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    Please pray for me and my marriage. I can't really talk about it too much. Anything would help. I'm not okay. Physically, mentally, I'm fine. Emotionally, I'm not.
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    Oh honey, we have literally all felt like that. I'm 30 and still haven't completed my education. There are so many things I think I should have done and didn't but the Lord has given me peace about them lately. Our stories don't have to match up to the lives of others. We are all here for a different purpose. We can find peace knowing that His plans/will for our lives is not, nor can it be, thwarted by our own hands or by anyone else. He has good things for you and His plan is perfect for you no matter how it may seem at this particular moment. I saw a quote not long ago that kind of summed up, it simply said "If you think you've blown God's plan for your life, rest in this; You, my beautiful friend, you are not that powerful". I will keep you in prayer and I hope you know that it's never too late and you have never gone too far for the Father to make it all okay again. He loves you in such an amazing way. <3
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    Hi there, I feel alone in my country (France) where faith is seen as an old fashioned thing for biggots :-( I feel relieved to be able to chat with bros and sisters in Christ on the Internet. I cannot wait to get to actually speak to my people! God bless you all :-)
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    I am wondering why our daughter, Katelyn, who is a devote Christian, is dying of cancer. She is at stage 4 and has months or maybe a year to live. She is only 27 years old. In her day to day life she lives a life of peace. With everything she does, she does it to further the Word of the Lord. For instance, while I might be frustrated at the newbie cashier in store that charged me $20 extra by mistake, she would be humorous about it. She would tell the cashier, "Don't let that bother you for a minute. You did everything else right!" And with a big smile on her face she would wish the cashier a good day. Now I make sure I do that too, even when I'm frustrated with shopping. I learned it from her. With Katelyn,, every moment is an opportunity to show people what the Lord is all about by her actions. Katelyn goes down to the Mission, which serves free food to our homeless population, and tells them all about the Lord. She tells the people of our city all about the good it would do if they would donate to the Mission and it's second hand store. She has volunteered in that store before she got sick. Katelyn is in the hospital a lot. When she's there she goes room to room (when she is invited) and talks about the Lord and His plans for each of us. She is well loved by both Christians and non-Christians. The doctors and nurses at the hospital love her too. Katelyn is not without her blessings. When she got sick her boyfriend proposed to her and now she is married. She is in a very loving, respectful Christian marriage with a man she adores. And he adores her, and is at her bedside whenever she is in the hospital. He is an attentive, loving mate for her. She is blessed with a family who loves her, and a lot of friends who love her too. I truly don't understand why God would take such a beautiful girl, one who furthers His Word, one who loves Jesus unconditionally and continually spreads His Word, when He could easily take someone else who doesn't further God's Word. For instance, He could take me, I'm not as good as she is. I don't spread the Word like she does. I'm more of a recluse. Why take her? I'm trying not to be resentful, after all, we all have to die, and we all have our time to die. But I'm wondering, "Why now, she is only 27." Perhaps if all of you prayed for her, the Lord would reconsider his original plans and put her into remission and she would live longer. Please pray for Katelyn.
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    So the Palestinians said that this announcement by Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital would be the kiss of death to the peace process. Uh, okay, when has Israel ever made a gesture toward peace that was not met with violence and bloodshed from the Palestinians? I mean, even when Israel moved out of Gaza in 2005, the result was a 500% increase in rocket and mortar attacks from the Palestinians living in Gaza. Everything Israel does for peace is interpreted as "weakness." Every concession Israel makes, instead of being received as a step toward peace, is interpreted by the Palestinians as proof that terrorism works and so they just ratchet up the terror attacks. So, this announcement by Trump is not really going to make things worse. They already murder Jews as often as they can, so how does this announcement spell the end of the peace process when there never really was a "peace process" in the first place? The "peace process" was used by the Palestinians to buy time to plan more terror attacks.
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    That is becauseno one has ever made that claim. No one claims the Sabbath was changed. We worship on Sunday because Jesus rose from the dead on the first day of week and because all of his post resurrection appearances recorded are on the first day of the week and the Holy Spirit came on the day of Pentecost on the first day of week. The Sabbath is still the Sabbath. But the Church is not obligated do it, and never was.
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    The Scriptures are crystal clear where Jesus will meet His Church, in 1 Thess.4:17: "After that, we who are still alive and are left, WILL BE CAUGHT UP TOGETHER with them in the clouds TO MEET THE LORD IN THE AIR. And so we will be with the Lord forever." In the FIRST of His TWO comings, recorded in 1 Thess.4:16, yet to take place, confirming Jn.14:2-3, 28! From where the Church is seen in heaven BEFORE the tribulation begins, in Rev.4:1-2. Where Jesus used John to symbolically represent the Church. Confirming 2 Thess.2:3 and 7-8! Where the Church is seen in heaven later, at the marriage of the Bride/Church to the Lamb/Jesus. While the tribulation is taking place on earth, recorded in Rev.19:7-8. From where Jesus will return to the earth in the SECOND, of His TWO comings, yet to take place, WITH HIS CHURCH, riding white horses, dressed in fine linen, white and clean, in His armies from heaven, recorded in 19:14, confirming Zech.14:4-5 and Acts 1:6; 1:11; 2:29-30 and 15:16! From which the above Scriptures leave no other options! The difference between the pre-trib rapture of the Church, as delineated above, and the SECOND coming of Jesus are the following facts: 1. Jesus returns to the earth in His second coming, recorded in Zech.14:4-5 and in Acts 1:11. 2. No one meets Jesus in the sky when He returns in His second coming, recorded in Rev.19:14, as they will when He returns for the first time, recorded in 1 Thess.4:16!. 3. Jesus will return from the marriage of the Bride/Church to the Lamb/Jesus, in heaven, in His second coming, to the earth, with His Church, recorded in Rev.19:14, He came for in His first coming, in the clouds of the sky, seven years before, recorded in Jn.14:2-3, 28, 1 Thess.4:16-17 and 2 Thess.2:3 and 7-8. 4. No one returns to the present heaven at Jesus second coming to the earth, because He has come to establish His 1,000 year reign on the throne of David, in the restored kingdom of Israel, as recorded in Acts 1:6; 2:29-30; 15:16; Zech.6:12-13 described in Ez.40-47 and Rev.20:6. In addition to the present heaven and earth being destroyed and will pass away, as recorded in 2 Pet.3:7 and in Rev.21:1. Quasar93
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    Hey guys, could you pray for me? As close as I've gotten to God,like and drawn away from the world, I feel I am being spiritually attacked. The enemy is pretty much telling me, "What good is Good if you have no friends that want to check in and hang out with you?" My husband and I live outside the city in a somewhat remote area. I used to have many close friends, I'm not used to this loneliness. I envy people who are worldly. They appear to have many friends who check in and people who follow their every move on social media. But as an obscure Christian wife who just wants to do the right thing--- no one applauds or supports that. My old church made me feel barely tolerated and ultimately kicked my husband and I out because of issues with his parents. I meant less than nothing to them. Pray that I'll find more fellowship and support at the new church. There is someone I'm bringing with me if hubby agreed, I will make it my home church and stick there until I move.
