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  1. Greetings everyone: Growing up with loving parents, which included a step dad throughout my life, I didn't have to deal with my real dad until a couple of years ago. One of his MANY other children, went looking for me at our old house that has been in my family for quite some time. My sister lives there today and gave my number to them and they contacted me. When my family and I had family events going on in California, we actually took the time to meet him and his 13 children. It's been a bit over a year ago since the last time I took a trip to California, but he's been in touch with me, more than what I appreciate by phone! At first, our conversations were pretty good, just trying to catch up on life and trying to know one another. After these initial conversations, and realizing when we met, that I'm not a Muslim, he started little by little, attacking the deity of Christ, attacking how Christian women dress today, how pastors are swine eaters, how the Bible is a corrupt book, how Christians in the crusades had killed millions of innocent people and the list was endless. Each time, he would end with how wonderful and beautiful the religion and people of Islam were and the sinless prophet Muhammad. He shared through youtube, MANY videos on what we wanted to show me. Because I LOVE God and LOVE truth, I grew tired of being so passive in trying my best in honoring him as a parent. I asked help from the Lord Jesus and started researching and seeing through every lie that my dad was speaking and there were too many! Instead of allowing him to babble non-stop, attacking my faith in God all the time, I used my new knowledge and wisdom of God, and closed his mouth! I was able to counteract his attacks and quite well. This of course made the man livid and he would hang up on me various times, lying that we always lost connection. I have forgiven him for all his attacks, but I also do not see or have any interest in continuing our conversations either, as they seem almost demonic-like with extreme babbling and hostility towards Jesus. I don't see anything productive coming from them. So, if perhaps some of you here, may be able to share some suggestions and biblical perspectives when dealing with a parent like this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you kindly! *****Still trying to learn my way around here! I would like to THANK YOU ALL, for such excellent insights into this issue! All these responses give me things to think about and I truly appreciate my brothers and sisters offering suggestions that are reflective of what God would want from us. Thank you and may you continue to walk in the way, the truth and life that is in Christ Jesus!+******
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