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  1. Thank you, God Bless you for that, you are very kind.
  2. Thank you my dear Brother, you always do my heart good. Thank you, God Bless you for that.
  3. Thank you, God Bless you tonight.
  4. Thank you, God Bless you today.
  5. Thank you, God Bless you .
  6. Thank you, God Bless you for that.
  7. Thank you, God Bless you for that.
  8. God Bless you all today, Our greater Family situation is very very difficult for us. Because of an active and simple but honest witness, we are very much shunned and ostracised because of that witness for Jesus. We even had an ordained Minsiter friend chased away from the family house in shame. My Wife has been forbidden from ever visiting and ringing due to this. We suffered much slander and libel and defamation, downright lies, rude calls, flat tires etc. etc. until we could hardly bear it. We really went through the mangle so to speak. We had to move away to salvage anything at all. Through it all, we ended up losing our little rented home and most of our belongings too through financial loss due to false witness and terrible tale bearing which falsely destroyed our witness and reputations and the little foothold we had for Jesus in the place we lived and ministered in. Sadly, the whole thing is repeatedly compounded by 2 Family members, both of whom we fell foul of when we lovingly but truthfully challenged and witnessed to them. One member is mixed up in, at a very high level, witchcraft and the black arts and such wicked things and many soulish prayers and curses wing their way to us as a result and we do experience many many strange and unaccounted for things that we could so very gladly do without. We witnessed strongly against this and as result now have very determined opponents for life now, who are very fanatical about their practices and what they believe. Witches are better respected and received than any evangelist would ever be where we come from, such is the grip of sin these days now and people's desire to know the future of and to access the supernatural, yet to bypass God in getting there. Another of our in-laws, a Pastor of a house Church, has not lived a monogamous life towards his Wife at all and has terribly strayed with several of her own sisters within his own Wife's Family, our Family, and we tried to bring this before them and God to stop it, but instead - because of various members of our Family being all currently involved with him intimately, we were the ones who were maligned and thrown out, even though everyone knows very clearly what is going on. And still, he ministers as a Pastor, and leads a Christian Charity, and yet he would not even allow a Minister into our Father's house to witness to him. It is heartbreaking. We judge not, we are no angels, just saved sinners, but I have to share this openly that someone might pray for us that unrepentant hardened sinners, even reprobate Christians, and those who worship the occult would not be able to hinder the salvation of others in the Family who desperately desperately need it. People will do anything to their fellow Christians without shame we have found out painfully, to keep their own sins covered, and to keep a worldly 'good' reputation intact and to keep those tithes and offerings rolling in. As we go on in Mission, please do pray that the Lord will provide us with more warm clothes and watertight shoes that we can stand on the street corners and witness in the coming bad weather we are soon due to experience. We only have a small pension between us and it is pretty tight sometimes. I am part blind and part deaf due to illness, my Wife has heart trouble - please pray that my remaining sight and hearing and my Wife's heart and our both healths will last until we have done all He requires us to do. Please, we don't need and are not asking for anything other than prayer, that is all we need - people who have a heart for witness and evangelism and who hold us before God so that He will remember us as we work and suffer for Him. We thank you again with all our hearts for your beautiful prayers and the good they always do us, God will reward you, it is waiting up ahead, beyond measure and beyond description and beyond imagination. Jesus has prepared it for those such as you who love him, His Word says so. Count on that. Exodus 17:12-13 1 Corinthians 2:9 Philemon 1:7 Revelation 8:4 May God Bless you today and always, We love you all very very much in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  9. Thank you all, I really appreciate your prayers and help. I truly do. The Worthy Prayer Team site is wonderful too, will be praying. Night, God Bless, Tony.
  10. From my heart, I dearly thank you all, my little man is now improving, thank you all so much dear dear brothers and sisters whom I love deeply and am endebted to, and my deepest thanks to God who loves the littlest of things He so wonderfully made. Still praying for his full recovery, I am so greatful. God Bless you today dear friends, where would I be without you and the Lord? Tony.
  11. God Bless you. We have begun Mission now. But are having some initial problems. Sadly local Curches and their members we have heard - even though we are sending new Converts their way if they will have them - have been sending some awful soulish prayers our way. To the effect that even though God commands us to evangelise, and to preach Salvation, ( Matthew 28:19, 2 Timothy 4:1-5), some are actually meeting and praying towards our failure and the Mission of witness being stopped. It is pretty awful. They don't wish to do it by any means and yet they pray that we won't have any success in doing it, even though God commends and commands us to do it. Please pray, that even though they don't wish to witness or to preach Salvation here, that they will not assist the enemy by praying wrongful prayers against us and just let us witness in the city, to those who are crying out for Jesus. Thank you, I love you, God Bless today.
  12. God Bless you all, you are my true friends - my dearest Brother's and Sisters, I do love you. Thank you for all your kind prayers. We are taking Mercedes to our Vet tomorrow morning at 9.30 am, GMT - Please pray for a good report. God Bless you, Tony.
  13. Whom God has put together, let no one put assunder, please dear Jesus my Lord, save my Brother's marriage today - let all hurt be healed, misunderstandings be cleared up and forgotten and please, remind him that a three cord strand is not easily broken - this man and his wife and your Holy Spirit. You can save this marriage Lord Jesus, cause ears to listen again and then the hearts to opened again and love to flow between them again. In Jesus's name, Amen and Amen. Ecclesiastes 4:12
  14. Please Jesus, Lord, God Master and King, INTERVENE for this dearly beloved Lady, let it not be cancer, by y Your stripes she is healed, please Jesus, let her live n the perfect healing of your touch. None are worthy but You are always willing, please reach out and heal, Jesus, our King we pray, in your name, Amen and Amen.
  15. Hello, God Bless you. Please, I ask in faith, could you please pray for my young tuxedo cat Mercedes. He has developed a very worrying ulcerous growth on his bottom lip that I have noticed this last day or so. It is pretty scary. About a year ago, just as we were getting ready to come here to start the next part of our lives and I was getting ready to start my training for to go on to Mission, and we had an old Mercedes car. I had been feeding a little black stray cat, and one day she came over, a Sunday, and left 2 beautiful kittens behind in the car's engine bay. I got the little blue one rehomed but kept the big black and white one. I call him Mercedes - I pronounce the 'c' like a 'k' !! I do love him so, he is such a great talker and singer and a joy to be with, he really encourages me and lifts as he chats away to me after the enemy has kicked my day to pieces as you all know how he often does. Please pray that it is not cancer, I would not want him to pass, he is only a year old. I was abandoned as a kid myself so I know just how he feels and I have rpomised God faithfully, wherever we go, he goes. Period. I love him as if he were my Child, I see him as a perfect work of Jesus our Creator and by God our Heavenly Father, he has the life that God's Spirit gives us all and his innocence and beauty and little life speak of God's love for me whenever I look at him. Please pray, Love you all, God Bless, Tony.
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