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  1. hello and welcome from a fellow newbie God bless you.
  2. hey there God bless you God will reward those that diligently seek him,the scriptures say. Bless you in your journey lovingly in Jesus precious name tell him that you know you are a sinner unworthy of his Grace as we all are sinners before him,confess to him that you know your natural rebellious state and that you seek his forgiveness through the precious shed blood of our lord Jesus Christ which was shed for you and for me.In 1st john the word says'for he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness/the first part of that verse says."if we confess our sins"my friend confessing my sin was a real struggle for me,till i came to learn from Gods word that its not a worldly sorrow when just flippantly say yea ok yes im am sorry then go off and carry on living the same fashion and manner of living throwing up the odd prayer of sorrow with no heart change.in 2nd corinthians ch7:verse 10.For Godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of {or we would say be regretted }for the sorrow of the world worketh death. Paul says to the corinthian church to be clear in this further on.When i 12 yrs ago now i fell to my knees broken before my precious Jesus and just let him have his way with me wash my sin away never to be brought against me ever ever washed whiter than snow in the precious blood of the lamb.Broken before him as i was i have never felt more love flow over me and he still pours his love over me daily.My advice come to Jesus just as you are he will do the rest,find yourself a bible believing church do your due dilligence with this there are plenty of wolves in sheeps clothing test them with the word find Godly mature christian friends like minded as you they do not have to hold a degree in theology ect Christs disciples where like you and me precious souls whom he died for you do not need years to be mature in Christ just be open and led by Jesus only use his word and prayer for guidance,but my friend you will not grow without the encouragment and godly guidance of other christian brothers and sisters,after all we are family and Jesus is wanting us to grow together.Bless you my precious child of God let me know if this has been help to you i shall be praying for you i promise God Bless.
  3. Wonderful,Thank you and thank you for using Gods word to help me,bless you for that faithful servant.Last few days have been a real lesson from the Lord for me,praise him for his mercies are new to me every morning.Going to share with you something funny not sure how it goes when one writes down a situation that happens to you the English language does have its drawbacks,such as inflection and trying to pour emotion out onto paper,Shaekspear i am not, probably spelt his name wrong too.Recently i was given some material which has led me on this journey of discovery as regards Israel.Have you any idea how many ism,s there are? i just found out that i am a premilleniallist and well stone the crows i didn,t even know it...my holy spirit funny bone just finds that amusing you know i did not know that i was far from grace till i was told.Big thing for me though try as i may i cant find the words amilly..ism or postmilly...ism or even and this is amazing cant find premilly...ism either in Gods precious word.Sorry all my sisters and brothers that have been blessed of the lord with the wisdom of Solomon,i am but a humble working class boy with little education,but the holy spirit of God dwells in such a man a sinner such as me he has all the brains,his ways are not my ways neither can i know them,but that does not mean i do not seek to know all that he wants for me to grow thereby .................just want to thank you again.I would like to share my favourite scripture with you.Isaiah ch 1 v 16-19 wow my God wants me to reason together with him to nut things out argue the chase debate pull apart work through with him the wonders of his mighty grace how amazing is that!... oh to sit at his feet and worship him and see his face,but thanks to faithful servants of the lord to so we can do things like this and learn from one another too GOD BLESS.
  4. Thank you so much,Bless you for your encouragement to me.Nice to feel support and not feel isolated because i believe Gods word for how its read and not how its bent out of shape, i recently was handed a whole bunch of printed material all using scripture telling me that the Church has replaced Israel.From thew moment i started to read i just knew in my very soul this is not correct,So i praise God for how he used this to spur me on to search his word and just be wise and not to be hasty to judge but to try and understand has this any merit?i prayed and prayed about it went to my friend who gave me this material,politely and as lovingly as i could said that i cannot agree and that my understanding from reading the scriptures has led me to a different view.the response was not what i expected,and was made to feel like a fool as i have not been to college or have a dip in divinity ect how,s that relavent in Gods kingdom?anywhoo...i do tend to waffle when i talk seems i do when i write as well.Thank you and God bless you,isnt our God great!?
  5. Thank you so much for your encouragement,i have been under attack for my so called incorrect reading of Gods holy word,other folks on this blog have been really encouraging too Bless you all for that.So nice not to feel like i may have got it wrong,lately i have come across all these isms such as postmill ism.amill ism pre mill ism and a hole lot of what i call thology bology,i did not know but i am a premilenial and i did not even know what it meant.We are children of the most high the king of glory,my precious Jesus is my king and my brother,i think the way royalty works that makes all of us who are his princesses and princes of the king of Glory, Thats a praisealluia from me whoo hoo praise his name forever! no ism,s for me just JESUS and none else.Thankyou and bless you.
  6. Ok here we go,i am fully convinced that my heavenly Father,when he says forever he means exactly that.Confirmation for me about Gods promise to Abraham in Genesis ch 12 still stands comes from Pauls letter to Rome notably ch 11.where he uses rabbinical question and answer teaching to confirm that our lord certainly has not" cast away his people".Now before i ask my question folks you must need know that i hold only to my lord and saviours view that i am only his through repentance and faith in Jesus only.and only His sacrifice of his perfect sinless life and body which was broken for me on the cross.his Gracious gift of forgiveness through his shed blood for me i cannot buy i cannot work for to achieve, or attain in any way, other than repentance and faith in him only!.Now my question is Surely the nation and people of Isreal are still precious in his sight TODAY?.as Isaiah says lord i am left alone and they seek to slay me,but God says {i am paraphrasing a bit} i have a remnant of 7000 still who will not bow the knee to baal.So there has alaways been a remnant in my view always.not the "church" replacing the Jews,the falling away of Israel has been and is for our benefit that is Gentile nations.circumcision and uncircumcision united as one family adopted into Gods kingdom forever.not through fleshly signs but through the circumcision of our hearts both Jew and Gentile.long winded i know but as Jesus says when he looked over Jerusalem and wanted to wrap his arms over his people, and Paul wished himself accursed for the eternal salvation of his brother and sister Jews,my heart breaks for all to come to Christ,but i just see all through Gods holy word a special place in his heart for the nation of Israel?
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