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  1. Well im still in the house, eating and drinking and all. So that is equal to turning the other cheek. Honor thy father and mother(not support witchcraft, i guess). This is the 6th commandment. 1st and 2nd tells to not go behind other gods and witchcraft. 1st priority is avoiding these things. If i dont do anything about bad things, i am sort of supporting it. Im not worried about myself(about mom, have to save her). Im cent percent sure that nothing will touch me and god will protect me. Still i feel worn out and angry all the time. Engineering isnt bad. I also wanted to be an engineer before all this happen. But engineering means taking a loan and working hard to give it back. This would drastically reduce my time for ministry plans. I told that mom dont like me doing ministry. you know what? I actually did the same thing. Told her the dream, without telling about my friend's mom(as she requested that i wont mention her, afraid i guess). My mom dismissed the matter as satan trying to break our relationship. But i dont like the look on her face when i told all this. Well, now not almost, im 100% sure that mom is going the wrong way. I can tell when she is lying(her face would be funny). And now she is not accepting it. What to do next, guys? Any ideas? And thxz turquoise, you understood the problem a bit clearer than the others.
  2. Im from india. Most of us are hindus here.. My mom is going to church though.. She converted to christianity before my birth.. I will tell a bit of my history so that you can see any connections(if any) for my problems and my history.. Mom is christian, dad converted but again gone back to hinduism. They both had a row, dad left. It s 5 yrs now since i last saw him. I was non-believer until recently i sensed and experienced jesus christ. It all started when my best friend(already kidney transplanted) got a lung infection. Doctors told that he will die within a week. A prayer meeting was conducted in his house especially regarding his health. We prayed well past midnight and suddenly sensed fear and spirits. I prayed harder. Then i sensed a relief wash through me, holy spirit coming into me for the first time.. Almost speaking in my ears "I will fight for you". Then one week later, my friend was back home. Doctors couldnt find what affected him( they dont know what, but his lungs were funny) and couldnt find how he got well.. Next week, i went to the church with my friend (a CSI church, my mom goes to AG). Again, i sensed the holy spirit washing through me. I dont know why, but i commited my life to jesus that moment, saying " O lord, u lead my way". Well, it was then the trouble started. My girlfriend broke with me. I was devastated. She was like we are from different religions blah blah blah... Her parents wont allow. She knew all this before she said yes. Then i dug a little deeper and i found that my angel has been cheating on me for 2 months and want to end the double play now, choosing the other guy over me. Leaving for parents, ok. But for another guy? I was depressed, mad. I tried talking to her. She turned a blind eye. Then i did something which i dont regret, but not proud of. I tried to talk to her one last time, she pretended i didnt exist. I picked a blade and cut my wrists open, hoping to die. I did this in our school(Im in final year, 12th grade). The school executives found out about this. Instead of giving consuling, they kicked me out. My mom was devastated. I joined a tutor. But that tutor was 30 miles away from my home. And he was lame. I explained this to my mom, saying i will study better from home instead of wasting energy travelling 30 miles up and down everyday. She was reculent at first, but she gave in. Now im registered in open schooling. Wow what a mother i get everything i wish for. The next problem, career choice. I want to do ministry. A full time ministry. I already gave word to god that i will be his son spreading his word. I will join a bible college and do bachelor of theology. But my mom want me to do engineering. She says i can do ministry after completing engineering. But that wont work. We are not-that-rich family. If im to do engineering, we would have to take a loan. So after completing i would have to give back the money. I have to work hard. No time for ministry. Secretly, i know for a fact that she hates the idea of me doing ministry. We had rows about this. We still do. Then I sort of became like worn out always, easily gets tired, angry on everyone, dont wanna go to church( but i managed to go to church somehow) I googled about all this, as all teenagers would do when they want answers, it said like new christians face these kind of problems coz satan is not going to give you away that easy. Ok, so the struggle is in spiritual level.. Then came the dream. Yesterday night i had a dream. It was like meeting a old friend and then some other dream interrupted this one. I was in my school, going to my class. My principal refuses to let me in. On my way back, i meet my VP, she asked "has your mom returned from varanasi?". This is odd. She knows we are christians. Varanasi is a holy place for hindus where they do all kind of worship and stuff. I told that we are christians, why would my mom go to varanasi? She told that my mom only was saying that she is going to go there. Suddenly my mom comes there. I ask my mom about this varanasi thing. She tells she indeed went. I was shocked. What she told next shocked me more. She told that during her visit to varanasi she found that someone has done witchcraft against our family, that is the reason for all the hardships. She told she removed the witchcraft by those hindu saints and done witchcraft on the one who did to us. I was bewildered. I shouted at my mom. I asked her to bring the witchcraft she had done to someone( i dont know why i did that). She brought a metal sheet with symbols and things. I cant believe what i did next. I examined the sheet and found that my mother's name(possibly mine also. I cant remember clearly) is on the sheet instead of the one who she summoned the spirits against. My mom was bewildered when i told her that she was done witchcraft to herself and me. She tried to prove me wrong but there was no mistaking the names written on the sheet. She was lost for words. I shouted at her. I even slapped her 2 or 3 times(i never slapped my mom before). I accused her of all my losses(my gf, my school, my friends, most importantly my peace). She just stand there. Then she becomes a sort of depressed mental "I myself, I myself" right before my eyes. I woke up, sweating all over. My heart beats like i have just ran a mile. I checked my phone. 3:35 am. I saw a film in which they told like demon spirits are strong in 3 am and holy spirit in 3 pm blah blah, after all a film. But this striked my mind. So i concluded this was a trick of satan to break relationship with my mother. But i couldnt sleep. Today, i told my friend(same kidney transplanted friend) about this. He told his mom about this. His mom was in sweats in seconds. Then she told " Lord is real. His mom was telling me she was indeed going to do witchcraft against him. Not to destroy him but to control him." My mom even told about the ritual. It consisted of doing satanic worship against me, making witchcraft against me, making me drink some potion(mixed with milk) and things. When all is over. I would be under total control of my mom. She finally said " Lord revealed what is going around him. Lord is real." She said she wanted to warn me of this, but was afriad my mom would do witchcraft against her. According to her, the process started 10 days ago. The time i started to feel worn out, anger, dont go to church feelings. So this adds up. Now what should i do? First of all, i cant believe it. My mom. A christian. One who wouldnt miss a sunday mass, do witchcraft? Against her own son? I cant believe it. But all things point otherwise. Im not worried about me. Im under my lord. He will protect me. He will fight for me, as he promised. Im worried about my mom. This is bad, no , this is evil. If im to do ministry, i should start by saving my mom from hell. But how? If it is someone else, i would go for a straight talk. Im always straight forward. But this is my mom. I cant do straight talk. I got an idea. I can call my mom's church pastor and tell these to him, asking him not to reveal i told this, making it look like lord told the pastor about my mom. Tell him to advise my mom. I know this is a bit cheating and asking a pastor to tell a downright lie. But what else can i do? Im worried this plan can go horribly wrong. My town AG church got a bad reputation coz of the pastor, lets just say he s not that good person(thats why i go to different church with my friend). He can misunderstand me and accuse my mother of witchcraft openly. He could tell my mom the truth that i told this and i know about all this. This could go horribly wrong in many ways. I said my situation and a bit of my history(so that u could find connections, i couldnt). Your own ideas and opinion on my idea are greatly welcomed and appreciated. I dont want to push it. But it s sort of urgent. The process started 10 days ago. I could be eating a demon portion mixed dinner. I could be falling into my mom's control even as i type. Im sure lord will protect me. But witchcraft is not good for health. I already feel worn out. Post a reply and pray for me, Amen.
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