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  1. The link I posted, which was not nonsense, has nothing to do with the photos hazard posted.
  2. Not thrilled with this.
  3. They found another body and I think they have stopped looking. 10 members of one family. So very sad.
  4. The root is cracked, yet another reason why the tooth needs to be removed. I see the oral surgeon on friday. The tooth may be removed then, or if its complicated, I may have to wait until he returns the following week, the first week of august. Dentists and doctors really need to schedule vacation time after I need them lol.
  5. http://www.azfamily.com/story/35926191/sen-john-mccain-diagnosed-with-brain-cancer Hopefully he will step down. I was thinking of starting a recall on him in the fall anyway.
  6. There is something puzzling to me. There is a suspected crime going on that she calls in, but then she is out in the alley too? Waving her arms. That could come across as dangerous to a cop arriving on the scene, especially in the climate today where cops are getting ambushed. And if he was not a good cop to start with? A couple of years ago, I was parked in a handicapped space while my hubby went inside. I neglected to put up the handicapped placard but I was sitting there reading a book. A cop came by to go inside and happened to stop in front of the car and looked at me. The placard is in a side pocket of the drivers door so I ducked down and grabbed it. I put it up on the rear view mirror and glanced at the cop. Who had his hand on his gun. Lesson learned. Sudden movements are not good around cops.
  7. Personally I would make a call to the cops and tell them. Most police depts have a silent witness type line where you can make an anonymous tip like that.
  8. I am not at this time in any discomfort. The tooth is one that had a root canal years ago. So there is no pain at this time. I have multiple appointments starting tomorrow to see dentist, get referral and then oral surgeon for consult before having the surgery to remove the rest of the tooth and get the implant. Prayers appreciated.
  9. They are still searching for bodies. Death toll itself is unchanged. Given the rugged terrain, wilderness, and daily storms, all the bodies might not be found.
  10. Notice that a black cop kills a white woman and there are no riots, no threats to the officer, no demands for his firing. Had it been a white cop who killed a black woman ..... ferguson missouri is a good example of what would have happened.
  11. Seriously? Cnn has shown that is not trustworthy. I would have to see multiple news sources to figure this one out. Cnn lost all street cred after the scandal involving fake news with them.
  12. When their governments fail them, take matters in to your own hands. https://www.yahoo.com/news/apos-far-hipsters-apos-crowdfunding-194657882.html
  13. I went to his church's website. It speaks of social justice and liberation theology. He is a political activist seeking retribution for the poor.
  14. I broke the crown off below the gumline and the dentist told me the last time it happened that the next time it happens, it will need to be removed. Whats left is all below gumline so it wont be an easy removal. Its a molar. I will need an implant. I do not want general anesthesia and I suspect the oral surgeon will want that. The last time I had a tooth removed, I was exhausted for 2 months easily sleeping for twice as long as I usually do. I typically get very drained following any dental procedure. At least praise the Lord I have money for the implant. Prayers needed.
  15. Its monsoon season (which is good for us) but a large group of people were at a swimming hole in a narrow canyon and a flash flood came through. 9 people are dead, others are missing. The dead all came from one large family. Prayers needed.