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    Hello fellow members of the Worthy family. I am asking for prayers of strength,solace, comfort and peace for a member here called "Worthy". For their privacy, I do not feel to be the one to disclose their personal details of concern, just to say that "wothy" is dealing right now with the sudden loss of their mother who died instantly the day before yesterday. If we can all lift member "worthy" up at this time of in prayer & support .
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    My name is Christy. I prayed that God would send me Christian people to communicate with. I am in a struggle right now. With others reaching out to me and understanding it is becoming easier to get through this. I am a believer. I am a Christian . Glad to be part
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    I have been in and out of worthy chat a couple years. usually if im on here a lot. im home with a cold or on the injured list. One person has always been here and been faithful to pray for me. I dont know "fresno joe" from worthy chat. but its the first time i have been here and he wasn't here to pray for me, so i wanted to ask for prayers for him and his family.
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    We live in California, retired, and my wife is pretty adamant about us moving back East (perhaps Rhode Is.). This seems to be a colossal undertaking, (selling/buying/moving etc.) so big that it would have to be the Lord's doing to happen. Pray the Lord's leading for us in this matter. To slam or open doors as He sees fit.
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    “If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to Hell over our dead bodies. And if they perish, let them perish with our arms wrapped about their knees, imploring them to stay. If Hell must be filled, let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go unwarned and unprayed for.” ― Charles H. Spurgeon Do we have an urgency still for the lost or are we building a mega campus castle? "We need to ring the Liberty Bell 'cause many men are heading for hell. Eternity is a long time to spend in darkness, in torment, without a friend. Is life that important to make a name while others are crying from beneath the flame? Do days pass on and nights go by as we sit and watch the last soul die? Our hearts grow hard, our senses cold as the devil tightens his satanic hold. Enough, Enough, God please arise, wipe the sleep from our heavy eyes. There's millions of people lost out there heading down the road of 'No One Cares'. Give us a heart to reach these lost with compassion that gives whatever the cost; Grant us courage to proclaim liberty that Jesus died to set men free, and rose again to give them life as a Gift of love to end man's strife". -Yowm
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    I am very sad for my sister in the Lord. It is very hard to lose a parent unexpectedly without having the chance to say goodbye before they die. I want to give my wishes of sympathy to my friend Worthy and my condolences to all her remaining family in mourning. I will be praying for Worthy and to all her family members touched by this shocking event! May God bless the mother of Worthy… Amen! GBU… 1to3 for asking prayers for a worthy member in grief!
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    Hi, I'm Mia, i'm 16 and i'm a devoted Christian, I believe Christianity is a relationship with Jesus and not religion but if you want to know I go to a evangelical church. Most of my "friends" are luke warm or not seeking God 100% with there heart. I pray and am there if they need me but I really fall into sin when I hang out with them. So for the longest while ive been in search of Godly friendship. It does get lonely, but I trust and have faith God will bring the people I need in my life. Thanks
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    I want to Praise the Lord to mark my first month on Worthy Network. Let's give thanks to Jesus-Christ, our Lord and Savior, for helping me discover through the Holy Spirit this truly worthy Christian website. I also want to say thanks to our dear steward George and to all the kind administrators and moderators on Worthy Network. I have written several posts on Worthy Forums and made many friendships on Worthy Chat. My first home is Heaven. My second home is my house. My third home is Worthy Network... Hallelujah! I will continue to honor Jesus-Christ, our Lord and Savior, in the real world and here in the virtual world... Amen! May God bless you all, my brothers and sisters in the Lord. P.S: I love everyone of yah!
