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  1. I'm being harassed by demons, vivid nightmares, attacked at night (punched & kicked) and being threatened daily. I had a porn addiction and i think that may my hook but I've stopped. The threats have become more realistic in nature, I'm now being threatened that gang members are going to be sent to beat the sh*t out of me and my family. The demons now say they work with a brutal gang and they relay all of the information back to them and now that gang is going to come for me for being so disrespectful. I just need guidance on if this is even possible or I am being lied to just to scare me into not praying and fasting. It's bad enough just dealing with being attacked but having to deal with something like that would be whole new level. So I need help. Also I don't communicate with them at all but what they do is wake up and threaten me with those threats. I'm doing my best to ignore it.
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