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    Hello everyone I have been challenged to share my testimony. Last month I turned 40 years old in the Lord. I know that there are people here who have had a relationship with God longer than that, but I celebrate the fact that Jesus found me. That's where/when I found myself as well. I was brought up on a sheep and wheat farm in Australia. I was the second of five children - the middle one being my only brother. We were quite isolated back in the day, and spent time going in and out of the nearest town to school (a round trip of about 40 miles). I wasn't socialised as much as the town kids, and was a dawky, skinny little thing - all arms and legs. The older boys on the school bus used to call my elder sister "chop chop" and I was "snot snot". I used to fall over on the gravel and scrape my knees; the scars are still there. My parents were good people - my dad worked so hard on the farm and my mother used to not only manage a husband, 5 children, shearers, and a house/food/keeping up, but worked as a farm labourer with my father as well. Neither smoked or drank and were very upstanding people. I thank God for my parents who looked after their children properly. I love the memory of them. I remember from an early age that, even though I was a dreamer, I knew there was a God. I had no idea how He related to me; He was just "out there, somewhere". Somehow I knew He was male. No one told me - I learned more later on - but I just knew there was a God. Nobody treated me as special - no one made a fuss of us and my elder sister and I have talked about how we thought we were "just extensions of our parents" - we didn't really know that we had an identity. Once I reached the age of 16 I left home and went to the "big smoke" - the nearest capital city. My parents had always pushed the idea that we had to grow up and learn how to "stand on our own two feet" and find a way to make a living. I was terrified, as I had never been away before and they kind of just "dumped me" at the YWCA hostel and drove off. Everything was in place, but I was so homesick that I cried for a week! And I was sooo naive! They gave me an all-expenses-paid journey through commercial college for a year, and I learned how to do the things you have to do to work in an office at the time - shorthand (what's that, I hear some of you ask), typing, book-keeping. The teachers called us "Miss ......." in order to get us ready to work in offices. I passed all the tests, and got jobs. By the time I turned 17, I had found my feet. I started smoking, I was going out with boys, and rebelled in a pretty big way. I went to a Leighton Ford meeting in a city park, and walked down the front to the grass. A nice young girl gave me a couple of books and I went home feeling elated. However, I don't know whether I was the seed that fell on the roadside, or the one that fell among the thorns - my newfound Christianity didn't last. For the next 10 years I blundered my way through life like a bull in a china shop; a restless, blunt young woman who said what she meant and meant what she said. My motto was - if you don't like me the way I am, then too bad. What you see is what you get. I was adventurous and didn't really care about what people thought. I would work, save some money, and move on to the next city. I was searching, even then. I wanted to do the tour through Kathmandu and Morrocco - it sounded so exciting! But I never got there. And I was such a sinner. The guilt was building up........ At the age of 25, I remember driving in my little green mini home from work one day in Sydney, and thinking "What's the point of it all? I am tired of going to bars and nightclubs, I am not getting anywhere; I am not achieving anything." I was a real nowhere girl, sitting in her nowhere land. Wondering what to do, I remember thinking "I want to help people." Anyway, off home to the unit I shared with another girl and more gathering of the friends for some more dope and listening to Jackson Browne, the Eagles, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart etc. etc. (And the Ozark Mountain Daredevils!) I had two lots of friends - the crowd that went to the footy and drank and partied, and the other crowd that listened to the music and smoked dope and partied. I came back to my home state and met a friend, who had been a Christian two months. She witnessed to me. 12 months later, I went back again. I was reading some Eastern mysticism book about "masters" in India somewhere and met her again. She told me "something wonderful is going to happen to you." How did she know? Who knows? Anyway, she gave me the name and 'phone number of a friend who had just returned to Sydney. When I got back I looked her up and she took me to church with her. All this last few months I had begun to feel drawn, inexplicably to "something"! It was like a pin being drawn to a magnet. Even now tears fill my eyes. I had been searching everywhere for (the truth) - God - but avoiding Christianity, because as I child I remember a fairly lifeless (in my eyes) church in town where Dad sometimes took us (C and E) and I wanted something "more exciting". ????? I walked in to the hall where the meeting was being held in my hippie type clothing and the small crowd began to sing in the spirit. That's all I remember - the people, the Pastor and them singing in the spirit! As I stood there with them, suddenly something flashed across my brain! JESUS CHRIST IS THE TRUTH!. I will never forget it. It is indelibly printed on my brain. I had found what I was searching for. I left that meeting with a tract, on the back of which was printed the sinner's prayer. There was no pressure. By the time I got home (my flatmate was away) I knelt down by my bed and said the sinner's prayer, over and over, so there was no mistake that God could hear me! I was full of guilt and sin and I want you to just imagine this. A clean, clear milk bottle. Inside this bottle was a balloon, shaped exactly as the bottle. The balloon was full of murky, disgusting filthy muck. He took the rim of the balloon and pulled it out of the bottle, leaving a clear, clean milk bottle. This was the picture He showed me. Later I learned about the blood of Jesus cleansing me from all sin, but at the time this is what I saw. It wasn't really a vision, just a mental impression. I WAS SAVED, SAVED, SAVED!! (February 11, 1978.) I walked on Cloud 9 for six months and one day I was looking for a new place to live, as I knew I had to move. I got home after looking for a small flat (apartment) in my little green mini and sat there and leaned back and sighed. Then I heard the words "I will get you a place this week." They weren't audible, but this is what I heard. The next day I went to work and was reading the Bible in my car and I heard