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Small town girl going to college in NYC. Any advice?

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16 minutes ago, enoob57 said:

Better of the promises God, Himself, gives us

Prov 22:6

6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


You are right... I know she has good morals and respect for others.  Just hoping she thinks clearly when surrounded by temptation and sin.

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most will taste of their independence wrongly... but praise be to God the wrong will leave an undesirable aftertaste for those who have eaten of the right...

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On 8/16/2019 at 6:36 AM, mlbrokish said:

My daughter heads off to Columbia University in a week. What advice do you have for a naive, 18 year old from a small rural community in Wisconsin going to New York City?

She's traveling out there with her older sister & a trusted guy friend of our family.

They are planning to Uber into the city from their hotel near New Jersey.

I was in Brooklyn with a pal. We had went to pool hall and he and a girl talked a lot and made a date. for next day. when he arrived at the pool hall to meet her her brother and several of his buddy's jumped him and he wound up in hospital all because he was white and not from Puerto Rico. just be careful

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2 hours ago, messedup said:

I was in Brooklyn with a pal. We had went to pool hall and he and a girl talked a lot and made a date. for next day. when he arrived at the pool hall to meet her her brother and several of his buddy's jumped him and he wound up in hospital all because he was white and not from Puerto Rico. just be careful

Wow! Thank you.  I'll make sure she is aware of things like this.  Good to know!

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7 hours ago, mlbrokish said:

Wow! Thank you.  I'll make sure she is aware of things like this.  Good to know!

hide ur money. id separate from everything else. I was pick pocketed twice on the subway and did not know til I got off all it takes is a bump and they are gone with ur stuff