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    Who are you calling sour, Servant???
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    Hmh, most of us messed up our lives early on and seemed unredeemable...UNTIL, Jesus picked up the broken pieces and slowly made something beautiful. Something beautiful, something goodAll my confusion He understoodAll I had to offer Him was brokenness and strifeBut he made something beautiful of my lifeIf there ever were dreamsThat were lofty and nobleThey were my dreams at the startAnd hope for life's best were the hopesThat I harbor down deep in my heartBut my dreams turned to ashesAnd my castles all crumbled, my fortune turned to lossSo I wrapped it all in the rags of lifeAnd laid it at the cross. -Gaithers
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    Hello Heather...dropped out, check..adopted, check...sinful, check..but still with the Lord after 43 years . Welcome to Worthy!
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    Praying for you. Have been through similar feelings. I hope this verse brings encouragement to you. 14 This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. 1 John 5:14
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    We can always count on Satan to use the Bible for his own purposes; he invariably twists and perverts the proper context of the Word of God. After all, one of his names is the “deceiver.” In the Garden of Eden, Eve was fooled by Satan’s convincing words: “Did God really say…….?” The devil doesn’t need many new tricks. The one’s he has employed throughout history have served him well. An Excerpt from gotquestions.org on the Importance of Sound Doctrine: “Sound doctrine is important because our faith is based on a specific message. The overall teaching of the church contains many elements, but the primary message is explicitly defined: “Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures [and] . . . he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures” (1 Corinthians 15:3-4). This is the unambiguous good news, and it is “of first importance.” Change that message, and the basis of faith shifts from Christ to something else. Our eternal destiny depends upon hearing “the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation” (Ephesians 1:3; see also 2 Thessalonians 2:13-14).” – source When the Angels Announced the Birth of our Lord Jesus “And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying: Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” (Luke 2:13-14). (Emphasis added) How One Wrong Translation Can Change the Meaning of God’s Word Using Safari as my browser, I typed “Glory to God in the highest” and this is what came up: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill among men. (Emphasis mine) Most every credible translation of God’s Word says : “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men” The word “among” would seem to infer that God was bringing peace, goodwill “between” men. The word “toward” is clearly what happened on that Holy night, when Jesus came to earth, wrapped in human flesh to bring reconciliation between God the Father and men. God wanted to at last bring peace and goodwill “toward” men from Himself! This peace and goodwill certainly was not “among” men! If God the Father was bringing peace and goodwill “Among” men, then the following passage of Scripture spoken by Jesus would make little sense: “Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to ‘set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law’; and a man’s enemies will be those of his own household. He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it” (Matthew 10:34-39). The Social Gospel With the perversion of God’s Holy Word in mind – think about the new terms “The Christian Left” also called the “Social Gospel.” How clever of Satan to once again twist the Word of God into a politically correct movement. The name of Jesus is used (of course) but the Gospel has been changed – perverted – it is now a Gospel which would make any Globalist wish to get on board. After all, there is NO talk of sin or repentance. No talk of having to be reconciled to God through the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord. No no no…….none of that! That would make people uncomfortable. And they surely could not have that! The Sermon on the Mount Many from the Social Gospel (Christian Left) love to speak the words of our Lord from the Sermon on the Mount. His Words, taken out of context, support the so-called Social Gospel. You see, these unsaved people are using our Lord’s Words to deceive others. They speak nothing of sin and repentance. Nor do they speak of abortion and other immoral and horrific practices which have become commonplace in society. They portray Jesus as “tolerant” of any behavior, as long as one is trying to be good to his neighbor and to the environment (which they call “Mother Earth.”) They condemn true followers of Jesus because we cry out for the millions of unborn babies who have been murdered and sold for their parts. The Christian Left would say that these little ones are just clumps of cells until they are actually born. The rights of the mother to choose whether or not her unborn child should live, outweighs the child’s right to live! Satan loves abortion. It destroys not one life, but two. The scars left in the mother of the aborted child are so deep, though most women would never admit this. When Gay Marriage was made the law of the land, the Christian Left had a saying which went viral on the internet. Everywhere one looked they saw “LOVE WINS.” Did love really win when the SCOTUS changed the definition of marriage, which was defined by God as between one man and one woman? Love did not win. Satan won. And God’s anger burned. Are you part of the so-called Christian Left or Social Gospel? If you are part of this cult of deluded people, then it’s time you know that you are not right with the Lord Jesus. Perhaps that doesn’t even matter to you. But if deep inside your heart, you have been convinced that you will be in heaven when you die, I am here to tell you that you have been completely deceived! The true Gospel of Jesus Christ is this: Men and women are sinners – we are born into sin God the Father cannot abide sin But God loves you and wants you to be reconciled to Him He wants you to be with Him in heaven when you die God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, to pay the debt for your sin You cannot pay this debt – it is impossible Only God Himself could pay this debt. Jesus IS God – The second Person of the Trinity Jesus took upon Himself all of the sin of the whole world when He hung on that Cross He died for your sins – all of them – but you must believe this and trust Him Jesus rose from the dead three days later – He showed His power over death and hell He now sits at the right hand of His Father in heaven and He prays for us What He asks from you is for you to repent of your sin and agree with Him that you need Him as your Savior He asks for you to trust Him for the forgiveness of your sins He will make you into a brand new creation Father I pray that even one who is deceived would read this and that they will know that You are drawing them to Yourself. I pray that they will see that they have been deceived by the evil one. Open their eyes Lord, that they might truly see You, and repent and believe. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen. MARANATHA https://www.raptureforums.com/politics-culture-wars/hijacking-perversion-gods-word-religious-left/?utm_source=ExpressPigeon&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Rapture+Forums+Newsletter+11%2F19%2F2017