the words "Go and get the Sydney Morning Herald" (newspaper). I said, "Yes, Lord, as soon as I finish reading this chapter." He repeated it twice, more insistently and I finally obeyed - that day I secured a tiny little place to live in and moved in a week or so later! On March 27, 1978, I was baptised in water at Sydney's Balmoral Beach. You may have heard of the most famous beach in Oz - Bondi, but Balmoral is a harbour beach and lovely. It was Easter Sunday, a beautiful sunny day and the whole church stood on the beach singing "I love you Lord", as I came up out of the water. Another experience that brings tears to me eyes. I remember everything about it. Then in May I knelt by my bed again and asked God for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I felt I was being lifted gently in waves, and I knew I was in the presence of God. I remember the bedroom, the colour of my bedspread, everything. I began speaking with a new language, praising Him. I received two visions. The first was of a fire in what looked like a grate. It was like a furnace. The next one was of a hand lifted up and so positioned that it showed a gold ring on the wedding finger of the left hand. I guess it was like God was saying to me "you will go through the furnace, but you will be part of My Bride". I stayed with that small church until 1980, when I went to do a Discipleship Training School in Youth With a Mission. Now, not everyone reading this will identify with what I believe (and know for myself to be) the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That's ok. We are all from different places, journeys and God deals with all of us as individuals. This is just my story, about my salvation. I love Jesus more and more and He is revealing Himself more to me as time goes on. He is my life, my love, my destiny and my home. Wherever He is, that is where I want to be. So, 40 years + later, I never want to live without Him. I cannot live without Him. He is my very breath. He is my Saviour, and I won't let go of Him, no matter what. Why me Lord? Well, He looked beyond my fault and saw my need. He knew just how helpless I was to try and claw my way out of the pit I had dug for myself, so He put His nail-scarred hands down and reached for me and rescued me. Why me Lord? What have I ever done, to deserve even one, of the blessings you have shown? NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING! He died to save me, an enemy of the cross. He has washed my sins away. He has given me a new life, someone so undeserving, so unworthy. He has made me worthy through His blood sacrifice on Calvary! He saw this blind and wretched soul trying to survive and came and got me. I will never cease to praise Him, as He has given me LIFE!
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    Dear fellow prayer warriors, Last night my husband received a call from his brother in law that my husband's sister is on life support. She tried to kill herself w/alcohol and pills after years of severe depression, health issues (back/neck injury,) and repeated denials of disability. She had to quit her job as a manager a few years ago because she could no longer perform her duties. Her husband found her in time to take her to the hospital, but she is on life support and not doing well. They are taking her off life support tomorrow and are going to attempt putting a pacemaker in. She professes to be a Christian, but she has been out of church for a bit, and we are not sure where she stands spiritually. Thanks in advance to all of you who will pray. In Christian love, Gem
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    Hey everyone, If yous could please pray for my cousins partner who is currently in hospital. Recently she gave birth to two beautiful girls - twins. She came back home a few days later but had to go back as she had stomach pain and had to get her appendix removed which actually burst. So she had an operation but now she has a blockage in her stomach which they had to put a tube in through her nose down to her stomach and if nothing comes out then she is required to go through another operation. Please pray that the lord protects her and she will come out of the hospital safe and healthy. Especially for her new born babies who are nearly a month old and she has seen them since they were a few days old. Thank you all Gbu
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    3 serious situations today. Need for urgent prayer covering please... 1) mom should be having the trach surgery this afternoon. I sure hope I am doing the right thing giving them permission to do this to my mom. I am conflicted on it. 2) I face a confrontation with the nursing home today regarding the negligence I firmly believe was behind my mom's cardiac arrest. I dread this conference because I know it will be filled with their denials and heated anger. But as POA I hope I am entitled legally to an accident and incident report (or at least the chart record of March 9th. ) Pray the truth will come out and they will cooperate with me. 3) The hospital is already pushing me to choose a transition facility for mom. I am worn out by hours upon hours of phone calls from medical personnel. It's so hard to think clear anymore! Pray the right decision is made as to where to place mom.
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    Before attending community college, I went to a more traditional-type college. I used to wonder if I was missing out by not going to the parties. But more and more I realize, it's not time to party yet if you're a believer.. There used to be a cartoon called Dexter's Laboratory. Dexter was a genius as a kid and in one episode, he goes to college early. At first, all the other students say, "Party now! Study Later!". But by the time Dexter gets his studying done, the other students have switched to "Study now! Party Later." If I had to think of a four word mantra for the Christian life, it might be "Suffer now. Party later." Being set apart can be a road that can cost you greatly. Our ultimate dreams and fulfillment lie in the afterlife--- in the new heavens and the new earth. We suffer because we reject the world and it's ways, making a lifestyle statement that Christ and His joy is of more value than the temporary pleasures of this world. This, right now, is war time. The enemy has strongholds that need to be defeated and there is a war for the souls of mankind. But once it's over and the enemy and all those who oppose God have been defeated, there will be a Marriage Supper where Christ will drink from the fruit of the vine again, rewards for the righteous and the immeasurable satisfaction of the New Heavens and the New Earth. This is what I'm waiting for. Not some party here on earth, but an eternal gift where joy and worship never has to end.
