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So do you guys just want to talk or...?

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Today was a big day for me. We live a life of routine here I guess, we get up, get our showers, eat, and go off to work if we have a job, that is. My dad seems to have this routine where he does get up and get a shower, goes to walk the dog, and then he goes off to work. My mom does not work, but she cooks and cleans a lot.

I had to take about an hour long trip (I have no idea if it really was this duration of time or not) to an area called Kingsport in order to get checked to see if I still have H. Pylori, which is a stomach virus. I have had this in the past, although we thought we had it removed, we still did not.

So basically I had to take a long drive with my mom to go and see the doctor. The doctor had me breathe into a bag. This test is supposed to test me to see if I still have H. Pylori or not.

I love border collies and all sorts of animals.

What do you guys want to talk about?

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