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2002 was a very exciting year of Prophecy indeed!! It appears that the contractions are growing closer and closer together in these days of birth pains. Click on the link below for more :


Prophetic Signs of 2002

The following is a list of some of the signs that have occurred in 2002 that may indicate the Day of the Lord is near. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all the signs that have occurred in 2002 with possible prophetic significance -- only those that have been reported here on Fulfilledprophecy.com.

January 2002: Spain took over the European Union's six-month rotating presidency. This is significant because Spain is a member of the EU's new 10-nation military alliance.

February 2002: The Convention on the Future of Europe began. This is significant because the Convention is tasked with coming up with an acceptable structure for the new, super EU and super EU presidency. It is also tasked with creating the new Constitution of Rome.

March 2002: The United States sponsored UN Resolution 1397 calling for the creation of a Palestinian state. A few days later the US also backed UN Resolution 1402 calling for Israel to withdraw from the territories. This is significant because, for the first time in history, the US has been seen as siding against Israel in the Security Council.

April 2002: The International Criminal Court was officially installed as an agency of the United Nations. This is significant because the I.C.C. was established by the Rome Statute to be the first court in history with international jurisdiction even over nations who have not ratified the statute.

May 2002: A campaign to bring Israel into the EU officially began in Brussels. This is significant because, if Israel becomes part of the EU, the map of Europe would once again look much like the old Roman Empire. And, a revival of the old Roman Empire is predicted in prophecy.

June 2002: Three members of the EU's 10-nation military alliance, the Benelux nations -- Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, broke ranks with the other members and called for strengthening the Commission instead of the Council. This may be significant because, when the Antichrist comes to power with his 10-nation alliance, he is to pull three of the 10 out by their roots.

June 2002: The Seville summit adopted the modified Solana Reforms, giving more power to the Council and undercutting the power of the Commission. This may be significant because the Council is where the 10-nation alliance has its headquarters.

September 2002: The Danish presidency introduced the "Road Map" concept that becomes the centerpiece to the Quartet's efforts to bring peace to the Middle East. This may be significant because the Antichrist is to broker some kind of seven-year agreement with Israel. And, the Antichrist is to come from this revived form of the Roman Empire we're now seeing in the new, super EU.

November 2002: The UN Security Council votes 15-0 to back the US in an attempt to force Iraq to eliminate weapons of mass destruction. This may be significant because I believe prophecy indicates that the ancient city of Babylon will reappear in the last-days, only to be destroyed later in one hour with fire. The coming war against Iraq may well bring this about.

November 2002: NATO approves a "big bang" enlargement allowing seven former East Block nations into the alliance. This is significant because these new NATO members shift the political balance away from Washington and to Europe. Again, this is an fulfillment of prophecy about the revival of the Roman Empire.

December 2003: The Copenhagen summit officially approves the addition of 10 new nations into the EU. And, a breakthrough is finally reached allowing the EU's new Rapid Reaction Force to become a reality. These events are significant because they may have set the stage for the final events of end-times prophecy -- the appearance of the foretold 10-horned beast.

Yes, 2002 has been a very exciting year for us students of Bible prophecy. But, it looks like 2003 is going to be even more exciting.

Stay tuned!


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Now my friend Herb, whoever he is, is getting closer to what I believe will happen. I don't agree with everything he thinks, but he is definitely keeping a closer eye on Solana than I am. And I'm glad, because it makes my work that much more easier. I owe him a big thankyou when we finally get home. I believe the first really bad thing that will happen to America (worse than 9-11), will be the rapture. That will bring our economy to a crashing halt, soon followed by the whole worlds economy. It's also very possible that God will send more severe judgment, as in nukes, but then again, that may not even be neccessary. One thing for sure, the bride will be taken before anything catostrophic happens, and anything is possible afterwards. There is no hurry for a powerful EU military, because the AC will enter into the limelight by peace and flatteries. I will highlight in bold print where Herb and I are coming into closer agreement, in his article. Click on the link below:


Will Something Bad Happen to America?