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    Greetings! Something unusual happened which changed everything. Could you please pray that I soon find joy and passion in my life again, become close to God and have a great relationship with Him, and no longer feel the way I have been? I have been a strong and positive person, but this is a challenging one. Thank you so much, Amber
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    I wanted to share my story of how I came to know the Lord. I pray it blesses you. I was saved in 1970. I was 21 at the time, and was going to school at LSU. I had come through the flower power years. I lived in a commune in north Arkansas, experimented with many a drug, and finally got married and had a beautiful baby girl. My hopes of finding peace and fulfillment in drugs had pretty much evaporated into thin air, and my wife and I were searching for answers to life. What was the point of it all? Do we just grow up, make money, buy things and then die? There had to be an answer. I had no fear of hell, for I did not even believe it existed. But that did not mean I had no fear. The thought of no longer existing, of disappearing forever, of life being gone, and all those I knew gone as well? It was simply terrifying to me. So we decided to try church. I had been sent to Sunday School as a child. Of course mom and dad did not go, but they sent me, and a seed was planted that I did not even know was there. It was the campus Presbyterian church, and we soon settled in to the routine. We got involved, and were asked to teach Sunday School to five year olds. Sure, why not? Christmas season rolled around, and we had an angel tree placed by a social agency right as you walked in. So we took a name. We drew a little 19 year old girl who lived in the projects and she had a three year old child. No husband. She asked for a coat for her son and a toy. Nothing for her. And our hearts melted. We HAD to help. Now understand, we were not exactly rolling in it financially. I went to school with a full load and worked nearly full time as well. I bicycled five miles to campus, then four to work fro my father-in-law, where we would then load up my bicycle in our hippie van and head home. MY wife worked full time for her father as a receptionist, with our baby by her in a playpen. We both made minimum wage, which at the time was $1.65 per hour. Money was always tight, but even with us unaware, God was at work. We made a decision. We would hand make all of the presents for Jenny and our families, and all the money we would have spent on those, we would spent on our adopted angels. The month of December was the best Christmas I can ever recall. We were busy daily in what little spare time we had making presents, and as we could, we bought presents, toys, clothes, etc. so that we could help this single mother have a Christmas to remember. Now we lived out in the country, and rented a house from a Tom, a nearly retired deputy sheriff. Our house was near the back of his property and almost daily, after he got off, he would putter by on his old red tractor, beer in hand, working in his garden. . Christmas Eve arrived, and our excitement was overflowing. Not only did we have a table full of hand crafted presents to give out, but we had amassed a huge pile of brightly wrapped presents to deliver that night at 6 p,m., which is when the angel tree recipients were to expect their presents to arrive. Christmas cookies were baking in the oven, we were high (Oh, forgot to mention, when we decided to stop doing drugs, pot was not part of the deal, LOL) and singing Christmas carols, and as the afternoon wore on, we decided to load up our VW bus so we could be ready to make our special delivery. My wife asked me where I had put to tag off the angel tree with the name and address on it. I stared back at here blankly. I thought she had put it up. All of a sudden a bit of panic reared its head. And we began to search. Now understand, our house was not considered large;. It was a four room house, 400 square feet so searching would not be difficult,; or so we thought. Twenty minutes later, panic was now full blown and the clock was ticking. Tick, tick,tick. Our last resort? The trash. As I said, we lived in rural Louisiana. Garbage pickup was non-existent. In the far back of the property, Tom’s family's home place of four generation, was the burn pile. This was no ordinary burn pile. It was a sprawling area nestled up to the back woods measuring over 100 feet wide and deep. It was simply a black ash junk heap, with generations of garbage, trash, tin cans, broken old discolored shards of broken mason jars and medicine bottles. Every month, like clockwork, Tom would come puttering by, beer in hand, and with the grader box on the back, he would burn that month's trash and then smooth it all out again in preparation for the next month. We had taken our trash out the day before, so it would be easy to retrieve our bag and find the ticket. So we started to make the long walk to the back. All of a sudden we heard a noise. Tom’s tractor. And it was coming from the trash dump, not to it. Panic was now full blown and desperation began to grow. Tom passed us and nodded as we headed around the trees. As we came around the bend, we saw the smoke. Our worst fears were confirmed. He had just done his monthly duty. In front of us lay a sprawling pile of charred paper bags, old food, rusted tin cans and everything else you can imagine. I stopped in my tracks and began to cry. My wife did not. To my shock, she simply kept walking until she was in the middle of the mess, wisps of smoke still rising from the now extinguished fire. I watched her stop and look up, not down. Tears flowed down her face. And I heard her cry out…. no, wail: “God,, if you are real, give me that name!” And then she did the unthinkable. She flung herself face first into that smoldering mess, where it seems our dreams and good intentions were destined to go up in smoke just like the trash. And she reached out her hand and reached out to the first thing that hit her hand. She lifted it up and stared. In her hand was a black charred piece of paper, well, mostly black. She looked down, stared and blinked again. Then she let out a shout.... well, more of a scream.... a scream of pure amazement accompanied by a waterfall of tears of joy, for what she held in her shaking hand was the angel tree ticket, burned down….. yeah, you guessed it, down to the name and address of that little mother and child we wanted to help. We ended up being one minute early. That is how we got saved. And perhaps that is why I have never been satisfied with expecting God to be or to do less than He promised. May God bless you all richly with the knowledge of Him. We are told He can do exceedingly abundantly beyond all the we ask or even think. That is the God we serve, and He changes not. May we all believe that. I pray we do not "limit the Holy One of Israel" and believe that despite our failures, and our weakness, He still can cause us to walk in total victory. Blessings, Gideon
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    My daughter is a heroin addict and was delivered to the hospital yesterday not breathing. They revived her and she seems to be doing okay. We are trying to get her into a good treatment program, but are coming up against various road blocks. In theory the system should be set up to get people from the hospital directly to the treatment places but that is not happening. Please pray that things go smoothly and that she stays open to treatment.
