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  1. ayin jade

    Guided Visualizations yes or no?

    Who is doing the guiding?
  2. ayin jade

    Guided Visualizations yes or no?

    If you have trouble sleeping try an audio bible. Not that the bible makes one sleepy but it can calm the mind so that you can sleep. Same with prayer I would avoid guided visualizations.
  3. ayin jade


    The surgery went well and his room is just a few doors down from mine. I am also in the hospital.
  4. ayin jade

    Non-Christian Soldier of Christ

    How can someone be a soldier of Christ without believing in the redemptive work of Christ?
  5. ayin jade


    My husband needs to have gall bladder surgery today or tomorrow. I am still in the hospital myself.
  6. ayin jade


    Great news today. Had an ultrasound of my tumor and it shrunk to half its original size. Not so great news .... going to er now because of an abcess and in another part of the body cellulitis. I cant wait any longer to get it treated.
  7. Lol are you kidding? Illegals get across the southern az border easily. Its why arizonans want a wall. They have overrun ranches, rendering them valueless, established outposts in the mountains well within my state etc.
  8. https://www.apnews.com/72efa4f1822241c2817a2fb6aa191fb4 1) Notice how they are not asylum seekers but claim to be international workers wanting jobs. 2) Notice how those in mexico are saying we cant keep them here, they will overwhelm us.
  9. ayin jade


    Going to er in the morning. My foot is badly swollen and now discolored.
  10. YUMA, AZ - A man claiming to be apart of the migrant caravans has been taken into custody after setting a tree on fire and throwing rocks at border patrol agents. https://www.abc15.com/news/region-central-southern-az/yuma/man-claiming-to-be-migrant-caravan-member-sets-tree-on-fire-throws-rocks-at-yuma-border-agents
  11. Not a sport, but the best way to battle stress for me is prayer and reliance on the Lord. Using a sport to battle stress is just a bandaid. The cure is Jesus.
  12. I think it is stupid. Every day of our week is named after a pagan god. So when does he think he should attend church? I personally go to a congregation that meets on friday night and soon will also meet on saturday. It isnt that I feel I cant go on sunday but because I like that church and thats when they meet. The bible tells us every day is sabbath for us. So it really doesnt matter when one attends church. Utmost legalism and off thinking on his part.
  13. ayin jade


    Really ill. This last chemo has hit me hard. Need prayers.
  14. ayin jade

    God is not male

    He is very wrong. He is falling for the false junk that is circulating today, in an effort to be modern and more inclusive etc. He also supports homosexuality from what I can see online. The bible is very clear that God is male.
  15. ayin jade

    Thanksgiving...Can you name 5?

    This may seem trivial to most of you, but its something Ive been grappling with all day, and during most of my chemo. Today especially when its the worst its been. Im grateful for fingers. Today when the chemo induced neuropathy is very bad and I cant feel anything in the fingertips (but feel plenty of pain in the tops of the fingers where the nails are), and it is hard to pick up anything or open a simple straw wrapper, I realize how handy fingers are. So many things are simple for everyone when they have feelings in the fingers, but impossible when the feeling is gone.