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  1. This hasnt been posted anywhere, which is sad, but there is a big attack going on in the phillipines against Christians and other non muslims by isis and another muslim group. The villages are isolated and the govt is trying to get them food etc for several days now. Yall should look this up.
  2. You have black bears, not grizzlies. They behave more predictably than the brown bear/grizzly bear does. I know a woman in alaska who was mauled by a brown bear when she went to the generator to her house. So if you leave them alone you have no guarantee they will leave you alone. For alaskans, it is not a matter of living peacably in the wilderness with bears or being sportsmanlike. Its a matter of survival.
  3. Life isnt fair to start with. From wikipedia: Alaska contains about 98% of the U.S. brown bear population and 70% of the total North American population. An estimated 30,000 brown bears live in Alaska. Of that number, about 1,450 are harvested by hunters yearly. In alaska, in many parts the only way to get around is by bush plane, seaplane, or boat. Folks are often hours away from any first aid. It is not a typical tamed country. There are cities like anchorage and fairbanks, but it is mostly isolated communities or homesteads. It is a frontier state. Its not a bit of woods to go camping in over the weekend. Its a wild frontier that one needs to be careful in.
  4. Alaska is a frontier. There are more bears than humans. It is a different way of life than you are used to.
  5. Mg, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. In the purest sense of the first amendment, it refers to congress (federal govt) making laws. It does not refer to private businesses like walmart.
  6. So a private business does not have the right to decide who they will allow in? It is acceptable for someone to force themselves in to a private enterprise? Lets carry this further. Does that mean that you support for instance someone coming in to your store and blasting Christians and you are ok with not having the right to refuse them service? Im sure this is a sign of the apocalypse, but I agree with gator. A private business has the right to decline service and ban someone from their store.
  7. I lived up there. You cannot go outside the city limits without carrying a weapon to protect yourself against bears. Where I worked in the tongass national forest in southeast alaska, 2 of us carried rifles, .375 magnum, and there were only a few of us working. You had to. Bear spray is kinda useless up there.
  8. Bears are a real problem for residents in alaska. They often get mauled by bears. I know someone who was attacked by a grizzly when she was merely going out to start up the generator. its a frontier up there. There are more bears than residents. If you have a bear that is a problem, then the only thing you can do is kill it. If you end up finding a hibernating bear 100 feet from your homestead, you do what you gotta do to survive. I dont have a problem with this law, and Im not someone who likes hunting.
  9. She wants to raise her kids to have the freedom to choose to be human shields. Her own words. My niece and nephews.
  10. A muslim woman I know hates islam. She hates that her mom was permitted to be beaten up over and over again, and when her mom tried to leave, that her mothers brothers refused to let her leave, telling her that she is supposed to be beaten under islamic rule. She HATES islam. Yet she remains a muslim and raised her kids to be muslim.
  11. Oh I just cannot resist. What is the topic of the thread? The manchester attacks, or staying on topic? Its 106 outside. My sense of humor might not be so funny atm.
  12. It was posted in the wrong place. Before this was posted on worthy, I had read about it and discussed it in detail with many others. What more could be said by me in this thread than what others are thinking or posting. There is no need for me to express my views on it.
  13. In a breakthrough of potentially enormous importance, researchers have grown the stem cells that produce blood inside a lab for the first time. The advance could help pave the way for both the creation of blood for transfusions, as well as for treating patients with blood disorders using their own cells, instead of having to rely on donor marrow transplants. https://www.yahoo.com/news/scientists-successfully-grow-human-blood-215425436.html
  14. Is there a way to just turn it off? I dont want to chat on it with individuals. I cant use it well that way. Then whenever someone tries to chat that way, I have to shrink the page in order to click it off. Its annoying after the first few people try and chat with me on it.