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    If God is not after numbers, I still hope it is possible for many to be saved. In my own life, God has had a way of drawing me away, away, away, from what others are doing and more towards Him. I pray He does this for others, too.
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    I have been writing on it since 2012. Its all about my recovery and ultimate freedom from schizophrenia! I am very excited and wanted to share the news!!! IF you want more details please inbox me and I will give you the info to order, or you can click on my blog link at the bottom for more information in the "It is Finally Here!!!" blog post.
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    Dear Sisters and Brothers, I’d like to request prayer. I am not writing this out of sadness. More like, expectation and desperation for freedom. I’ve cried a thousand tears through the years, went through feeling numb, and am now just ready to move forward. My “husband” and I are no longer together. We are technically living in the same house, but only for financial reasons, until my sons and I can be on our own- which cannot come fast enough! I’ve already started the divorce process. I will not gossip or say mean things against him. However, I will say this- I deeply respect the covenant of marriage, so this is not a step I took lightly. It’s years in the making. I will say, that, Biblically speaking, I AM within my rights to divorce. In fact, I already consider myself divorced, based on things that have happened. But of course, I have to go through the legal end of things to finalize it. It’s been 14 years, I did my part. Now I am ready to just be done with it and the boys and I to be free. And to move on with our lives and leave all the trauma and craziness we have endured behind. So please do keep us in your prayers. It’s been so long since I’ve been on my own. I have a 10 year old and a 17 year old. This is a scary step. Please pray that our financial situation improves so that we can leave. Pray that we find a good, clean and safe apartment. And a vehicle. We are starting over, from the bottom up. But, with Christ and my boys, I know it’s going to be ok. ❤️
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    Hello, A year ago from last August, I gave myself to Christ Jesus. I have since been diving into scripture, praying regularly and ministering when available. Came across this site for a particular search and would like to peruse and comment with other followers of Christ and more.
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    Please share some helpful tips for better and peaceful communication that you have found useful writing on forums. I can use a few myself besides the 10 Commandments of Online Witnessing. These would be more for online communication with believers. One I have realized lately is... 'if you have any doubt what the other is saying, ask for clarification'. This I think would eliminate a good deal of misunderstanding. Others?
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    I've been having some chest pains again. Years ago a Doctor assessed it as a nerve pinch on the rib cage that mimics heart trouble. I pray that's all it is. Please pray. Thank you! God bless!
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    As the song by Casting Crowns puts it: I will praise Him in this storm. I just posted a prayer request explaining what is going on, if you'd like to read it. But I refuse to sign out from worthy until I glorify God for the remarkable progress mom has been making since her heart stopped on March 9th. Body systems have started to recover nicely which is definitely the work of the Lord. Even her severely damaged brain shows some promise. I am grateful. Please keep on praying for her.
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    By Grace alone, through Faith alone, in Christ alone...
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    We all tend to fall into the trap of pride and the need to be right about things. A trap I fall into many times. It's hard to think about what's beneficial to the forum when someone attacks you. The anger of man does not accomplish the righteousness of God. I can only hope that a refreshing wave of humility causes others to rethink their ways when we come across people we don't agree with and even don't like. It's not that there isn't a place for frankness in dealing with certain situations. But until we can really assess another person's intentions, speaking the truth in love is the way to go.
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    Hello my fellow prayer warriors! I come to you once again in need of your uplifting support. I went to the urgent care after 4 weeks of bronchial symptoms. I thought it was just a cold at first, but it didn't go away. They determined I had bronchitis, but praise the Lord I did not have pneumonia! While doing the chest x-rays, the doctor found a spot on my sternum. They can't tell what it is from just x-rays, they just know it's not supposed to be there. She was especially concerned because my mom passed away due to breast cancer, and the spot was in that region. It could be something as simple as fluid/a minor thing, or it could be something more serious. I am supposed to have a cat scan, but currently do not have a family/regular doctor to order it, as mine left to go to the VA. I do have a lot of specialists dealing w/my chronic health issues, and I will see this coming week if any of them (maybe my pulmonologist) can schedule it. I can use prayer in finding not just any doctor, but a good, knowledgeable, caring doctor in network. Also, I ask that you pray for the spot on my sternum that God would heal me and give me strength. My bronchitis seems to be much better with the meds they gave, but continued prayers for healing are always appreciated. Thanks in advance for those who will pray for and with me. Numbers 6:24-25 The Lord bless you, and keep you; The Lord make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you! In Christian love always, Gem
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    Hi Everyone, Please pray for my daughter, she’s having a very stressful time. Her job is overwhelming, she was hit in her parking lot yesterday by a driver backing up who damaged her car, after the cops etc i took her to urgent care and then realized its been 8 years since my hubby her dad had died. I thought the date was on Tuesday so I thought I was doing really well, and I am but she broke down a few times from the stress, at 32 it’s her first auto accident and she bought her new used car last fall so that upsets her too and we both miss Dad. Please pray that I will have the opportunity from the HOly Spirit to use this as a witnessing lesson. She did mention the car is just a fleeting thing.... Thank you for prayers and praise God she is just stiff and sore today, no other injuries. Amen.
