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  1. Yes. I am able to provide the parental support needed by the help of my family.
  2. Thanks a lot for the advice and prayers. God bless you.
  3. Hi lainL, Thank you for your response. It is a long story. I had to change countries and I’m currently seeking employment with a new born baby in East Africa and the father is in a Asia. I have sent several texts, he blocked me. I sent emails continuously and he finally responded but no action yet on how he will send the support. I thought maybe it wasn’t God’s will concerning this issue as I haven’t been able to find a book or verse in this regards. I ended up telling him I won’t follow him anymore to pay anything as I was exhausted. Should I continue to follow up or give up??
  4. Hello. If someone made a mistake and had a child with a married man who’s also a muslim. Is it advisable as Christian to ask for child support?
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