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    • And be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving each other, just as God also in Christ forgave you. (Ephesians 4:32) I felt this belonged in the General forum considering the broad implications which arise with the mere mention of this topic. As Christians we come to understand forgiveness in an intimate manner in our walk toward the Lord but we should never permit one another to forget what it was like to be lost … most of us weren't Christians until suddenly, we were! (credit is due to missmuffet for that statement). This is my conviction tonight and it's this heart which prepares us to serve as priests of God and Christ to the lost during these last days of the world. The apostle described this time we're living in within the third chapter of his second letter to Timothy (2 Timothy 3 via biblegateway) so it's good for us to be sober minded and count the cost:  As God loves this world, so should we. We're called to be like Christ (1 Corinthians 1:11) As Christ loves us, so should we love others. (John 13:34) As Christ bore his cross, we're called upon to bear ours. (Mark 8:34)  Both the words and deeds of our detractors, whether ancient or modern and either carnal or spiritual, cannot prevail against the saints of God. For us, to live is Christ but to die is gain (Philippians 1:21), so whom do we have to fear apart from our God? False christs arise and the accuser continually seeks to seduce and prevail against us but we know better than to believe the enemy's lies. If anything, spiritual opposition to our walk upon this narrow path is a matter of rejoicing for the disciples of the Living One.  Rejoice because the evil one despises us, remembering that Satan hated Christ first. (John 15:18) Words without action to give them meaning and substance, however, are just logical arrangements of letters. I'm far more interested in exploring practical applications of forgiveness seeing as how some unbelievers are given to ghastly outbursts of vile blasphemy. How should we react to such things? Should we condemn them? We know that as long as we strive in this world, we toil in this flesh. Because we're embroiled with this flesh we perceive things darkly and even dimly on most occasions, finding ourselves indulging in some of the ways of that old man or woman who is perishing. Should we be condemned by our Maker for being creatures of fallible flesh? Remember that even Peter was rebuked by the Lord (Mark 8:33 and later on in Acts 10) and yet he's beloved of God. Our Father's mercy for fallible David seals that tale. Should God have condemned either one? Only the Spirit of Truth illuminates our hearts and minds (John 16:13) so once again we know that all glory belongs to God and never to us. In my experience forgiveness began as our Father's gift given freely to one so undeserving, but everything changed once the seeds which God's Spirit sowed in me bore fruit: I started praying for the ability to forgive others as God forgives me. My prayers were answered when I found myself looking after a needy soul who grapples with mild dementia. Should I withhold care from them because they blaspheme?  Should I love this one any less than I love my brother or sister? The answer to the italicized questions as well as the preceding one is the same: no. God forgave me, a man who by his sins destroyed his life and the lives of countless others. Because I have been forgiven of so much, it's both my joy and honor to forgive others in the same way. I wish to avoid a book so I'll wrap this up with the following. God has blessed me here on Worthy. I've discovered precious saints of God here, some of which I conflicted with at first! Hindsight permits me to confess how coming to terms with my foibles permitted such a blessing to occur: this is fruit of the Spirit, my friends. Each one of you makes me a better man.  I'm committed to seeing every conflict meet a successful conclusion. I have faith in the Lord this will happen. Even here on the internet!  
    • @Sonshine Is there hot apple cider in that cup, by any chance? I've been craving it a lot lately. It's the right time of year for it. Autumn is my favorite season, too. 
    • You do a lot of bible study , Walter. The heading about the feast of the Lord. Do you keep them ? I do , I set aside special time to seek the Lord during the time of his appointed season. There are quite a lot of activity going on in the heavenly realm during those times and when you get connected with the worship of heaven, you get a taste of what the new kingdom age is like. The feast are Gods appointed season when we can encounter him in a special way. It will make you more heavenly minded and longing for his kingdom to come if you set aside time to seek the Lord during three times  
    • Sin....sin ....sin......repent .....repent.......repent.......yuk .......yuk.......yuk.......So much Sin Conscience— So little SON conscience. One would think that sins were sending people to Hell or something! One might even think that Repentance was the Cure for sin that made us acceptable to God and made us “ fit for Heaven”.All this preoccupation with things dealt with 2000 years ago are the fruits of those who fail to “ rest in the Gospel”. Am I the only one who sees the irony of those who stress Rules and Commands yet completely ignore the Sternest Rule Of them all ? REST IN THE GOSPEL! It’s  the only  command I am aware of that is followed with the Warning that if you do not do obey it, you will be charged with disobedience and UNBELIEF .I think we all know that God is not real big on disbelief. Try this......Turn to God ( repentance) as a lost sinner (  conviction of the Holy Spirit) with Faith in Jesus, proven by believing the Gospel That Jesus Promised would save anybody that simply put their TRUST in it. 1cor15:1-4.    If you are Trusting that Gospel you prove it by Resting in it.When you sin, do the same thing with it that God does — put it on the Cross .Ignore those who try to remove those sins from the Cross and put them back on you .You recall that first part of Paul’s Gospel where it says “ Jesus died for your sins”? He really did.When you realize that in your heart , THAT is the motivation to abandon sin.When you actually understand Grace it inspires Gratitude and Love and an obedience that flows from that Love.You only have two rules to obey—Believe and Love.That is the New Plan.May I kindly suggest that you get with the Plan- Nothing But The Blood !
    • Proverbs 10.7 The memory of the righteousness is blessed . Your father left a legacy behind, Turtletwo.   
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