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  1. Hi everyone, My dearest friend informed me exactly one week ago that about a year ago she had an abortion behind her husbands back as she didn’t want another baby. She was upset. The baby was 6 weeks old. She murdered a six week old child and I can’t even look at her. Never mind the lies she told her poor husband, I just cannot believe her actions. Is it wrong that I feel like I need to cut her out of my life now? We have been friends for over 10 years but my husband agrees that we shouldn’t be associating with a woman that murdered her unborn baby. I just wanted some advice to be sure my feelings were reasonable and I was doing the right thing. Thank you
  2. Wow thank you everyone for your kind words. I’m very glad I found you all:)
  3. Just a quick message to introduce myself. I’m so glad to be here surrounded by so many amazing people of faith:) I can’t wait to strengthen my love further through this experience
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