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    Please pray for my mental and physical health. Thank you.
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    My car started going in reverse and the door flew open and was pressed against a metal post. The door is not fully opening now. Please pray that repairs will not be too costly.
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    Im probably going to have my right eye undego surgery on April 24 oversea, which is 3 weeks from now. I underwent this surgery like 7 years ago and its pretty hard, high risk, 5 hours surgery. Thank God im not blind today. For some reason, i cant travel there in the meantime. Please pray that my eye wont go blind before i meet my doctor on April 24. If i really need to undergo surgery, please pray that everything will go well. Im only 22y/o, I dont want to be blind forever because i need to take care of my parents when they are old...i owe them so much... Pray for my eyesight wont go blind until my last breathe or until my parents pass away. Thanks and God bless you all <3
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    Your post was fairly concise and informative. Unlike the tomes I write that masquerade as posts. Often, what we see in our lives can be symptoms of deeper issues. Frequently compulsive behavior, addictions, mental obsessions, and the like are symptoms of things. Some of us carry around spiritual and emotional wounds and pain from trauma that injured us in some way. Often, associated with these things are lies that we start believing about ourselves. These things can start to define reality for us. When we try to deal with things through will-power, self-discipline, or other coping mechanisms, we can mitigate things to some extent, but the root causes remain. Spiritual and emotional wounds are every bit as real as physical wounds (and indeed, deep emotional trauma can produce measurable physical changes). In the same way, a physical injury like a broken leg prevents us from freely running, jumping, and dancing, spiritual and emotional injuries can cause behaviors that go beyond our our willpower to change. The biggest question is what is God's priority in your life right now? While the transgender and sexuality issues may seem at the forefront, perhaps God's first priority for you is spiritual growth. Maybe starting to establish a regular prayer and devotions time and starting to read the Bible or other devotional books, or maybe going prayer group, or women's ministry, or something like that. Perhaps there are other things in your life that God wants to work on and heal inside of you. To some extent, we all carry these types of things around inside of us without being aware of it. I spent years having panic attacks going to the dentist. I prayed about it, and tried about every mitigating thing I could, and it didn't help much. Finally, one day as I was going in, God convicted me that I did not trust people to help me. Instead of seeing the dentist and hygienist as two competent people who were there to help me, I was distrusting them. I walked in, realized that I was placing myself in the hand of two gentle, friendly and caring women who wanted to do something to help me that I couldn't do for myself, and for the first time actually believed and felt that, and I no longer had issues. I also realized that I had been doing that my entire life. It produced a big change in my life because I was willing to start trusting people in all aspects of my life. This one extreme symptom (almost passing out at times in the dentist office) was simply an indicator that there was a root problem in my life that God wanted to deal with. I was oblivious to all of the other effects that was having in my life and relationships. I think that the big question is what are the things that God wants to free and liberate you from in your life? There might be a few things He wants to heal or change that are affecting several aspects of your life. One of the biggest challenges all of us face in life and as Christians is coming to see ourselves through God's eyes. He made each of us to be unique treasures and works of art that reflect His glory in some way unique to us. We need to learn who God created us to be and then to learn to walk consistently with Him as that person. I've often observed that when people create a strong part of their identity in activities, belonging to various groups, relationships, and causes, it is because they do not have a sense of who God made them to be. They try to create value and meaning by things from outside of themselves. Instead of seeing themselves as the precious handiwork of a Loving Creator, they see themselves having value by external things. Related to this is that some of the things inside of us are indeed a part of that work of art God is creating, and some of the things inside of us are garbage dumped onto us by others and added to by ourselves. We need to let God haul out the garbage and clean out those things that are not a part of the work of art. I've seen some people cling to the garbage and have done it myself. For example, I had been proud of being independent and not needing much help. I wasn't independent, I was a distrustful fool who prevented many people from doing things for me in my life. That was part of the garbage God hauled out of my life. We all have garbage that we mistake for virtue and value that God needs to get rid of. So anyway, you are a precious treasure created by the Almighty. He wants you to learn to consistently walk with Him and become that unique person He intends for you to be, and to walk together with Him on a grand adventure through life.
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    All of these are wonderful insights and suggestions. I think one other would be... that we have a choice of whether to respond in love or in anger. Despite all these great responses in this thread, there will still be those who (for some reason) are not "there" yet, and will stay in the old pattern. So then, we must choose ....keep an argument going, or not. Do we have to be right, or can we simply respond kindly and walk away? (There is always the option to walk away and if you feel you are still right and they are wrong...pray for them to know the truth, and for yourself as well, to remain humble and teachable.) Lord Jesus, help us ....we represent You to the world, and they will know us by our LOVE one to another.