I'm really concerned about America. According to recent reports, not only may American forces find themselves in a ground war with Iraq, they may have to contend with North Korea as well. And, North Korea would be a very formidable advisory to confront -- even without having to deal with Iraq.

Here's why this concerns me so much: As you know, prophecy appears to say 10-kings from a revived Roman Empire will take America's place on the world stage.

And, if you've been following my commentaries, you know that I believe there are forces at work in the European Union that are attempting to fulfill these prophecies and desire to take America's place as the world's dominate superpower.

In the last half of 2000, under the French presidency and direction of the Council's Secretary General and High Representative, Javier Solana, a 10-nation military alliance was officially installed within the Council to become the military wing of the European Union.

One thing, however, is standing in the way of Europe's dream to become a global superpower -- America. You see, as long as America remains militarily dominant in the world, these 10 nations will never achieve the political will to arrive where prophecy predicts because they still would rather America spend her money for military than themselves.

Never-the-less, we know that God's word doesn't fail -- the foretold 10-horned kingdom of the beast will someday come. And, when I consider the prophecies related to God's plans for Israel, I don't believe that day is far away.

In other words, I'm afraid something bad may happen to America -- something that will make the Europeans finally get serious about their security. Perhaps, even something so big could happen that it would allow the EU's new leader of foreign and security policy to evoke the emergency powers provided in Recommendation 666.

Of course, there are other ways for God's word to be fulfilled.

Let's pray for America.


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Another Solana Cool Coupe?

At the bottom of the list of events on the right side of Fulfilledprophecy.com's homepage, you will find these words:


The rotating six-month presidency is to be replaced and the EU's foreign policy given entirely to one person - possibly Solana.

It was almost exactly one year ago when I placed those words there. In fact, this month -- January -- marks the first anniversary of FulfillePtrophecy.com. Now, it looks like it's going to happen -- the European Union's entire foreign policy is going to be given to one man. And, it looks like that man is Javier Solana.

As I've said before, it fascinates me how Solana has always managed to keep himself out of the spotlight. Yet, I believe this one Spanish diplomat has contributed more to the shaping of the Post Cold War Europe than any other international leader.

In 1995 Solana was appointed the Secretary General of NATO. He came on the scene just in time to lead the US bombing campaign against Serbia. Not only was he tasked with reestablishing the Balkans, he was given the job of restructuring NATO to meet the new Post Cold War realities in Europe. Part of this restructuring was to make it possible for the European members of NATO to have its own military force.

In 1999, Solana left NATO to became the EU's first High Representative of Common Foreign and Security Policy. He was also made head of the Western European Union, an alliance of 10 European NATO nations. His job was to create out of this 10-nation alliance an independent military for the EU. In other words, he was to finish the job he had already started as head of NATO.

In 2000, following the WEU's Assembly Recommendation 666, Solana and the French EU presidency made the WEU the official military wing of the EU.

Now, in 2003, it's being reported that France and Germany have decided to create a powerful new EU Foreign Ministry with a large budget (Read about it here). Furthermore, it has also been reported they want Javier Solana to head it (Read about it here).

If this happens, we may have just witnessed another Solana cool coupe -- just like the one I recorded in my book, Recommendation 666.

In other words, in 2004 the big European leaders want the EU's entire foreign policy to be given to one man, Javier Solana -- exactly like what was speculated on this site a year ago.

On any day, this announcement would be exciting for a student of Bible prophecy. However, for me, it's even more exciting for it to come on the anniversary of FulfilledProphecy.com.

Thanks for staying tuned!


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When Bush Comes to Shove

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has sure made the singing, four-headed beast mad. I'm talking about the Quartet -- that strange alliance of the US, the EU, the UN and Russia that is busy trying to bring peace to the Middle East. How did Sharon make the beast so mad? Not only has he rejected the Quartet's beloved Road Map peace plan, he has actually called the Quartet irrelevant.

Image that! Here you have the head of a tiny nation, smaller in size than California, calling an alliance of the world's greatest powers irrelevant.

