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The pathway unto the cross ...

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The pathway unto the cross is not always easy for the wicked ones seek to keep the weak ones weak and the lost ones lost, but the pathway unto redemption that was walked by our Messiah, is the path that we must also walk, for He is the way, the truth, and the life, and no man comes unto the Lord God but by Him. He was near unto death from the beating that He bore for us, yet He carried His cross to Calvary where He bled and died, and in His death, there is the hope of salvation. Upon the cross He died for me and from the tomb He arose to be my guide and my comfort still. The Lamb of God, the Messiah unto all mankind calls out unto every hurting soul to look unto His cross and to seek the power of the empty tomb, for He is risen and He sits at the right hand of the Lord God and He is our King and He is our hope and our salvation. Let there be joy, and let there be gratefulness for the Lord Jesus reigns!

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