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    Went to the ER on Sunday for what I thought was a hernia. It turned out to be a groin strain instead, which is better, but the pain is intense. I can't move very much at all because moving pulls on it. God bless anyone who would pray over this!
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    Please pray that I will greatly love my mother always, no matter what she does or doesn't do.
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    Please pray for Lopa. She is dizzy, vomiting, etc, from a severe kidney infection. On course of antibiotics. She has other serious health issues, too. Pray that she will realize the Lord in her life as Savior. Thanks.
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    I stumbled upon a sermon by Jeff Crippen online on the topic of unhealthy shame. Satan uses shame to attack Christians and make them ineffective in God's service. And that's exactly what is happening to me. For me it, the enemy's voice sounds like this: Your old friends don't reach out to you because you're in-Christ self bores them and you're not good enough. Don't bother posting on Facebook. No one cares what you have to say. Your co-workers are probably laughing about you and the way you dress. You are neither good at being popular or pleasing God. Don't get involved. They wouldn't like you, anyway. Etc. Etc. Social connection seems to be a theme in all of these accusations. But in truth, I think I have isolated myself to a certain extent in order to avoid the pain of reaching out and being rejected. Crippen mentioned how Satan's goal is to use the rejection and suffering from the world to make you believe God does not love you and ultimately make you ashamed of Christ. I am glad to be studying this because it answers a question I've been having: where is my joy in Christ? Why don't I have it anymore? It's because I was losing the battle to accusations from my own mind and from the enemy. But just because we suffer rejection, pain, and loneliness, does not mean God loves us any less. "If the world hates you, know that it has hated me also..." I hope none of you go through this. But if you do, you're not alone. Getting to the truth of the matter and doing battle with the Word of God will restore our joy once more.
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    Well I broke down and went to er. Dr. says it looks like a muscle spazam. He gave me some pain killers and some Valium , but only if I need it. So far I don't. Feeling better so far.
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    I've never really posted anything on a forum, but I find myself very much alone and confused right now. I was saved in June 2015, never having been brought up as a Christian or even knowing many Christians through my life. I live in the UK and there is a somewhat 'stuffy' image of The Church, although perhaps that is just my thinking. Christ came to me through a dream, my heart was changed and I had been going though what felt like spiritual attacks through others and some strange experiences! Anyway (that's another story), God got me! He saved me and I am forever His! I met a man after that and he was very good to me, he too is a Christian, I honestly felt like it was God given I prayed for support the night before he contacted me, it felt like an answer to prayer. We were friends for a while, he lives in America. Through it all he seemed very genuine, he is the son of a Pastor, we prayed on the phone everyday, we became more than friends and after a few years, having met a number of times, me going there and him here, we got engaged. There were some tough times, he has misrepresented himself, we got through it, I forgave him and we moved on. Three years on, and 280 days into our visa application for me to move over to America on a fiance visa, he has a huge melt down. He tells me of all his sins, things I never thought he would be involved in (mostly of the flesh, I wont go into detail). I could and can forgive him. But now, as he has been divorced he says he will not marry me. In his repentance he feels he should not be breaking anymore commandments. He says it's against scripture, I can't argue with that, it's Gods word. But I have sold my flat. I have sent everything I own over to him, bar three suitcases and my paperwork (for the visa), I have temporary accommodation until the middle of May, we had planned all this hoping the Visa would be through by then. Of course now it wont, I am not going to be married, I will not be his wife, I will not be able to start a new in America. Which is a huge change of plan, a huge and difficult change to get my head around. I am being tested. Beyond anything I thought could happen, I had complete faith that it was Gods plan for me to be in a new country with someone who would love me. How he is even capable of dropping me like this I do not know. We never argued, we've got on well, same humour, a sharing of faith and it felt completely genuine. I am going to have to get a job in the next six weeks (money is not the best for me), I wasn't working as we were just going to get through the visa and then I could just move when we got it (stupid of me, I know). I am living out of suitcases, my heart is broken, and on top of that he has told me he has cancer, he has an operation on Tuesday to remove a stage 2 tumour, its colon cancer. He's pushed me away when I would have drawn closer. What else can I say other than that?! Without becoming too distraught and incoherent. Honestly I cannot comprehend most of this, my emotions are everywhere and I have to pull everything back together, on my own, I was going to find new friends in America, the UK has not been kind to me. This test is very tough on me, especially as a new Christian, I feel angry, upset, sad, heart broken and pure despair. I know that God is working, and perhaps I will come out the other end ok. He was my only Christian friend, would anyone have any advice? Or could someone pray for me? It's my birthday today.. I'm 42! This shouldn't happen to a 42 year old woman! I feel ridiculous as well as distraught.... and tired, very, very tired.
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    Hi All i went to the doctors today. She told me bronchitis. I have to take a antibiotic. My breathing is bad. So i thank any prayers for me. I need to go back to work. Please pray i get over this quick. Many thanks ! And God bless you all.