You would think Sharon had stepped on all forty of the four-headed beasts toes. Suddenly the beast stopped singing and started growling. Harsh criticism to Sharon's remarks were to be expected. But, if you listen carefully, the reaction coming from the beast is going beyond just criticism and is sounding more like a threat.

As I said, I was expecting an angry reaction from the other members of the Quartet -- especially Javier Solana and the EU. But, I wasn't expecting what I heard coming from the mouth the US Secretary of State Colin Powell. He actually suggested that the US would push Israel into accepting the Quartet's Road Map. Powell said, "the Bush administration intended to push ahead vigorously with a peace plan devised in conjunction with European leaders (Read about it here).

Until now, it's been commonly accepted in Washington that before there can be peace in that troubled region of the world, there first had to be two willing partners. In other words, the Israelis and the Palestinians would first have to come to the point where they were both willing to sit down and make peace.

However, it seems the four-headed beast is now becoming impatient with waiting for this to happen. And instead of gentle persuasion, the beast has decided to change tactics a little -- its decided to push. And, as you know, it's not far from a push to a shove.

Should this be the case, should the Quartet begin shoving Israel and the Palestinians into accepting their Road Map peace plan, I fear what may happen to America for being a part of it.

Here's why: Prior to the first Gulf War I read a Los Angeles Times editorial titled "Keep Your Eye's on This Man." The editorial was warning about the danger that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein posed to the region -- including Israel.

While reading the editorial, I remember thinking to myself, "How will God protect Israel this time?" Soon my question was answered. Saddam invaded Kuwait and the first Gulf War began. And, now it look's like a second Gulf War may removed Saddam completely from power.

In other words, when Saddam's Iraq became a threat to Israel's existence, God stepped in to protect Israel.

Question: Will the Quartet take Iraq's place and become the next threat to Israel?

You see, when Bush comes to shove, God could step in again.



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Powell takes on Sharon, stands with Europeans on peace plan

BARRY SCHWEID, AP Diplomatic Writer Monday, January 20, 2003


(01-20) 13:12 PST UNITED NATIONS (AP) --

Secretary of State Colin Powell, in a stiff reply to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, said Monday the Bush administration intended to push ahead vigorously with a peace plan devised in conjunction with European leaders.

He said a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was essential and that the Bush administration would proceed immediately after Israel holds elections next week.

The United States, the United Nations, Russia and the European Union are jointly backing a roadmap to a settlement. Palestinian statehood by 2005 is a goal.

The plan, which is likely to be endorsed by the United States and its partners next month, does not call for a change in the Palestinian leadership, as President Bush has demanded.

Once Israel holds its elections, he said, the United States and its partners intend to move ahead.


Yikes!! I believe the scriptures speak very loudly against this, and I'll let them speak for me as well.

Joel 3:1-2 - "For, behold, in those days, and in that time, when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, 2 I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land."

1 Thes. 5:3-4 - " For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. (4) But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief."

Also, there is something else that's very interesting. There seems to be a sort of shadow falling on the four great beasts of Daniel's dream (Daniel 7:2-3).

These beasts were World Empires, and we're told that the fourth beast will revive in the last days (Daniel 7:23-25).

1st beast = Babylon / Modern day Iraq

2nd beast = Medes / Modern day Turkey

3rd beast = Greece / Modern day Greece

4th beast = Rome / Modern day European Union

Now here's my point:

1st Iraq reared it's ugly head

2nd Turkey wants to join EU / Good base for attack on Iraq (Jer. 50:9)

3rd Greece is current rotating President of EU

4th Italy will have the next and final 6 month rotation, which houses Rome

Is this a pretty picture, or is the handwriting on the wall??

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Quote (Kyn @ Jan. 24 2003,02:03)


I said all of that I guess just to get to this point. Where do you see the Muslim Nations standing in regard to the New Roman Empire? It seems that everyone leaves that to the EC alone yet even the old Roman Empire was comprised of many nations that are today Muslim. The entire Northern part of Africa and a fair chunck of the Middle East was part of that Empire as well as the southern parts of Europe. Knowing that I am not so sure that we can say for certain that the New Roman Empire is just going to be a European thing. What say ye?

