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Low Carb Italian Vegetable Soup

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1 14 oz. can of low fat chicken broth

1 can italian seasoned stewed tomatoes

1 can italian cut green beans (drained)

2 cans mixed vegetables (drained)

1/4 teaspoon of Mrs. Dash (whatever one is your favorite)

1 cup cold water

Empty all of the cans into a large pot. Add the Mrs. Dash and water, stir gently, and heat to the desired temperature.

Makes four servings;28 carbs and 120 calories per serving.

I have this with an open faced grilled cheese sandwich:

1 slice Sara Lee Delightful low carb bread spread with butter. Fry in a skillet on both sides; add the cheese and fry 'til the cheese melts (don't turn them over!)

Each serving is 9 carbs; 105 calories.

Dessert would be a cup of low carb yogurt.

4 carbs per cup; 80 calories.

This lunch has only 41 carbs, 305 calories and it's much healthier(and cheaper) than eating at a fast food place. :huh:

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