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    WATER: When there's a bend in a river and the water level is low with all the large riverbed rocks showing through the shallow water, whether the sun is glistening on the water, or if it's a cloudy misty day. ANIMAL: Crickets, fireflies, frogs, and owls. In heaven I'm sure there'll be an animal that's a combination of those four lol. I like the because they're all animals I can see and/or hear at night. PLACE: The Sea of Galilee. HOLIDAY: Any feast or holy day where everyone is out in the streets celebrating all as one. AWESOMENESS: When a little bird smashed into the window and fell to the ground. I thought he was dead. I put gloves on and held him close and stroked his head, and after a few minutes he opened his eyes and looked at me. I opened my hands and he flew away.
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    Water: a babbling brook, I find that sound beautiful and soothing Animal: penguin, I love how they stick together during the cold winters. They all huddle together and move around in a circle so everyone gets a chance for a little warmth and to get out of the cold wind. Place: Israel, I would love to stand where Jesus stood, walk where he walked. Holiday: I don’t like holidays. I don’t know why we celebrate one day something we could celebrate any and every day. Awesomeness: Beautiful fish and sea turtles while snorkeling in Hawaii. n
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    Water: I like streams that are long and winding, with small pools of deeper water here and there. I like to walk barefoot in a shallow stream on a hot summer day. Hearing the birds in the trees, and the occasional breeze rustling the leaves. I love the sound of water gurgling gently over rocks. Most especially, I enjoy watching the tiny animal life that lives in a stream. Salamanders, tiny penny toads, frogs, tadpoles, and dragonflies. I find it very relaxing to visit a good clean stream, where I can simply be quiet and enjoy the beauty of nature. Animal: My favorite wild animal is the elephant. Elephants are majestic, smart, and loving. They live in herds where all of the members are related. It's a tight family unit. They show emotions and caring towards one another by touching each other, staying close together, and mourning their dead. One of the cutest things is a baby elephant. When a new calf is born, the whole herd celebrates and comes to greet the little one (just like human families). The adults protect their young fiercely, and often will take turns watching over baby. Elephants are simply awesome creatures. Place: If I had the money, I would love to visit countries in the UK. Particularly, the countryside and small villages. Ireland, Scotland, and parts of England come to mind. From what I've seen in photos, the landscapes are outstanding; with soft hills and lush grasses. I enjoy history, so I would love to visit old buildings and the ancient ruins of castles. In fact, I would move permanently to the countryside somewhere in the UK if I were able to. Holiday: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It's the only one where I can get together with family members. It's a day to remember our blessings and give thanks. And the food is great. Awesomeness: The turn of a century and a new millennium at the same time. These events weren't "seen", as they pertain to time, but I feel blessed to have been alive at the dawn of a new thousand-year time period. As we live longer lives now, it will become more common for people to see the turn of a century. But a millennium? No. That is rare indeed.
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    Hi everyone! I’m Chi. I’m very excited to be part of this forum. In a world where my surroundings can often be very fake and filled with people who don’t talk about God, where people think it’s cool to not believe, it’s extremely refreshing to find a place where I can speak to similar minded people about God.
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    Hello new friends in Christ.I'm happy to be here!
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    Please pray for my wife Stephanie and I to have a healthy baby she is a little more than 8 weeks pregnant right now in Jesus name.Let me be a great father to our child to come.Also pray that God would grew our love for each other and that no man or anyone comes between us and we fall more in love with each other with each day that passes in Jesus name.Also pray for my permit deliverance from alcohol dependance after almost 3 years of struggling with it for God to release me from this generational curse.Pray for my health overall my mental health as well please and for my wife and I to purchase our home this year.Lastly pray that God would allow me to start my new job this week I was let go at my job on thursday april 5th 2018 please pray that a door opens soon so I can support my family and that he allows me to work with good people I've worked so hard to fix my credit please pray that I can continue that way.All these things in Jesus name also God bless you and your families.Amen
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    Hello family, a long time Worthy member has bronchial pneumonia, having difficulty breathing, please pray for her, thanks!
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    Two points I'd bring up that often don't get discussed much. 1. Assume the best of people rather than assuming the worst. Assume that someone is having a bad day and let things slide. Assume that someone misread your post. Assume someone edited something poorly and maybe didn't mean what you think they did. Assume that someone is acting in good conscience (albeit potentially zealous ignorance). Assume that someone is making an honest mistake. Most of the worst posts I've seen over the years by regular participants end up fitting into one of these categories. 2. Different people have different communication styles. Some people tend to be blunt, factual, and to the point with their message (and appreciate it when other people are the same way). For these people, gentleness, tact, kindness, and courtesy are mostly optional and at times distractions to them both when writing and reading posts. Some people tend to be more indirect communicators focusing more on people's reactions to their message. These people usually view gentleness, tact, kindness, and courtesy as an integral part of communication with bluntness being reserved for rare serious situations.
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    Clarification to me is one of the biggest issues. In relation to that, what I notice, is a failure to address a question asked as a serious hindrance. It is impossible to communicate effectively if legitimate questions are ignored, which leaves the other party with no clarification as to their inquiry. Personally this is something I find will dash any hopes of a meaningful exchange. In conjunction with that, someone will ask a question, and it is answered with a question. Or, the response to the question has nothing to do with the actual question itself.
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    One of the greatest assets we have is our conscience! As we get closer to the Lord our conscience heightens as our mind becomes more and more like the mind of Christ! You've already answered your own question ... as your conscience is conflicted within you!