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    Hello everyone, I must admit that this will be my last testimony on Worthy Forums. I have shared five moments with you, when the Hand of God comforted and healed me in my life. This last mind-blowing event only happened six months ago. It is one of the most important miracles that our Heavenly Father ever did to save my life. During that day, I was stuck in a life or death situation. So, let’s begin! I still remember this terrifying incident, very well. It happened during dinnertime, when I was enjoying my favorite take-out at home with my mother. It was BBQ chicken with French fries, etc. I always eat the chicken skin, when I enjoy this kind of meal. I have the bad habit of talking every time, while I am eating food. I was talking with my mother with my mouth full in the dinning room. I began to laugh and then I choked with my food… I was not nervous at that moment, because I had taken a first-aid training course. I communicated to my worried mother with hand signs to explain the Heimlich Maneuver. My mother did the emergency maneaver, but it did not worked. I still had difficulty breathing, because my situation was far worse that I could ever imagined. The chicken skin was jammed in my oesophagus and completely blocking the airway to my lungs. I knew that it needed to be removed manually. I tried several times with my right hand to remove it. But, my fingertips could not reach it and my mother began to panic and she wanted to call 911. I said to my mother to calm herself with a hand gesture and I left the dinning room… I went to my bedroom and I knew the situation was critical. I was barely breathing and I could feel the piece of chicken skin sliding deeper in my oesophagus. I knew with my first-aid training course that someone choking can last about 4 or 5 minutes before passing out, etc. Time was short, I was already in my third minute and even the emergency medical responders could not reach me fast enough! I was a little bit emotional, but I was choking to death in my bedroom! I had to keep myself calm not to worsen the situation. I was saying to myself, I need to do something or I will die, etc. I began to look towards the ceiling of my room and both of my hands where raised and I began to pray Jesus-Christ, our Lord and Savior, to save my life. During the prayer, I began to feel the first stages of dying and then I suddenly had an occurrence of missing time! Suddenly, I woke up and I had my entire hand in my mouth down to my throat and my fingertips had caught the piece of chicken skin jammed in my oesophagus. I was in total disbelief and I knew that our Heavenly Father had given my only opportunity to spare my life. I pulled it out of my mouth and the piece of chicken skin was stretched out about six inch long. I was totally disgusting… I took a huge breath of air and I fell on my knees into tears and I knew in my heart that Jesus-Christ, our Lord and Savior, had saved my life from certain death. I took a moment to thank our Heavenly Father and then I ran to see my mother to comfort her in the living room. Moments later, I realize what God did to save my life. I passed out just like the miracle that happened in the school yard about 30 years ago. But this time, I did not see anything! It seems that God during my blackout managed to dislocate my jawbone wide enough, so that He could fit my entire hand in a weird position to reach out to the piece of chicken skin stock deep in my throat. In that moment, our Heavenly Father transformed my genetic disease called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome into a blessing… Since this last incident with God, I am living my life day by day, without worrying about my future. We never know, when It will be our last day on Earth and our first day in Heaven. I hope that you have enjoyed all my articles about how our Heavenly Father touched me with significant miracles in my life. In testing times, we must reach out to Jesus-Christ, our Lord and Savior, in prayer and trust Him with all our hearts. Don’t worry my brothers and sisters in the Lord. Our Heavenly Father listens to every prayers and He will answer to each requests to Him… For a brief moment, this is going to be my last article on Worthy Forum! I will write new articles, if something significant happens with our sinful world or during my boring life… LOL I will continue to greet new members and continue to reply to prayers and various posts on Worthy Forums and I will keep on chatting on Worthy Chat. I really enjoy communicating with all my brothers and sisters in the Lord. Continue to post comments and suggestions on my various articles on Worthy Forums. I truly appreciate them and I wish you will follow me on this truly blessed Christian Website. Hallelujah… God Bless you all. Your brother in Christ, PATMEN
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    My step-granddaughter who is 10 this past Wed. night had to be life flight to the children's hospital with a fracture skull and bleeding on the brain! She was pushed down a hill by a kid she was playing with on a bike that had no brakes. Just a few moments ago I got a call saying she is discharged from the hospital and allowed to go home! She will be needed physical therapy and has to walk with a walker for a while. But it could have been so much worst. Her mother and I bother agree that God is good.
