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  1. To be honest, I and her are online friends and we only met in hobby group and interact via socmed. I don't know that much about her in real life. But one thing I know for sure, she is an open minded person. She's willing to learn positive things from different faith. However, here in my country (somewhere in south east asia), converting to another religion is such a sensitive matters. It will involve not only the individual but also the family and people around them. Sad truth. But one thing I can do is sharing what I've experienced with God and praying. Thank you! This is really encouraging. 😊😊 Thank you so much guys. 😊😊😊 Yes. For I am still asking God to help me forgiving somepeople too, I know how anger only bite me back. 🙁 But even just the slightest effort of "wanting" to forgive save me. I want them to know that too.
  2. Yes! Thank you. Your reply is very encouraging. I have shown her a quote from the bible "And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. (Mark 13:13)" and she accepted it. Even saying that that verse calm her soul. I'm not a saint my self, i still do wrong things and need to repent daily. But I am glad that even just a little, I can tell people what bible told me. I still see that post. I had joined in the comment section as well. I clearly said that her post was to be seen from religious pov. And one of the people who claimed they are abuse victim said:"not everyone believes in God, though" in a mockery sense, or so I feel. But more than that, I think I need to pay attention to those who said her opinion hurt them. They said it waking up their trauma and asked her to delete the post. How should we face this problem? For now... My friend have stayed away from socmed for a while.
  3. Shalom, I am a new member here. And to be honest, I make this post because I need advice about telling others to forgive. One of my friend was not even the follower of Christ. But one day, she said in her socmed account that no matter how bad our parent is, we need to learn how to forgive. It saddens me that, the reaction she get was harsh. I can not copy-paste her post for it is not in english and I am not a native speaker my self. However I can make sure that she made these following points quite clear: 1. We are made by God. Maybe our parents was not good to us. But we are still worthy. 2. Our parents have their own problems that make them a bitter persona they are. 3. We can't control how our parents feel about us. But we can love them first. We can fight them with kindness and in the end, even if we fail to change them, it would still teach us something in the end. I agree with her. But I saw some people who claimed their parents are toxic, abbusive, and narcisstic were mad. They were angry at her opinion They think my friend generalized their problem. Underestimating it. They think their parent should apologize first because they are child and parents were responsible for how they see themselves. They said her post could trigger victim from abusive parents to be more deppresed. I am fortunate to have Jesus in my life. What my earthly father can not give me, He fullfill it. I am confused when people brought psychology theory to the table. I am not saying those theory are bad but... All saying about toxic parents and how my friend post could make another abuse victim feel worse. And here I think they were the toxic one? For they think those who can forgive didn't bear as much burden as they do. What do you think, friend? How do we reach and touch the hearts of these youngster? I am reminded of evangelist Joyce Meyer when it comes to forgiving bad parents. But it frustates me when people refuse to be kind first. I know it is not easy for I am my self still crying much these days because I know forgiving is not easy, but I'm willing to learn. I am not perfect. But I long to see people to be willing to learn step by step about forgiving like I do.
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