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    Psalms 23 1 A Psalm of David. The LORD is my Shepherd; I shall not want. 2 He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. 3 He restores my soul; He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name's sake. 4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for Youare with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. 5 You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over. 6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD forever. This psalm has always calmed me. I feel such peace whenever I read it. Or sing it. Or recite it.
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    Hi there! My name is Joylynn. I just discovered this site- or more accurately, I should say, family.. and I’m excited to be here!! The most important part of who I am, is, JESUS. He is my Life, my Breath, my Heart, my Rock, my Anchor.. my Everything!! I am 36 years old, and have been incredibly blessed by Jesus, with the most wonderful, precious sons. My oldest is 17 (almost 18 actually), and my baby is 10 (will be 11 in a couple months). They are so precious to me. They are my gifts that I could never deserve. I’m so thankful and humbled that the Father allowed me to be their mother. They are truly my best friends, after Jesus. I have been having health issues for over a decade. I have daily ups and downs, like anyone else. But, the Lord is so faithful and He keeps me going!! I homeschool the boys. I also love animals ( I have 8 house bunnies a.k.a. my fur-babies), history and reading, photography, singing, poetry, crafting, making glitter graphics and much more. Well Everyone, please forgive this long post. But thank you for taking the time to read! May our Savior Jesus GREATLY bless you now and forevermore. In His Grip, Joylynn (Joy)
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    Hi, I'm new here and relatively new in Christ. I hope on meeting brothers and sisters in Christ and learning more about God and the Bible. I lived 40+ years in literal demon worship. I now can testify that my Lord set me free. The darkness is a miserable place. In the light there's peace. I sometimes wonder if I can be of any value to anyone considering where I came from. I mean I'm totally willing that God would use me. Yet I'm constantly bombarded by thoughts telling me thatChrist's blood was wasted on me. So I'm here to dwell on truth with you all, to let God renew my mind, to learn to guard my heart.
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    Please help me pray for strength and full surrender and trust. I am surviving a difficult cancer diagnosis. I find myself weak in faith when the threat of recurrence floods me with fear. I surrender to God’s will and completely and joyfully accept His purpose for my life. I pray that I am able to feel His love in every moment. My child and husband are blessings and I truly am grateful for both of them. I pray that God wipes away their fear and tears. In Jesus’ Holy name. Thank you for helping me pray.
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    The best approach is to do what you've been doing, stay open to discussion yourself, and consider what others say. It is not our job to convince anyone of anything, present your case and reasoning for it, and leave the rest up to God. Frustration with these other things will only come if you allow it to, and just accept that some are not open to what anyone else says. God can convince them of the truth if need be, that should be enough for us. Remember, even Jesus shook the dust off in regards to those who refuse to hear.
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    Loving people who wish to harm you doesn't mean you have a picnic with them and become their best buddy and put yourself in harm's way. It means that you behave towards them the way that God did for us and the way that Jesus did for us. Loving your enemy means to do what God has done. The Bible says that while we were still sinners [and enemies with God] Christ died for our sins. And it also says that this is how God demonstrated his love for us. The Bible says that Gods sends "the rain" on evil people and good people. If he blesses the unjust with rain, and Jesus tells us to pray for those who persecute us, then we should take our cue from God and his Son. God is very, very patient with the lost. He is very, very patient with Christians who foul up. He gave the pagan people of the Old Testament hundreds of years to repent before he destroyed them. God IS love, but God is also a God of wrath - why? - because he is holy. God cannot and will not love what is unholy. And that includes Satan and his demons. You are I are not to love what is unholy - abortion, rape, murder, pornography, lying, and more. But we are to pray for those who treat us with ill will and worse. Who knows - our praying for them might bring them to the Lord.
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    The problem isn't the challenging of the false teachings, it's the ignoring the problem of them. What has increased is the ignoring the problem, which only has increased the spread of false teachings in page after page, and thread after thread.The only reason why it's challenged by the few is, if not challenged, the result is 24 pages of unbiblical rants & the twisting of scripture and making the Bible teachings say something it did not say, to mislead those that come to WCF looking to see what Christianity is about. When unity is placed higher then Biblical truth-then Sound Doctrine will be sacrificed.
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    I'm a newer Christian, I became one about two years ago. I don't go to Church because my husband is an unbeliever. He won't let me take my children to Church but he won't look after them so I can go to Church by myself. This site is the only place that I can talk to other Christians in real life on a regular basis as I don't have anyone in real life to do this with. I used to come to this site more often but as a new Christian I found it hard as a lot of information in posts conflicted so I didn't know what to believe. I've had a lot of time away from this site, instead I read the Bible to see what it says and try my best to figure out what that is. When I come back to this site to see what's happening I see more of the same and then I go away again. I have asked questions in the past and got some good answers from some of you who have posted in this thread. I would appreciate it if you all stayed as if you leave who is going to call out the false teaching. In the past I did ask for a forum or something like that for new Christians but nothing happened. I would appreciate it if there was a section for new Christians that was heavily moderated where mature Christians with sound biblical knowledge could answer questions. I would like more moderators, Watchmen etc. and to know who they are. It would also be good to have moderators in different time zones as if I'm on here in the evening (NZ time) USA is asleep. I have seen false teaching at these times.