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  1. Paul also said husbands love your wives as Christ loves the church and gave Himself up for her. I fail to see how a husband forcing himself on his wife fits that.
  2. Given how many I know on this forum who are dealing with cancer themselves, or as a caretaker or even just a friend of someone with cancer, I have started a club for cancer. https://www.worthychristianforums.com/clubs/36-triumph-over-cancer/
  3. Some of you know that I faced a battle with cancer this past 14 months. It is a bit difficult to write about it. He showed me the tumor so I was able to get it treated in an early stage. Over and over again, He was with me, helping me along. He is still with me as I recover from the treatments.
  4. The bible says if you break one law you break them all ... So no, not one of us is better than a pedophile. Christians are sinners, saved by the grace of God.
  5. I am a chat mod, not a forum mod. I have no authority to deal with personal attacks on the forum. As far as I understand the rules, negative comments against someone not a member of this site are not of any concern. Nor is it considered a personal attack. The exceptions are world leaders.
  6. I spent the last 14 or so months getting treatment for cancer. Chemo is miserable. She may experience "chemo brain" which means her mind will be dulled and she wont think too clearly. Be patient with her. She may feel awful, sicker than she has ever been before. She may feel humiliated by how weak and sick she is, by the side effects and by how much help she needs. She may get distressed by the changes in her body. Losing my hair was the easy part for me, compared to 50 pounds of water weight in my legs, mouth sores, changes in taste so that all food and drink was revolting. She may feel like she is a burden since she cant be a caregiver but instead needs to be cared for herself. Be patient. Be kind. Be supportive. I remember crying the first time I got a card from someone. I was feeling isolated at the time and the card showed me someone cared. Let her see that you care. Not that she is a burden. She will need all the love she can get. Cancer is an emotional and spiritual battle as much as it is a physical battle.
  7. It isnt fake news. It is a quote from a book written by her mother, coauthored by greta and her dad called scenes from the heart. https://ananova.news/climate-activist-greta-thunberg-can-see-invisible-co2/
  8. Just so stupid. https://www.azfamily.com/news/us_world_news/jesus-shoes-with-holy-water-in-soles-sell-out-in/article_7a3b9a14-2e33-5463-a84c-c308085575d2.html
  9. Cs lewis clearly invented the internet. Sorry al gore.
  10. Due to the ease in which women can get the abortion pill (plan b).
  11. Someone unemployed for over a year Someone who is very ill, such as someone who has cancer. Life isnt easy peasy for everyone in the west. Hardship isnt necessarily an indicator of trusting in the Lord either.
  12. Agreed Some pastors tho, and Ive spoken to 2 such, do not want to step down after commiting such sins because it is their job. They view it as a job instead of a calling. So if he is wanting to remain as pastor, it may be because he is more concerned with losing his job than he is with ministering to a flock of believers.
  13. It is His work, not mine. I let Him lead. How I do so, what I say, what I emphasize, depends on who the person is and how the Lord leads. The only constant is that I pray pray pray as Im witnessing.
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