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  1. Ok I can understand that. It is all too easy to live behind a persona online. So who is the real running gator?
  2. I am curious why you chose to behave that way.
  3. It likely came in with the passengers.
  4. Happy birthday hawk.

    1. worthy


      Happy Birthday Hawk!!

  5. A match made in technology. Weird and downright creepy. http://www.abc15.com/news/national/chinese-ai-engineer-marries-robot-he-built-himself
  6. This is setting things up so countries can sue the us for not protecting the environment enough. Never mind that other countries have far worse pollution. China after all had days this year, too many of them, where pollution was so bad folks were taking selfies with it.
  7. I shoulda realized. My first thought was "what nut is posting this fake news." Ya got me on that lol.
  8. His tweet the next day is also disturbing. Apparently his website is very disgusting too.
  9. We are still paying for obamas security. If folks insist that trumps family live in the white house, then they should also insist that obamas family all live in just one house and not the multiple houses they own.
  10. Alternative energy has its drawbacks, besides the higher costs. Solar energy is impeding plane travel. Pilots are frequently reporting that they are blinded by solar panels, especially those of solar farms. One solar farm in arizona keeps setting itself on fire. One drawback they do not tell you is that solar panels increase the temperatures by a couple of degrees locally. Wind turbines have been shown to alter major air currents, which can cause a change in climate. They also kill thousands of birds. They are also known to self combust due to friction. Tidal hydroelectric plants affect the local environment, which is a big problem for sensitive tidal zones. Nuclear energy ... fukushima, chernobyl, 3 mile island etc. Plus mining of uranium is quite ugly. Currently uranium mines have ore piles and tailings that are near public areas and not covered up, so that folks are exposed to them. One abandoned mine with exposed piles of ore I know of its only 200 feet from a state highway.
  11. Tell that to folks who lived in chernobyl area or around fukushima.
  12. What is the ideal temperature of the earth? What caused the temps to be so high in the Medieval times that vikings were able to farm in greenland, which is now covered by snow and ice? What caused temps to rise so high that the uk once had vinyards? Were those years the normal temps? Or was the mini ice age of the 1900s that we are coming out of the normal temps? Climate change folks have yet to tell me what is the normal temperatures we are supposed to have. Nor have they told me what caused temps to be warmer in the past.
  13. I know that first hand. My husbands family has pastureland that they bought from peabody coal. It had been stripmined and restored. It is lovely rolling hills, trees etc. Its so nice that my father in law was buried on the property too. You cant even tell it was stripmined unless someone tells you.
  14. I tried to find out if it was an atheist site before, and found a Christian ezine that posted an interview with adam. He claimed it was his ministry. It seemed off to me.
  15. Then it should be labeled as satire in your thread title or in the first post. Not posted in Christian news. I think if even one person is led astray by it, then its a danger. There is no Christian witness in this.