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  2. What happened to Teditis??

    I know Shiloh I use to read all the old posts from years ago.
  3. What happened to Teditis??

    It didn't used to be that way here.
  4. what would u say here?

    I would remind you Jay that my wife was unfaithful to ME. NOT vise versa
  5. Please pray for my beloved cat

    I am happy for you Kiwi! I have a female all black cat myself. I used to have three females cats and they all had litters one right after each other. So we had 13 kittens at that time a total of 16 cats. But we found homes for them all. It was just for four months. I wish I kept the other two adult cats. I made a mistake. Well anyway that is good news.
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  7. What happened to Teditis??

    I am glad your here.
  8. Why So Many Translations?

    I primarily use the USB4/NA27 Greek texts (which both have a nice apparatus for alternate readings) and an older LXX with parallel English in the margins. I started learning Hebrew this year so hopefully in a few years some of my OT reading will move over to that. When I last used English as my primary Bible, I used NIV for NT and ASV for OT. I've read the Bible through in KJV, ASV, RSV, NASV, LB, TEV, NIV, JB, and NVI (Spanish). Before I learned Greek, I just compared a number of translations and used Strong's and Thayer's a lot. Now I tend to use BDAG, LSJ, and more technical resources as well as doing more extensive word searches across the GNT, LXX, and using Project Perseus to find how words were used by other ancient Greek authors. The main reason I've worked on learning original languages is so that I don't have to have to rely on translations. That is certainly not for everyone as it does require a serious commitment over a long period of time. My opinion is that most translations are fine to use for one's main devotional reading, memorization, and the like; and that a combination of versions should be used for in depth study.
  9. What happened to Teditis??

    In past posts many have read my defense of the place of works. I wrote works makes faith perfect which is what James wrote. But I personally have never believe works add one thing to the imputed righteousness of Jesus. We stand by his righteousness. We are right before God through Jesus our savior. His blood cleanses us from all and every single sin in our life. And this by his grace. Our works are because we are in him. He is our life so we live for him and not for sin. So we bear fruit because of him. But those works does not add to Christ righteousness. They are the way we walk with GOd because he is a holy God. He wants and needs us to be holy. Otherwise we dishonor him. And grief him. He cannot act like a living father then but a stern one. Touch not the unclean and I will be a Father to you. Meaning instead of discipline he throws blessings on us. .
  10. Prayer request for a friend (confidential)

    How's everything going now?
  11. I doubt your insurance company had ballistic missile alert failsafe devices, or anything remotely like it.
  12. 1) You don't click two separate boxes "by accident". And of course I'm not that employee; it wouldn't have happened in the first place if I were. 2) Just as much as the fact that what you consider my estimate of Shiloh's answer is your opinion. 3) The "God comment"; I'm surprised the moderators let that one go.
  13. What happened to Teditis??

    To me I think it's like worthy is a good place to convert others to legalism. People want to convert Christians to keep the law. For them that is salvation. You never see them post about Jesus is our righteousness. Or that we live by grace. Which of course grace teaches us not to be ungodly. But without grace we would remain ungodly. Satan wants us to be in bondage to the law. So we fall from grace. That's why this is going on.
  14. What prophetic event is next up?

    The invasion of the north will trigger the Great Day
  15. What prophetic event is next up?

    Yes you are right, the invasion of the north Is Daniel 11:41, and the Great Day of the Lord begins at Daniel 12:1
  16. Looking for some opinions

    Hi Jaynee, You can rest assured that your dear grandmother, promoted to glory, is with the Lord in the General Assembly in the third heaven, as God`s word tells us. `...you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, to an innumerable company of angels, to the GENERAL ASSEMBLY AND CHURCH of the first born who are REGISTERED IN HEAVEN, to God the judge of all, to the spirits of just men made perfect, to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant..` (Heb. 12: 22 - 24) regards, Marilyn.
  17. What happened to Teditis??

    Just in the last year they have come . But we shall see.
  18. Why So Many Translations?

    I pretty much do the same thing.I use a Bible with 4 translations.extra meaty! Lol
  19. Can everyone get saved by faith?

    1 Tim 2:3-4, For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; v 4, Who will have ALL men saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.
  20. Looking for some opinions

    Yes there eyes were open to see spiritual life. Read it for yourself it says two men appeared unto him.
  21. The Sin Exchange?

    Did all your “study” lead you to conclude that love saves? Faith in the Shed Blood of Christ is what saves. Love is a fruit of the Spirit, and of course Paul is correct, Love is more important than anything else.God bless
  22. Why So Many Translations?

    I like to read the KJV cross-referenced with the Amplified Bible, which expands on the word usage. Pretty meaty stuff!
  23. what would u say here?

    I really can't imagine the Holy Spirit wanting to attend something that goes against God.
  24. Can everyone get saved by faith?

    Then some people are born, destined to go to hell? What's the point of life if you're automatically doomed?
  25. Harmonizing Paul and the Twelve

    If the Law could save us, we wouldn't have needed a Savior. There would be no 'good news'. Jesus often encouraged people for their faith, but criticized those who thought their adherence to Law secured their standing with God. Gentiles were never obligated to the Law - it was always a covenant between God and the nation of Israel. Also remember that the Gospel author Luke is also the author of Acts - dealing primarily with the ministry of Paul (besides the reference Peter gave Paul in his letters - as others have already mentioned).
  26. Why So Many Translations?

    Yeah, there's a number of considerations to take into account when purchasing a Bible. I have purchased many and also like the red letter print of Jesus' words. I finally figured out what I needed most out of the construction of a Bible. Not withstanding the quality of the binding, leather, paper and quality... I need wide margins all around for note taking. Now I'm trying to figure out how to transfer those many important study notes to another Bible? Maybe find someone to hire and pay to transcribe the many notes to another Bible. Any ideas on how I can be more efficient with my notes? I want them in my Bible because it's with me everywhere I go and easily referenced.
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