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  1. St pats day is pretty much just a drinking day. Cinco de mayo in arizona is nicknamed cinco de drinko because it too is just a drinking holiday, with the addition of chihuahua races lol.
  2. St pat wasnt keen on viking immigrants. And he deported snakes. So much for open borders in ireland. (No offense to our irish members.)
  3. That website is a progressive liberal website. The "volunteer" programs are paid for by our taxes. How long can the government continue to spend money way beyond our budget?
  4. Polishes nails. Current temp - 93 degrees.
  5. Yall can gloat about your temps when its summer and Im melting in the shade, when its 115° here. My patio, front and back yards are filled with blooms.
  6. Meanwhile todays forecast for me is ..... 90°
  7. It is part of an art installation. Performance art. It has no purpose outside of someone's art project.
  8. No. The pope pushes a social justice gospel. That is all he is interested in.
  9. http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/03/politics/patrick-stewart-donald-trump-citizenship/ Is it legal?
  10. Maybe the agents did this knowing it would cause folks to be outraged, in a hope to get the policy overturned. Many agents are liberal and resisting trumps policy on illegals.
  11. Im breaking my silence for this ... Its media hype. Few mcdonalds shut down. Very few. In my area, which has a lot of illegals, like sparrows they are everywhere, no one noticed ANY difference. Even the lawn care people were out today and they are ALL illegals. No one cared enough here to protest except one woman who owned 3 mexican restaurants and wanted to make a statement. Thats it. Back to keeping to chat and not hanging out here.
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    2. ayin jade

      ayin jade

      We always blame steve remember?

      And Im really bored. 

      You do remember megas alternate chatroom?

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      yeah, is anyone there?

    4. ayin jade

      ayin jade

      There wasnt, but dawn is looking to chat too. We could all go and have a party, such as us old folks can have lol

  12. Im sooo missing my chat homies. Fix it essy.

  13. Im sooo missing my chat homies. Puxtatawney Phil busted it.

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      Oh ya!!!!!

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      Ugh....Java issues. Grrrr.....

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      ayin jade

      use flash

  14. I thought they were permitted if they were in bags that were checked in. Not carry on.