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      For the Glory of Jesus Christ the only unique Son of God. My Lord, My Savior, My All.
      "For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit." Romans 14:17 
      "Therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience." Colossians 3:12
      "Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture!" I Corinthians 13:9
      "And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know." 1 Corinthians 8:2
      "Let no one deceive himself. If any of you thinks he is wise in this age, he should become a fool, so that he may become wise." 1 Corinthians 3:18
      Hello, brothers and sisters in Christ. The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ and the books of Daniel and Revelation are my teachers. I have a doctorate level education. This article is not aimed at the general assembly, it is for those who already have a background knowledge in Biblical prophecy. If you are a new Christian I strongly encourage you to ignore this and focus on the Fruits of the Spirit. An overwhelming amount of information has been summarized here. This is necessary to condense everything into a short essay. The focus is to provide new avenues for your study. It would take multiple books to expound upon all the details. I have tested every interpretation for the past 30 years. Putting each of them into the fire. Testing with the continuity of a holistic body of prophetic Biblical knowledge and fitting them into the reference of a comprehensive view of global secular events. Doing this without preconceived bias, along with the humility to change when faced with overwhelming hostile witness. Most interpretations were made back when no one knew of our current circumstances. We were not able to realize everything until after the mid 1980's. This information truly fits what is actually in the world today. It represents an extensive body of knowledge, taking a universal world view and without interference from cultural bias. All the separate events fit together in a holistic fashion with the full support of Biblical prophecy. 
      The focus of these statements are the events surrounding the fall of the Whore of Babylon. The first part is direct comparison to scripture. The last parts are manifestations of the Beast himself and twice removed from the scriptures that inspired their consideration. These statements are only my opinion, are subject to change and presented randomly. 
      The Antichrist or Counterfeit Christ that will achieve supreme global ruler status is the (Maitreya .org). On web page goto: Literature/ The Plan/ Master Plan for Planet Earth (MAP)
      The Pope fits the position of the False Prophet.
      Lamb (Christian) that speaks like a dragon (Rome)
      N.Y.C. fits the the Great Whore.
      United Nations and a melting pot of all nationalities
      Dependent on maritime world commerce
      Between two rivers
      A great coastal city
      Consumer bases economy
      Media polluting world with lust
      Separate form the Dragon
      Dominates the Dragons system
      Defeats emperor style government
      The Whore is not of the Dragon but a separate city state in a secure geographical location away from the threat of invasion.
      The Great Whore "of" Babylon and Mystery Babylon are distinctly different entities. 
      5 were, 1 is and 1 is yet to come. (Rev 17:10) This scripture is from the point of view of the Whore and is putting her in historical context.
      Daniels prophecies ties into the seven hills of the Whore and the seven headed dragon.
      5)Two divisions of Rome - Holy Rome who was defeated by Napoleon and Byzantine who's governing body relocated to Russia in the 1400's. In other words Moscow is now the seat of government in Eastern Rome having absorbed the fleeing Constantinople rulers. Czar literally means Caesar. See: "Moscow is the Third Rome".
      6)Iron and clay - This is post WWII in Europe and Middle East. The defeat of emperors and the establishment of statehood. The U.S.A. assumes hegemony over Rome's historic borders. Thus the Dragons near fatal wound that will not recover until the rise of the Antichrist.
      7)10 member group, with 3 to have undisputed global military dominance. The only group to be in a position for such power is the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (S.C.O.), made in part to counteract N.A.T.O. aggression. This organization represents 50% of the worlds population. Whereas the E.U. represents only about 12%. Germany, France and the U.K.'s potential is relatively weak. It is too far of a stretch to say the E.U. will have the military personnel for world domination. Logically, the three nations are Russia, China and India. Remember, prophecy is on a global scale at this stage and no longer confined to Rome's historic borders.
      (Rev 18:18-19) The US attack on Iran is the Pearl Harbor that will incite direct Sino-Russian engagement. Osama Bin Laden and Russian officials with the help of MS-13 have planted miniaturized thermonuclear (2-23 kiloton) bombs in the major US cities to stop this event. They are meant to be thermal, igniting large areas to create fire storms. The destructive shock wave and fallout are of secondary importance. For comprehensive details see: "Nuclear Terrorism Fact Sheet", "Al-Qaeda nukes already in U.S." and "Al Qaeda has Nuclear Weapons-CIA". 
      (Rev 18:8) New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles will be nuked when we attack Iran. It will not just be N.Y.C., but also places like L.A., Las Vegas, Miami and maybe Seattle. Places that pose risk to the occupying countries of Russia, China, Mexico and the "Islamic State" along with protecting the naval ports in Cuba and Alaska(annexed by Russia) See: "1984 Prophecy-Dumitru Duduman-Warning America"
      (Rev 17:16) Russia with the backing of China and India will take Alaska and Europe(Germany and Vatican are already in bed with Russia). Mexico will have Texas to Florida. China will have California. Islam will rule over New England.  The Gulf Coast is reserved for Mexico,  a starving and chaotic population will not be a match for the hardened militia and military grade weapons that are flooding across the boarder. Wisconsin will not be a problem for Canada, whose occupation will be welcome. See: "As if Things Weren't Bad Enough, Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S."-WSJ, "Orthodox and Catholics joining forces" and "Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (ECP)". 
      (Rev 18:17) Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua and others will coordinate their navies with Russia to enforce an embargo on the rest of the U.S. population. Cuba and Mexico will shut off trade to Gulf ports. Mexico, Venezuela, China and Nicaragua can halt Pacific lanes of traffic. Russia, Turkey and Iran(every Iranian vessel of trade has missiles) can halt Atlantic trade. England will be preoccupied with the Russian annexation of Europe. The U.S. Navy will quickly deteriorate with the destruction of the U.S. tax base. To demonstrate this outcome has merit see: "The New Russian Engagement with Latin America", "An Assessment of Russia's Military Presence in Latin America".
