God is and I thought to pen the words I was thinking at the moment of how simple the gospel was.


                                                                                                     The great artist in the sky

Come and listen to my story,

of the great artist in the sky, he made our world.

He's a friend of me and you.  He hung diamonds in the sky.

Every hill is dotted with trees and little honey bees.

Every valley below has a river running through.

Every ocean has fish, and painted blue.

 He came down from that great big sky one special day and said;

I have good news for you.

There is peace with my Father in that great big sky,

and stretched out His arms and died for me and you.

But don't be sad, cause he rose up right away,

and went back up into that great big sky.

And every heart that believes this story

is painted with a special paint called joy.

And He says to his Father, here's another one

to keep with us forever in our great big sky.



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@appy :)Praise God! I love your poem and its wonderful message. Thanks for sharing it. God bless you, sister.

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