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The time journalism died

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ayin jade


Today is Don Bolles Day in Arizona.  This may not seem important to any of you but it is a memorable day in the history of journalism.

Don Bolles was an investigative reporter who was involved in uncovering a big story about a land deal, crooked politicians and possibly the mob. After getting a call to meet with a source, he headed out to the lobby of a local hotel. After waiting for a few minutes, he returned to his car. It blew up.

Bolles survived for a few days before succumbing to his injuries. I lived in Phoenix then, where this occurred, and I remember the news breaks about it.  

Afterwards, reporters from across the nation came to Arizona. Nearly 40 journalists from 23 newspapers took vacation time, quit their jobs, or were given leaves of absence to freely investigate the story he was working on. Such an effort has not been seen before or since.

I remember this as the time journalism died. All you have to do is look at the state of journalism today to realize how low the media has sunk.

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What an awesome testimony it saddens me nobody has commented, the hatred for journalism may have gotten to the point where people approve I hope not. I am sorry for the loss and am so glad you brought it to our attention

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