      40 days after the nukes the Day of Declaration will be announced to the world by Maitreya(M). The broadcast will unite world media in the process. There is an international effort to conceal M until the Day of Declaration. Over 200 network executives and world leaders meet with him and agreed upon this course of action. There are local and regional wannabes claiming Maitreya status. To see the man himself view the video "Maitreya on Baha'i Prophecies, Shi'ites, Sunnis, Ali vs Omar, Speaking in Tongues, Energy 10-20-2001"
      The following is by no means an endorsement, consider the Spirit I have been writing in. Christians weak in faith be warned, this information is a segment of the line that will be drawn in front of you at the hour of your testing. I am only showing what has been hidden from you by Lucifer, he wants to assure you will not interfere as a political or religious organization before the time and to catch you off guard with a sudden unexpected decision. See: "Maitreya’s miraculous appearance in Nairobi"( This person was not M himself, but a demonstration of how he turned Jesus into Christ. For M claims to be Father God. ((Let my personal feelings be known with sounds of physical disgust.)) Also, it has a tie to a young Obama, who would go on to push for implementing M's policies only to suffer defeat by the election of Trump.), "Maitreya's TV interviews and the Day of Declaration", "Maitreya's emergence", "Three of Maitreya's Miracles", "Healing hand of Maitreya", "Maitreya's worldwide appearances", "Miracles: Healing wells - Share International".
      (Rev 17:17) (Rev. 17:10) After the destruction of N.Y.C. the S.C.O. nations will elect M as world leader. The U.N. headquarters will move to Jerusalem. The Temple will be build and the image of a Buddha will be erected there 10 to 20 years later. (Dan 12:11) He appears to establish a social, religious and political order first. For an undisclosed amount of time he rules the world, before he is assassinated which initiates the 1290 days. Events may not happen as quick as we think.
      The purpose of the Pope is to raise the masses to meet M. 
      (Rev 13:15) M associates with the elite and will establish the ruling class. An A.I. of his person will be created for public intercourse. 
      (Rev 17:16) After the burning down of N.Y.C. the U.N. headquarters will move to Jerusalem. The Palestinians will still be a problem. The Elders will pack them in boats and load them down with weapons. Sending them to New England allowing the boats to pass the embargo. The Palestinians will gather up an Islamic state and will subjugate a starving and chaotic population.
      (Rev 18:6-7) The cup of the saints blood. The Whore is drunk off the saints not because of her own doing, but of events happening within her boarders. Maiterya's mother is named Sekhmet. She waits in New Mexico to receive her kingdom, because, of a dream she had. She will gather the Hispanic populations as the Mother of God. Her children will devour (Rev 17:16) the Bible Belt(Texas to Florida). The cup will runneth over (Rev. 17:6). Forgive the pagan reference it is necessary to understand this. sekhmet is the oldest god in Egypt. She is a lion goddess her titles include Annihilator of the Rebellious and Our Lady of the Bloodbath. When ra sent her to destroy his enemies she went overboard and started to kill indiscriminately. ra was fearful all mankind would perish. So, ra turned the Nile into fake blood by mixing beer and pomegranate juice for her to drink instead. When she had her fill of this mixture she got drunk and fell asleep waking to become a goddess of love, motherhood and joy. In sekhmet temple worship they had what was called the porch of drunkenness were they drank this red alcoholic mixture. Mother Sekhmet is a good candidate for Mystery Babylon, as a direct manifestation of this timeless spiritual entity who exist outside of specific Biblical historic context.  
      (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12) In the valley of Hebron, Maitreya will descend in a u.f.o. with lightning and thunder.? The statement is based on Islamic teaching of the Mahdi(Antichrist). This is supported by Biblical prophecy and is tied to the new energy source M has planned. That is to draw electricity directly from the Magnetosphere using large hovering platforms connected by long cables to satellites (Rev 13:13). See: "The Space Tether Experiment- NASA" and "Ayatollah: Mahdi coming back in Space Ship-WND"
      (Rev.11:6) Do not be deceived into thinking the Tribulation is passing. Two events should happen in succession. First, a mega drought over Eurasia (Rev. 16:1-16), the 1260 days are the consequences of this event. Second, the impact of the comet "Wormwood" (Rev. 16:18). The environmental factors of the days that are cut short are a mirror image of the events during the K-T  Mass Extinction and the Younger Dryus Mass Extinction(This is Noah's Flood. Remember, little is known of what actually happened. Scientist and articles present limited snippets of information concerning the Dryus event and disagree on an exact time. Also, Mt. Ararat was an erupting volcano during Noah's time along with a global catastrophic outbreak of volcanism. Gen. 7:11 "the same day were all fountains of the great deep broken up") The difference in these three extinctions is the location of the meteor impacts. K-T hit limestone, Dryus hit the Laurentide Ice Sheet, Wormwood will impact the ocean (Rev. 8:8). See: "One-Two Punch K-T Mass Extinction", "Scientists Find Evidence For A 60 Mile Wide Comet That Plunged Into Earth Just 13,000 Years Ago", "Younger Dryas Noah", "Younger Dryas Vedde Ash Bed" and "Mystery Of Largest Eruption To Rock Antarctica In 12,000 Years" (Rev. 8:12), "Extraordinary Biomass Burning at the Younger Dryas" (Rev. 8:7), "Pleistocene megafauna" (Gen. 7:4). 
      (F.Y.I.) Revelation is seven separate letters. These documents repeat information as they overlap, commenting on the same events using different perspectives. This confuses many scholars. Both the rapture event and the 3 1/2 years are referred to in separate story lines. This gives each the illusion of multiple occurrences when the book is viewed as a continuous narrative. Book divisions by chapter 3-3-3-4-3-3-3.
      For the glory of Jesus and by the power of His cross. Thank you for reading this. May you stand unmoved without fear, giving people comfort with the strength of your faith in Jesus Christ.
    • By jrad19
      What do you guys think?
    • By craigdressler
      There are a couple of great recent Christian movies available that deal with apologetics.  One is called The Case For Christ and the other is God's Not Dead One.  Both of them do wonderful job of presenting arguments for God, the Bible, historical evidence, etc.  Here is the website link for the God's Not Dead movie: God's Not Dead
    • By peacemakerIND
      Dear brethren
      It is glad to see your previous prayers for us,,
      It is always glad to request you all to pray again
      Our Bible college.. LIGHT = Learners In Grace, Holy Teachings which is running for 40 people

