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Worthy Brief - 10/7/2019

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Worthy News Brief - October 7, 2019

Friend, crown your mind!

Romans 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

As we continue in the midst of "Yamim Noraim", or the Days of Awe between Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets) and Yom Kippur, we've entered into a period of repentance -- and hopefully, we're seeking to 'perfect holiness' [2 Cor. 7:1] and pursuing a deeper level of dedication and consecration during this season.

In ancient times, the high priest of Israel wore a crown of pure gold on his head called a Nezer, which comes from the word “nazar”. This word "nazar" means to dedicate, consecrate and sacredly separate. The word “nazarite” comes from this root and describes someone who has taken a vow to be separated from the world.

New Covenant believers are called "a royal priesthood" [1 Peter 2:9], and we also, are called to live a holy life, dedicated to God and separated from the world in our thoughts and intentions. It's not always an easy task. Our thought life is constantly challenged from within and without. In this battle, the crown of the high priest can be a powerful symbol for us; the beauty and purity of gold standing for the beauty and purity of thinking with the mind of Messiah. Since Yeshua (Jesus) was the perfect "Nazarite", set apart in absolute purity, His thoughts were always "golden". In communion with Him by His spirit, our thought life too, can move more and more toward His perfect mind.

Philippians 4:8 says this; " Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things. " This, as believers, is our mandate to "positive thinking". In this world, negativity, cynicism, and impurity abound, and it becomes easier and easier to dwell on things that are depressing and sinful, impure and evil. But these thoughts must be cut off and destroyed from our minds. Thoughts of lust, jealousy, covetousness, and self-pity will take us away from our Lord, and need to be taken captive before they get a foothold. Replace them with those of Philippians 4:8.

You have the mind of Messiah [1 Cor. 2:16] Choose to know and think with it. Crown yourself with thoughts that are pure as gold by taking control of that ceaseless flow. You'll be amazed at how your life will change under the influence of Yeshua's mind!

Friend, make the determination this season to transform your mind on those thoughts above. In doing so, you'll find yourself changing the world around you -- for His Glory and for His Kingdom!

Your family in the Lord with much agape love,

George, Baht Rivka, Elianna & Obadiah
Arad, Israel

Editor's Note: We've added a short three week tour of the United Kingdom in just a few days. This will be our first tour of the UK, and if you'd like us to minister at your congregation or home fellowship, be sure to let us know ASAP. This will be a very limited time, as we need to arrive in the States by the beginning of November. You can send an email to george [ @ ] worthyministries.com for more information.

Editor's Note: We're proud to announce that after months of development, we've finally finished the Worthy Prayer Team. If you have a prayer request, please let the Prayer Team know.

Editor's Note: We're starting to schedule our Winter tour of the United States. If you would like us to minister at your congregation, home fellowship, or Israel focused event, be sure to let us know ASAP. You can send an email to george [ @ ] worthyministries.com for more information. 

Friend, if our ministry has blessed you, consider supporting our work online and in Israel! Thank you for your prayers and gifts! Together, we are making a difference for the Kingdom!
Around the World
New Round of Talks on Nile Waters Starts in Sudan's Capital
Irrigation ministers of three key Nile Basin countries were meeting Friday in Sudan's capital, seeking to resolve differences over Ethiopia's soon-to-be-finished Blue Nile dam, which Cairo claims threatens its water supply.
Hong Kong Plunges Deeper into Crisis as Protests Break Out for the Third Consecutive Day
Anti-communist crowds marched through Hong Kong Sunday to decry the government’s emergency powers and press their demands for political freedom. Many wore masks in open defiance of a government ban on facial coverings meant as a deterrent to protesters, whose four-month-old democratic rebellion has thrown the semi-autonomous enclave into crisis and caused consternation among China’s top leadership.
Turkey announces incursion of northeast Syria, US-backed Kurds have vowed ‘all-out’ war
The White House announced late Sunday that Turkey will soon move forward with its planned military operation in northeast Syria in an area where U.S. troops have been deployed and operating with Kurdish-led forces.
US steps aside for Turkey to invade northern Syria, crush Kurds
The White House said Sunday that US forces in northeast Syria will move aside and clear the way for an expected Turkish assault, essentially abandoning Kurdish fighters who fought alongside American forces in the years-long battle to defeat Islamic State militants.
US-North Korean Nuclear Talks Come to Abrupt End, Pyongyang Negotiator Says
North Korea's top nuclear negotiator says working-level nuclear talks Saturday with the U.S. in Stockholm ended shortly after they began.
Iran not 'drawing back' militarily after Saudi attack - U.S. admiral
Iran has not drawn back to a less threatening military posture in the region following the Sept. 14 attack on Saudi Arabia, the top U.S. admiral in the Middle East told Reuters, suggesting persistent concern despite a lull in violence.
Russia helping China build missile warning system, Putin says
Moscow has plans to help China build a system to help detect when an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is launched, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.
Armed men storm TV station after 80 die in Iraq protests
Armed men dressed in black have stormed the offices of a news broadcaster in Iraq, the station has said.
Iraq blames 'malicious' hands as toll from unrest tops 100
Twelve anti-government demonstrators were killed Sunday in ongoing protests in the capital Baghdad, the latest fatalities in six days of clashes that have left more than 100 dead and thousands wounded.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel’s top ministers to meet for first time in months, amid warnings on Iran
The Security Cabinet will convene Sunday for the first time in two months, amid cryptic warnings by Israeli leadership in recent days of a growing security threat.
Israel and Gulf states working on ‘historic pact’ to end conflict between them
Israel is reportedly negotiating with several Gulf states on a 'non-aggression pact' between them as they face off against an increasingly emboldened Iran. The deal, which Channel 12 news described as potentially 'historic,' aims to put an end to the state of conflict between the Gulf states and Israel, and reportedly provides for friendly relations, cooperation in a variety of fields, and no war or incitement against each other.
PA wipes peace agreements from schoolbooks, encourages incitement and intolerance
The Palestinian Authority has removed any mention of past agreements with Israel from their school textbooks, with the exception of the Oslo Accords, which are mentioned in far less detail than in previous editions of the schoolbooks, according to a new report by Yedioth Aharonot.

Inside the United States
Supreme Court to hear first abortion case since Kavanaugh, Gorsuch confirmations
To the delight of pro-life advocates, the U.S. Supreme Court announced Friday it will consider a challenge to a Republican-backed Louisiana law requiring doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.
Economy added 136,000 jobs in September to bring unemployment to 5-decade low
The U.S. economy added 136,000 jobs in September, and the unemployment rate ticked down to 3.5%, a new 50-year low, according to federal data released Friday.
Supreme Court kicks off blockbuster term with consequential LGBT rights cases
When the Supreme Court’s nine members take their seats Monday for the start of their next term, the justices will waste little time before confronting a trio of cases that could have major implications for LGBT rights.
Commerce Dept.: U.S. trade deficit has grown by nearly $1B
The U.S. trade deficit has grown by nearly $1 billion after the Trump administration imposed new tariffs against Chinese products, the Commerce Department said in a report Friday.
Federal Judge Tosses Tampa Therapy Ban for Minors Fighting Same-Sex Attraction
A federal judge in Florida struck down a Tampa ordinance banning the use of talk therapy on minors fighting same-sex attraction.

Christian News
Rev. Graham’s tour evokes evangelical support for Trump
Rev. Franklin Graham did not utter the word 'impeachment' as he spoke to thousands of Christians here this week, the latest stop on a long-running tour he has dubbed Decision America -- a title with political and religious undertones.

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