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Where can we find out about Worthy's Ministry

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It was impressive to hear that Worthy has a ministry in the Holy Land.

A. Can we learn more specifics about Worthy Ministries and its work, like some stories about how it has gone?

I found a nice article in Messianic Times about a tour George was doing in the US:


George and Rivka Whitten serve in Southern Israel, in the highly persecuted town of Arad. They lead Kehilat Matan Todah (Congregation Give Thanks) and have a burden to pray and minister to the people of the spiritually dry and thirsty land of Israel.


It must be courageous work, ministering in such a community directly.

The Worthy News website says:



Learn about our Project Hear O Israel.


Worthy Network is NOT a 501c3 organization.


This is impressive that you are helping spiritually hungry people in the region. Were there some unfortunate obstacles to becoming a 501c3?


B. Can we learn about Kehilat Matan Todah and the Project Hear O Israel?

I only found this webpage summary (http://sevenfoldsministry.tripod.com/)


Peace - Shalom.

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