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    Thank ya'll so much for the welcomes and encouraging words! Sometimes we need to hear what we already know from other people..:)
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    I can praise God for my leg getting better day by day. When I first hurt it I thought this might prevent me from working as well as other things. I had to take off two days from work. Well i am almost normal Andi praise God for his grace in this. I know he helped me to improve and heal. And i know i needed to slow down. So i think he let me hurt myself. And i feel healthy now then before too. I tested and ate better because of the injury. Of course I don't like injury but God will work things out for the good for those who believe in his Son.
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    If you can, please pray for my brother, Jason. He has a whole lot of medical problems and they're not for sure what is wrong with him. The doctors where he lives seem to keep giving him the run around. Please pray that he will improve and get better and pray that he can get transferred to a better doctor and to the UAMS hospital, which is in Little Rock.
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    I hurt my back unloading hay cant miss work. prayers for healing and stregth to make it through the day. No fear.
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    As many of you know, I don't ask for prayers for myself very often, but I am honored to pray for others whether their needs are large or small. I respectfully ask for your prayers today, if you feel led by the Holy Spirit. I believe I mentioned in a status update about bulging disc(s) at C6 and C7 in my neck. It has forced me to see my primary care physician twice, x-rays on my shoulder and neck, seeing a neck and shoulder specialist, an MRI on my neck and now I am waiting to schedule another doctor who specializes in the spine. I don't want to have surgery but that may be my only choice to rid myself of the migraines, and shooting pains emanating from my neck down my arms.
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    Hi, I also am missing Fresno Joe, and now joining in prayer for his well being.
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    One of the very best.
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    Welcome, GApeach. We can't change ourselves in our own strength. We must give up and give it to God. It is enough to hate our old sinful selfish lives and to call out to God for help. Jesus does not condemn you because He died for those sins. You are forgiven. He has come to live in you by His Holy Spirit. If you surrender all your life to God, start reaching out to help those in need that you see. Sometimes all they need is a smile, an encouraging word, or a little help with yard work. Whatever and wherever you see you can help out. This is walking in the Spirit, allowing Jesus to live in us. And when you walk in the Spirit you will no longer fulfill the deeds of the flesh that you hate. Romans 7, & 8, Galatians 5:16. Salvation is a free gift provided by Jesus when He died on the cross. Willa
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    I know what is righteous, holy, pleasing in the sight of the Lord. I also know what a decietful, cunning, mercyless advisary we have in our flesh. I know and believe my loyalty, my love for Christ is strong. But i also know if i stand in pursecution, affluction or the day of temptaion. I will be standing because the Lord has made me able to stand.
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    Why so hostile? You are the only person on the board that can be right? When you write things like "I am guided by the Holy Spirit," what you are actually saying that you are right and no one has the right to question you. The fact is that you are wrong, so people will question you. Different types of wine and different levels of fermentation have no bearing on the actual issue of drinking alcohol itself. The Bible no where condemns drinking alcohol. The Bible condemns abusing alcohol. Big difference there. Drinking alcohol is not a sin. Abusing alcohol through drunkenness and addiction is a sin. Perhaps you should try to delineate the differences there before you begin scolding people who disagree with you like they are 5 year olds.
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    Shalom everyone, Just so you know, we've added a REACTIONS feature so you can show your thoughts in a simple manner on posts you read. You'll see this on the right corner of posts -- So going from left to right adds reputation points for posts. Far Left -- Worthy Logo -- This is Worthy -- +1 Reputation point Trophy -- Thanks -- +1 Reputation Point HaHa -- +1 Reputation Point Confused -- Neutral Sad -- Neutral UpVote -- +1 Reputation point Heart -- +1 Reputation point So feel free to react -- however you feel. I may add more reactions in the future. God bless, George
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    Blessings Chey Welcome to Worthy,glad you are here-Praise Jesus! The Worthy welcome is not a discussion Forum ,it is where we come to meet,greet & welcome new members so I will respectively wait to reply in the Proper Forum but I will just say that I am praying for you and don't let it bother you,add them to your prayer list! With love-in Christ,Kwik
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    This is a very heartbreaking news. But we all know God has a purpose for everything. I 'll be praying for her and the family. 2 Corinthians 5: 8 We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.