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    Came across this list as sort of a 'heads up' of some of the terminology used by the 'new spirituality... Alpha: It is the goal of meditators to reach the alpha state where the mind is in a kind of neutral trance or hypnotic slumber. Ancient Future: see Vintage Faith Ancient Wisdom: The supposed laws of the universe that, when mastered, enable one to control one’s own reality. Another word for metaphysics or occultism. As Above, So Below: This term is seen as the key to unlocking all occultic practice as described in the New Age book, As Above, So Below. Signifies that God is “in” everything and man is divine. Used in Eugene Peterson’s book The Message “Bible” in the Lord’s Prayer. (Warren B. Smith explains this term in further detail in Deceived on Purpose). At-one-ment (replaces atonement): This term has nothing to do with the atonement of Jesus Christ on the Cross; rather it is the concept that every human being and all creation is at one with each other. We are all connected together because “God” is flowing through everything and everyone. Awakening: New Spirituality proponents say man is waking up to the realization that he is God, that divinity is within him. Thomas Merton spoke of man realizing what is already there (“God”). New Spirituality leader Leonard Sweet put this on the cover of his book Nudge— Awakening Each Other to the God Who’s Already There. Richard Foster told researcher Ray Yungen once that Thomas Merton “tried to awaken God’s people” (meaning through mysticism). Be Still: Taken from Psalm 46:10—“Be Still and Know That I Am God.” Those promoting contemplative prayer use this phrase as part of their meditative exercises, claiming that the verse is a mandate in Scripture to practice the “silence,” when in fact, the Scripture, when taken in context, means to trust in the Lord. It has nothing to do with going into a meditative state by shutting down thought processes. Breath Prayer: Practice consisting of picking a single word or short phrase and repeating it in conjunction with the breath. Rick Warren encourages the use of breath prayers in his highly popular book, The Purpose Driven Life. Catalyst: Taking pastors and leaders to a “new level” (i.e., leaving the old ways and moving into “new” innovative methods and ideas). Emphasizing that everything must change and must change quickly and dramatically. Centering/Centering Prayer: Another term for meditation (going deep within your center). A type of meditation being promoted in many mainline churches under the guise of biblical prayer, but which is actually Buddhist or Hindu in origin. Larry Crabb tells readers in his book, The Papa Prayer, that he has been greatly benefited from centering prayer. Sadly, Christian leaders such as Erwin Lutzer, James Kennedy and Jerry Falwell endorsed Crabb’s book. Channeling (see also Automatic Writing): Altered state of consciousness whereby the channeler opens himself up to inhabitation by spirits, often the supposed spirits of the dead or “ancient masters” who convey hidden mysteries. Acting as a medium. Christ Follower: While there is nothing inadvertently wrong with this term, New Christianity/New Spirituality proponents have captured the term to say a “Christian” is a dogmatic, preachy, uncaring, irrelevant person whereas a Christ follower doesn’t preach or carry around a Bible (which they say makes unbelievers/unchurched uncomfortable) but rather becomes integrated into the culture, absorbing the culture. Whereas a Christian is set apart, the Christ follower focuses on relationships, community, and social justice, they say. It is the idea that you can go for Jesus, but you don’t have to identify yourself as a Christian or part of the Christian church (for more on the term Christ follower, see http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?p=4810). Christian Formation: See Spiritual Formation “Christian” Yoga: Some claim that Yoga can be neutralized by performing a Christian rendition of it. But even Hindu yogis say there is no such thing as “Christian” yoga because the exercises cannot be separated from the religious aspects. Yoga is the heartbeat of Hinduism. Civility: Basically, no one is to challenge or question another’s beliefs. All are valid. Cloud of Unknowing: An ancient primer on contemplative prayer written by an anonymous monk. It instructs: “Take just a little word, of one syllable rather than of two . . . With this word you are to strike down every kind of thought under the cloud of forgetting.” Co-Creator/Co-Creation: According to New Spirituality/emerging church advocates, man is a co-creator with God because man is equal, in abilities and nature, to God. Colonialism: A derogatory term used by New Spirituality advocates to describe those who are still clinging to the “old time religion,” which is seen as outdated, archaic, irrelevant, and unsuccessful. Common Ground: Using the dialectic process, an agreement among people that “ameliorates the extremes,” thus effectually dispensing with tolerance for diversity.3 In practice, it is arriving at agreement through compromise. A one-world religion will be achieved through this means. Contemplative Prayer: Going beyond thought by the use of repeated prayer words or phrases. Similar to centering prayer in that it encourages a clearing of the mind of conscious thought in order to create a spiritual receptivity to God or the divine. Contextual Theology: The belief that the Bible, in and of itself, is not free-standing—other factors (culture, ethnicity, history) must be taken into consideration, and with those factors, the message of the Bible must be adjusted to fit. Convergent: A coming together or unifying of ideas. The boundaries that distinguish different beliefs are eradicated. Conversation (or Conversation Journey): New Christianity followers reject the idea that truth is unchangeable or that we can have certainty in knowing truth; thus, we have “conversations” that are always seeking answers but never finding. To be certain of anything is arrogant, they say. This ongoing conversation journey is inclusive of all beliefs and ideas; nothing is rejected. Critical Mass: While a scientific term, when speaking of populations of people it is referring to “an explosion in global consciousness capable of ‘touching’ or transforming all of humankind.”4 The idea is that when a certain critical number of