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So we're do i go from here ? Ex girlfriend had an abortion against my will


Hello,I won't reveal my name for this although I would imagine through God completing his work in me you'll see me in heaven over the course of eternity . I am a Christian I live a commited life as a Christian and I'm 23. I'm at a great Russel group uni (equivalent to ivy League but UK) all is good right? Not quite at around the age of 19/20 I was involved in a sexual relationship with my now ex. Yes I was loving the lord in words and not deeds and her also. Despite the fact I clearly stated the want to wait till marriage I ended up in a cycle. As I drew closer to God I was stuck in sin and she didn't see Christ the same as me and wanted to continue . Despite the fact I proffesed to follow God I certainly didn't show it I was influenced by my friend who a Christian . He would often tell his wife to cover up etc all because he thought it was honering her and God. This overly religious friend my new found passion for Christ and the fact I was stressed over my mums illness drove my ex to begin to hate me in her heart despite proffesing to love me. I was living for Christ yet I couldn't make the step to cut of the relationship . So she got pregnant we found out straight away within a month she had an abortion completly against my will. I prayed , offered to be there, change my whole life nothing worked. She wanted to still live for the world and in honesty I was being a rubbish Christian claiming to be but falling into sin.  So I lost my baby. We broke up a while after . I'm now free from sex porn etc for nearly two years Christ has actually completly changed me I just had to let go of that relationship . Now people love me I bring joy to many in the church many friends. I've got into a great uni , I can see a future in ministry . However I feel like 

1. My future wife would resent me for what happend. Or possibly take me for granted because of it 

2. I'm still hurt by it despite the lord's work in all honesty it's better than it could be but worse than it should be 

3. Even if I didn't have a wife to avoid more pain and gave my life to Christ. I'm going to go to heaven by God's grace then see my child who's mum I don't even talk to.

There's a chance their mum might be in hell because atm she's not turned into a lesbian . Yes please pray for her 


All my other kids would have a different mum .


How would I even work this into a family in heaven


Even in heaven people are still gonna know the girl aborted my child 


So where's the hope of escaping This mistake of sex before marriage 

Everyone knows what David did wrong why will it be any different for me? 


I honestly am stuck 


Advice thanks 

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      "I don't know that I believe in God anymore," I sent her, crying my eyes out because all I needed right then was someone to pull me back to God and say that I needed to hold on. I desperately needed someone to grab my ears and pull me up saying, "Hello!! Jesus is alive! He is alive! And He loves you more than you'll ever comprehend!"
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      Now, having all that said... I still feel a strong incomplete pit in my life, this being my relationship with God. I still question my sexuality today. I believe that being abused for all those years led me to believe I was homosexual because beforehand, I never EVER questioned my sexuality. I was your typical "boy-crazy" little girl who would go to their mom after school and say, "Guess what mommy! [Enter name here] talked to me today! I was so nervous!" I can tell you confidently now that I know I am a beautiful, straight female who deserves just as much as everyone else. In my heart, I feel that. However, I hesitate to answer so confidently in person because it takes denying my past conflictions to find my true self deep within me that, yes, I am that person. For a long time I denied this person that I was because of the many times my mother would tell me that I wasn't her daughter, I wasn't what she wanted, and I was a mistake through and through. I believe truly, within my heart, that abuse can cause lifetime problems such as this. Abuse, especially that in childhood, does not just affect your personality, your social life, and your way of coping with life situations. Abuse affects your lifestyle, your beliefs, and all the critical things of yourself.
      I am stuck. My ex-best friend and I started talking recently. We grew up together and shortly after I went from a true Christian to Atheist, we fell apart from one another. In the past month, we found each other via social media and I have come to find, not to my surprise, that she is still very faithful and connected to God. Even when we were little and very close, I was inspired by her connection with God and trust in Him, despite our different beliefs. She was raised Apostolic Pentecostal. I was raised Baptist. However, now that we have reconnected, I have caught her up with everything that happened to me in the past years that we haven't talked. She amazes me still at her immaculate trust in God. She is now involved in leading many youth groups to teach the Bible to younger kids, as well as attending her own youth group herself. This makes me intrigued in her beliefs since I am currently not under any official belief besides that in which God does indeed exist. My mother is not much in the picture anymore, so I have free reign to explore all sorts of Christianity that I please without fear of being bashed or shunned for doing anything other than Baptism.  I have been looking into Apostolic Pentecostal all day, trying to actually understand what the belief is all about compared to Baptism, since that is what I know best, and it makes so much more sense to me compared to what I grew up with. Is there anybody who is an Apostolic Pentecostal that could please help guide me and help me in understanding the beliefs? I am very intrigued by this way of praise and church-going. So please, if you read all of this, which I hope you did because it contributes so much to my reasoning behind this, and you are an Apostolic Pentecostal, please give me information on your beliefs and ways of praising and keeping faith. I am finding God again, and I do not plan on losing Him this time. Not again.
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