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    Praying for her and her family... !
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    Father God please comfort "Worthy" in this time of mourning then there after strengthen "Worthy" so they can keep moving forward for you God,in Jesus's holy name I humbly pray,AMEN.
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    Praying for healing Hang in there sister.
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    Dear sister,praying for your back!
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    I will pray to Jesus-Christ, our Lord and Savior, to completely heal your back and to not miss a day of hard work. Do you have your own farm with animals my sister in the Lord? GBU... Reinitin
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    Hey, my name is Sam and I'm 14 years old. I live with Logan and Drews parents. I'm not a Christian but I like coming here.
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    Blessings Brothers & Sisters I recently started a prayer request thread for this Ministry,all Gods Ministries are under constant attack,if they were not I would have to question whether the Ministry truly was Gods Place or not-the enemy has nothing to do where he already has control of it all and everyone already serves in the kingdom of darkness.... The enemy comes to steal,kill & destroy,the father of lies,cunning & insidious ....nothing new,been at it for thousands of years The more we are under attack,the more we are Strengthened,the more motivated I become because I am confident that what we are doing is what the enemy hates......being Ambassadors for Jesus Christ! This is kind of an awkward prayer request for me but I have always hoped to be transparent here with all of you.....to share my struggles & weaknesses to encourage others that we all have thezm no matter how strong you make think our Faith is & no matter how mature we are & even though we walk in Spirit & in Truth because we are in Relationship with our Lord & Savior.......so do not ever be envious & say"I only wish my Faith was like so & so" because it probably is,its not a matter of your Faith,don't question your own Faith because someone else does not have your problems,believe me-we have our own......Gods Power & Authority is not contingent upon "your Faith" .....your Faith is ACTIVATED by the desire of your heart All we ever need is the Faith of a mustard seed to move mountains......just stay focused on Jesus,yearn to know Him and seek the Will of God......... This is awkward for me because everyone can read this and some of the people who can & will read this are the ones that are attacking us & me personally Everything that is going on right now has brought me to this place where I am questioning my judgement & my place here at WCF.....we spend so much of our time here with all HOPE in Christ to represent Him and meanwhile the very ones that find a way into your heart are the ones that are pulling the wool over your eyes.When I first came to WCF I was housebound,God Answered my prayer & opened a door that I never knew existed....online Ministry Before this I never had any experience or knowledge about computers,I assumed it was a place for the socially awkward or people that really didn't have a life How do you know who is who,whether they are really male or female,if anything they say is true or if they merely have nothing better to do? Well,I found that you can learn a lot about people from their words,I made some of the best friends of my life here and I've always tried to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.....recently I found out I was terribly wrong,they are not who they seem to be .....saying one thing & doing another,is it psychosis,is it a game or is it just a waste of my time to even try to figure out the truth because basically,its the same as always.....the devil & his mission.....to steal,kill & destroy Steal your heart? Kill your motivation & destroy a Ministry one member at a time?Do I become like most the people I meet online,remain rather impersonal,don't get too close and stay guarded never really letting anyone into your life or is computer world just not the place for me? Any way,this is getting rather long & I didn't mean to ramble on so much but I can't ever imagine myself becoming an impersonal type,I love people .I love Worthy Christian Forums.....This Ministry Team has some of the most wonderful people I've ever met on it,I know they are the REAL DEAL......I only want to do Gods Will,at this time I am not sure what that is.....please pray I follow Gods Direction......where do I fit in ?Where would He have me to be? Thanks for listening,prayers are appreciated Lord,Jesus my Lord........show me the Way...........
