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Just wanted to say hello

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Shalom Cjhen73,

Welcome to Worthy Christian Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know everyone. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  As soon as you post a few times and after they are approved, it'll tell us that you are "real" person and not a "bot", you'll be free to post throughout our forums and join our chat rooms.  Forgive us for this minor inconvenience, however, we've had issues in the past with Spammers!

This is a short tutorial video of how to get started with Worthy Christian Forums.

As soon as you get out of Newbie status, you'll be able to add your profile picture.

You may be interested in reading how WCF functions, and how the forums are set up, and other neat tricks to the forums.  Read our insights into WCF.

Let me share a little bit of my vision for the ministry in a parable.

Let's say I'm throwing a big party and am inviting the world to the party (the forums) and I want everyone to have a great time, eating (reading through posts being fed), drinking (being encouraged to walk in His Word), and having fellowship with one another.  In Israel, we have Shabbat meals -- and whenever you have 2 Jews -- you have 3 opinions -- it's GREAT to be opinionated.  I encourage discussions ... but during our Shabbat meals ... we never ever get to the point in disagreements whereby food is being tossed and seriously yelling takes place!  And if someone comes into the meal ... and starts throwing food ... and yells at everyone -- what do you suppose the head of the Shabbat meal will do?  He'll escort those causing problems out of the house!  Why?  Because the whole reason for the gathering was to learn from one another ... to have a great time of fellowship!  

Some people like to constantly throw food and yell ... they won't last on Worthy ... because they missed the point of the party ... it's a prequel to the true party -- the Lamb's Supper!  

All I'm trying to provide is a place to allow true fellowship ... and discussions in love ... in the hopes it will be a catalyst for true REVIVAL based on REPENTANCE!

I hope you have a blessed time at Worthy!

Please use the REPORT POST feature (which can be found at the top right of all posts) any posts that you believe should be reviewed!  We strive to have ALL members abide by our Terms of Service.

While this message is "automated", please know that if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me off a private message which can be found at the top right to the left of your name.

Your brother in the Lord with much agape love,


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Welcome to Worthy, Cjhen73!

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14 hours ago, Cjhen73 said:

Hi there. My name is Cindy. Would like to have st say hello.

Hi Cindy. I hope the Lord blesses you today. Looking forward to meeting you. :)

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