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not ordinary

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the Christian life isn't meant to be ordinary think of wat the apostles did and achieved
we read in the bible about great men doing great things and God performing miracles but we don't believe such things are possible today. but why not has God left us as orphans and forgotten his promises
just have faith in not only God but yourself too
everything is possible with God and nothing is impossible for us to achieve through him

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That is just it, the apostles were ordinary men, they did ordinary jobs, fishermen crewiing a boat, hauling in nets, repairing them.

They worked the land, or worked in other jobs, collecting taxes, making tents and other leather goods etc etc.

Sure Paul and Luke had above average educations. Look how long it took them to really identify Jesus.

They were not 'SAINTS' but ordinary men.


Guess what God has always used ordinary men and women who are prepared to act.

Pick any Christian hero, from any period. You will find not a 'SAINT' but an ordinary person who took a job and worked hard at it.

Worked hard at reading and thinking about the bible, at praying about what they read and about the news they heard concerning Christian work.

They worked hard at attending church, twice on Sunday, at the midweek prayer meeting and at other meetings.

They worked hard at talking to those they were with about Jesus.


What is stopping you or I from doing the same....... laziness.

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We are just ordinary people called to be extraordinary through Him. We can do all things through Him as we abide in Him. His works become our own....so that looking back we see how the impossible was done. We serve an extraordinary God after all! :)

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Keep in mind that we are just a tool for God to use.  He is the one doing the work.  If we make ourselves available for His use, according to His will and purpose, He will use us in many ways.  God works is little ways for the most part, but still creates a masterpiece in the end!

