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  1. Acts 8, philip is told by the Lord to go to a deserted place (not a synagogue) and preach the gospel to the ethiopian sitting in a chariot. Street preaching. Acts 17, paul preaches not only in synagogues but also in the market every day, and at the areopagus. Street preaching. Street preaching is biblically correct as a method of spreading the gospel.
  2. However much someone doesnt like it, the laws of the land permit them to do the same. The only way to counter it, is to spread the gospel. If you believe you shouldnt spread the gospel, fine. That is between you and the Lord. I rejoice when I see Christians witnessing on the street. Some people will not hear the gospel if it were not for street preachers.
  3. Does it matter if someone hates us for preaching to them? Should we keep silent about the gospel? Paul preached to the unsaved athenians, on the street. If its good enough for paul, if its good enough for the Lord (since it isnt spoken against in the bible) then its good enough for me.
  4. When I was in college, there were 2 campus preachers who would just stand on the lawn and preach. Like any street preacher. I was not saved then and hung around folks who mocked them. I laughed along with my friends. In that way, I was a mocker myself. Jokes on me now lol. I look back and wonder, did they do any good? The word was preached. How can that not be good? If only one person was saved, is that not a good thing? They were faithful to the command given by the Lord, to spread the gospel. How is that not good?
  5. Im not sure whether the link itself is permitted or if the embedded video is the only one not permitted. There were a few rules that were clarified on worthy during my chemo fog days. So I dont know.
  6. Feel free to report it. Ive reported so many posts in the last few days that Ive worn george out. I figured I would give george a break lol.
  7. I thought it was cute. Someone actually oy veyed you though?
  8. Meanwhile, the vikings hair is only 1.5 inches long. The viking is worn out. Just a few more months.....
  9. Mallards are kinda stupid. There is a fake lake on the way to the cancer clinic, so we stop and watch the ducks and feed them if we have something with us. There are mallards and indian running ducks. Love the running ducks. They act as a group. Sadly the group went from 8 several months ago to only 3 today. I dont know what happened to the rest of them. Anyway, mallards. We saw one female abandon her babies and fly over to get food. Meanwhile her babies are swimming in the water 40 feet away, unable to get on to shore. There have been multiple reports of people having to rescue mallard babies that get stuck in storm drains. One such family had to be rescued from a storm drain on the freeway.
  10. There are 2 posters here who are going out of their way to be rude. There will likely be bannings from this thread and possibly mod review for those who do not cease the insults. Per terms of service you both agreed to when you signed up here, debate the subject NOT the person.
  11. Cant anyone play nice any more? Please take the debate which will almost certainly turn into yet another fight private. Most of us are sick and tired of the constant nastiness that happens in these threads.
  12. All too sadly this still happens. My father, a decorated korean war vet, was at a local college for some vet related event a few years ago and upon leaving, a college student called him a murderer. I appreciate all our vets have done at least.
  13. Then they have the right documents to vote. Which only citizens should do. Illegals do not have a vested interest in the welfare of the state/country. This is a bad idea.
  14. It is far worse than most people realize. Town law enforcement and politicians have bounties on their heads by the drug cartels, just like they do in mexico. To force the leaders of each town to ignore their activities. That is just the tip of the iceberg of what has been glossed over by liberals.
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