people all share the same awareness, then change can come to all people’s thinking because of the critical mass (as in an atomic explosion). A critical mass does not have to be a majority if it is a powerful enough mass, but unity is essential and so is meditation. Cultural Architect: An emerging church/progressive Christianity term for pastor or leader with the idea that these cultural architects differ from their pastor counterparts in that they are in touch with the culture and are relevant. Daniel Plan: Saddleback Church’s fifty-two week spiritual and physical health and wellness program. For the program, Warren enlisted the assistance of three physicians with New Age/holistic medicine beliefs and teachings (Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Dr. Mark Hymen). Dark Night of the Soul: Term coined by John of the Cross, describing a time of intense inner crisis in which the seeker feels far from God. It is highly typical of contemplatives to use this idea of spiritual dryness or emptiness to convince followers they need something more in their relationship with God. Contemplatives insist that the “old ways” don’t work anymore. De-Construction: Undoing the old traditional Christianity. In A is for Abductive, McLaren says it is “disassembling anything that has acquired a pat and patent set of meanings [i.e., doctrine] for the purpose of reassembling in new ways [i.e., emerging/New Spirituality]” (p. 95). Desert Fathers: A group of ancient Christian monks living in wilderness areas of the Middle East who practiced contemplative prayer, borrowing meditation techniques from Hindu and Buddhist sources. You will often find references to the Desert Fathers in contemplative-promoting books. Ecstasy: The hoped-for outcome of contemplative prayer or meditation wherein the seeker is carried out of himself into a oneness with the Divine. People say they experience an ecstasy compared to nothing they have ever known before. They feel a sense of unity with all of life and are convinced of their own immortality. Such experiences keep them returning for more. One is not going to believe he or she is God if one doesn’t feel like God. Emergent: The term emergent was first used by the group (Brian McLaren, Tony Jones, Dan Kimball, Mark Driscoll, etc.) originally called Young Leaders Network. When they left Leadership Network to go on their own, they became Emergent. Today the terms emergent and emerging are often used interchangeably. Emerging Church: Postmodern congregations that follow a loose set of doctrines promoting a redefinition of Christianity and incorporating into their fellowships some or all of the following: Roman Catholic mysticism and contemplative prayer, eastern meditation techniques, pagan religious practices such as walking the labyrinth, Lectio Divina, mantra, etc. Highly ecumenical. The focus is on social justice and cultural relevancy rather than the Gospel and the Word of God. Emphasis is on a social gospel as opposed to a personal Gospel. Fractal: Directly related to what are being called the “new sciences” of “Chaos Theory” and “Fractal Theory.” Linked with the occult phrase “as above, so below.” Mentioned in William Paul Young’s book, The Shack. Fresh: New Spirituality advocates say we need to see God in new “fresh” ways. Rick Warren says this in The Purpose Driven Life. Occultist Alice Bailey says the path to God will be based on “a fresh orientation to divinity and to the acceptance of the fact of God Transcendent and of God Immanent within every form of life.”1 Fusion: A common term within New Spirituality to describe a fusing together of ideas, beliefs, and people. Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan: Initiative originating with Saddleback Church’s pastor Rick Warren, where social justice “deeds” take precedence over doctrine and beliefs. God’s Dream: A crossover term used by both the New Age and the church and oftentimes connotes desire for world peace. When people of all faiths move past “doctrinal idiosyncrasies” and “transcend divisive dogmas,” they can attain “God’s Dream” for world peace. Ground of All Being: New Ager Marilyn Ferguson wrote that God is within everyone and everything. God is described as the universal “ground of all being.” Higher Self: Supposed God-self within each human being. New Agers seek to connect, through meditation, with their higher self. Also called the Christ-Self or True-Self. Brennan Manning helped to bring this term into the evangelical church. Ignatius Exercises: Meditative exercises named after Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Catholic Jesuit Order. Immanence: The New Age belief that God is in everyone. Incarnational: A term used to describe an emerging “progressive” kind of evangelism that focuses on the needs of people but downplays the importance of sharing the Gospel message (as that can offend). Individualism: New Spirituality advocates resent individualism, saying that is the old way of viewing things. Now we must be collective, unified. Individual relationships with Jesus Christ are to be replaced with communities in which social justice is the focus. Kingdom Now: A teaching that Christians should be walking consistently in supernatural power and establishing Christ’s kingdom on earth. Much overlap exists between Kingdom Now, Dominionism, and Latter Rain theology. Kingdom of God: New Spirituality believes the kingdom of God can be brought to earth through humanity becoming one. When they use this term, they don’t mean it in the sense the Bible uses it but rather it is a kingdom based on the unity of all mankind and man realizing his divinity. There is no Cross in this kingdom. Lectio Divina: Means “sacred reading.” This contemplative prayer practice is gaining popularity within the evangelical/Protestant camp. It often involves taking a single word or small phrase from Scripture and repeating the words over and over in order to “hear from God.” Basically, Scripture is being misused as a tool for meditation. Making History: Another way of saying things must change. Mantra: Word or words repeated either silently or out loud in order to induce an altered state of consciousness. A way to turn off thoughts and enter the “silence.” Maturity: A term used by all contemplatives, such as Richard Foster and Rick Warren, to describe the outcome of someone who is a regular practitioner of contemplative prayer. The traditional view of God, they say, is somewhat immature or childish, and the contemplative view of God is mature. In other words, the mystical view of God will give true maturity as opposed to a more juvenile or childish view of God. Meditation: The meditation most of us are familiar with involves a deep, continuous thinking about something. But New Age meditation does just the opposite. It involves ridding oneself of all thoughts in order to still the mind by putting it in the equivalent of pause or neutral. A comparison would be that of turning a fast-moving stream into a still pond. When meditation is employed by damming the free flow of