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    • By Behold
      Salvation is remarkable.
      Christians understand the Cross as The Love of God poured out as The  Blood of Jesus on the Cross, and Atheists, generally consider the Cross as anything but the Love Of God.
      Atheists, that ive talked to, over much time...  in general, can't really wrap their head around the idea of God giving His Life for all of us, as a Gift of Love.
      And of course they are not able to believe that God became One of us, when in fact, they don't even believe that God exists....
      So.. if they can't seem to relate at all to the idea of "laying down your life for a friend" as perfect Love, then certainly they are going to have huge  issues with "Love your enemies ", =  Jesus laying down His LIFE for those who hated Him when He was on the earth, and also for those who have hated Him ever since He ascended back to His original home with the Father of Creation and Grace..
      But im not here to talk about Atheists, im here to talk about the reason that works and obedience before you are saved, which can't save you, also can keep you saved after you are Born Again.
      The Bumper Sticker reads like this..... "What Saved You, is what Saved You, accept no substitues", and that does not change the day after He saved you, nor does it change the last minute before you draw your last breath in your body, just before you meet your Savior.
      "What Saved You, is what Saved You.....accept no substitutes.".
      And the "What" is Jesus The Lord.   This is why we call Him the Savior.
      Kinda makes sense, doesn't it.
      Now let me give that to you again....... all your good works, and all your obedience, and all your lifetime of 10 Commandment keeping that you can do- practice- and per-fect, BEFORE YOU ARE SAVED (Born Again), cannot save you, and all this also can't  keep you saved after you are born again.
      So what does this really mean?   ......... Are you born again?  Then listen Saint.....  it means that you can live as holy a life as you could possibly live, every second of your life, never break the 10 commandments...and do all of this until you are 109 yrs old,  and you will die and go straight to hell like a bullet if you die and are not Saved.
      So, if the best you can do, is going to end you up in Hell if you are not born again.... then how can these same deeds, works, obedience, take your salvation away from you, once your are born again, if you don't do all the works, obedience, and so forth that could not save you to begin with?
      A.) ?       = They Can't.
      Were you ever taught by a doctrinally sound teacher of the Word of God, or by the Holy Spirit Himself when you were alone with Him, that "what can't save you, also can't cause you to lose your salvation".
      And if neither of those have shown you this reality regarding Eternal Salvation, does your common sense not show it to you?
      Sure it does.
      Ask yourself......"if what i do, if all my good works, done perfectly, can't save me,.......... then how can these same works, affect my Eternal Salvation, once Jesus saves me, if i don't do what could not save me to begin with?
      A.) ?   What saved you, saved you, and what can't has no effect on it.....EVER.......>NOT EVER.   
      So, why can't being good, living holy, doing good deeds, and being a wonderful human being, get you into heaven, instead of directly into Hell after you die, if you are not SAVED?
      Why can't your works, and enduring, and tithing, and church going, and holy living, and obedience to the 10 commandments, keep you out of HELL< after you die, if you are not Saved?
      Its because none of that can give you what you have to have, before God will accept you.
      Its because none of that can give you what you have to have, before God will accept you.
      Its because no works you do, no obedience you can perform, no "living a good life", "being a good person", "helping orphans", "cleaning the church", , can give you what God requires that you MUST have before He will accept you and keep you.
      = That's why.
       Thats why a good life, a clean life, being a good person, being a wonderful human being, who does not drink, smoke, cuss, watch porn, or hate..... is just as hell bound as a God hating Christ Rejecting child molester.
      Its because nothing you can do by SELF EFFORT, not ever, not EVER, will make you acceptable to God...........not ever.
      Does this mean you should not live a holy life, a good life, a clean life?    No.  What it means is that you come to understand some Truth about Salvation, (if you've not yet).... so that you are not living your entire Christian life sort of confused and nervous  regarding truly understanding WHO SAVES ANYONE who was ever saved..
      Lets understand perfectly........ that only what God accepts to save you, is what saves you and keeps your saved.   
      God does not accept what an unbeliever believes and some fake christians say and teach saves them, which is....>"i'll do good, and some bad, and at the end God will judge all my works, and if my acts of  good  are a higher percentage then my bad, then JACKPOT !!< im in GLORY singing with the Angels."........Ummmm, no, you are in Hell once you die,  and were going there the whole time you were breathing thinking you were ok.
      Ok, lets nail it down.   Lets get it RIGHT.. and keep it there, forever.
