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  2. The real question is , do we truly love or do we truly hate the Catholics . I speak not of the system , for I truly despise it , for its a soul taker . They have taken and established themselves with the keys , and yet they enter not into the kingdom themselves and hinder all who sit under them from doing so . They point not to the TRUE IMAGE of CHRIST . So the question remains , do we love the poor Catholics or do we hate them . Its real easy . IF we know the end of such a system is naught but death , THEN the Love of Christ would comple us to do any and all things to try and pull anyone out of that system and to make for sure no one would dare enter in such a deadly system . I don't see how anyone could claim to love anyone , if they could allow ever once , anyone to head in a direction in which the end would be the second death . How on earth is that love . From the prophets to JESUS , and all the aposltes , came the heart and mind to do all to warn and expose any dangerous contrary to truth idea or system . FOR GOD desires the death of none , and yet if we allow Catholics to even feel safe in such a system , we doom them . And that is not LOVE at all .
  3. Like forever but I will say that God isn't as slow as my doctor's office.
  4. "No such language exists like the above in Rev 20:1-7." So tell me about this "great chain" (v.1) that satan, a spirit being, is going to be bound with? literal or spiritual?
  5. Anxiously awaiting the answer to your dad riddle, Pat.
  6. "And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign forever and ever." Rev.22:5 "... but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years" Rev.20:6 I believe these two verses are speaking of the same event. To "reign a thousand years" in this context is to reign forever (with Jesus). I thought this was a good example.
  7. Yes. And I got right with God. That made a big difference in just trying.
  8. do you mind uploading a screen shot of where the button is. I'm a difficult time trying to find it.
  9. Repentance is obvious--what point are you trying to make? Every child of God understands this. Its more basic than basic. I didn't see where you answered my question in turn?
  10. I've been a resident in a nursing facility for almost two years, brother. If interested, you'll find my posts in the Prayers section within the archives of the forums under these titles: Break Down Parkinson's Our Health Care System
  11. It has to be downloaded to your computer first. Then click where it says "click here to choose files" in the post window.
  12. I'm going to start identifying as you do, non-denominational Christian. I simply don't know enough about various doctrines to know what I am. Lol.
  13. ...and recently I started hearing voices and seeing stuff alot but in my house and we have had ppl come try to cleanse the house but i still hear stuff and see stuff... @Rivers, You need to see a psychiatrist as soon as possible. Your experiences may or may not be related to demons. The first step is to visit a psychiatrist to rule out a chemical imbalance, etc. Medication can prevent these episodes that you're experiencing.
  14. I agree. I also enjoy challenging others to think or consider why they believe as they do. Most will choose their own denomination as being right (even if they state that they don't agree with everything taught by that particular denomination), because why belong to a particular denomination if you don't believe they are right? I know some "grow into a denomination", meaning that their parents raised them within that particular denomination. Some have joined churches due to location, or they like a particular preacher, or for the "activities offered". Some even join particular churches as a career move. I am simply a Christian. Because people like labels, I get referred to as a non-denominational Christian. When visiting nursing homes, I will be asked by some of the residents there if I am a Baptist, etc... usually if I am a Baptist as they are definitely in the majority where I live. But even the Baptist appear to have multiple denominations as there are Primitive Baptists, Independent Baptists, Free Will Baptists, Southern Baptists, etc.... I understand that in the United States (where I reside) there are at this time 1200 different denominations of Christianity in this nation alone.
  15. My father passed away 5 years ago. He was 80. While I was greatly saddened (and remain so), I was also relieved. It was time for him to go. He had significant health issues, was in pain, his eyesight had gotten really bad but, worst of all, his dementia was taking him from us. His passing was merciful.
  16. It is a little lengthy, but the 'block-form' of posting is very difficult for those of us with visual difficulties and dyslexia. I'm not sure reading this is possible for me. Sorry.
  17. Those are separate issues from what I'm addressing.
  18. My brother, I never said that "It's ok". I've simply advocated against basing societal laws on religious doctrine. That's a big difference.
  19. Holy living is living a Godly life. Obey the commandments
  20. Amen, bro. I live and see death here daily. It's horrible. About 99% of them have a form of senile dementia, and will pass away as a result of it. My mom did, God rest her soul. And I have more friends in Heaven than those who are yet remaining among the living.
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