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    • One reason we should be concerned is because the salaries being paid are so high that these positions attract men claiming to be Christians when they are not. Lots of these men  could careless about taking care of the flock. They are in it for the money and power. Eventually they get caught up  in a lot of sin (money and power inevitably brings sin in)and end up creating a cover-up culture to protect the church’s reputation.  At times, they are worse than secular organizations. Some secular    organizations get rid of their bad people right away, but church organizations hide their bad people as long as they are bringing in the money. And if bad behavior goes public, they condemn the people who “judge” them for whatever sins/crimes they have committed. Money, the root of all evil, runs the Christian Church in this country and it’s getting worse.  
    • The last time I was attacked with profanities like this it was because the atheists freethinkers wanted to get me out of their forum (with good reasons from point view of an atheist) . And they told me at great lengths that using words like „****“ is a sign of free thinking and protest against the church... Besides that nationalism is not Christian too. This is a manmade distinction and Christ was send to save everyone (and not for example just Jews).  
    • No that's not it. I don't have time to go into the details right now but I know that is not what socialism is.
    • There is a great cartoon version of Pilgrim’s progress that I had on VHS and DVD years ago. You can actually find it on YouTube I believe. Even though I personally do not watch movies with actors playing our Lord, I have to say Jesus of Nazareth is amazing. 
    • As many here have come to know, I'm not necessarily thrilled with the way that the modern churches deal with financial matters and some have heard my opinion of individuals who amass personal fortunes by "preaching the Gospel" and those who preach the "Prosperity Gospel". Now on another note, what about the modern corporate Christian churches themselves? I'm not referring to the fact that in the US any church who wishes to take advantage of the Tax Exemption laws must register as a 501c non-profit corporation. I'm referring to the fact that Christians give their money to their local church (which is a corporation in it's own right) and then after paying for the church building and it's maintenance as well as pastoral and administrative salaries and costs, most churches now pay fees to yet another corporation (or more) that is the governing body of all churches within that particular denomination. Now I know there are still independent churches that don't subscribe to that model so this is not particularly meant for those, but a growing number of churches are members of a larger organization. These governing bodies not only set theological guidelines and belief systems but also administer insurance and retirement plans for employees of their churches. Just as with any corporation, most of these governing bodies have executives who are paid exorbitant salaries and a massive administrative staff who are all paid from those proceeds. While most don't disclose the executive salaries, earlier this year a commentator on SBC voices stated that incoming president and CEO of the Executive committee, Ronnie Floyd will be making in the neighborhood of $500,000 per year. That's just for presiding over the Executive committee and doesn't include the salaries of the President of the Organization or any corporate officers! Why should we as Christians be concerned at this? Well, it all boils down to the numbers. So, let's do a little comparison. According to most reliable sources the average secular "help for the poor" non-profit uses approximately 75% of it's donations directly for those programs that benefit the underprivileged folks that they serve. In comparison, most sources that I can find put the average churches percentage of donations that go directly to missions and programs that help the poor at about 30%. One organization (with high paid executives and who I won't name so as not to point out one particular denomination) who claims to be regulating financial responsibility among it's members published a recommended budget plan to increase the outside giving to 40%. Isn't it ironic that if they didn't have to spend a portion of their donations on an organization to tell them how to spend their money, they might have already surpassed that number! While, as I have said, there are still independent churches who have not fallen prey to this scourge, it's becoming more and more systemic. The one glaring exception are some mega churches who still fall in that 30% giving bracket but instead of paying exorbitant salaries to outside organizations, simply give all that money to the staff of their own church and not to missions or the poor. Christ never told us to build buildings in which to worship God (there's one Temple and He said He would take care of that one) and never put forth the idea of large organizations to administer anything much less our money . While there's nothing wrong with having a meeting place to worship and a base from which to do God's work, I feel that it's this corporate mentality (and it was present for centuries in the Catholic Church even before there was any such thing as a "corporation") that prompted the building of lavish churches and led to the formation of these large and expensive administration structures. Now it has morphed into the largest corporate structure in the world. Just think how much good could be done if only the churches could run as lean as just the "average" non-profit. It would practically double the amount of church donations that were made available for everything from community outreach to world missions. There don't seem to be any reliable numbers on total church donations (they are so all over the place I hesitate to even give a range) but I'm betting that figure would be life changing for millions if not billions in need.
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