      You , me, us, we are born with a problem, that only God can solve. And this is why He came down here, reader....   The problem is that nothing we can do can make us RIGHTEOUS.   Nothing..... And God will not have you, me, or us, in His Family, unless we are RIGHTEOUS..... As Righteous as HE IS.   So, out the window and down the river just went all your lifetime of trying to be good so that God will have you.  
      He will NOT.  As your good life is not RIGHTEOUS......it has no RIGHTEOUSNESS in it.   And what is Righteousness, dear Reader?   Its sinlessness.   
      To be Righteous, (holy), is to be Sinless, in the EYES OF GOD.   Not your eyes, but HIS.
      So, can all your good deeds make you sinless?  If so then don't worry about the Cross, and just keep on going to church while you are on your way to hell thinking you are accepted by God because you are not quite as bad as the Preacher's wife, or perhaps me.
      Got it?
      Now lets get REAL.     Jesus, the Bread of Heaven, the Prince of Glory, the Living Word, the Light of Life, the Sinless Son of God, Virgin Born, came down here to give you His Righteousness on a Cross so that God would have you as His OWN.
      Understand?   And if that Righteousness has been given to you, then you are SAVED and will remain just as saved as God's Blood has made you HOLY<>Righteous.  And this only happens because you have "believed on the Lord Jesus", and from your heart came this Faith that God accepted to SAVE YOU, and out of your mouth came the confession of your faith .     And if you did this, then God has taken the Rightnessnrdd of Christ and He has given it to you, or as the word says.....He has "Made it unto you"......you are MADE RIGHTEOUS......and that is the only reason He will have you or keep you.
      NO OTHER REASON, will He take you, accept you,  or keep you.
      So, can your works and lifestyle and obedience and confessing sin, do this for you?
      NO < NO < NO< NEVER !!
      So, again........... why are you saved?
      Is is because of you?  Did you do it?  Can you do it ???   So then, if you didn't save yourself, and can't, then  can you keep yourself saved?
      NO.    Only God can save you, and only God can Keep you saved, because of HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS that He has given to you, that He now Accepts, to accept you.
      "By faith you are saved and that not of yourself", "The Gift of Righteousness" "Justification by Faith".
      And if you see this....if you get this, if you have this understanding, then you understand the Grace of God, and if you dont, and you are saved or not, you will think and believe that your works and your obedience, save you, or keep you saved, and in both cases that is a Self Deception. Its an Untruth, and a complete impossibility.      It is in fact Satan's Lie.
      God Himself had to give you His very Righteousness to take you, to Birth you,  to have you, and to keep you.
      Jesus is your only Righteousness, and if you have Him, if you are born again, then God has you.
      So, Where are your works and your obedience?   They are never ever accepted by God, to accept you.    Not ever.
      And if you can see this, if you can grab this, and grasp it, then you have understood the Blood Atonement and the Redemption that is only found where it is Given.
      >The Cross".
      "It is NOT by works of righteousness (that we do) but by and according to God's Mercy, =  He saved us".   
      God's "mercy" is Jesus on The Cross dying for your sin, so that by this sacrifice, God is able to give you in place of your Sin, Christ's Righteousness.  And that is WHY and the only WAY, that God will have you and keep you.
      What are your works and your obedience compared to the Holy Blood of Jesus The Christ?
      Do you see this???
      "Jesus is the Way".  And His Righteousness given to you, as He took your sin and became your Sin Bearer on the Cross,  is the only means that God supplied Himself to accept you, and there is no other way to be accepted by God.
      "God who began your salvation in you, will himself be faithful to complete it".   And He did all this on the Cross, and gives it to you (by Faith) as the "gift of Righteousness".
      So, where are your works and 10 commandment keeping in all that?
      They are not found in God's Righteousness.   Not ever.
      Salvation, is God's Righteousness, (Christ on the Cross), given to you as the "Gift of Righteousness".
      God bless your eyes always to see.
    • By Behold
      The end result of salvation, is, that you are accepted by God. =  Heaven is gained.
      Salvation, Grace, the Blood Atonement, (same)  is the sole and singular method and entire means that God uses and provides, to accept you, and keep you as His, forever.
      Some, who are very self righteous, have the misconception that God saves them, and then they keep themselves saved.  (Legalism).
      Of course  all religion including Christian heretics would argue that man has some part in saving themselves..... But how can this be so?   After all, what can you possibly offer God that would compete with or equal the Shed Blood of Jesus?
      If you are saved, you came to the Cross a sinner, and from the Cross Jesus Himself redeemed you.   And your part in that is what?    What is it?   To RECEIVE WHAT GOD has provided for you thru the Cross, is your part.
      But what about living holy later?  Well, that is what comes later, AFTER what SAVED YOU< Saved you FIRST.
      See it?
      God did it, you get it, and you dont get any credit for it, unless you have nail holes in your wrists and rose from the dead after dying for the sin of the world.
