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    My daughter Apryl, is homeless in San Fransisco! I had warned her that this could happen, but she is so independent and rebellious that she would not listen to reason! Her rebellious life style has ruined her life, health and her family (children); drugs! Well I have had to release her into God's hands and trust His wisdom regarding her. Trust me that is not in anyway an easy thing, but it is a must! This Mama's heart is heavy with grief for my child! Please lift her up unto the Lord with me, and lift me up as well, I too need prayer.
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    My husband and I have been separated now for almost a month..We have been married seven years and then suddenly one day things started to change. I am a daughter of Christ Jesus and believe my husband hasn't been truly saved. we have separated on more than one occasion..but this time I'm thinking that the Jezebel spirit has interceded and is tearing us apart. As I mentioned, we are currently separated and this time he says that he wants to move on and ask me to please leave him alone. I have prayed and prayed my soul and heart out because I truly don't believe this is something He really wants or means. I am asking please if my prayer partners, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus will lift up your prayers with me and ask God to intervene in this relationship and humble my husbands heart and lose this pride he has been carrying around with him for quite some time and put thoughts and memories of all the wonderful times we once shared in his mind, so that Christ Jesus can bring us back to restoring our marriage...never the less His will, ( as we all know ) and not ours..Ill will be waiting for your prayers ..God Bless!
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    I feel drawn to spend more time in one of one ministry. I have a vision in my mind of playing my guitar in the park and see who God draws in. Though I have played guitar for many years, I have played with very few other Christians. Not being sure if this is just in my head or if God wants me to move in this direction, so I ask for clarity of His will in my life. I would also like confirmation by sending me another Christian who plays folk guitar and has knowledge of worship songs. The time is short, the harvest plentiful ... what is needed is more workers.
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    Hey guys, Plz pray for me. Im overseas and not doing well mentally and im losing faith n cant sleep properly at night. I wanna go home but i dont think my parents will let me. Im suffering so bad mentally and spiritually my paranoia is at its worse. I wanna die.
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    Praying for you, dear sister ... there IS hope... you are dearly loved ... holding you up in prayer, our Lord is for you, and will not let you go .... sending hugs (if okay)
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    I read this and it brought tears to my eyes. A mom will always be a mom, no matter how old her child is. Keeping both you and your daughter in prayer at this time.
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    children break your arms when they are small and your heart as they grow ...praying for all of you
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    I am in so much pain...my body is trying to pass kidney stones please pray that I will be able to pass them...I mean if I have to go to the er tomorrow I will butI really would like my body to do this on my own ..it always scares me to have to stay in the hospital and go through all that.Thank you and God bless you.
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    This is my testimony. I'm 19. I was 6 when I got taken away from my parents and put in the children’s home. I was put in the children’s home because we were really poor and my father was am alcoholic and my mother never cared about us. At the time they took us away we were living in a garage. I never fitted in in the children’s home and also never in the school. Everywhere I went I was emotionally bullied or rejected. I thought something was wrong with me. When I turned 9 I met forster parents. They convinced me and gave me so much hope that they will take me out of the children’s home forever... I was happy and after 9 months they brought me back to the children's home. When I was 10 I started to visit my real parents. My father drunk as always, the fighting that never stop and my father would scare me: "one day when you're older you would be able to talk to dead people too" I was scared. I was always sexually abused but I never thought it was wrong... my father told me, "every father have to do this to his daughter when she starts growing up" Finally I told someone. I had to be against my dad in court and my mother. She was never supportive. She still stays with my father. One day at school when I was 16 I wanted to become a leader at school, the one that would give up your break to talk about God. I didn't understand why I got such a great craving when I never actually cared about Christianity. I became a leader and the desire for God to be in my life got so much more. It is amazing that the closer I came to God the more I feel filled. It is just sad that I still get hurt but everytime I go to God, He listens. GOD has answered so many prayers of me and He spoke so much to me. And it's just life! He just say beautiful things And He knows how to work with me. He is so gentle with me.
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    Praying for your wife's healing...
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    I'm not sure if anyone remembers kataratos, she also went by SurferGirl and her name was Norry but she committed suicide Monday evening. I know her family and spoke to her mom. Very saddened and shocked. She suffered from severe PTSD.
