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A Dream From the Late 80's

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Other than the somewhat confusing at times chronologies of the end time as discussed over scripture----this is all I know from the Lord.

He has never had me focus on prophecy.

I believe because of this dream and a couple others that He sends dreams in these times for faith building and edification.

This dream hadn't never been shared with the Church wholesale, but was shared within the context of a ‘home church’ body of believers at the time of the dream and then as will become obvious, several years later.


The dream was one of those that is as clear as a bell and obvious to the dreamer that it was the Lord. I do hope and pray, it will be edifying. Please understand that the Lord was careful to adhere to His admonition regarding the time is known only to the Father—and He ain’t tellin.


The dream came in two parts and was given back in the late 80’s.


First part:

I saw an airliner about to crash into the tower at the precise angle. The airliner was similar to what we had then, but it was obvious in the dream that it was larger and more modern. That was the impression given in the dream. There were flames and smoke and a clear sense of the chaos that was to follow. Again—this was the clear sense communicated in the dream. The visual was amazingly precise and the picture in the dream precisely like what was shown on TV years later.

Part two:

The second part was like turning a page as though a second chapter.

Many of us believers were gathered in a large room/building that was ‘well lit’. Again this was the strong impression given. A large room that was well lit.

While we were all in this building I found caves beneath the building and came back up stairs and said, “there are caves beneath here where we can flee and be safe. Another brother said, “we should stay here, there are more yet to come”.


As you can imagine, when 9/11 occurred there was much discussion.

Conclusions were.

A time of chaos would follow the event.

Believers would be before the Lord and that there would be a tension between fleeing and waiting and trusting.

This was a very powerful dream that the Lord sent.

I have mentioned before, but I am convinced that the Lord gives dreams, visions, and specific direction for edification and faith building to either individuals or communities of believers—or both.


He loves us and is gracious.

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