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Loving Jesus enough to obey Him ensures salvation

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27 minutes ago, Blood Bought 1953 said:

So it would be.....By Grace you are saved, plus Turning over a New Leaf , so every  man can boast.....

Interesting, just not Biblical .....

Its pure and simple “ Will Worship”, which Paul has warned us about.....using one’s self-control and will power to “ clean ourselves up”. That can fool some people with what is nothing more than religion- one can really make that “ outside of the cup” sparkle . Then ,by comparison, there is God’s Way. Invite Him in and let HIM clean the inside of the cup and everything else will take care of itself.Only God can clean the inside of a person and TRANSFORM him into the image of His Son.Trust Him and He will do what ONLY He can do.Trust yourself and you can join the countless Religionists who “ ape” True Christianity with their utterly useless self- effort.As always ,it’s all about Trusting. It may be a cliche , but nevertheless we have to “ Let go and let God”. That is Faith .God will not save anybody that is “trying” to go to Heaven.He will save ALL that are “Trusting” to go to Heaven.




There is no boasting in doing what is expected of us.  That just makes us unprofitable servants.  Accusations of being boastful and prideful is judgmental spin.

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