thinking, it holds back active thought and causes a shift in consciousness. This condition is not to be confused with daydreaming, where the mind dwells on a subject. New Age meditation works as a holding mechanism until the mind becomes thoughtless, empty, and silent. Mindfulness: A Buddhist term from bapasana. It’s the practice of meditation. Gives the classic Buddhist spiritual enlightenment. Now it is being used in virtually every area of human endeavor: stress reduction, education, medicine, post-traumatic stress, and stress in the workplace. Missional (also Missional Church): Replacing the term missions; it strives to improve society through social justice. De-emphasizes evangelism to the lost. Emphasizes being relevant and connected to the culture. Namaste: A greeting that occurs at the end of each Yoga session—meaning the god in me greets the god in you. New Reformation: The emerging church says there is a “new” reformation every 500 years, and we are due for one now. Whereas the last reformation was a breaking away from the Roman Catholic Church, this one will be a uniting of all belief systems. The late emerging church leader Phyllis Tickle said once that Brian McLaren is the next Luther.2 Non-dualism: Satan is trying to eradicate the gap between good and evil. In the New Spirituality, there is no “dualism” (good and bad, right and wrong, etc.). Nonphysical Guides: Spirit guides or as the Bible refers, familiar spirits and demons. Occult: Means “hidden” and refers to spiritual practices utilized to contact the supernatural realm. The practice of metaphysics throughout history. Oneness: God is in everyone and everything. Organic Church: Often called a house church or simple church movement; different from “going to church.” The organic church sees itself as new, vibrant, and unique, not like the “outdated” traditional church. Palms Down, Palms Up: A contemplative exercise wherein with eyes closed, one puts his palms up to receive from God and his palms downward to get rid of the bad within him. Paradigm Shift: See Shift Postmodernism: A fluid term indicating a worldview in direct opposition to the morals, logic, and societal expression of the modern world from the Enlightenment through the beginning of the Twentieth Century. Truth is viewed as a social construct and is not objective or absolute. In the emerging church, it is marked by a disdain for both solid biblical exegesis and rational theological discourse, and an embracing of individual experience, desires, or thought processes over objective truth. In the emerging mind, one is always seeking but never finding. Doubt is heralded whereas certainty is considered arrogant. Practicing the Presence of God: Taken from the ancient monk Brother Lawrence’s book by the same name, today the phrase is used in conjunction with practicing contemplative prayer. God’s presence is no longer based on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ for the born-again believer but focuses on “practicing” God’s presence through meditative exercises such as Lectio Divina or centering prayer. Prayer of the Heart: Another term for contemplative prayer. A move from doctrine to the mystical. Henri Nouwen stated: “The quiet repetition of a single word can help us to descend with the mind into the heart.”3 Progressive: A term used to replace the term emerging or emergent, meaning a type of advanced Christian who has shed the old stale ways of traditional biblical Christianity. Red-letter Christians: A term promoted by Tony Campolo and other “progressive” emerging figures who say they follow the red letters of Jesus in the Bible. They focus primarily on Christ’s words of love and forgiveness but disregard His words about judgment, sin, and evil. Re-words (re-jesus, re-imagine, re-think, re-form, re-invent, re-imagine): Words used to suggest that traditional historical Christianity is outdated and must be re-created. Sacred Space: Either a physical spot where one goes to engage in a mystical practice or the actual silence (state of being) during the mystical experience. Scripture Engagement: When used, often includes Lectio Divina. Biblegateway.com, a popular online Bible resource, is promoting Lectio Divina through “Scriptural Engagement.” Seeker-friendly: When a church puts more emphasis on making unbelievers comfortable in church and less emphasis on discipling believers. Regular members are often encouraged to leave their Bibles at home so “seekers” are not made to feel uncomfortable. Self-centered: In the eyes of the New Age/New Spirituality teachers, anyone who is not focused on bringing about global unity and world peace through interspirituality is self-centered. “Self-centered” people do not believe that all humans are connected to each other with a god-energy in each person. To say that God is separate from man is “self-centered.” Rick Warren uses this term numerous times in his book The Purpose Driven Life in the context of unity and peace. Servant Leadership: Today, there is much talk about teaching people to become good leaders. In reality, what is happening is people are being taught to be “good” followers who do not exercise discernment. The term (and the concept) is used to further encourage people to accept the teachings of the New Age/New Spirituality. Shift: The idea that the church needs a radically different view of approaching and experiencing God. Silence, the: Absence of normal thought. Common in Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian contemplative practice and is supposedly a state, often reached through meditation, where the practitioner can be in touch with his higher self, the universe, or the divine. Soaking or Soaking Prayer: A method commonly seen in charismatic revival meetings. The participant receives the particular anointing present, normally through the laying on of hands, and “soaks” in the supposed presence of God. Manifestations associated with soaking prayer can include slain in the spirit, uncontrollable shaking or laughter, being encompassed by a sense of heaviness, spontaneous visions, altered states of consciousness, etc. Social Justice (and Social Gospel): Shifts the emphasis from repentance and faith in Jesus Christ to more earthly endeavors like environment, empowerment, employment, entitlements, equality, and esteem-building programs promoted by global elites to benefit or punish selected people groups as needed for its “sustainable development”—an agenda more in keeping with that of a community organizer than a follower of Christ.4 Soul Care: Another term for “spiritual direction” with the purpose of finding the divinity that is within each person through contemplative meditation. Spiritual Disciplines: The supposed disciplines used in Spiritual Formation for the purpose of becoming more christ-like. Can include fasting, prayer, good deeds, and always includes the “discipline” of contemplative prayer (e.g., solitude and silence). The Desert Fathers practiced extensively self-denial and disciplines, which as Paul indicates in Colossians 2:20-23 only provide “a shew of wisdom in will worship, and humility.” Spiritual Director: One who promotes or mentors people in the spiritual disciplines. Often ministering in Christian retreat centers or employed by Christian colleges. Spiritual Formation: A movement that has provided a platform and a channel through which contemplative prayer has entered the church. Find spiritual formation being used, and in nearly every case you will find contemplative spirituality being promoted. In fact, contemplative spirituality is the heartbeat of the spiritual formation movement. In spiritual formation, it is believed that if you practice certain disciplines, you will become more christ-like. Synergy: Working together in unity to bring about the spiritual evolution of man. Taize: Taize is an ecumenical interspiritual community in France. Taize worship is a prayer service consisting of meditative singing and periods of silence in order to reach a contemplative state. Tantra (aka: tantric sex): Tantra is the name of the ancient Hindu sacred texts that contain certain rituals and secrets. Some deal with taking the energies brought forth in meditation through the chakras and combining them with love-making to enhance sexual experiences. Thin Places: This term originated with Celtic spirituality (i.e., contemplative) and is in line with panentheism. Thin places imply that God is in all things, and the gap between God, evil, man, and the universe thins out and ultimately disappears in meditation. Transformational: From the contemplative point of view, one experiences transformation from practicing the contemplative silence. This transformation is actually a change in consciousness brought on by entering altered states through meditation. Focus becomes interspiritual and universalistic. Tribal: Used to explain that everyone is in a different tribe (religious belief system), and all tribes are legitimate; we need to embrace each other’s tribes. True Self: Deceptively used by both the New Age and by many in the church to define your “inner divinity,” your “divine self,” which they say can be reached through meditation. Ultimate Reality: Buddhist concept of God. Spiritual presence in all things. Vintage Faith or Vintage Christianity: A spirituality that goes back to former practices, but not as far back as the apostles’ and Jesus’ teachings in the Bible. They say we need only look back to Catholicism and early century monks and mystics. To read the complete list of "New" Spirituality language, see Kevin Reeves booklet, D is for Deception. Endnotes: 1. Alice Bailey, The Reappearance of the Christ, p. 150. 2. http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?p=3665. 3. Henri Nouwen, The Way of the Heart (San Francisco, CA: Harper, 1991), p. 81. 4. Paul Proctor, “Social Justice Is Not Christian Charity, http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?p=4193. http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/newsletters/2017/newsletter20171113.htm
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    Hello and welcome to Worthy Mark, I am so sorry you are going through such a tough time. I also went through a circumstance very much like yours. It took time, and I didn't do it perfectly, but one day you will start feeling the anger lessen as God heals and directs your heart. My advice, don't demean your ex or talk in a negative way in front of the children. Let them make up their own minds. You concentrate on being the best dad in your new normal. This too shall pass, and the only hope to move on without the bitterness eating up inside is to give it to God, don't listen to the revenge mentality of the world, do it God's way and He will vindicate you, He will mend all the broken places.
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    I am in a charismatic church and believe in people getting healed and have seen it happening but I just want to make something very clear to anyone reading this thread even if you are not participating in it: Please, if you or anyone you know have been prescribed any medication or treatment by a qualified professional, especially for serious conditions, please continue to use it (responsibly) unless or until a trusted medical professional who knows you tells you otherwise. Do not stop using it just because some misguided people tell you it's wrong or because you think you are healed If you have been healed, that's great and praise God for that, but keep using your medication until your doctor can confirm that you are really healed. The same goes for your family, friends or anyone you know Do not believe or accept the words of anyone who you do not know and especially from people who are unqualified. Do not advise anyone you know to stop using medication. You are not sinning by looking after your own health.
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    I am a pharmacist. Members on this very forum past and current have called me a witch for being a pharmacist. What they do not understand is that the greek pharmakeia is a root word from which pharmacy comes from. There is a difference in it being a root word or being the word itself. It does not mean that pharmakeia is pharmacy. There are instances in the bible in which medicine is practiced, and it is not condemned as evil.
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    One thing that needs to be understood about Paul's rules for women in the Church has to do with cultural climate in the pagan cities in which these churches existed and what the women of that day and age were involved in. In I Corinthians and in Ephesus and other places, women were getting saved out of mystery religions like the Oracles at Delphi and there was a lot demonic stuff going on over there. Women played a prominent role in that as priestesses they were accustomed to prophesying and speaking in unintelligible words and they were prone to use those things in the church. Paul did not want them to use their counterfeit prophetic powers or their counterfeit version of speaking in tongues in the churches. Women were far more liberated among the Greeks and were not shrinking violets. The priestesses at the temple of Diana were a very good example of that. They were the first "women's lib" movement, back then. It wasn't that he was misogynist, at all. He simply wanted to keep pagan practices out of the church and women were heavily involved in those things. He was in no way treating them as inferior.
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    They love to watch the latest movies on You-tube before I watched it. They are Christians, attend Sunday School and Church Service every Sunday, memorizes bible verses, had their family devotion every morning but don't even know what is going on around them. They are lukewarm Christians. I ask you prayer warriors out there to pray for them please. I do not know how to address such biblical events that are happening around them but through faith in Christ, they will surround their entire life and seek God's Kingdom. Thank you and God bless.
