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  1. Hey, and welcome. Don´t focus on the enemy and the witchcraft so much, yes, they exist, but focus on God. Remember that God has all the power, read or listen to Bible as much as you can, book of Psalms is a good way for praying, especially Psalm 91 for protection. I pray the Lord´s prayer everyday, it helps with unforgiveness too, the part where you ask for forgiveness for your sins, because you forgive others their sins against you. When I was new to Christianity (I still am...), I tried those warfare prayers on youtube, now I´ve come to understanding that they are no good...prayer must come from heart and I think it is not a good thing to condemn the enemy, Bible says that instead we should bless each other.
  2. Thank you all for warm welcome. Yes, youtube can be tricky, wolves can be in sheep coat, that´s why I now mostly only listen to Christian worship songs there, I sometimes even write down lyrics and sing and reccord myself and listen afterwards, just for myself. I haven´t find Estonian audio Bible, but now I´m reading and reccording myself and when my eyes get tired of reading, I´ll listen to it. I told to my friend that I don´t believe in astrology and Tarot cards, cuz Bible says that these things are forbidden, that these are dark arts and that I don´t want to talk or listen anything bad about other people. Thankfully she understood that I don´t want to talk about these things, I now pray that she will come to that understanding too, that occult is not good and that eventually Jesus will reach her heart and mind too; I want the best for her.
  3. Hi, to all! I´ve suffered in psychotic episodes since the age of 17 and finally got diagnosis last year that I´ve Schizophrenia. It has made me a shy person and I´m afraid to open myself up to others. What is the most worst part, I started to search truth in youtube videos in last years, I found new age teachings and they appealed to me, I started to believe that I live in some kind of a Matrix and that life is a game, I started to believe that I was my own God...and that I´m better than others...in last stadium I believed that I am a Starseed (some kind of an alien), and I am here to save the Earth with other Starseeds...I was so lost, and I´m so ashamed of it now. At one day in this year´s May, I was so tired of all of these teachings, I felt that they are leading me anywhere...at one day I suddenly felt my heart warm up and into my mind appeared the name of Jesus Christ. I am not from religious family, my mom actually hates religion...and I have never even given much thought about Jesus. After that day in May, I started to look up videos about Jesus in youtube, every time I saw the part of crucifixation I cried wholeheartedly. He really saved me from all of these false teachings. I repent and ask forgiveness for my sins everyday, I try to read and listen Bible as much as I can, I want to be closer to God and I want to learn from Him as much as I can. I want to be a good person in His eyes. I have right now only one friend, I know that I should be thankful that I even have a friend...but she believes not in God, she believes in some higher forces, but not our Heavenly Father...she believes in Astrology and Tarot cards...and she even calls herself a white witch...she also constantly badmouths others - I know that these are not good in God´s eyes. - I don´t know what to do...I want to be a good person and a good friend...but it makes me sad to hear her talk about all these things. Thank you all for listening. I keep on reading Bible and don´t give up my faith. I hope that things are gonna get better. Sandra, from Estonia.
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