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    I'd like to ask that all who read this will pray for healing for a dear friend of mine who has been very ill for over a month... she came close to death a few weeks ago and I usually would hear from her a couple hours ago, almost like clockwork and I've not heard from her. Please pray with me for her healing and that our Lord would preserve her life and protect her against the schemes of the evil one. [first name - Anna] Thank you! Abby
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    Happy Birthday! Finally reaching 21 ... nice!!
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    Thank You, Jesus!!!
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    Dear Kristina, It saddens me to read this...will keep you and hubs in prayer... may he have a change of heart...whatever the reason he may have.
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    Its not as painful as it was yesterday..I can tell one of them passed ...theres some more of them to go but at least its not near as painful as it was yesterday thank you
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    What is your first name? I do not want to name you as Broken when I pray to the Father for your peace. God loves you and God is all there is everywhere that is. You are never alone because God is within all of his creation. We are made in his image and likeness. Talk to him. Just talk out loud, or silently to yourself. Unburden yourself and open all that bothers you to him. He knows it all anyway. Because he is omniscient. That means, eternally knowledgeable. There is no shame before God because God sees you. Let it all go. That which makes you think it is such a heavy load to carry that you would rather leave this God given life than to heal, release your woes, and live it. Rather than just exist within the world itself. “It is God who works in you both to will and do for you His good pleasure.” (Philippians 2:13) Do you have a church you can go to? A pastor? Christian friends? Family that is empathetic, sympathetic to your troubles? I am praying for you now. Don't do it! You are a one of a kind. Your troubles are temporary. You are unique and when you do grow old and pass away there will never be another you in this world ever again. You are a gift of God to this world. A blessed treasure of his making. Here as part of his divine plan that he appointed you for. That is AWESOME! And that makes you lovable and special and blessed. Just as a extra sharing here, these are Christian suicide help lines that you can consider. Are you in the United States? May God keep you. You are not alone here either. There is always someone at this forum any time of day or night I'm sure. There is even a chat room that has people there you can talk to now. CLICK HERE Christian Suicide Prevention Many resources here @ Broken Believers . They have a list of 24/7 crisis lines.
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    Last month my daughter messaged me that she was homeless in San Fransisco! She always calls with BAD NEWS, and then leaves me hanging not knowing what happened to her!!! Well this is the first time that I have felt that I should call the authorities regarding her, but these days my sense of judgment is messed up! Besides I just don't have much evidence concerning her, just vague info that she gives me and a worried frame of mind; how is that going to help the police find her for me!?!? This time I need more than just someone praying, maybe I just need peace and trust that God is working on this for me; I'm just not sure how to do that!? Her name is Apryl
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    Also praying. Love, Willa
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    Laura is in the hospital and I think it is pretty serious. Please guys pray for her. I love Laura dearly!! Please pray!!
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    Laura be healed by the blood of the LORD JESUS! Amen.
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    I was wondering who was going to start this thread, knew someone would! Well, now that it is here. I have a few cats. According to Mark Driscoll I think it was, that means I am not a man. I think it was Willa, who asked to see my cats, I will use this for that purpose! Underfoot in 2009 Underfoot came to hang around my home, in 2008. Not sure why, other than the fact that he is just a friendly cat. Not sure if he was abandoned or what, but he hung out here. No one in the neighborhood, knows of his origins, but they had seen him around some. There are only 6 homes on my block, and only 21 homes in the neighborhood. My current theory about how he came to be here, is that he was someone's pet, somewhere, and he did something like hop into someone's car, or the back of a pickup truck, a gardener's trailer, or something like that. Then took an unplanned ride and got out here. He does do that a lot, hop into vehicles that he has not been invited into, as I said, he is friendly. Possible, he was dropped off into the neighborhood and abandoned, by someone who could not longer keep him. I tend not to think so, since I don't think he would be that hard to find a home for. He is also curious, not unusual for cats I guess. He has been locked in several neighborhood garages over the years, and entered homes unnoticed. I