      Is that you?   No.   There is only One.
      So, some who are very self righteous, have the idea that after Jesus's blood ALONE has redeemed them, then their  "holy lifestyle" kicks in as THEIR 2nd part of God's salvation plan.  And of course, think......= if God didnt accept you or your lifestyle before He saved you, do you think He will accept your lifestyle later, along with the Blood of Jesus to save you and keep you saved?
      Funny how people can be so religious and so self righteous and try to take some of the credit for their salvation, instead of giving God and Christ all the credit for what they did, and they did, only.
      So what is it exactly that God did to save us and keep us saved?  What is another way to look at Redemption, as there are many, and i'll offer you one now....
      Well, to find an answer, you have to know the problem, first..   And so, what is the only problem that an unsaved human being has, that is keeping God from accepting them and taking them into His family? 
      Its only one problem    = Sin.    This little word has great implication into eternity, as if this word, .. if what it means regarding each and everyone is not dealt with while you are breathing, then you will be dealing with the end result from the day you die until .............   Never ends.   John 3:36 is the  current situation facing every person who is not a believer in Christ and has NOT been born again.     And God is not Joking.  Look at the shed blood on the Cross and realize how serious God is about sin and the consequences of unforgiven sin, in eternity.   Reader, if you are not saved then ......understand this.....Your SIN, cost Jesus His sinless life, and if you do not come to the Cross, then your sin is going to cost you your eternity, and there will be no second chance after you are dead.  Christ died on the EARTH, and you take Him as your own savior on the EARTH, or not..   You do not get a redo, or a "take 2",  after you die, and realize then the TRUTH, that im telling you right now.   
      So, what did God do for you, that resolves your sin issue, and mine, so that He can accept us, on HIS TERMS< and keep us,  based on HIS FINAL SOLUTION> ?
      Very simple.  He , God, is merciful to our UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, AND THEREFOR..... OUR SIN ONCE FORGIVEN at the CROSS, HE WILL REMEMBER NO MORE.   For the born again, Its as if we never sinned.  And this position "in Christ" continues from the moment of our new birth, until forever., as that is the effect of eternal justification that is given as the "free gift of salvation", "the gift of Righteousness", that is created and kept by the Blood Atonement.
      Hebrews 8:12
      God deals with our unrighteousness, our sin, by Jesus becoming sin on the cross and taking the judgement for it all.  Our entire lifetime of sinning, the eternal judgement due each of us for this....=  This is the "cup" that Jesus spoke about that He was about to face.  = The whipping and then the Cross and Death.
      This is HOW God dealt with the unrighteousness of the entire world.  He died for it.   John 3:16   And this Death, is the mercy and grace of God giving righteousness in place of our unrighteousness.
      This is Salvation.
      This is Grace.
      This is the "Gift of Righteousness", and we dont earn it, and we dont keep it, as it is given and kept by the same Holy One who provided it, for free.
      Philippians 1:6
    • By Behold
      Some born again believers have the idea that to please God you are to "carry your cross" and "endure to the end"..
      This is their idea of how to please God.
      Let me assure you, Saint.... that is not how you please God.   You do not please God by working out your salvation with fear and trembling.   You do not please God by confessing all your sins.  You do not please God by your behavior, tho you can displease Him by your lifestyle and your purpose in life.
      See and understand that doing what is right, (personal Holiness)..... all of this is defined in the New Testament as your "reasonable service".  Romans 12:1 
      This is sort like the idea of a professional Olympic athlete doing a serious workout every day.    IT's the idea of "well of course, what else would i and should I be doing".
      So, you are not "pleasing" God, by doing what you should be doing .....   You are just  doing the work that you are supposed to be doing, given the situation.
      This is "discipleship", and you are expected to do it.   And it actually has nothing to do with pleasing God.
      So, if doing what is expected of you, as a servant of the Most High is not what gives God pleasure, then what do you do to give Him Pleasure?
      Do you want to?
      Then here you go....
      Well, its like anything else that you learn to do.  You have to know, first, what to do, and then the rest follows....... if you are willing.
      So, what is it that you are created for, that gives God Pleasure. ???  And so... once you know this<> then you can do it.    And perhaps you are doing it, but there are many believers who don't know the answer, so how can they perform what Gives the Most High, pleasure, if they don't know how, or what to do?
      Here are some scriptures that will help you to see. ..
      Isaiah 43:21 :  "this people have i formed FOR MYSELF, = they, you, the born again, all.....shall show forth my PRAISE".
      John 4:23 : "true worshipers shall WORSHIP the Father in Spirit and in Truth"..
