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  1. There isnt much you can do except pray for the situation. They are unwilling to get help for it despite appearances.
  2. A pastor is supposed to be of good character. In my opinion he should be removed. Guilty in the eyes of the law or not, he did commit questionable acts.
  3. Many years ago, my sis in law was kidnapped by a serial rapist/killer. She survived. He did not. I struggled with this for awhile. Why why why. The only conclusion I could come up with is that evil exists. The bible says the heart of man (and woman) is evil. How could a mother do this to a child? Because the heart of those mothers is evil. Unregenerate women who desperately need Jesus.
  4. So true. A couple of years ago, I saw a headline "missing link found" So I read the article. It had a lot of details about how it was the missing link and how exciting the find was. But if you kept reading the article ... Waaaay down at the bottom, the lead scientist said "we dont really think it is the missing link but we had to say so in order to get grant money for our research."
  5. I read this is a more scientific publication. One thing I noted is the small sample size they used. Not really good science. The other thing I noted is how this is just one of many different problems mountain lions along the coast of california face. So Im not sure how significant this is. Then the researchers immediately went into the climate change must stop using coal etc speech. From facts to hype and panic among the scientists.
  6. My husband was the first in his family to get saved. He spent years praying for them, and getting others to pray for them. One by one they all got saved. Dont give up. Keep praying.
  7. Lol I dont remember much from last year
  8. There is a similar thread in controversial forum. Are they in that thread instead?
  9. Not stuffed yet. Also no work. We get take out and sit in the park.
  10. Turkey and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and cranberry dressing and stuffing and green bean casserole and pumpkin pie and a wheelbarrow to cart me away from the table.
  11. Hi You can always get a second opinion but what you see as obvious signs might not tell the whole story on your liver. When you were told to prepare for a liver transplant the doc might have been trying to tell you about the progression of your disease and that eventually it would reach the point of needing a transplant.
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