suspect, this behavior will be the death of him someday, after all, curiosity killed the cat. I am not a cat person by nature, I do not gravitate to them, and I had no particular liking of them. This is not helped, by the fact that I am allergic to cats. However, I do like animals in general, and have some compassion for them. I live in a desert, and it can be hot and dry in the summer. It was late spring, when Underfoot came to hang around. Even before it became hot, I took pity on underfoot, knowing that water here is scarce. I got him a bowl of water, and topped it off now and then. Of course, that made him even more of a permanent fixture. In those days, I had a wife, now gone on to her Heavenly reward. As I like so say, she left me for a better man - Jesus! She asked me one day of Underfoot: "Can we feed him?". While I have compassion for animals, I loved my wife, so what could I say? Gave him some canned tuna. He ate the tuna, but it is not among his favorite foods. Eventually, Underfoot's presence evolved into one of permanent residency. In spite of my allegies, he spends a lot of time in my home. On winter nights, he sleeps on my feet, when I fall asleep on a reclining chair. After several hours, my ankle become sore, so one of his nicknames, is Ankle Bender. He has created a depression in the front yard, where it is just dry, desert dirt. So he also has the nickname, Dusty the Cat! It used to be, that as I walked, he would walk around my feet, nearly tripping me at times. That is how he got the name, "Underfoot". Underfoot is his dustbowl, AKA Dusty the Cat June 12, 2017 Now, he does not do that so much, he prefers to anticipate where I am going, as long as he thinks that is withing his domain. He is a real Alpha male, while I am just an Omegaman. Like most cats, he realizes that mankind was placed here, to serve our feline overlords. So, if I am outside, and he is also, and I move toward the house, he rushes ahead to lead me to the front door, so that I can let him inside. If we are inside the house, and I move toward the hall, he runs ahead to the bathroom. That is where his food and water bowls are now, and there of course, he asks for food and water. His favorite food, is plain old dried cat food. For that I am glad, since it is cheap and convenient. However, if I move toward the kitchen he will lead there, and is not above asking for a treat. If I move toward the front door, he will lead there also, and ask (verbally) to be let outside. Sometimes he REALLY wants to go outside, and goes to the door, meows, and scratches at it a little. Being his servant, I eventually give in to his demand. The same thing happens in reverse, when I am inside, and he wants back in. Being really friendly, does not mean he is a pushover, pacifist type cat. He does not start fights, but he does not back away from aggressors either. Like me, he is not fond of bullies. We have two other cats, a male and a female. The male is almost as big as Underfoot, and is younger, and probably stronger. When the food bowl is filled, and the other male (Morty, short for Mortimer) is there first, Underfoot moves toward the bowl, and Morty steps aside and waits his turn. Underfoot has had encounters with neighborhood dogs. All homes on my block have dogs except mine. Underfoot has backed down little mutts and Chihuahuas, two large African Ridgeback looking dogs, a Border Collie, a Husky, and a huge Rottweiler. This bravado has concerned me in the past. My neighbor's yard has no fences, and the back side of his property, is open desert. Coyotes were occasional visitors in our street. I always wondered if underfoot, would face them, the same way. I doubt they would back off like the neighbor dogs. Fortunately, that neighbor now has a back fence on his property. Underfoot after knocking down wooden fence - or maybe it was just the wind! Underfoot can do some minor tricks. If I want him to jump onto the top of a six foot wall, he will. If I ask him to jump a six foot wide chasm, he will do that also. If I ask him for a high five, he complies. Like I said, I am not a cat person, but underfoot has made me warm up to them. I actually like him. If you want to see my other cats (not sure why you would) say so, and I will comply.
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    Thanks Sister Of course I think so,lol You see,I have a 17 yr old furry best friend named Cheech,its been pretty difficult ,he developed diabetes a few yrs ago & has some serious kidney problems....I couldn't even bear the thought of losing him & then I can't imagine I would get another cat in the event of his passing.....he could never 'replaced" Anyway,I thought it be a good idea to adopt this lil feral kitty that no one wanted......she is a complete Joy by the GRACE of God.....& so she is "Graycie" This is Cheech,see little one in the background?lol
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    I can't stop smiling, thinking about this.... praying for you to receive clarity and guidance .... yes, yes, the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few.... pray therefore, the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into the fields! Yes, Lord, so be it!!!
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    Robert, I know I've commented already, but I love your prayer ... I have prayed this so often myself ... joining with you, continually...
