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  1. ayin jade


    A lot to answer here and i only have a phone for a week before my computer comes back from the shop. So i cant look up statistics atm. Polio was feared when it was rampant here. Lives lost and people crippled by its effects. Look up iron lung. There are still some folks using it as newer breathing assistance devices do not work on them. The public at the time was thrilled to have the vaccine. Even with side effects the risk from the disease was far greater than risks from vaccine. The same is true for many other diseases. Medical folks can often tell if you are allergic prior to vaccination if you have an egg allergy. I think immunizations are a good thing. Especially with an influx of all the unimmunized illegals coming in. I would not want any nurse treating me in the hospital when i was weakened from cancer treatment who was not vaccinated. My life could be at risk. A child with health issues at a school surrounded by other kids who are not vaccinated puts that childs life at risk. There is a disease similar to polio that is endemic to parts of latin america that is starting to show up here in small amounts. When it becomes a major outbreak there will be a large outcry for vaccination. As for ssan i dont really have any thoughts on that.
  2. Following Jesus isnt about..shouldnt be about..doing so to get something in return. Following Jesus is about surrendering oneself to the One who deserves all worship, all devotion. Wise @Omegaman 3.0 once said that even if he was sent to hell he would believe and give himself to the Lord. Because he deserves our worship. That is faith. My apologies to mega for butchering his words. I cant recall the exact quote lol
  3. At one time i lived on the navajo reservation. It is free range there and livestock seemed to enjoy standing in the roads at night. I was watchful as i neared home, alone in my truck. I was on a section of road where it could be flat shoulder, cliff face, or cliff edge. Suddenly silhouetted in oncoming headlights was a large cow. I could not stop in time nor did i know what part of the road i was on. I didnt know what to do in that instant. Then a loud audible authoritative voice said in my left ear "drive off the road." i did and stopped safely on the shoulder with the cow on the road behind me.
  4. As i recall the scripture about not getting tattoos cuttings or markings was not about appearance or vanity but rather an admonishment against doing so in worship of the dead. That negates any sort of link to plastic surgery or ear piercings in the western world.
  5. ayin jade


    And far worse problems of not being vaccinated. Look at what polio did worldwide prior to vaccination. I know the risks of vaccination versus not being vaccinated. Risk versus benefit then hands down the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks.
  6. Beau i have always enjoyed your posts and i hope you will return
  7. Alas i cant copy pastte atm since my computer is in the shop. So no news link.. I saw in the news xenobots... These are programmable living organisms. New creatures molded from frog (xenopus sp) stem cells. This has crossed over into icky creepy for me. The blob is real.
  8. Isnt this a bit of straining at gnats? Regardless of whether or not adam was right there or if eve knew from the Lord or not the upshot is God held them both accountable.
  9. The mormon church is big here. They still believe that stuff.
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