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Demon Attacking Me

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Hello All,

I just made an account here for some support on what I'm sure I already know. I am a 28 year old single female who has been a Christian her whole life. 

My birthday 28th birthday was Tuesday and I decided I would take a trip out to Seattle. I'm from Florida and had never been to the west coast. 

I had a layover in Las Vegas and on the plane there I started noticing pain in my left shoulder. I didnt pay much attention and attributed it to airplane stiffness. 

On the new plane I was placed in a row in an aisle seat with two men. We all shook each others hands and deeply spoke to each other throughout the 3 hour flight. The one next to me was a pastor from Africa who now lives in Canada. 

The other man is from the Seattle area and advised us that hes a "seer" and an "empath"  

The African pastor told me that I was going to experience something this trip that would open my heart and bring me closer to God and to not be afraid. 

Because I was staying in the Seattle area I went to dinner with the "seer" Tuesday night. He touched my hands from across the table and I felt a current from his hands, like something trying to pull at me. When we got out to the car we got on the topic of demon possession and he asked me how to get it out of him.  I told him he needs an excorcism and that some churches still do that. I started giving him all the information I had and googling places that might do it. 

He then said "I've seen this before. Us sitting in the car." I just looked at him and smiled and was trying to comfort him but then his face changed. It made a snarl face and he said "it entered me through my left shoulder!" At that point I was scared and I was no longer talking to him I was talking to the demon it started laughing at me. 

He then opened my rental car door and said "this is weird I have to go now". 

I had plans to go out to Mt. Rainier on Wed and that's when it happened. I was attacked. My shoulder had been aching for 3 days but now I was over whelmed in the mountains alone. It was trying to get inside me. 

It slipped into my shoulder at one point and I was filled with overwhelming sadness. I pulled over and screamed for Jesus to send it out of me. I heard a voice that was not my own in my head saying "he cant hear you". But Jesus shot it out of my stomach. It has attacked me over and over again. 

I slept with gospel music playing all wed night I woke up at 5am to a demonic voice speaking in tongues over me. 

I have called everyone I know to pray over me. I'm not even catholic but I went last night and had a priest pray over me and give me some holy water. 

The thing Is much weaker now. I can tell. I can also feel my angel touching me. 

This has brought me so much closer to God. In Mt Rainier national park he instilled the knowledge of what to do. I just started singing praises to him. 

I now though feel different. I feel like my heart is more open for people and I just want to tell them about Jesus. 

I can feel my angel touching my foot as I type this. Can someone give me some comforting words?

How long is this thing going to follow me around? I am not interested. 

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Shalom JesusWins91,

Welcome to Worthy Christian Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know everyone. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  As soon as you post a few times and after they are approved, it'll tell us that you are "real" person and not a "bot", you'll be free to post throughout our forums and join our chat rooms.  Forgive us for this minor inconvenience, however, we've had issues in the past with Spammers!

This is a short tutorial video of how to get started with Worthy Christian Forums.

As soon as you get out of Newbie status, you'll be able to add your profile picture.

You may be interested in reading how WCF functions, and how the forums are set up, and other neat tricks to the forums.  Read our insights into WCF.

Let me share a little bit of my vision for the ministry in a parable.

Let's say I'm throwing a big party and am inviting the world to the party (the forums) and I want everyone to have a great time, eating (reading through posts being fed), drinking (being encouraged to walk in His Word), and having fellowship with one another.  In Israel, we have Shabbat meals -- and whenever you have 2 Jews -- you have 3 opinions -- it's GREAT to be opinionated.  I encourage discussions ... but during our Shabbat meals ... we never ever get to the point in disagreements whereby food is being tossed and seriously yelling takes place!  And if someone comes into the meal ... and starts throwing food ... and yells at everyone -- what do you suppose the head of the Shabbat meal will do?  He'll escort those causing problems out of the house!  Why?  Because the whole reason for the gathering was to learn from one another ... to have a great time of fellowship!  

Some people like to constantly throw food and yell ... they won't last on Worthy ... because they missed the point of the party ... it's a prequel to the true party -- the Lamb's Supper!  

All I'm trying to provide is a place to allow true fellowship ... and discussions in love ... in the hopes it will be a catalyst for true REVIVAL based on REPENTANCE!

I hope you have a blessed time at Worthy!

Please REPORT any posts that you believe should be reviewed!  We strive to have ALL members abide by our Terms of Service.

While this message is "automated", please know that if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me off a private message which can be found at the top right to the left of your name.

Your brother in the Lord with much agape love,


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2 hours ago, JesusWins91 said:

Hello All,

I just made an account here for some support on what I'm sure I already know. I am a 28 year old single female who has been a Christian her whole life. 


Hi JesusWins91! Welcome to Worthy. I'm glad that you're here. :)

Don't be troubled. That man --- this "seer" --- was trying to seduce you, but we can see his reward: nothing but a vessel for a profane, lying spirit. 

Pray to the Lord for his judgment in your life and beware of men who are prowling, looking for an easy meal. Christ cherishes faith, so when we earnestly seek him trusting that he will answer, we demonstrate that faith to our Father in heaven. Do that my friend and you'll do well!   

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I have found it helps when the dark ones bother you to remind them where their future lies and remind them that you belong to Jesus and demand they leave you alone in Jesus name...

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Hello Jesuswins. Welcome. I will pray for you. I agree with what has been said already. I would recommend that you read Scripture out loud, especially passages that deal with this sort of thing. Keep praising God, keep seeking Him. You will get through this. 

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