      I Peter 2:9 :  "But the BORN AGAIN are a chosen generation, a Royal Priesthood, that the SAVED should show forth their PRAISES to GOD who has has called you out of darkness and into His marvelous LIGHT". 
      Hebrews 13:15  : "let us offer the sacrifice of Worship & PRAISE = the FRUIT of our Lips"...as with such sacrifices GOD IS WELL = PLEASED.
      Now, do you see that?
      Let me give it to you again,  crystal clear, so that you can see it and see it more clearly.
      In this world of born again believers, you have types...    And one type is Martha...    And one type is Mary..
      Do you remember  Lazarus and his sisters?   Do you remember when Jesus Wept ?   Do you remember what he told Martha?  ?????   He told her " you are too busy doing nothing that pleases me". "you are working, working, busy, busy, busy, striving, self effort, and all THIS its not to me pleasure you are giving"..   But MARY........See her?   She was giving the Master "pleasure".  She wasn't working. SHE was in awe of being with Him,  and in a complete state of worshipful praise sitting at Jesus's FEET.
      Martha is the Legalist.  She is the one who is trying to work her way into the presence of Jesus and is failing to get there.  While Mary is in awe of the Grace of God's Son, who IS Grace, and she just wants to LOVE HIM WITH HER PRAISE and worship Him in His presence.
      = Answer.) This is how you Give God pleasure.  This is how you do it the way HE wants you to do it.
      So, are you a Mary?   or are you a Martha?
      The specific type you are determines if you are giving your Father and your Savior , pleasure............or not.
    • By Serenity Jay
      Hey everyone,  I just posted my first welcome post.  So I know I have to post a few before posting in a designated forum.  I wanted to share a dream with you all, but first I should start with what happened to me a week ago.  It was kind of quiet in my house and I heard a voice say that I need to prepare myself because my health is going to take a turn.  At the time, I wasn't sure of the voice.  So I prayed and asked God to show me in a dream if it was him talking to me. 
      (God called me to prophecy about 6 years ago; I  am just now learning to fully walk in it; and he shows me things in dreams which I know for sure because many of my dreams have come true over the years).  So
      Fast forward to the dream.  About 3 or 4 days after hearing about my health.  I had a dream about earthworms.  They were surrounding me.  I remember it being at the job I work, and I believe my dad was in it (I'm not sure).  They never touched me.  I remembered almost stepping on one. So I decided to look up what it meant.  I found quite a few things.  There are several meanings, but when I first researched it there are a few things that caught my attention (these are snips of what I found):
      It also warns that there is sickness around you Sometimes dream of worms can be related to cancer, which could be disastrous to your health.  When this happens it shows that you are likely to experience stubborn infirmities that money can't cure.  If this is true on your part, you may start rebuking such evil effects. Portend a deterioration of health Expressed as facing sorrow regarding dreamer's health (biblical meaning I found) It may warn that your physical health may come under attack from an illness It may indicate that you may have health problems in the future period. There were other things  I found, but I did not want to overload the topic at hand.  Anybody every experience this kind of dream or similar?  Any thoughts on this as well?
      Thanks, Serenity Jay!!
    • By Omegaman 3.0
      The Universe is Revelation from God
      There is a post here which discusses the Bible as the revelation of God. The Bible has very specific information about God Himself, and about that nature of man, and the problems created by the differences between the will of mankind (as individuals) and the will of God. Much of the Bible though, is limited as a revelation, because mankind has a limited ability to understand the Bible. Some things are spiritually understood, and are understood only by those who have God’s Spirit. In this sense then, the Bible is a revelation intended for the people of God.
      The universe is different. Though it lacks a lot of the specificity that the Bible has, it has a kind of revelation that is understood (or can be) understood by those with the ability to think, and the powers of observation. This topic, explores some of that.
      Rom 1:19-21 God reveals Himself through His creation, there is no excuse to reject God
      Acts 17:28 Paul acknowledged Greek poets and philosophers, knew there was a Creator
      Acts 14:17 God testified about Himself, as a provider to mankind
      Rom 2:4 God's kindness toward us, should lead us to repentance
      Rom 2:14-15 Our conscience, tells us there is right and wrong, we understand that
      Rom 1:32 People know not to sin, yet even encourage others to sin also
      This revelation is available to all, so we call this general revelation
      Rom 1:18-3:19 God's wrath and judgement await unrepentant sinners
      What scripture reveals beyond this general revelation, and this is very important, is that man is a sinner, sin separated man from God, and this separation is permanent unless God intervenes and provides a way of salvation from our sin and the effects of it. This we call special or specific revelation.
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