Hello Kyn,

Welcome to Worthy Boards!! I see dual fulfillments all through endtimes prophecy, one of which is Ezekiel 38.

The way I have it, America will first have to crumble, and it could be sooner than we think. I believe the rapture of the bride will be the end of good ole US of A, not because I want it that way mind you, but because of everything that the Spirit is pointing me to. Then, with the US out of the way, Russia will see a dream come true. She will round up the Arabs and go after Israel (Ezek. 38). But God will wipe these armies out on the mountains of Israel. Then the AC and his revived Roman Empire will rise to power on a platform of peace. He will seem so wise to the world and he was the one they were waiting for to lead them into a utopian world government, but it is only a trap for fools. There you have it in a nutshell.

I was watching Perry Stone the other day. And I was surprised to hear him say that he thought the muslims would form a ten nation alliance. He has totally missed it. These arabs will be wiped out on the mountains of Israel according to Ezek. 38. And most people in America aren't really up on what's really going on in the EU. Solana is a master at keeping a low profile, and he is also taking the controls out of the leaders hands in the EU, little by little. If you go back and read this thread from the first page, then you'll see why I believe he is the fulfillment of Daniel 7:25, and the rest is making history while the world is fast asleep. You don't hear this stuff in the news, and I don't think we are supposed to. It's just part of the plan.

The Revived Roman Empire will be a divided kingdom, partly strong and partly weak. The weak part is the eastern side that is really growing fast but has no power, but the strong part that will have teeth is the western side. It is this western side that possesses the ten nation military alliance, which also was recently approved to become the Rapid Responce Force of the EU. It even sounds like a peacekeeping outfit. Here are the members of this alliance:





United Kingdom






I hope this helps you. Cheers!!

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Giscard's Turtle A Councilist

It's out of the closet: Giscard's turtle is a councilist!

As I've been reporting, Val

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The Dragon's Next Step

The shadow of a great dragon is rising over Europe. The modern European Union began as an economic alliance between two nations -- France and Germany. Out of this small beginning, the EU has grown and evolved into what it is today -- an alliance of 15 European nations. And, in 2004 it will not only become an even bigger alliance of 25 nations, it will become a full-fledged legal political entity. In other words, the revived Roman Empire of end-times Bible prophecy will have officially arrived.

Most students of prophecy recognize this growing dragon for what it is -- the fulfillment of Bible prophecy concerning the rise of the Antichrist and his coming kingdom. But what many students still fail to see, however, is that behind the scenes there has been a common foreign and security policy strategy that has been feeding and directing this growing monster.

And, directing the EU's common foreign policy today we find one very intriguing individual, Javier Solana. In fact, one of his titles is actually High Representative of Common Foreign and Security Policy. In other words, Solana was hired by the 15 EU heads to represent them -- to be the first Mr. Europe.

However, High Representative wasn't the only title Solana was given. He also became the Secretary General of the Council where all the EU heads meet, and the Secretary General of the military alliance known as the Western European Union.

And for a students of prophecy, it's the first and the last of Solana's titles that should be of the most concern. Why? Concerning the last title, its because the WEU just happens to be a 10-nation military alliance. You see, the Bible predicts that the end-times revival of the Roman Empire will be under the direction of an alliance of 10 nations and/or kings. And, out of this alliance the Antichrist would appear.

And concerning Solana's first title, its because the Bible tells us God will give the 10 kings and the Antichrist a common purpose. Here's what the Scripture says:

"For God has put it in their (the 10 kings) hearts to execute His purpose by having a common purpose, and by giving their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God should be fulfilled" (Revelation 17:17 New American Standard Bible).

As I said at the beginning, the shadow of a great dragon is once again rising over Europe. And, behind the scenes, there has been an intriguing individual at the wheel of this growing beast.

How well has this first Mr. Europe done so far? Constance Cumbey, the author of the best seller, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, always reminds me that Solana has already accomplished what Hitler failed to do -- control the Balkans. As you may know, Solana's army will soon be taking NATO's place in the Balkans. In other words, Solana will be occupying the Balkans.

