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quotes from St Francis

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On 9/9/2019 at 2:35 PM, Coliseum said:

Even Lenin respected St. Francis:

"In his last words, Lenin, who was against religion in general, set his sights to one of Christianity’s greatest heroes – St. Francis of Assisi. Lenin knew that his ideology had lost, and that Russia had lost, and contemplated what would be required to restore Russia, when he said these words:

“I have deluded myself. Without doubt, it was necessary to free the oppressed masses. However, our methods resulted in other oppressions and gruesome massacres. You know I am deathly ill; I feel lost in an ocean of blood formed by countless victims. This was necessary to save our Russia, but it is too late to turn back. We would need ten Francis of Assisi.”

This shows the amazing character of St. Francis, which is attested to by Lenin. "

I don't mean any disrespect to you, Coliseum, but it's heartbreaking to me that Lenin did not set his sights on Jesus Christ.  Setting his sights on a dead man, albeit a decent man, did Lenin nor anyone else who reads Lenin's last words any good.

I don't see where he confessed Christ.

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It very well could be heartbreaking. It was of course not the point of the comment, nor am I taking it as being disrespectful in any way.  It was more about St. Francis---as my very first sentence attempted to convey. We do not know what is in a man's heart; we do not know that Lenin did not confess Christ, either before or after that remark. What is meant by "his last words" is anybody's guess. Surely he must have known who St. Francis was because his statement was an implication of that fact. My heart goes out to all men without Christ, and sharing what men attain, or come close to, keeps us thinking about Him. 

Not a single person in all the generations of my family is saved except for myself, and possibly my father. As he lay dying, and after having heard the message, he was unable to speak, but those who were with him told me he had a smile on his face and peace in his eyes. Only God knows, but we talk about him, and we hope for him, and want to believe for him---but we don't know. 

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15 hours ago, createdequal said:

Is the "rule" Thou shalt not kill "legalistic"? "religious"?

Is the Commandment "Love your neighbor as yourself" religious?

Who are YOU to draw the lines of what is overly legalistic and ritualistic or "religious" and what is acceptable?

you are being your own pope

which is what all non-Catholic people do

But Jesus established ONE Church.. only ONE... not the 60,000 plus we have in the world today. That is not unity, to say the least... There is good in all Christian societies.. but that is not the point. As you will admit yourself, being "good" isn't sufficient.

Jesus rejects even those who believe in Him.. Luke 13:23 and other psgs.. The Real Presence of Christ abides in CAtholic Churches. To be in that Presence is to truly, tangibly be with Jesus..

Maybe this is what Jesus meant when he said to those "belivers" who attempted to enter (but the door was closed) "I never knew you.. depart from me, you evildoers"

hard to know someone you never spend time with...


wait.. not hard, impossible

It's actually "you shall not murder". And no, they are not "legalistic". That term is very subjective.

Regarding "overly legalistic and ritualistic", I just look at it this way: What did Jesus and the apostles say and do? Doing that is useful. Some modern congregations are legalistic about alcohol. Some are legalistic about how you pray. Some are legalistic about when to be at church. But none of that is supported in the bible.

And regarding the one church, it is important to consider the actual multiple meanings of the word. e.g.:

I go to church. 

I belong to a church.

My church is non-denominational. 

My church is denominational.

The body of believers is the church.

There is one church. 

The thing is, we are all catholics. for the word simply means "universal". So we are all part of the "church", but one Roman organization took on the word as part of the title of their organization. My church is called the "Christian" church, an offshoot of "Church of Christ". It doesn't mean we are the only Christian church nor that we are "the" church. It simply means that that is the name the particular congregation used.

There are thousands of "churches", but we are all part of THE church. The Catholic church is one, Ethiopian Orthodox is another, Assembly of God is another, etc. None of them are "the" church but all are a part of "the church". 

And we all add our share of "extra" stuff in church. Mine has a "Christian flag". Baptists think drinking is a sin. Catholics have added a LOT of nonsense too. They have more only because they've been around longer. 

The one church is the body of believers. Do you believe Jesus is your savior from death, and that he died and was resurrected as a perfect sacrifice? Do you believe he chose you? It's all good! My relationship with Him is pretty much 24/7. He is my creator and my savior. Everything else is about learning more and more about him, not about various churches and the extra stuff they've added to the message to make it seem more, um, formal and other stuff. It's not. 

This world is almost like a hologram. It's not really real in the way eternity/heaven is real. It is woefully temporary. God created us for a purpose, and that purpose is to serve and worship him. And how do we do that? I know he doesn't need my money or my muscle or my brain, but he "lets me" use those things to do His will. And every day is an opportunity to learn about him and his will for my life through study of his word, prayer, analyzing the world he created, building solid relationships with my fellow "found sheep" and meditating on all three. 

That is my Christian experience. I don't need a fancy building. I don't need robes. I don't need a script. I don't need specific hours to meet (though I abide by them in my church to prevent chaos). I really don't even need a bible, but it very much helps. I only need the knowledge of my creator and His plan for me and this particular creation. 


And regarding being my own pope: That is not a Christian concept. It is a Catholic Church concept. Jesus is my high priest. I go to him directly. It does no good to pray to dead people to intercede. I am instructed in his word to pray to him with other LIVING believers, yes. but certainly not the dead. Is it effective? We have two bonefide miraculous healings regarding my wife and me, not to mention other miracles as well as answers to prayer that, though not technically "miraculous", but we believe either they are answers to prayer or mind-bogglingly detailed coincidences. And once I became a Christian, I stopped believing in coincidences.

And yes, I've been bombarded with accusations of falling into YOPIOS. I think that is how it is SUPPOSED TO work. 


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