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  1. God Bless you all, you are my true friends - my dearest Brother's and Sisters, I do love you. Thank you for all your kind prayers. We are taking Mercedes to our Vet tomorrow morning at 9.30 am, GMT - Please pray for a good report. God Bless you, Tony.
  2. Whom God has put together, let no one put assunder, please dear Jesus my Lord, save my Brother's marriage today - let all hurt be healed, misunderstandings be cleared up and forgotten and please, remind him that a three cord strand is not easily broken - this man and his wife and your Holy Spirit. You can save this marriage Lord Jesus, cause ears to listen again and then the hearts to opened again and love to flow between them again. In Jesus's name, Amen and Amen. Ecclesiastes 4:12
  3. Please Jesus, Lord, God Master and King, INTERVENE for this dearly beloved Lady, let it not be cancer, by y Your stripes she is healed, please Jesus, let her live n the perfect healing of your touch. None are worthy but You are always willing, please reach out and heal, Jesus, our King we pray, in your name, Amen and Amen.
  4. Hello, God Bless you. Please, I ask in faith, could you please pray for my young tuxedo cat Mercedes. He has developed a very worrying ulcerous growth on his bottom lip that I have noticed this last day or so. It is pretty scary. About a year ago, just as we were getting ready to come here to start the next part of our lives and I was getting ready to start my training for to go on to Mission, and we had an old Mercedes car. I had been feeding a little black stray cat, and one day she came over, a Sunday, and left 2 beautiful kittens behind in the car's engine bay. I got the little blue one rehomed but kept the big black and white one. I call him Mercedes - I pronounce the 'c' like a 'k' !! I do love him so, he is such a great talker and singer and a joy to be with, he really encourages me and lifts as he chats away to me after the enemy has kicked my day to pieces as you all know how he often does. Please pray that it is not cancer, I would not want him to pass, he is only a year old. I was abandoned as a kid myself so I know just how he feels and I have rpomised God faithfully, wherever we go, he goes. Period. I love him as if he were my Child, I see him as a perfect work of Jesus our Creator and by God our Heavenly Father, he has the life that God's Spirit gives us all and his innocence and beauty and little life speak of God's love for me whenever I look at him. Please pray, Love you all, God Bless, Tony.
  5. Praying for you dear friend.
  6. Thank you all from my heart for taking the time to reply to me, I am so encouraged and so very greatful to you all. I will thank you all personally when I get a moment. I have been sick for this last week. I am sorry for the delay. My Stepfather died last week, and in spite of many witnesses to him, died unsaved, it was heartbreaking. It is still hard to cope with. I find it hard to bear thinking of him being lost forever. My Wife's Dad, who is 83, is in the same spot, and he also refuses Jesus Christ. We have cried some tough tears this last week. We are going all out for him so he doesn't go the way my Stepfather went, but we can only do so much. God Bless you all, Tony.
  7. Hi. God Bless you tonight. I am getting ordained in a few weeks time, and am going to the Mission field full time. I am saved 30 years past on June, 2nd. Just to ask, I am pretty discouraged and scared I have left it too late. I have served God hard as a Christian for 30 years in many ministry areas as a lay worker and I still worry constantly about not having enough time left to do a proper job for Him. I wish I had gone to Mission 20 years ago to be truthful and honest before God. I am 50 now, can I still make a difference? Does anybody have any scripture on this or some real-life examples? Thank you. God loves you tonight.
  8. Dear Heavenly Father, Please Lord, I ask that the bottom stops dropping out of Mel's world. I ask you to bind the enemy Satan and all of his demonic assistants and that You corall Mel and his Family round and about with a hedge of protection and angels to guard them and that they see things turn around for them by this time next week. Please act dear Lord and Bless them and get Mel a new phone, help him pay off his loan with some extra money that comes from someone or somewhere he didn't expect it to and please give him back his doctors bills money too. Not because you are a cash machine God but because your son Mel has needs, he works hard and still does not have enough money to meet them. Please, help Mel to get ahead for a change and to help him stay ahead, with Your help. Get him a better job that makes him happy, give them better health, get the enemy, Satan off their back. Please give this family a miracle, they deserve it. God Bless them tonight, we love them, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.
  9. God Bless you both. I have very rarely actually heard God 'Speak', as in audible sound, but His Word, the Bible confirms that he does, my personal experience 'confirms' this Scriptural truth also. I have been a christian long enough now, I am glad to be older, to discern Him in many things and ways. I can tell you in all truth, He is always working and always to be found when we deliberately seek Him with true heart. God never abandons His family. Dear Lord, please, if I may ask so boldly, make yourself known to my dear brother and sister through your Word tonight and also in whatever way they need You to be close to them at this time and to bring them all comfort and reassurance of Your endless and perfect Love shown through your Son Jesus and by your Spirit, that is always there for them. Romans 8:28 Good night.
  10. Thank you dear friend, I am going to Mission in Ireland first, to evangelise and to plant a Church and Minister to immigrants - mostly Polish Catholics and Eastern European immigrants and the unsaved as I trust He would have me do. There are so many unsaved in Ireland now. It is almost as it was when St. Patrick returned all those hundreds of years ago to Mission here. Then, when the Church is established, I will, God Willing, repeat the process again in the Germany/Netherlands border area and in Norway, as He wills and enables.
  11. Thank you all so very much, God Bless you today.
  12. Thank you both sincerely, God Bless you real good.
  13. Good evening and hello, just new here and wishing to say that I am glad to be here and hoping to make some new friends and colleagues in Jesus Christ. I am a new Minister, going to minister in the Mission field, and am just a few weeks away from Ordination now. I would be glad of all prayer and any encouragement and kind words of wisdom. I hope you have had a nice day and that God Blesses you greatly this evening. God Bless. Tony.
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