Why is this significant? I believe it may be significant for students of prophecy because the Balkans would be a necessary step if the real goal of this dragon is as the prophecies predict -- the Mediterranean region.

And, according to this recent report from the EU observer, it looks like the dragon's next step is already in the works (Read about it here).

Stay tuned!



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Solana is starting to spread his wings. It makes me wonder what he is hiding up under his sleeve as the worlds tensions are growing.


EU plans N. Korea mission

From Sohn Jie-ae

CNN Seoul Bureau Chief

Tuesday, February 11, 2003 Posted: 8:25 AM EST (1325 GMT)

Solana met with Japanese PM Junichiro Koizumi before landing in Seoul

SEOUL, South Korea (CNN) -- European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana says he is likely to travel to North Korea in the coming weeks to discuss ways to defuse the nuclear impasse.

Solana is in Seoul to meet with top South Korean officials -- President Kim Dae-jung, President-elect Roh Moo-hyun, the foreign minister and the minister of defense -- on EU-South Korea relations and the nuclear issue involving North Korea.

Earlier, Solana said his mission to North Korea depended on the outcome of an emergency meeting of the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog agency this week.

There had been some talk of him traveling to Pyongyang as early as mid-month, but EU delegation spokeswoman Christina Gallash said a late February to early March is a probable time frame.

The International Atomic Energy Agency will hold a board meeting on Wednesday to decide whether to refer the North Korea issue to the U.N. Security Council.

Should that happen, the Security Council may impose sanctions on North Korea in an attempt to persuade Pyongyang to drop its nuclear plans -- North Korea says such a move would amount to a declaration of war.

Tensions have mounted on the Korean Peninsula since last October when the U.S. said North Korea admitted to secretly pursuing a nuclear weapons program in violation of a 1994 deal.

Pyongyang responded by backing out of a nuclear non-proliferation treaty earlier this year, kicking out U.N. nuclear monitors and restarting its mothballed nuclear power plants in a move it says will compensate for an energy shortfall.

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The Man Who's Always There

It fascinates me how, when ever there's an international event or crisis, Javier Solana is always somewhere in the middle of it. And yet he somehow manages to keep himself out of the media's spotlight.

For example, last November US president George W. Bush attended the historic NATO Summit in Prague. The reason this meeting held in the capital of the Czech Republic was so important is because at this summit it was decided to go for the so-called "big-bang" enlargement of NATO and invite seven new nations to join the alliance -- Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

When I saw a photo of this meeting, I wasn't surprised to see president Bush the center of the media's attention. After all, Bush is the leader of the world's last and only super power. However, I was surprised to see who had the honor to sit next to Bush.

On one side of president Bush sat Secretary of State Colin Powell, and on the other side of the president sat -- you guessed it -- Javier Solana.

Think about it: Here we have a very historic meeting of all the leaders of the NATO alliance. And, the person who is given the second seat of honor among these important Western leaders isn't the head of NATO, and isn't even the head of a NATO member state -- it's Javier Solana. Why?

This is what I think: It's because Solana was the one who made NATO's enlargement possible in the first place when he talked Russia into going along with NATO enlargement to the East when he was head of NATO.

In fact, some believe Solana's brilliant diplomacy as the head of NATO may have contributed more to the reshaping of the post Cold War Europe than any other international leader in modern history.

As the EU's foreign policy chief, once again it was Solana's diplomacy that recently kept the Balkans from disintegrating into another costly war and opened the door for EU peace keepers to take NATO's place on the ground (Read about it here).

Now, once again Solana is in the middle of things. This time it's the growing nuclear crisis in Asia that is being created by the strange little leader of North Korea (Read about it here).

After meeting with officials in Japan and the president of South Korea, it looks like Solana will be sent to North Korea to see if he can do what Washington has so far failed to do -- defuses that ticking mega bomb in Asia.

Will Solana's diplomacy once again do the trick?

Stay tuned!



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