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  2. Thanks Worthy.
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  4. Hi Guys I have my final exam tomorrow, please pray for me that I have the grace to revise well tonight, and do well in the exam tomorrow.
  5. Yes they are truly beautiful places contructed to the glory of God as Creator ,and safe havens in times war and strife etc. Well ,if they are not meant to be destroyed , then they will be protected .If they are truly being used for God's purpose , He can do that !!!
  6. No. it is not a goal period. Survival in the flesh is a goal of most everyone, born of a fight or flight instinct tempered by cognitive reasoning skills developed over time. Christians included, while eternal survival with God is the privilege of some and is a gift from God. Happiness is not a goal, nor is it a benefit for that matter. "Don't worry be happy" is a dumb motto. One not fitting for any servant of our Lord Jesus. Does a man of constant sorrows seek to be happy? Should the servants of Christ Jesus? Life is hard and being a Christian a person called to serve Jesus is not easy fare, for the world hates Jesus and mocks and persecutes his own that declare He is God. And then there is routine, daily grind. "Chuck Swindoll wrote,'The hardest thing about life is that it’s so daily.' We have to get up every morning and put one foot in front of the other. Sometimes we just don’t feel like it. Sometimes our heart just isn’t in it. But that’s the way God set things up. Our lives are so daily. We live one day at a time. The battles we face, both large and small, each and every day, are tests. God isn’t testing us for His benefit- He already knows what’s in us because He made us. He tests us so that we can know what we can do through Him. Are you hurting? Are your problems so big that there seems to be no solution? Trust in God and put one foot in front of the other. With Christ’s help you can face anything! " ...from part of a presentation on Lamentations source unknown to me, but that which seems to address the concept well that happiness is not a goal for the servants of God. The goal is to know that with Christ's help "I" can get through anything. It is not to be happy and not have to face turmoil sorrow nor any laments
  7. Welcome! I'm 17 years old!
  8. It's probably from one of these: A history of the Popes Volume II: Middle Ages to the Protestant reform Wyatt North The Papacy: Its history, Dogmas, Genius and Prospects J.A. Wylie History of the Papacy J.A. Wylie But I'm not sure. I have other books on the subject. It's my own fault, I made notes of the quotes but forgot to list the source. Incidentally I try to keep a balance of sources. I have books on the Papacy written by Catholic sources and books on the Papacy written by non-Catholic sources. When it comes to quotes, I usually check another source to see the validity of the quote, and this may sometimes include an online source, so a spot of Googling may help. I am also collecting books on the Protestant Reformation so I have material from those too. I also try to spread the age of the books if possible, so for example, I will have books on a particular historical subject that may date from the 19th Century, but books on the same subject that were written in the 16th Century. I'm going to keep looking for the source of these quotes, I'm sure I have it somewhere.
  9. Cracks me up how even after it has been established Google is using one of the oldest and most well established English dictionaries in the world they are still being accused of nefarious doings.
  10. Heck, even I feel youung with all these old folks!
  11. You are very kind , so thankyou . However my beliefs are not that of a typical, what is called ' born again christian ,and I did not leave the RCC because of the teachings per se for as you can see here ,and on many other sites there is profound disagreement on practically everything and yet Jesus hopefully unites those who believe in Him . I think that there are many churches within the RCC ,and that all those who like ceremony ,ritual ,being guided by men, are a totally different breed from those who love Jesus , and follow Him exclusively ,while respecting Mary (in the background )I don't remember my parents ever mentioning Mary .What I objected to ,was having my brain and my relationship with God dictated to me by men ,and this goes for all men I have to add that the RCC has saved millions of souls ,and the people with most depth on here are often ex-catholics . So maybe need to think aabout that . God led me on a long journey of knowledge, where I nearly died ,and this broke down the barrier which keeps most humans on a shallow material plane, where they cannot see ,but in a very narrow way, as I did before . What I learned ,I had to work very hard for in a scientific way, for years, is totally wonderful and precise , and shows God's laws . However it is beyond the reach of most , until they are truly 'born again ' , and that for me , is just that .
  12. If one really studies rather than just casual reading, they would know that Paul was speaking of a VERY SIGNIFICANT departing. And from his argument, it would have to be something so significant people could tell that it had taken place. Sorry, but a falling away does not qualify. How would anyone know if enough had fallen away to qualify for what Paul was saying - to KNOW the Day and arrived. In fact, and in truth, the rapture departing would fit perfectly. And that was the very theme of this passage. Next, if someone really studied, they would know that whatever Paul meant by "apostasia" it had to be the very same thing spoke of in verses 6-8: the entity that was restraining the man of sin from being revealed until the proper time. It also had to be the entity "taken out of the way" so the man of sin could be revealed in his time. A "falling away" just does not fit. Those KJV translators missed it on this one. The truth is, when some fall away, MORE COME. The church of Jesus Christ, the body of Christ, has been on the increase worldwide for a long time. Question for you: in 2 Thes. 2:3 part b, is the man of sin revealed then in Paul's argument or not?
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  15. I forget it, but I'll try and find it again. Give me some time.
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  19. Right! But not according to them: they call Peter the first pope.
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  21. Thanks wingnut, This is way over most folks heads, I'm sure. In fact, the Lord gave me a strange dream about that years ago. But I won't get into that now. Just be glad you weren't the one who had to try to explain this new theory to others. My first attempt was a big mess. Lots of scriptures but no clue how to connect them - lol. Cheers
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  23. You have no scriptural basis to tie the two together and attempt to make them the same except your imagination. Just the NUMBER: or rather the SIZE: too large to number is enough to know they are not the same group. If we added up all the martyrs to date, from Stephen to today, it would only be a drop in a HUGE bucket compared to the dead in Christ NOT martyred. Sorry, I don't buy into your argument. All the martyrs throughout all ages up to the time just before the week (chapter 7 time) will not add up to a group too large to number. But the dead in Christ added to those alive in Christ will.
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