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    • It interests me that the few disreputable churches that have seemed to muddy the waters for all time are so often alluded to. As if they are some UN-holy grail of UN-blessings that all much be judged by. Why even bring up these blots on our love feasts?
    • However you read the last trumpet is between you and God, not me.  When does not make any difference.  The fact that scripture tells us it will be at the last trumpet is good enough for me.  I'll let you debate what that means with those who need to pin-point the time.
    • The 'last trumpet' is not the last trumpet of Revelation's trumpets. I used to believe that it was. When the angel blows the 7th trumpet, then we will be raptured (I thought)....... but that means us Christians are right in the middle of God's wrath. And scripture tell us that we will not face the wrath of God.  So then here is an explanation of the last trumpet that the apostle Paul refers to:....and it makes sense The phrase used by Jesus in Matt. 24:36 is peculiar. The “day and hour that no one knows” was a Jewish idiom in Jesus’s day. It was a “code” word for the Jewish Holiday, Yom Teruah (which today is referred to as Rosh Hashan.  Jesus frequently used Jewish idioms in his teaching, so idiom usage was not unusual or unexpected. In Matt. 8:11, Jesus referred to the “feast” and “Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” In the first century, Israelites believed the honored guests at the wedding feast in the Millennial Kingdom would be the “seven shepherds:” Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, and King David. By referring to a feast and the first three of the honored guests, Jesus’s audience understood him. When Jesus called Nathaniel as a disciple, he mentioned he saw him “under the fig tree” (John 1:48).  In the First Century this idiom referred to study of the Torah in the Millennial Kingdom (using a reference to Micah 4:4 and Zech. 3:10)[ii]. All of Jesus’s words were carefully chosen and understood by his audience although we may misinterpret them today. This includes the phrase “the day and hour no man knows.” Joseph Lenard and Donald Zoller in their landmark book The Last Shofar express the question about Yom Teruah this way: The authors make an important distinction between date and day; a distinction that eludes most western commentators. The date of Yom Teruah is Tishri 1 on the Jewish lunar calendar. This date is known as the “Hidden Day” (Yom Hakeseh) or the “day and hour that no man knows.” Yom Teruah falls on the first of the month, and the first day of each Jewish month is determined by the sighting of a New Moon. Because this is also the first day of the New Year and a MO’EDIM (Yom Teruah), this sighting is of particular importance. In biblical times, two witnesses were assigned this task by the Sanhedrin. This sighting (by the two witnesses) can take place on either of two possible days and at any hour of the night. Thus the date is known: Tishri 1, but the day and hour of this sighting is unknown. After the sighting of the new moon, the High Priest ordered the blowing of trumpets. This is of incredible importance in understanding Jesus’s phrase in Matt. 24:36. All of the inhabitants of Jerusalem could look up at the waning moon and observe the moment the last sliver became dark, but that was not Yom Teruah. The MO’EDIM did not begin until the High Priest and the Sanhedrin announced it was Yom Teruah. In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus prophesied many detailed aspects of the time prior to his return. He is God after all. Yet, western commentators would have us believe God the Son doesn’t know the day of his own return. Rather, what Jesus’s statement about “only the Father” knowing may have meant: “it isn’t the Yom Teruah (of the Rapture) until God the Father announces it’s Yom Teruah.” Only the Father knows; only the Father announces it. This parallels the system used in ancient Israel where the High Priest announced the MO’EDIM and ordered the blowing of trumpets. God the Father will announce the blowing of the Last Trumpet.  The Greek word translated “knows” in Matt. 24:36 is EIDO which primarily means “to see, to perceive or to know because you perceive.” Translated that way, the verse would read:  Yom Teruah is known as the Feast of the Blowing of Trumpets, including the Last Trumpet (TEKIAH GADOLAH [1 Cor. 15:52]). In Jewish thought, there were three trumpet blasts on MO’EDIM. The First Trumpet was blown on Pentecost or Shavuot and the Last Trumpet was blown on Yom Teruah. The Final or Great Trumpet was blown on Yom Kippur of Jubilee years to announce the Jubilee.  So when Paul referred to the Last Trumpet in 1 Cor. 15:52, this was a specific reference to Yom Teruah.   Pay attention to this line from the article above......."This sighting (by the two witnesses) can take place on either of two possible days and at any hour of the night. Thus the date is known: Tishri 1, but the day and hour of this sighting is unknown". It's quite possible that the celestial disturbance of Rev 6:12 could block out the sighting of the new moon so that only God the Father can see it. Makes logical sense. 
    • In a very snide way you maliciously made that nasty false accusation towards me before  because I spoke out about the phony demonic Toronto blessing or Lakeland & Bethel churches that invoked demonic spirits out upon the congregations & this "anointing" was spread throughout the charismatic churches.   This is the false accusation tactic resorted to by those that believe wrongly that it is the Holy Spirit causes people to fall down on the floor and gyrate & have laughing fits like they are possessed!  or those that say the "mantle of Elijah " has passed to them to prophesize  & to give their mediumistic  readings to people pretending it is the Lord speaking. That is a disgrace.  
    • um..  I have a question. I am thinking that there is a difference between Christians and non-Christians working together in everyday life such as at work / school etc...[or on some general issues that affect everyone] ....  and with them 'working together' on Theology etc. For example :  If a neighbourhood had a rising number of house break-ins.... and if the people living in the neighbourhood both Christians and non-Christians wanted to form a neighbourhood watch .... to help protect the neighbourhood.... assuming that it was legal for them to do so....  would this be wrong?  And if so why? Or in other words why would it be wrong for Christians to work together with non-Christian neighbours / schoolmates / colleagues etc on normal everyday issues that are not regarding theology? I apologise if I am misunderstanding.  But I just dont understand?   Thanks.  
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