      We have finished first year teaching course

      We ARE are also preparing to start the 2nd year teachings 
      please pray or better teachings, for better students, better results,, 
      blessings to all
    • By GoldenEagle
      Here are a few suggestions for making extra money for high school and college students towards the end of this year and next:

      1. Mow lawns/Bag leaves - The summer months are gone (assuming you live in the U.S.?). But next summer is right around the corner! Lots of opportunities with lawns out there. My uncle does this during the end of spring and summer. It’s a nice side business. You can use your own equipment or see if the neighbor may have it. Gathering and bagging leaves in the fall can be lucrative as well. An extra $20-30 a week per lawn would come in handy.

      2. Freelance Writing - People will pay for writing articles. A blog is a good place to start.

      3. Get a Newspaper Route - There is nothing like riding a good bicycle, having a good arm, waking up and working at dawn. Early risers would love this job. People with a determination to make some extra cash could enjoy this too. This job can generate an extra $500-$2000 a month easily.

      4. Become a Dog Walker - People get paid every day to walk dogs. Lots of people have pets. Yet they work too much or just prefer for someone else to handle certain aspects of pets training. Why not offer this service to people in your neighborhood?

      5. Sell stuff online on EBay or Amazon - Do you know a lot about some niche segment? Say baseball cards, yearbooks, comic books, specialty toys? Find a niche and start making a profit!

      6. Become a mystery shopper - Mystery shoppers can work flexible hours. Sometimes you even get to keep your purchases! Note: Avoid companies that want you to pay a fee up front.

      7. Babysit some kids - Know a family with kids? Babysit them for cash! Parents are always looking to go out on a date or run errands. Sometimes even voluntary babysitting can eventually turn into a paid position.

      8. Write a Book or an eBook - Are you an expert at something? Are you a good story teller or good at poetry? My wife published a book of poems in 2010. Her first book and we broke about even. eBooks are really cheap and becoming more popular as well!

      9. Tutor students - Do you play an instrument? Are your particularly good at Math, Science, English, History? If you speak any other language (Spanish, German, or French?) tutoring kids or even adults can be profitable. I did this in high school and made $10-15 an hour tutoring people in English. My sister does this and charges $20 an hour. She’s a full-time student and not even 20 years old yet!

      10. Run errands for the elderly - Get to know people in your community or church (if applicable) who may need to go to the bank or for you to get their groceries. Sometimes even voluntary errand running can eventually turn into tips or even a paid position.

      11. Fix people’s PC’s - Start out with family/friends. Computers are always breaking down or having viruses. I have a friend who fixes people's PC's for $20-$50 a pop. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes. Others it takes a couple of hours.

      12. Do consulting - Know some programming languages? Charge $50 and put a decent website together for a startup business. Web design or graphics design is always a good place to start. Start out cheap and build your reputation and portfolio. Businesses always need their sites updated, promos with graphics, etc. I have a cousin who makes about $1200-$2500 a month depending on the business on this. He has been doing this for a little over 2 years now.

      13. Sell Digital Photos - Have a decent camera? Offer to do some photo shoots for free. Then as word gets out you could start your own photography business. Facebook, Twitter, etc. are all great social outlets for building your business.

      14. House Sit - Vacation season is upon us. This can be a great 1-2 week gig. I got free rent for a couple of months one summer by staying at someone’s house. Winter time means families travelling to see loved ones.

      15. Join a Focus Group - Google “Focus Group” and see how many hits you can get. There is always some company willing to pay a little something for your thoughts, opinions, etc.

      16. Paint - See a neighbor’s house that might need painting? Ring the doorbell and ask them if you could offer your services. They provide the paint and tools you provide the labor. It’s a win/win situation.

      17. Sell Stuff From Home - See what you can sell at Half Price Books or eBay. Then sell whatever else you can in a garage sale. Remember one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

      18. Clean homes - People don’t always want or (supposedly) have time to clean their homes. Not the most luxurious job but a great opportunity to make some extra money. My wife did this while in high school and even college. Was steady work and building up a clientele through word of mouth can really net you some great customers.

      19. Find Odd Jobs on Craigslist Neighborhood adds and word of mouth not working? People always need things done. Do you have a truck and are able to help some people move furniture? Or perhaps paint? Or de-clutter someone's garage? Or perhaps mow some yards?

      20. Deliver pizzas at night - Tips, Tips, Tips! Even if it’s just for the summer or winter it’s a great way to generate some cash.

      21. Go back to school - Sometimes going back to school for certification or a BA in Business or other field can open up new opportunities. Getting a masters or a MBA could be a useful tool in making oneself more marketable. I did this and after hard work in almost 6 years of school landed a job making double what I used to make.

      Thoughts? Comments? Which suggestion did you like best? Constructive feedback? Any more good ideas to add to the list?

      Source I used: http://christianpf.com/ways-to-earn-extra-money-from-home/
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