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    Hello everyone. I’m happy I found this forum. I’m Heather. I’m new to this site and I’m new to Christianity. I lived my life as a very sinful human being. I went to school for something that i’m no longer interested in. I dropped out at 20. I never went back like I should have. I should have went for something different. I was adopted at a young age into a family who didn’t make me feel loved. So after this I became a stripper to pay for my schooling. When I left school, I still was dancing. Right now I work in retail and all those years of me dancing has been for nothing. I feel like I’ve wasted so much time. I met my mom in January which is kind of cool, but she has hoarding problems and works a retail job too. She’s not normal. I just wish I had someone to talk to. I have no family. I wish I knew some other new Christians who could maybe relate to me. I also feel bad because I lost my virginity and wasted it on people who didn’t care about me. I feel so hopeless. Heather the heathen. That’s who I was.
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    Oh heretoeternity --The LORD GOD and His Word are not followers of the false prophetess Ellen White. The Jesus and His followers and the early Church were not Seventh Day Adventists.
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    But the false cults & their faulty doctrines here do need to be confronted and exposed for the sake of others who read this site and might be seeking to know about Christianity & who might be mislead or confused by them. It does get quite tiresome though.
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    because they have experienced people coming here with all kinds of false teachings and ideas..... gets to the point that if someone says something that they disagree with they just attack it and the person who posted it up to a point. It's just nature servant, don't take it personally..... I've been a heretic here for 14 years in some people's eye.... would leave, but the Lord doesn't want me to go..... go figure that.
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    False dichotomy. Implies persecution, or perceived persecution=truth. You are not Jesus. You are not sinless and sinlessness cannot be accomplished in this lifetime, no matter what you might think. That kind of false doctrine needs to be countered and it is not "sourness" to do so. It is called polemics and it is a necessary component of sound Apologetics.
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    Please keep my husband and I in your prayers ...on 11/6/17 ( our 46th Wedding Anniversary ) we had a car accident . Hubby couldnt stop our truck ( a 2003 Silverado 2500HD ) we hit a Honda Civic 2009 , the family we hit did not get hurt physcially in the accident their car was totaled though ;( . I was the only one hurt both knees went into the glove carpartment . Iam beginning physical therapy next week please pray the injuries heal soon . Please pray that the Insurance Company will repair our truck ( we put new injectors in her in 2013 so shes like new , has air bag rear suspenion , a brake contoller , a 5th wheel hitch , bedbox and water tank . It is looking promising that they will repair the truck should know by mid week next week .......so please pray that the Lords Will be done concerning our truck we do have a rental for now pray they will let us keep the rental till the truck is fixed or the decsion is made .......JoyfulSpirit68
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    Hey everyone! Please pray for my niece and also her partner. They are finding it hard to conceive a child. My niece has a health problem and always end up having miscarriages. I'm not sure what specific health issues she has that's preventing her from conceiving but its been many years and many miscarriages later that she's hurting so bad and she's feeling frustrated. She feels as if God is punishing her and won't listen or doesn't hear her prayers. She feels like he doesn't love her but loves everyone else instead of her. I wished I could share words of wisdom but I've never been in this situation before. Please pray for comfort and healing for them both and to trust God no matter what happens. Her pain is deep as she see's others around her who are pregnant but yet don't want to keep their baby , and yet she can't have any of her own. Your prayers will be much appreciated. Gbu all
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    Hey y'all, One of my best friends is going in next week to donate her kidney to her husband who has been battling a losing battle with polycystic kidney disease for sometime. Both are in good health but with any surgery like this there are risk factors. Please keep my friend "L" and her hubby "T" in your prayers. This whole thing is a huge miracle actually as T was told he was O negative blood type his entire life, went on the transplant list as O negative (which has the longest wait time) and sat idle for about 2 years on the list with his kidneys failing more and more. A few months ago he went in for his yearly testing and was preparing to start dialysis when one of the nurses randomly mentioned that his blood type was A positive, he questioned them and they confirmed he was indeed A positive. His wife, L, is A positive as well and immediately began the testing process to donate to him and came back as a positive match, actually more than positive, the doctors said that she was a "fantastic" match. I fully believe that the Lord changed his blood type, call me crazy if you want, but I do. I know the Lord will keep his hands on these two precious friends of mine but extra prayer has never hurt anyone. TIA. -Amy-
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    I have not used a forum for many years, although I used to be very active a few years back. I look forward to meeting you all and discussing Our Saviour - Our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!
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    Hello there, welcome to Worthy! Many great people here!
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    So sorry to hear this. I do understand I think. What might I say?. Jude 24-25King James Version (KJV) 24 Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, 25 To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.
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    well i disagree it is really hard to understand the bible reading it on your own, much less get an overview picture of what all God has to say on a particular topic as we have to balance out different passages from different part of scripture, not an easy if even possible to do it on your own so i think it is great you have Got Question org to get you started, especially anyone can post anything these days, it is really good to have one resource that you know is at least reputable, even if they may not be right 100 percent of the time. for me, in some ways, got a question serves the same purpose as sermons and classes in bible school but i do see what you mean, got a question should not be a replacement of reading scripture itself and others.
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    There are many reasons to stay despite your feelings about this. Used to be I would cringe at the thought of a JW at the door then I realized, holy smokes God is bringing them to me...I don't have to seek them out. Here...we have the choice to engage or not and we have every opportunity to be as loving as possible because we can always get up from the computer and go calm down, think, pray and respond at our own pace.
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    Hi. And welcome. That is so cool that you are searching for some spiritual grounding for yourself and your children. Know this...It is God who is leading you in this endeavour for without Him you can do nothing. So my advice to you is... A. Read your Bible every day. B. Pray earnestly every day that God's will and purpose for your life will be fulfilled. C. Commit your children to His care. God loves them more than you could possibly imagine...and He will be thrilled at your positive response to His calling. He will look after you. D. Trust Him. E. And finally, with all due respect to your family, the further away from the Catholic church you go the better. Sounds harsh I know, but I make no apology for that...there are many good sound reasons for saying so.
