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Defense of the Pre Trib Rapture

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1 hour ago, OldCoot said:

Different English word, not a different Greek word.

What?? don't tell me you are one of those that still look up a root word of the actual word used and switch over to the meaning of the root word rather than the one used by the writer.....or worse-substitute a different word for the one in the sentence of discussion!

ä-po-stä-sē'-ä   Feminine of the same as ἀποστάσιον (G647)    2 Thes 2:3

ä-fē'-stā-mē     From ἀπό (G575) and ἵστημι (G2476)   Luke 2:37  etc.

Got a license for that?



Using departure as opposed to falling away.  I have as much license to put a different English word that applies to the Greek word as anyone who has done any translation of the text.  Again, translators, dictionary writers, and anyone else has no greater authority in the body than anyone else, except the Apostles themselves when it comes to the scripture.  

Except that the translators actually used the usage of the same word, as did the dictionary compilers. 


I did stay quite focused

C'mon Coot, you really did stay focused of proving pre trib, I'll give you that.


 That you have problems with grammar and literary style is not my problem.

Well I think I am not having a problem with honestly staying the word actually used on the page of manuscript. I don't try to mash another word or version of it into the discussion.


 I am not responsible for what others learned or didn't learn in school.

We can learn accuracy/honesty for the school of God's Spirit.  


The topic is about the pre-trib.   You had referred to proof of it happening before the man of sin being revealed.  I showed how the the text says it does and how the OT supports that as well in earlier posts.

Well I don't think you mean you found the man of sin in the O.T. But in earlier posts, your theory didn't hold up to scriptural scrutiny. Which is why you avoided them so avidly.


You are just playing the "death by a thousand conditions" methodology along with trying to turn the tables in an attempt to make any opposition look like a rube.  Highly disingenuous on your part.

Nah, not at all. The pre trib teaching does that to itself all by itself.


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