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    It sounds like this woman is controlling and manipulative.Two very bad qualities This person knows you are a good victim for their negative behavior. I think you should pray for this person and ask God to guide and direct you as to how to proceed. Tell God everything that is on your heart. Then step back and avoid contact until God gives you direction.
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    Praying! One thing we can be sure of... no matter what goes on in this world, we are safe and secure in God's hands.
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    Please pray for my wife Linda. The situation is complicated. I have taken 2 days off and fear that I may have to go into work despite my wife's serious condition. I am unable to retire as I would be unable to afford health insurance for my wife. I appear to be facing a possibly serious crisis which is complicated by a combination of her mental health and physical issues. My wife has been very violent in the past attempting to throw me down the cellar stairs, destroying property and at other times appears hardly able to walk. Her situation appears to be deteriorating and I cannot afford not to come to work next week. Please pray.
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    For a few days now there have been post/threads that have good intentions and purpose but somewhere in there, there seems to be a point where the purpose gets lost in translation. Whether it is in the definition of a word or particular parts in scripture. We seem to get side tracked by our views and omit the opportunity for people to just speak freely. Not everything should be said nor received as an attack. We should be able to free our minds to receive it all and address accordingly with discernment. Not only against our brethren but also within ourselves. We should act as if we have a class project which we all want to pass and receive a good grade. We have to come together, ping ideas off of each other and include everyone. It's not so some take over and others have to be forced to sit back. Or others just zone out and no longer participate. We are all in this class of Teachings from God. We need to remember not all learn the same way, not all think the same way, and in this class, all grades are in one class, so each has different levels of their abilities and understandings. Even more of a reason to help each other out where some may missunderstand. One major rule we can take from God is he does not force. He is patient, he listens and teaches as such.
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    I need to ask for prayers for my dog. He has been limping very badly and has an appointment with his vet on friday. He is my buddy. I love him like a little brother. We lost one dog to lymphoma and the thought of anything happening to him terrifies me.
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    I certainly can relate, Dear Sister.... praying for you and your daughter!!
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    Praying for you and your daughter, Gentle Fawn. May the Lord protect you both and bring her to Him.
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    Praying for your daughter and you Gentle Fawn, I pray God will get her out of this mess, cleans her up and returns her to her family, who's taking care of the children? I see this all to often as I'm a fostermom, my heart hurts for you.. Love you in Christ (((((hug)))
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    This is the area Willac is talking about I think.
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    Praying for you both! My oldest is almost 15 and the thing that I have struggled with the most as a mother is to have to let her fail and learn from her mistakes. Like your daughter mine is independent and unwilling to listen to reason. Tough love is really tough especially for us mama's. But this is a job for God and I pray that He would be the place that your daughter finds comfort and healing.
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    I'm so sorry all of this is happening. I do understand. I'm a huge animal lover. I do know that what concerns me concerns God. I'm praying!!
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    Hi my name is Nick. I'm new here and look forward to some christian fellowship
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    There is a strong line of severe storms headed our way. Hail and winds of 60mph is expected, and a tornado warning just north of us. Please pray with me... speak to the storm... peace, be still, in Jesus' name! Blessings, Abby
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    Now that I opened the link this caught my eye... I would have to respectfully disagree on the above points. Whether the nonbeliever accepts the authority of the Bible or not, what it has to say has all authority over them. I may not believe in heat but if I lay out in the sun for an extended period of time I'll get burnt. The Bible does not set out to prove God, it declares Him..."In the beginning God". It's true we may need to use logic and science to help break down the faux walls a man has erected to keep God away, it still takes God's Spirit coupled with God's Word driven into the heart of man, for him to begin to comprehend God...i.e. the new birth.
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    Prayers. (And sympathy: I had one a couple of months ago. Like labor without the joy of getting a child!)
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    I usually end up in these types of situations as well from time to time. If you know she's hurting, then what you're doing is great. Sometimes all the talk in the world can't help a situation when the other person refuses to hear you. To save yourself unnecessary stress and frustration, be straightforward, set boundaries... while abiding in love, and prayer ....
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    For someone that I know, she has been going through some struggles in life. I won't give to much information, but please prayfor her to have victory in JESUS. Thank you for those that are always praying for people on this forum!
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    My heart is broken. Today at 12:05 pm, my dad passed away. There are no words, and I pray for strength. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I consider each of you a blessing in my life.
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