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Jo Ash

Why are dreams difficult/complex?

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On 9/11/2019 at 11:20 PM, Jo Ash said:

My question is: why are dreams complex, difficult to understand? And who do one meet for clarification?

I spent several yrs studying dreams and I finally formed an opinion on them. I know that not everyone will agree and that's quite alright. I think we do agree that dreams that are messages from God are rare so it's all the other dreams I'm concerned with, specifically why they are confusing. The images we see in dreams come from our minds as well as things we saw in reality, usually in the last 3 days. Dreams have a purpose and the main purpose is to keep us asleep. While we're awake we use any number of mental defense mechanisms to keep certain ideas and emotions out of consciousness. When we're sleeping these defense mechanisms don't work so our mind creates unique and bizarre images to keep the true thought out of the mind.

   Here's an oversimplified example. Let us assume you're a good person and you also see yourself as a good person. You don't kill, cheat, lie nor do you steal. If you to do one of those things you'd put yourself into a conflict which would have tremendous anxiety. Now suppose yesterday was super hot and you were walking through a parking lot. No one else was around only you. Just then you noticed some guy's wallet was on the seat and it had several hundred dollars in it. You get the idea to steal the wallet but you don't because you see yourself as a good person. So you did the right thing but you had briefly considered doing the wrong thing. You're glad you didn't steal the wallet but you sure could have used that money. But while you're awake you keep the conflict at bay. But when you go to sleep you have a very confusing dream. In the dream the wallet might have taken the form of a child asking you for help. (this is bc part of you wanted to steal the money) By making the wallet appear as a child asking you for help then you wouldn't be doing anything wrong in lifting him from the car. If the dream ends right there it was successful in keeping you asleep.         But let's say you lifted the child from  the car and as you walk away the small child suddenly turns into a monster. You drop the monster but he starts biting your leg. So decide to run but the child/monster keeps up with you. Now the dream in unsuccessful bc you wake up. But what happened. The monster was your conscience which was punishing you by biting you. In my example here I gave you a very strict conscience bc even by letting go of the wallet/child/monster the monster didn't fade away. You woke up.

   This is why dreams are so confusing, the images represent other things which we don't want to admit to ourselves.  

   If you do seek out a person to help you analyze your dreams Please do not go to any kind of spiritualist. Usually you need someone trained in psychology not the mystic arts.

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