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    adding my prayers here
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    I will pray to Jesus-Christ, our Lord and Savior, to help our brother called Tyler22 from our fellowship concerning his serious struggles in life. GBU... Sojourner414 for reaching out... Amen!
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    Prayers for Tyler. That God would be with him during this difficult time and would provide whatever he needs to have resolution to his challenges.
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    Shalom Randy, I removed your link to the book so you know. As far as the comforter, the Bible is the best reference to the answers to that question. Joh 14:26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. Joh_15:26 But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me: Joh 14:16 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever, Joh 14:17 even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, for he dwells with you and will be in you. The Bible clearly defines who the comforter is -- and it's NOT A MAN! When are "counterfeits" made? BEFORE or AFTER the truth? Always AFTER the truth. Islam is a "counterfeit" religion as it manipulated what the truth is -- and counterfeited what the Lord said would take place in the last days. Mat 24:11 And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. Mat 24:12 And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. Mat 24:13 But the one who endures to the end will be saved. Mat 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. May the Lord bless you as you seek the truth, Your brother in the Lord with much agape love, George
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    God bless you all and thank you for standing with me in prayer! This is ongoing so no news yet... just trusting God... !
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    Thanks you angels4u, Teditis, Bill16652, Brick, Patmen, HisFirst and Noone7! I appreciate your greetings. The quality of a site and the interest it draws is usually equivalent to the quality of its members, and I'm looking forward to talking with every one of you eventually. God bless, and may the love of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. *wave*
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    Thanks Brother....I have to trust our Provider,I just got off the phone with the attny.......its always money in this world,this girl will get nothing out of this but yet it will cost US lots of money,I'm not in my usual positive way today......worn out
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    Blessings Annette I can't begin to tell you what that Scripture means to me personally,that single verse of Scripture has been emblazoned for the eyes of my heart to behold through the worst of times,the best of times & for all time..... Thank you,Gods Blessed Assurance With love-in Christ,Kwik
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    He nearly always greets people but have only seen a couple of late. So I also had been praying. Been concerned since his heart surgery.
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    Friends: Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers for success while I go through the hiring process to serve our community as a Police Officer. They will be making their decision soon and please pray that it will be favorable. Thank you very much and God Bless! -Caleb
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    Its funny but this world revolves around money,money,money I found out why the courts did not dismiss the appeal,well it is the reason that was explained to me that makes the most sense Just recently,perhaps the past 2 years or so-the courts have been denying motions to dismiss without giving any reason,which means you then have to file a "brief" with the courts.....in a case where an appeal is filed after the time you are permitted to do so it is pretty cut & dry,you missed your chance..you have 21 days to enter your request for an appeal,in this case it is two years later!!!! I asked my Attorney,"Since the court has denied the Motion to Dismiss & has not given a reason,why would they do that?" To file an appeal,it is a mere $45 filing fee to the court to file a Motion to Dismiss is also a filing fee of $45 to the court.....So the court has $90. But if they deny,then you have to file for transcripts,briefs etc and the court costs are $150. each.(both parties).....now the courts just increased the revenue by $450-$600. so you can hear "Case Dismissed".....imagine that? Now that makes sense to me and I am told that is what they've been doing.....Florida does not have any other revenue besides tickets,courts,fines etc.....no wonder they've always said"Come to Florida on Vacation & leave on Probation" It was a very popular saying when spring break was big here....... So even when you are innocent anyone can drag you into court and it costs you a fortune,we live in an upside down world where everything is backwards,I look forward to the New Heaven & the New Earth when everything will be as it was always supposed to be in the first place without evil in it.......thats why we have to keep running the GOOD race & keep our eyes on the Prize..."Oh Lord,forgive them,they know not what they do" If the wicked had any fear of the Lord or could imagine the consequence of their actions they would not dare to do the things they do for the love of money..... I am very fearful for these lost souls,it deeply saddens me With love-in Christ,Kwik