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A Greater Tragedy...

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That which man builds can be built once more, and that which the Lord has made shall be unto everlasting, for there are things that the Lord has made that no man can destroy. Death comes unto man, and though the flesh is no more the spirit remains in the hands of the Lord. We erect monuments as memorials of loss and war, and we rebuild but we do not forget. This is a day of remembrance, a day to mourn the loss of the innocent and to honor the heroes who stepped forward to help others in need. This day, like all days, is a day of remembrance for the Lord God for he never forgets and he remembers all that have died. There will be no large gatherings this day, and the media will not report about the death of so many innocent ones in our nation. I, too, mourn for the loss of life that occurred on this day sixteen years ago, and I mourn for the people of this nation who are suffering through all the disasters that continue to afflict us. Many speeches will be given today as we remember that over 3,000 people died this day, but there will be silence for the estimated 61,000,000 that have died through abortions performed in this nation since 1973 (Roe vs. Wade), and there will be no speeches for the more than 1,000 babies that shall be aborted this day. I do not mean to take away from the tragedy that occurred on this day in history, but an even greater tragedy occurs day, after day, after day, in our nation.

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    • By Tigger56
      Believing that which is wrong to be right does not make wrong right, and believing that which is right to be wrong does not make right wrong. Truth is not based on belief or opinion for truth is eternal and immutable, and immutable truth was established long before that which is wrong and evil were ever proclaimed to be truth and right. To do the right thing is always the right thing to do, but to do what we believe to be right when that which we do is wrong is still the wrong thing to do. 
    • By Tigger56
      The power of free-will is our greatest freedom and our most ardent jailer.
    • By Tigger56
      Victory and defeat. In war one nation conquers another, but in time the conqueror becomes the conquered. I have had victories in my life, but not all have been final and complete for the defeated enemy rose up once more against me. I seek lasting change and complete victory and triumph over past patterns and past weakness, and to do this I must give the Lord complete dominion over my life and then, He, who has never been defeated, shall rise up for me and shall guide me and help me to achieve the final triumph that I seek.
    • By Tigger56
      Will the day come that removes the veil from my heart and the hearts of others? Will there be a time when others will truly see me and truly know the depth of my heart? I see their faces each day, faces at work, faces in the stores and restaurants, faces of the stranger, faces of friends and family, so many faces do I see each day. I see their faces, but I fail to see the hearts of so many for there is a veil upon my heart and there is a veil upon their hearts. We hide the traces of our tears with smiles and with words of feigned hope, and we use humor and laughter to veil the sorrow within. Faces can hide the truth within and faces can hide the breaking heart and the lost soul, but eventually that which is veiled within shall be released. Will love be expressed this day with honesty and unfeigned lips? Will the veil be lifted even for a moment so that truth will be revealed unto another? I fear to remove the veil, for if my true self is known will I be received or will I be ridiculed and rejected? I hide the traces of tears and I walk in the shadows for there is a veil upon my heart that prevents the fullness of love, light, hope and joy from entering in or being released. The veil protects but the veil doth also make me prisoner.
    • By Tigger56
      Psalms 99:6, “Moses and Aaron among his priests, and Samuel among them that call upon his name; they called upon the Lord, and he answered them.”
      Will the Lord answer if we call upon him or is this a blessing given only to select few? Is it possible that we have not for we ask not, and could it be that if we would seek we would find and if we knocked the door would be opened unto us? Call upon the Lord, tell Him about your wants, you needs, your hopes and your dreams, ask the Lord to be mighty for you, to open doors for you and to hear your prayers and to answer you. The Lord God and His Beloved Son Jesus still hear the prayers of men, women, and children and they still answer those who will believe and seek.
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