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Trump The Hand Of God!

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On 1/14/2020 at 1:26 AM, Revelation Man said:

I liked JFK, he cut taxes, but I do think he was naive, his daddy got rich via mob connections, then is two sons targeted the mob, that was a no no, I believe the mob did him and his brother in. Notice, no one ever says anything about JFK's affairs, or FDR's affairs, or FDR's wife's affairs etc. etc. I don't care myself, that is between them and God, if you are a good leader I am not going to worry about a persons bad traits per se. That's what I don't get about these people speaking about Trumps supposed faults, they don't realize the media is spinning them into voting the way they want them to vote. If Trump was a tranny the Media would be happy, happy, happy, they love the trannies Library hour for 3 year old's, LOL. I don't allow media chumps to PUSH me into voting for Abortionists and Homosexual Marriage Champions via psychological warfare. 

I love George Washington because he could have been King but deferred for the good of the Nation, he wanted a true Republic. The reason I say Trump is the best President is what he is having to fight against, I think only Angels could deliver most of these victories. The Liberals could have co-opted Trump, he loves being liked {like we all do} but if someone hits out at him, he strikes back, so them coming after him so hard with lying lairs had to be God's plan {LOL}. God got them to tick Trump off so much that Trump has turned ULTRA CONSERVATIVE to spite them !! 

We were doomed if Hillary had gotten elected, and people can't even see it !! During JFK's time, Americans were still patriots for the most part. Now-a-days we have a lot of totalitarian traitors in our midst who hate the United States. 

I agree with a lot of what you've written here.

I disagree with the popular notion that Giancana or his ilk were directly responsible for the assassination of JFK.  I call attention to the scenarios popularized, or propagandized as the case may be, by the media (influenced by the government at the time and controlled by the intelligence community today).  Carefully note how their 'investigative journalism' always focuses on the perp most likely to have done the deed - Oswald.  

The 1974 congressional investigation determined that at least two shooters were involved.  Lack of conclusive evidence suggests Oswald wasn't the assassin.  Debate constantly thrashes and confuses the issue from the wrong end - the shooter's end.   Popular attention is thus diverted from the real organizers and the power behind the shot - Alan Dulles.   ANY private research into the person and character of Alan Dulles will reveal motive and opportunity for him to have orchestrated the crime.   The really ironic thing is that he got himself appointed to the Warren Commission so as to supervise 'the government's conclusions'.  

You pointed out that nothing derogatory was ever published by the media concerning JFKs (or Bobby's) womanizing.   True enough.  Neither did the media examine FDRs affairs or his handicap.   In FDRs case they were asked to ignore it.  In JFKs day the leaks came out, but were squelched by editors.    The reason for both is the fever pitch desire of media reporters to 'get a story'.  Inclusion in White House story releases is of primary importance to reporters who are eager to get their hands on a press release (and then head off to their favorite watering hole after the press conference ends).   In the early days of the Trump administration, Donald tried to squeeze the press in exactly this manner.  It worked so far as to remove media coverage of Trump's family.  

I want to reiterate my position that politically as well as spiritually the office of President of the United States is a middle management position.

Politically, the socio-political forces of what is casually known as the Deep State affect the president more than his own opinion.   The Deep State is composed of the military-industrial complex, the intelligence community and the financial cartel.  All work independently, but when their interests coincide the president MUST ACT according to their direction.  

Congress, as well as the president, is subservient to the interests of the Deep State.  

POTUS thus is a political hack - a middle manager.  In my opinion, it doesn't matter who sits in the Oval Office.  Neither POTUS nor congress is attentive to voter wishes or the ultimate good of the people.   It was not that way when we were young, but since November 22, 1963 the trend was set and continues to this day.

Spiritually, God is in control.  The presidency of the United States is no more an autonomous position than leadership of any other country.   God affects their decisions.

This means God can issue judgment against a nation just as easily as He can bless one.  If we use the Bible as a benchmark we see that God can use the progression of history to judge a nation.   He can also judge a nation by direct sudden action.   In both cases, the measure of divine judgment is an irreversible circumstance.  Anything else is simply business as usual.  Also remember that divine judgment is ALWAYS preceded by warnings.  Very often these warnings go on for a period of years before judgment becomes history.

God sent numerous warnings to America following the end of WWII for several decades.  Preachers and evangelists regularly issued a warnings, which were summarily dismissed by the general population.

"On 16 September 1985, when the Commerce Department announced that the United States had become a debtor nation, the American Empire died." - Gore Vidal 

An example of divine judgment being executed during the normal flow of history is the entry of the United States into debtor status.  Declared by none other than an agency of the US government itself, America began its descent into the black hole of international debt from which it has not and will never recover.  I remember the announcement as I'm sure you do as well.   I confess that I didn't understand the ramifications of it at the time.   Most Americans don't comprehend it now.  It was and is an irreversible situation.  It was and is a Divine Judgment against America.

An example of divine judgment being executed during a sudden and also irreversible situation is 911 and the act of congress following it on October 26 of the same year.   In one terrible hour the United States was confronted with an attack against its security and a month later the basic freedoms we once held dear were stripped away from us.  

We placed our security in the hands of men, not God.   Those men took it from us.  

We took our liberty for granted and did not appreciate God's great gift to us.  Divine judgment stripped our liberty away from us at the hand of men we elected to guard it.

Today the founding Christian principles that made us great are being stolen from us by unprincipled self-aggrandizing people who care for nothing except their own conceit and appetites.  "America is for sale," is repeated often by anyone who knows anything about politics.  This too is a judgment from God upon us.   The situation is irreversible.   The tipping point of history has already been passed and the normal flow of events is destined to ruin us completely.   The America we grew up in is already a thing of the past.  The America of today will follow it into the dusty pages of history.  The America of tomorrow will be something quite different from what we know today (not a good thing).

"Society has little defense against the abyss of human decadence." - Alexander Solzhenitsyn

The only defense is the gospel of Jesus Christ and the mercy of God, both of which we have denied repeatedly and loudly.

"Where there is no wisdom, the people perish." - Proverbs 29:18

It has been said that if a person is becoming insane the best place to live is in Washington, DC where it will not be noticed.  Wisdom has fled our nation and folly has infected our entire society.   Only God can save us and we have collectively turned our backs upon Him.

The hope that remains for us is to use what wisdom God has given to us to repent of our wickedness and seek God's mercy on His terms, not ours.

God will no longer bless America.  He never promised He would.

God will have mercy upon those who seek Him.  We can take that promise to the gates of heaven.

that's me, hollering from the choir loft...  


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On 1/16/2020 at 2:42 PM, DustyRoad said:

This explains why I'm apolitical, brother. I follow the Lord with abandon, trusting in Him because we know that God is always right; but the same cannot be said of men in this world. I love my brother in the Lord but then we share the same Father... the same Lord... and the same eternal inheritance.  He deals with us and so I have faith where we're concerned.

I'm too wary of throwing my support behind this president (or that candidate) because the causes of fallen men and the concerns of this wicked world are certainly not right or just. Therefore I pray for peace and for the Lord to influence men in power to do what's right for all... and not just for themselves. 

Like you, I derive comfort in knowing that God is sovereign. :)  

So where's the sin in supporting someone who has the ability to pass righteous legislation while were still here on Earth? I don't know President Trump's heart just like anyone else but I see the positive things that he's doing that Christians should be glad about. He is exposing these evil beasts and they are doing everything they think they can to stop him. God please protect President Trump!

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