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    Thanks to those who have already welcomed me here. It's a relief to find a safe place online with fellow Christians, now when I have so many questions. I grew up evangelical and have been a member of a conservative Mennonite church for five years, but am now considering leaving. I love the people there dearly and agree theologically, but am struggling with several of the requirements that restrict what I'm able to do with my life, and don't feel that they are necessary according to the Bible. But I was baptized in this church and made a vow to be faithful to the church. The past several years have been hard. I have a serious mental illness and have spent time in hospital. My faith has been shaken. Outwardly I'm still doing all the right things and hoping it will keep me alive within, but it's gotten to the point where others are noticing my joyless Christian life. I want desperately to follow God, because I've seen that that is the only way to have true meaning and purpose in life, but I don't know which way to turn from here. I'm hoping that on this message board I can find healing and renewal, and clarification of God's will. Thanks for reading and God bless, Sanctum
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    Hi praise the Lord... Jesus Jesus JESUS!!😌
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    For those who are praying & standing with me looking for my son's healing, protection and restoration - an update: We have been home for a week and a half. He is recovering from surgery and gaining strength. His appetite has remained healthy, his steps are steady... he is the same amazing young man. We will be spending time away for the next week and then return for an evaluation appointment. At this point, the plan is for treatment to begin the first week in December... 4 to 6 weeks of radiation & chemo. Then a break and possibly more. We are standing in faith and prayer... we will see God do what He does... we trust that my son and all of us are in His hands and He will be glorified!!! Blessings, in Jesus' name... Abby
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    Modern medicine has benefited so many people. My great uncle died from pnuemonia before there were sulfa drugs , one of my great aunts died of TB and my great, great grandma died of childbed fever. These things used to be commonplace. No, it's not witchcraft and is beneficial unless it's abused. God invented medicine for a reason.
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    If it ever becomes illegal to be a Jew again, and real Jews suddenly start getting arrested and ending up in prison, I guarantee you all of these "Israel" cults and other groups who claim to be Jews will suddenly vanish from sight and start eating pork,shellfish and become Episcopalians.
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    Of course, imo, it really doesn't matter the hoopla about Christmas, because no one knows the exact date of Jesus birth. We collectively as Christians celebrate it Dec 25 and I have no problem with that. The world's actions at this time of yr have little influence or effect on me. I am aware of the commercialism & go against these trends, I honor the Lord's birth on that day. Choosing many yrs ago to step off of the world's cultural, commercial Christmas merry-go-round, but really for me it goes deeper & far beyond just Christmas time. I am outside of the world's belief system, popular culture and the politically correct group mind, I am feeling like a stranger in a strange land sort of thing just getting along , while awaiting for the Lord's Return!
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    I give up, who created darkness? Isaiah 45:7 (Darby) forming the light and creating darkness, making peace and creating evil: I, Jehovah, do all these things. (ESV) I form light and create darkness, I make well-being and create calamity, I am the LORD, who does all these things. (KJV) I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. (KJV+) I formH3335 the light,H216 and createH1254 darkness:H2822 I makeH6213 peace,H7965 and createH1254 evil:H7451 IH589 the LORDH3068 doH6213 allH3605 theseH428 things. (KJV-BRG) I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. (LITV) forming light, and creating darkness; making peace, and creating evil. I, Jehovah, do all these things. (MKJV) forming the light and creating darkness; making peace and creating evil. I Jehovah do all these things. (LEB) I form light and I create darkness; I make peace and I create evil; I am Yahweh; I do all these things . (TLV) I form light and create darkness. I make shalom and create calamity. I, Adonai, do all these things. (TS2009) forming light and creating darkness, making peace and creating evil. I, יהוה, do all these.’ (WEB) I form the light, and create darkness. I make peace, and create calamity. I am Yahweh, who does all these things. (WEBA) I form the light, and create darkness. I make peace, and create calamity. I am Yahweh, who does all these things. (YLT) Forming light, and preparing darkness, Making peace, and preparing evil, I am Jehovah, doing all these things.'
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    My salvation is approved by Christ. Romans 10 9 Because if you confess the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved. 10 For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth one confesses unto salvation. 11 For the Scripture says, "Everyone believing on Him shall not be put to shame." Ephesians 1 13 in whom also you, hearing the word of truth, the gospel of our salvation, in whom also believing, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, 14 who is the earnest of our inheritance, to the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His glory.
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    The Scriptures says 'if it were possible the elect would be deceived', implying that it is not possible. Besides there is no way that satan can take what belongs to Jesus. John 10:27-29 NKJV [27] My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. [28] And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. [29] My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father's hand.
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    Hello, Greetings to all! I am newbie here. I would like to say hello to all of you guys. Hope everyone here is doing well. Thank you!!!
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    Hello Kw, welcome to worthy pleased to meet you blessings iain
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    Hi docc4u, This verse explains it well - `For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is JEUS CHRIST.` (1 Cor. 3: 11) regards, Marilyn.
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    Hi Millie. Welcome to worthy This is a great place to meet friends, fellowship and learn See you around iain
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    Hi from Oregon , my husband and I have been married 46yrs as of 11/6/17. We were married 5yrs when we both accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord & Savior on 9/16/76 . We recently relocated to Central Oregon too much rain up North lol ......we live in Central Oregon in the winter and work in Eastern Oregon summers camp hosting ! Retirement now looks like retirement !;) I see now we will have our online church home here at Worthy Christian Forum . And we are searching for a local church home for winter and another for summer .....will explain more in detail later as we find those church homes ..... so looking forward to getting to know all of you here a great web site looking forward to growing in the Lord here with all of you . Love in Christ to those of you who do know our Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior and to those who are seeking I will be praying for .......JoyfulSpirit68
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    Hello Mary and welcome to Worthy! So glad you found us! Come see us in chat sometime!
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    Hubby was fired today. Jadey doesnt feel like playing. Or chatting. Or posting. Happy thanksgiving.